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Harry Potter and the Anarchy in the UK is a Harry Potter Fanfic idea spawned from a What If scenario that went as follows: What if Harry Potter is kidnapped by Sirius as a child and raised in another country. Ultimately he winds up going to school in Durmstrang until a certain goblet spits his name out. What follows is Harry Potter unleashing all the training and experience in the art of pranks and hijinks upon unsuspecting Hogwarts, and jam, lots and lots of jam. You should go read it, I mean, seriously go.

Up ahead are unmarked spoilers

Major Tropes Used in Anarchy

  • Author Nickname: Dumbles, Voldie, MoldyPants, Toshi, Ed, Al.
  • Expy: Many many many. For the purposes of Anarchy we have: Edward and Alphone Elric, Toushiro Hitsugaya, and Erast Fandorin himself. Most countries will feature Expyfied versions of their anime verses.
  • Flanderization: The Jam, I never intended it to be there. Also it looks like bunnies might go that way
  • For Want of a Nail: Several Nails really, the original idea had the big point of diversion from canon being Sirius kidnapping Harry when Harry was 5. Given the expansions to canon the ripples now go way way back.
  • Gratuitous German: Features me running to Google Translate.
  • Gratuitous Russian: Helps that the author knows Russian though.
  • Grey and Gray Morality: What I'm shooting for in that neither Britain nor Ukraine are necessarily better than the other. (It won't work though, everyone will hate Dumbles before the end of the fic.)
  • Hair-Raising Hare: The "Bunny Hall" (Also that page gives me the creeps)
  • Lighter and Softer: The intent for this fic was to be a humorous one. Although it will be probably a bit darker later on, it will still have Fix Fic elements.
  • Noodle Incident: Basically most pranks are only referenced as such, mostly because I really have no clue what they would involve and should hope the reader's imagination fills in the blanks.
    • Unless of course I have it planned out and am simply hinting for now.
  • OC: Dima, the entire Ukranian ministry, Most of the mentioned Durmstrang Professors.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: How I hide my expies. Toushiro is Toshi. Ed is Edward Elric, Al is Alphone Elric.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Again, the "Bunny Hall".
  • Ship Tease: I plan to do a lot of this.
  • The Call Knows Where You Live: Harry may have hidden his scar, changed his name, moved to another country, and disappeared from the British radar for over nine years, but he's still going to compete in the Triwizard Tournament.
    • Of course the call had some help. From Dumbledore

Notes for Anarchy

Pranks List

First Year

  • Sauerkraut Prank (Operation Sauerkraut): Done against German upper forms in Harry's first year. Filled an entire dorm full of rotting sauerkraut.
  • Prank War: Set off between Ed, Al, and Harry
    • Rubber Ball Prank (Operation Rubberband): The prank that set off the war, Harry replaced Ed's rock with a rubber one.
    • The Animated Floor Prank: Al animated the floor outside of Harry's dorm to move, causing people to trip and fall all day.
    • The Bunny Hall Incident: A final showdown that ended with a hallway full of freaky bunnies all with animation remnants.
    • The Jam Incident (Operation VenJamce): After Harry experiences a particularly nasty set of bullies who insult his mother he responds by making their ringleader fear jam. He does this by slipping jam into his food, cast a curse that summons jam in his throat (causing him to choke on it. Culminating in trapping him in a room that is being filled with jam, with a fake replica of his wand that summons more jam. The boy never recovered.

Second Year

  • The Harem Prank (Operation Valentine): In an attempt to vindicate Dima's sister Vera, Harry Ed and Al (without Dima's consent) decide to have Harry invite the four of the most popular girls (first and second year) to the Valentine Ball and then cancel one by one and then go with Vera at the last moment to stand them up. However the plan backfires when Dima finds out, and he tells Harry to break it off. Under Dima's guidance Harry breaks off the dates one by one. Then at the ball, they all show up and start a huge fight over him (since they figured out he invited them all). With a few badly chosen words, one of them (she is middle eastern) reminds them that Harems are still Legal in Egypt. Harry runs away and considers this a wash. The girls still act as a mini fan-club to him, and Harry avoids them like the plague. Vera thought it was a cute plan but she probably wouldn't have gone with Harry anyway.
    • Right to properly understand this prank keep in mind that Harry is by no means a casanova. Since they're young and boys still think that girls have cooties, Harry had a huge advantage (He asked Sirius, big mistake there). Second Dima made sure Harry broke up nicely, in such a way that they wouldn't hate him afterwards. Third, when they all found out Harry asked them all and started arguing, they (being heiresses of prominent families) wouldn't want to look weak by giving Harry up (thus inflating his value in their eyes). There is no harem/marriage contract and I'm sure if their fathers found out Harry would be in Hot Water. By Harry's fifth year I figure the point is moot. Alternatively we can make it so that their fathers did find out and there was some general awkwardness but they never gave up on Harry.

Third Year

Fourth Year

  • Mass Ventriloquism Prank (Operation Babel): Hides several linked Tuning Forks with an AOE ventriloquism spell tied to them as candles. Upon activation people start projecting their voices on other people. Hilarity Ensues. Of course some tables are unaffected causing some suspicion to fall about.
  • The Broom Prank (Operation Fantasia): Gives Filch a hat that allows him to control his cleaning implements (or so Filch thinks).
  • The First task: His last plan involves him detonating a jar of jam in the dragons throat. A magically expanded jar of Jam.

  This gives me a great idea for a pastry

  • The Second task: The Nautilus


Just on Paper(Mentioned in fic but not executed)

  • Operation Panic at the Disco: Involves a cow, christmas trees, a choir, and fire breathing potion
  • Plan Mongoose: Involves a barrel of peach jam and a crate of monkeys.

Proposed (By authors)


  • The Purple Tutu prank (Operation Graduate): The school's valedictorian in that year turns purple on stage while his clothes transfigure into a tu-tu.

Ship Tease List

  • Harry/Ginny: She's kinda fangirly, prolly not gonna be a major pairing. Ron might be rather overprotective.
  • Harry/Luna: Mostly as a joke. Ginny is going to weird and annoy people out to no end.
  • Harry/Gabrielle: After second task she might be infatuated with Harry. Sunk due to being a Puppy Love
  • Harry/Daphne and Harry/Astoria: Other than a weird sibling rivalry not sure about them.
  • Harry/Cho: Harry has a crush bit Cho is taken, nothing else really. Not final pairing. They will develop a friendship though.
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