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Halloween (1978)

Laurie: "It was the Boogeyman..."
Dr. Loomis: "As a matter of fact... it was."

"I met him, 15 years ago; I was told there was nothing left; no reason, no conscience, no understanding in even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. I met this... six-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and... the blackest eyes - the Devil's eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up, because I realized that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil."

  • Loomis's look of resignation and completely unhappy acknowledgement that he was right at the end of the film; his speeches to the police chief weren't hyperbole, he was right, and now the monster he's tried his best to keep locked up is on the loose, ready to add more victims to his body count...
  • That shot after Michael kills Bob. He just looks at Bob's corpse and studies it, tilting his head to one side. What the hell's going on inside Michael's head?
    • Something similar occurs right after this. Michael starts violently strangling Lynda as she tries to call Laurie. Laurie listens to Lynda crying out in pain, and initially assumes that Lynda's just playing a joke on her. Once Lynda's dead, Michael picks up the phone and just listens to Laurie as she starts panicking, having realized what's just happened.
  • Laurie is able to grab the knife away from Michael and stab him, and he falls to one side. Laurie tells the kids to run out of the house and get help, and then just rests there in the doorway, thinking it's all over... and then Michael slowly sits up and turns his masked head at her. This is really sold by the score, which is nightmare fuel in itself in some ways. Just how perfectly timed the dun-dun-dun! fits the action is stunning, but then that is a Carpenter trademark.
  • The way Michael is integrated into so many shots. There's one scene where Annie's in the kitchen talking on the phone, and directly behind her is a pair of glass doors leading outside. Michael can be briefly seen watching her through the glass.
  • An injured and terrified Laurie runs to a neighbor's house, bangs on the door, and screams for help. Someone inside turns on the lights, goes to the window... and then drops the blinds and turns the lights off, completely ignoring her.
  • Michael wearing the bedsheet. The image of Michael appearing in the doorway is bad enough, but then you factor in that he just killed Bob and put his glasses on top of the bedsheet in order to trick Lynda so he can kill her without her even realizing a killer is in the room. Probably the first genuinely frightening example of a Bedsheet Ghost.
    • Also, Lynda died believing that her boyfriend was strangling her.
  • Every murder in the movie is filmed in a particularly unnerving way. Whether it's the disturbing POV sequence as young Michael stalks and stabs his own sister to death, the incredibly creepy manners in which he kills both Annie and Lynda, or the way he easily overpowers Bob, lifts him off the ground and nails him to the wall with a knife.
  • Michael's escape after the film's opening is a brief scene, but no less nightmarish. The mental patients wandering aimlessly outside in the dark, looking eerily like ghosts. Loomis immediately realizing something is wrong and exiting the vehicle to find out what's happening, only for Michael to leap on top of the car and attack Marion when she rolls down the window, causing her to spin her car out of control. The way Michael smashes the car window with his bare hand. And it's pitch black and raining hard during all of this.

Halloween II (1981)

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Dr. Loomis: "How many bodies did you find?"
Patrolman: "Hard to tell, they're pretty chewed up."

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

  • Michael killing Tina's boyfriend by stabbing him in the head with a garden rake. Afterwards, his body twitches as Michael drags his body away, making the scene more disturbing.
  • Michael stabbing at Jamie in the laundry chute of the Myers House.
  • How violently Michael reacts when Jamie attempts to touch his unmasked face. It's the only time we see Michael genuinely lose his composure and become visibly enraged.
  • The way the film harkens back to the original film by having Michael drifting silently in the background in some scenes is rather effective. Most notable is when Dr. Loomis is searching the Myers House near the end of the film and Michael just slowly slides into frame from a dark doorway right behind him.
    • Or when he's lurking in Rachel's closet and does the same thing, with her completely unaware.
  • The way Michael just slowly advances on poor Jamie with his knife in the dark foggy forest as she crawls away crying in fear. The whole scene where Jamie can do nothing but just scream helplessly as her murderous uncle stalks towards her is absolutely bloodcurdling.
  • Despite the crappiness of the mask, Michael still looks terrifying in it in some scenes.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later

  • Jimmy's death. Marion Chambers comes into his room to make sure he's okay, only to find his corpse propped up in a chair with an ice skate lodged into his face.
  • The rather unnerving scene early on in which a mother and her young daughter stop at a remote location to use a public restroom, and are forced to use the men's room. The mother hears someone else enter and peeks through the crack of the stall and sees Michael. The situation itself - being in a vulnerable position in the middle of nowhere with your child only to be confronted by an eerie stranger in a mask - is scary enough, especially when Michael looks in the mirror, clearly sees the mother watching him, and watches her for a moment. It's easy to see why the mom freaks out when her daughter starts screaming after she loses sight of Michael. Luckily, it was only spiders and all Michael does is steal their car.
  • Charlie reaching into the garbage disposal to get the corkscrew while Michael lurks in the background. The scene milks the suspense, making the audience think he's about to lose his hand in a scene of spectacular gore... only for him to finally pull the corkscrew loose, Michael has vanished, and everything's okay - then he turns to leave and runs right into Michael. We're treated to a crazy shot of Charlie's startled reflection trapped in Michael's eye as he stares daggers into him.

Charlie: "Hi..."

  • What Michael does to Sarah. He repeatedly stabs her in the back, and then strings her up for the others to find. To wit, when the lights are turned on, you can see directly through her body.
    • Sarah's attempt to escape Michael in a dumbwaiter... which contains her dead boyfriend, Charlie. As soon as she gets upstairs, Michael slashes the rope, bringing the dumbwaiter down on Sarah's leg as she gets out, horrifically twisting it. She tries to feebly crawl away, but only makes a few feet before Michael is already upstairs and advancing on her...
  • As they're being chased by Michael, there's a very suspenseful scene where John and Molly are trapped in the very narrow space between a locked gate and a door that won't open. As soon as Michael gets to the gate, he reaches through with his knife and starts aggressively slashing at them, their faces just inches out of reach as they flatten themselves against the locked door - then he finds the ring of keys they dropped...
  • The last 15-20 minutes of the movie, when it drops the Scream-like tone and becomes a true-blue horror movie.
    • The scene where Laurie hides under a table with Michael on top, ready to strike as soon as she emerges from underneath.
    • The scene where Michael begins to wake up while in the back of Laurie's van.

Halloween (2007)

  • The death of Wesley Rhodes, the asshole who bullies Michael. Yes, he's a dick, but he's still just a kid. He's ambushed and beaten to death with a big branch, all while bleeding, crying and begging Michael to stop. Then you realize he probably has a parent waiting for him at home...
  • Ronnie's death. Sure, no one feels bad for him, but imagine being taped up, unable to call for help or move, then your throat is slit and you're stabbed repeatedly in the chest and face.
  • Judith's death. She berates her brother for being creepy and ends up receiving a knife in her stomach. It doesn't end there; she then goes out into the hallway, limping and screaming for help before Michael viciously stabs her several more times.
  • On the last visit Deborah had with Michael, she and Dr. Loomis talk in private while Michael sits alone. A nurse passes by and proceeds to make a light joke about the photo Michael has of his little sister. Michael then proceeds to stab her with a fork. But that's not the part that is the reason it's added to this page: When Deborah tries to pull Michael off the woman, he turns to her snarling and then sporting a manic smirk on his face, with Deborah finally realizing her son was far from the most innocent kid that she thought it was. It's no wonder she commits suicide afterwards.
  • When Michael attacks Annie. Thankfully, she doesn't die. However, what Michael does to her is really terrifying. She's getting freaky with Paul, until Michael stabs him, and, after she fails to escape him, is stabbed herself multiple times in the chest area and left bleeding and crying on the floor; and she's topless during all of this. What's worse is that this is Danielle Harris getting brutalized, who longtime Halloween fans know as the actress for Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 and 5, making all this even more uncomfortable.
    • When Laurie finds Annie, she runs into the house to call 911. The minute she's out of the room, Michael emerges behind the open front door, having been standing there the whole time. He slowly follows Laurie while Annie tries to warn her, but because of her injuries, she can do nothing but tearfully scream Laurie's name.

Halloween II (2009)

  • The absolutely-out-of-nowhere scene where Laurie has a seizure. Bound to throw you off if you're watching for the first time.
  • Laurie during the ending. That dead look in her eyes... the creepy smile... seeing the same vision as Michael...
  • Michael screaming "DIE!" right before he kills Dr. Loomis. Bare in mind, this is the only time EVER in the series when (adult) Michael speaks and, by god, it is terrifying.
  • What? No mention of the nurse scene? For those curious, it starts with Laurie walking out of her room to seek help. After a nurse leaves a room, Laurie asks her if she needs some medication for her head. The nurse slowly turns around to reveal bleeding from her chest and then letting out an agonizing scream. Oh, and then Michael proceeds to mutilate her.
  • The deaths of the perverted morgue worker and the strip club patrons are especially brutal.
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