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An adventure game for the Game Boy Advance developed by Pax Softnica and published by Nintendo based on the anime, Hamtaro, and sequel to Hamtaro Ham Hams Unite.

Unlike its prequel, which was just about rounding up all of your fellow Ham-Hams, Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Hearbreak had a more in-depth plot. After Hamtaro wakes up from a nightmare about a devil-costumed hamster named Spat going around ruining hamsters' relationships, Boss sends him to go find Bijou, whom he later learns he must save. Along the way Hamtaro learns about an influx of broken relationships and soon learns that his nightmare about Spat was true. And thus Hamtaro and Bijou together travel around levels trying to fix the relationships broken by Spat and stop Spat once and for all.

Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak contains examples of:

  • Bag of Spilling: Hamtaro's Ham-Ham vocabulary. This is justified, however, in story: At the start of the game Hamtaro trips and falls into a bucket of water, which soaks and ruins his dictionary.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Spat, who dresses in a black devil outfit and whose goal is to break up as many relationships as he can simply because he hates love.
  • Copy Protection: In some emulators this game will freeze midway through the fade-out between areas.
  • Gotta Catch Them All: Like its prequel, this game has you collect words, songs, and clothes, as well as jewelry.
  • Hello, Insert Name Here: Like its predecessor, this one lets you name Hamtaro, as well as Bijou, which is odd since unlike most examples of this trope these are actually canonical characters.
  • Hint System: Hints on request: Talk to Snoozer in the Clubhouse for hints.
  • Item Get: See Shout-Out.
  • Licensed Game
  • Made of Good: Harmony, the angel-costumed hamster who helps you throughout the game.
  • Match Maker Quest: The main point of the game.
  • One Hundred Percent Completion: Learning all 86 Ham-Chat words. This requires you to beat all of the dancing contests in Sandy Bay, too.
  • Public Domain Soundtrack: You can unlock "Moonlight Sonata" and "Waltz of the Flowers" as Ham-Jam songs.
  • Ship Tease: This game is full of it. Protagonists Hamtaro and Bijou are probably the main example.
  • Shout-Out: Hamtaro imitates Link's "You got an item" pose when pulling out the sword in Wildwoods. But it peters out when Hamtaro learns that the "sword" is really a giant spoon.
  • Toilet Humor: Go-P returns from Ham-Hams Unite!.
  • The Power of Love: Your main weapon against Spat. Fixing/building relationships between hamsters fills up your "love meter," which helps you progress.
    • In Sunny Peak, you defeat Spat by asking to be friends with him, which repulses him so much that he accidentally falls off a bridge.
  • Verbal Tic: The aptly named Spat likes to say "pfpth" throughout his dialogue.
  • Video Game Settings:
  • Virtual Paper Doll: Very similar to the one in Hamtaro Ham Hams Unite.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Dexter and Howdy, whom you see fighting over getting a gift for Pashmina in Boo Manor, but you later help make up.
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