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A variation on Hard-to-Adapt Work, and a subset of Story-Breaker Team-Up.

This is a work that, on its own, it's (relatively) easy to adapt. The problem, however, lies in making it fit into an established Shared Universe.

There can be several reasons for this: maybe the central premise of the work is incompatible with the central premise of the universe. Maybe the work is creator-owned, or in a hazy state of copyright. Maybe the work has a villain so powerful that he would make mincemeat of the universe's heroes, or the work has a hero so powerful that none of the villains in the universe would pose a threat to him/her. Maybe the tones are different (an idealistic work in a cynical and pessimistic universe, a cynical work in an idealistic universe), or it could be all of these reasons at once.

Thus, this is the one work that you won't be seeing in The Verse outside of Red Skies Crossovers.

MIB and the MCU
Examples of Hard to Weld Work include:

  • The trope image references that it would be hard to incorporate the Men in Black in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for several reasons:
    • Sony owns the Men in Black movie rights. Considering that they are already engaged in a power play with Disney over the Spider-Man rights, it's unlikely that Sony would be agreeable to parting ways with the Men in Black rights, or that Disney would try to get them in the first place.
    • The Men in Black in the original comics were villains.
    • It would be inconceivable for an organization such as the Men in Black to exist without either S.H.I.E.L.D. or "the United Nations" stepping in.
  • There are several shows from The Disney Afternoon that would be hard to incorporate into the 2017 DuckTales show:
  •  My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic was not incorporated into the Hasbro Comic Universe (which was short-lived anyway, so it was a good decision in hindsight), despite being an IDW comic of a Hasbro property, for several reasons:
    • The comic is supposed to be supplementary material for the show.
    • The show (and, by proxy, the comic) established that Ponies who enter Earth become humans, and humans who enter Equestria become Ponies.
    • The show is highly idealistic and deals mostly with lighthearted Slice of Life stories, so it wouldn't mesh well with the cynical, action-based, Darker and Edgier Hasbro Comic Universe.
  • There are several shows that most likely will never be included in the Arrowverse:
    • Gotham: the show takes place before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, and even the Batman we see at the end is supposed to be a newbie Batman. The Arrowverse hints at a Batman who has been active for quite some time.
    • Pennyworth: Bruce isn't even born yet in this show. Not to mention the show's Alternate History versus the Like Reality Unless Noted approach of the Arrowverse.
    • Watchmen: Another Alternate History show, and one much Darker and Edgier than even Season 1 Arrow.
    • Krypton: Superman's FATHER isn't even born yet in this show, while the Arrowverse Superman has been active for a very long time. According to Word of God, Krypton exists as an alternate universe.
    • Titans and Doom Patrol: much Darker and Edgier shows, and ones with radically different takes on established Arrowverse characters. Crisis on Infinite Earths established both as being each part of separate universes (while at the same time Jossing the popular preconception that Titans takes place in the same universe as Doom Patrol. Don't ask about the Cyborg from Titans showing up in Doom Patrol.).
  • Most Vertigo Comics are unlikely to be incorporated into the main DC Universe due to being creator-owned, and having premises that don't mash with the main DC Universe. There WAS a rumor floating around that the Queen of Fables is supposed to be the same character as the version of the Evil Queen seen on Fables, but that's it.
  • Miracleman is unliklely to be integrated to be main Marvel Universe due to both the incompatible premise of the comic, and the fact that Marvel already has Hyperion and The Sentry if they ever feel like doing a "Superman as a horror story" comic.
  • Despite being part of the Toho movies on which the universe is based, and despite being in the public domain, Frankenstein's Monster is unlikely to show up in the Monsterverse due to how incompatible he is with the Kaiju living there (the Toho movies had to REALLY stretch things up to make him fit, and they only got away with it because of Refuge in Audacity). 
  • Larry Bundy's decision to stay with Channel Awesome was in fact one big middle finger to them, and he is still on more or less friendly terms with Team Lupa, so it's unlikely that he'll ever show up in one of Channel Awesome's other shows.
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