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Ray Harryhausen is a visual effects pioneer and a genius in his field. Inspired by King Kong, he became a Stop Motion animator and worked on such classics as Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans and the Sinbad films.

These movies would often be more showcases for Harryhausen's talent than anything else, but they had several similarities:

  • Fantastic plots: Jason and Clash were both loosely adapted from Greek myths, the Sinbad movies came from Arabian myths and One Million Years BC was set in...well, it's fairly obvious.
  • Hammy acting.
  • Famous actors playing small roles: Sir Laurence Olivier and Maggie Smith were both in Clash of the Titans. Why? Money, Dear Boy.

Films that Harryhausen made in this trope:

Examples of Harryhausen Movie include:

Comic Books

  • Several of his classic films have been given Comic Book sequels, or adaptations, which retain this trope by including his original sketches as an extra.


Live Action TV

  • Many of his effects were reused in famous television series--most notably The Twilight Zone reusing his Flying Saucers in To Serve Man.

Western Animation

  • Harryhausen's first gig was making shorts for the Army. Infamously, the short How To Build a Bridge had no visuals of soldiers putting the bridge together, and the superiors worried that the soldiers would think the bridges would build themselves!
  • Harryhausen also did several fairy tale adaptations, but few are of note, as they were fully animated Gumby-style shorts.
  • He had an upscale restaurant named after him in Pixar's Monsters, Inc.. A very fitting Shout-Out.
  • One episode of Swat Kats, Bride of the Pastmaster, had two of its three Cyclops adorned with horns on their foreheads like the ones in The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.

Video Games

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