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  • The already-disturbing My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fanfic Cupcakes, became even more disturbing when the episode "Party Of One" aired, which at one point has Pinkie Pie having a psychotic breakdown whilst alone in a room with Rainbow Dash.
    • The episode Cutie Pox has given us a possible, in-canon reason on why the townsponies in Story of the Blanks would be so terrified of Cutie Marks.
    • The episode Hurricane Fluttershy had a flashback to Flight Camp when Fluttershy failed a flying test and crashed, after which she was surrounded by her class mates and subjected to a Circle of Shame. This makes a simular flashback scene in Getting Back on Your Hooves were a near identical incident happened to Rainbow Dash not only plausable, but even more disturbing. Even the author was a bit freaked out by this.
  • The soul-crushing Hunting the Unicorn became this when "I Am Unicorn" aired. The episode's Kurt/unicorn comparison is largely Played for Laughs, while the fanfic is a huge Deconstruction of Klaine's relationship. And then a revelation in the fanfic turned out even more painful in light of "The First Time".
  • While not noticeable to the reader at first, in 'Nexus' the scene where Dante hugs his nephew could count, especially if you read the pre-cursor’s bittersweet ending. It was Heartwarming Moments, since the character showing the emotion was Dante, until Jack ruined the moment by (unknowingly) reminding Dante that he didn’t remember him at all. Then Dante just looked depressed.
  • The Katawa Shoujo fanfic "From Shizune's Perspective" was written before the release of the full game. Several of the twists come off in a new light when you consider what happens in Shizune's route.
    • Early on, it's revealed that Shizune is bisexual and Misha is heterosexual; Shizune mentions that she once confessed to Misha, but takes her rejection due to Incompatible Orientation in stride. In the full game, the situation is reversed; the lesbian Misha confesses to the heterosexual Shizune, and is rejected, but Shizune wants her around as a friend, leading to tension as Hisao gets closer to Shizune.
    • Midway through the fic, Shizune finds out that Misha and Hisao are in a relationship when she finds them having sex, and is upset because they never told her. In the game, choosing to give Misha Sex for Solace gets you Shizune's bad ending, and Shizune never even finds out.
    • Later in the fic, Shizune vents to Emi about how her deafness prevents her from getting school gossip, which, in serving as Student Council President, earns her a reputation as bossy. In the full game, Shizune's well-intentioned efforts to inspire the student body to act, hampered by her communication problems, drove the rest of the council besides Misha away, and resulted in her being quite lonely.
  • In DC Nation, issues #20-#21 of the New Teen Titans comic (May-June 1986) are affectionately known as "The Mission from Hell." The Titans were (temporarily) mostly broken up after incidents involving or happening roughly around the time of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Wonder Girl, who is left in charge with an empty nest, calls in Aqualad, a newly-minted Flash, a Hawk without Dove, Jason-Robin and her ex-boyfriend Speedy. At the request of King Faraday, they help to protect a peace conference which is being threatened by Cheshire. Yes, the Cheshire Speedy had a relationship with. This was where it was discovered they had a child together. Issue #21 closes on some supposed to be heart-warming reconciliations between Terry Long and Wonder Girl and also Speedy and Cheshire, including him getting to hold his daughter for the first time. Also, Wally getting to explain his new role as The Flash to his hero-avoidant then-girlfriend Francis Kane. Now, look at these events through the lens of:
    • Wonder Girl and Speedy still being in love, but not pursuing those feelings due to the machinations of Dark Angel.
    • Aqualad being suicidal after the loss of Tula.
    • King Faraday being mind-controlled by Diablo to be Gamemaster.
    • Wally-Flash not knowing what he's doing and trying to imitate Barry Allen. His behavior around this time is often-cited by his peers in-game as to why "growing up and becoming JLA members" is no longer concidered an option if the Titan in question wants to keep their sense of self.
    • Wonder Girl having a miscarriage after a fight with Cheshire when she hadn't known she was pregnant which actually stopped Aqualad from killing himself. After getting treatment, which she swore him to secrecy about, the next day she finds out about Lian's birth.
    • Jason being the voice of reason among his older, more experienced peers. In Nation-canon he received a statue in the memorial hall upon his death for this and the work to free Raven, which is different from in pre-reboot DC-canon.
    • Having Speedy, Wonder Girl and Flash return to Cheshire, Terry Long and Francis Kane with the idea that this is a relief to them. In Nation, all three couplings have been potrayed as abusive and/or unhealthy relationships.
    • Realizing that Lian would have been concieved just about the time of Wonder Girl's wedding to Terry Long with the compressed timeline. Can you say rebound?
  • My Immortal gets one when during an author's note Tara suggests that Harry must kill himself in order to kill Voldemort because he is a horcrux.
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