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Someone who actively seeks multiple love interests, the more the better, and usually makes no secret of it. Often used as a twist on the Unwanted Harem concept.

Examples of Harem Seeker include:

Anime and Manga

  • Ataru of Urusei Yatsura fame makes this actually older than the harem anime genre.
  • Ken from Seitokai no Ichizon is pretty much the poster child of this genre. His stated objective from the beginning is that he is building a harem from the student council.
  • Makoto from the School Days anime, though he doesn't want the girls to be his harem so much as he just wants to goink all the girls he can.
  • Variation: Hachibe from Ai Kora is only this because the traits he's seeking are spread out over several girls.
  • Iono the Fanatics provides a female version with Iono, who has succeeded to the tens of thousands of haremettes level. That's an order of magnitude more than Solomon.
    • The kicker? She has a place in her heart for each one of them, including the women she made promise with years ago. This can't always be said of people who are this trope in real life.
  • Sakuma Eitaro.
  • Yamada of B Gata H Kei's Catch Phrase is "I want 100 Sex-friends".
  • Walker of Durarara might qualify. In one scene, he rescues a girl from some thugs that kidnapped her. He sets the thugs on fire while rambling about being an anime hero and wanting a harem ending.
  • You probably wouldn't expect this trope to pop up in To Love Ru of all places, primarily because Rito is about as far from being a Casanova as you can get. And you'd be right; it's Momo who inverts this trope in a stunning display of Genre Savvy by acknowledging that she's unlikely to win Rito away from the lead females and instead starts plotting for a Tenchi Solution between Rito and his Unwanted Harem (herself included, of course).
    • The weird thing is, her vision of the harem includes Saki (who is in "love" with Zastin) and Mikan.
      • Basically, it includes every single named female in the series. Given that it was Momo who imaged that scene, the only truly odd part was that Yami wasn't included. It did include every other female character who Momo had even briefly met up that point.
      • Mikan is specifically part of Rito's harem, at least in Momo's eyes, despite implications.
  • When Kuroko of To Aru Majutsu no Index hears rumors that her onee-sama has clones running around, she gleefully fantasizes about constructing a harem of 108 Mikotos. Note that there are actually around ten thousand of the clones[1], a fact that might literally blow Kuroko's mind if she learned of it. Mikoto, for her part, has quite wisely kept their existence hidden from Kuroko.
    • Aggravated when Kuroko met Mikoto's mother.


  • Anita Blake: In the later novels, the main force driving the plot is Anita's need to add more men to her harem.
  • Wei Xiaobao of the Jin Yong novel The Deer and the Cauldron.

Live Action TV


  • Launcelot Gobbo from The Merchant of Venice. "'s a small trifle of wives; alas, fifteen wives is nothing! A 'leven widows and nine maids is a simple coming-in for one man..."

Video Games

  • DLC character Red from Hyperdimension Neptunia wants a lot of wifeys. IF becomes her first one (much to her surprise) and she's downright giddy when she learns the party is all-females.
  • Tink in the Tink ending of Disgaea 2 Cursed Memories. Being the Butt Monkey he is, he gets the crap beat out of him.
  • The player character (if male) can flirt with Elanee, Neeshka, and Shandra all at once in Neverwinter Nights 2. And then end up settling down with Safiya at the end of the expansion.
  • Make a team of all females as the male main character in Persona 3 Portable and Yukari will accuse you of being this.

Web Comics

  • Rod from Out There is rarely seen not hitting on Miriam, Araceli, Sherry, or some other nameless female who works in his office. He's successful far more often than he deserves to be.


  1. Exactly 9,969 clones who are biologically the same age as the original Mikoto, 1 who's younger, and an uncertain number who are biologically older.
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