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"I am Vulcan, sir."
—Said by Spock in Star Trek: Into Darkness despite famously established as being half-human.
Though often a staple of sci-fi and fantasy, a hybrid refers to someone whose parents aren't of the same race. Someone being half-Italian and half-Irish is just as much a hybrid as someone being half-human and half-Vulcan. Yet a lot of the time, a person will only identify with one half of their heritage, you've got a Half-Identifying Hybrid.

This can happen for any numbers of reasons:

  • Appearance: The hybrid simply looks more like one parent so they identify with that parent's background.
  • Name: Their name is clearly associated with one culture. If Klaus is half-German and half-English, he'll probably just say he's German.
  • Upbringing: They were raised by one side of their lineage and have no emotional connection to their other half.
  • Fantastic Racism: Sometimes, for whatever reason, it just doesn't pay to flaunt the other half.
    • Or maybe one culture considers the hybrid's blood to be tainted by their other half and brands them as that race.
  • Ignorance: They don't know they're half-X.
  • Transformation: Their DNA has somehow been mutated to incorporate aspects of another species and they may identify as either their original heritage or their new one.
Examples of Half-Identifying Hybrid include:


  • In GoLion, Sincline does not take it well when he learns that he's half-Altean, something that was kept from him for most of his adult life.

Comic Books

  • Depending on the Writer, Superboy is sometimes half-human/half-Kryptonian but identifies as Kryptonian due to the good press and because his human DNA usually comes from Lex Luthor.
  • Aquaman is sometimes half-human/half-Atlantean and usually only considers himself the latter.
  • Scorponok from Lost Light. As a result of his binary bond with Abraham Dante back in Maximum Dinobots, there's still a trace of human in his systems. The trace is implied to be so small however that, for all intents and purposes, Scorponok is still Cybertronian.
  • IDW's Star Trek ongoing featured a Spock from an alternate universe who only identified as human (to the point of surgically altering his ears).

Fan Works

  • A Trekkie's Tale, Mary Sue is half human, half everything else.
  • In Child of the Storm, Harry Potter starts the story out as a human/Asgardian hybrid but still considers himself a human child due to his upbringing. Then it's not so subtly hinted he's actually a Heinz Hybrid but he still regards himself as a human teenager.
    • Tony Stark from the same fic. His mother was a mutant while his father was human and it's implied he's totally ignorant of this, thus he says he's human.
  • Steven *AU*niverse: Ask WhitePearl and Steven (almost!) anything inverts the position of the show's canon with everyone assuming that Steven is a Gem (his gemstone, sticking out of his forehead due to his mom being White Diamond, is easily visible, unlike canon).
  • A lot of Self-Insert Fics in the Transformers fandom feature a human/Cybertronian hybrid who largely identifies as human due to being raised on Earth. Makes sense considering Cybertron is normally ravaged by war and hardly an ideal environment to raise a child in.


  • Aquaman starts his film by viewing himself only as human due to being rather unimpressed by the Fantastic Racism of Atlantis, their Holier Than Thou attitudes, and that his mother abandoned him and his father to return to Atlantis. Even more, it's an attitude that's wholeheartedly returned.
  • Hiro and Takashi Hamada from Big Hero 6 are half-white/half-Japanese but identify as Japanese due to their names and appearance.
  • Melody in The Little Mermaid II. Justified since she's ignorant of her mermaid heritage.
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Peter Quill is half-Terran, half-Celestial but given the reputation of Celestials in the cosmic community, his dad being a Grade-A dick, and him growing up on Earth, he's Terran. Unless of course being Terran decreases his street cred. Then he's half-Terran but never mentions the other half.
    • Captain Marvel, as per tradition, is half-Kree/half-human thanks to an infusion of Kree blood. The twist is that her Easy Amnesia led her to think of herself as a pure Kree. When she gets her memories back, she identifies only as a human.
  • Unknowingly by Luke in Star Wars. He identifies his homeworld as Tatooine when he's half-Tatooine and half-Naboo, but since he's been raised on the desert world and doesn't seem to know who his mother was, he follows his father's heritage.

Live Action TV

  • Hera Agathon in the Battlestar Galactica reboot. As a baby, she doesn't call herself anything but the Fantastic Racism of the fleet leads to her being branded as a Cylon baby.
  • Violently enforced by Barney Stinson where he adamantly refuses to acknowledge that he's 1/4 Canadian.
  • Abed in Community is half-Palestinian and half-Polish but identifies mostly as the former since he inherited his dad's appearance. His most Polish trait seems to be liking Perogies maybe a bit more than everyone else.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Subverted with the Doctor himself. Though it was infamously suggested he was half-human (which would have made him this by calling himself a Time Lord), this was revealed to be a trap (an unsuccessful one) for the Master.
    • Dalek Sec merges with a human to become a Human-Dalek but still considers himself a Dalek wholesale. Too bad his minions don't.
    • River Song is half-human/half-Time Lord but generally refers to herself as human (if that, she likes to be mysterious) due to the reputation Time Lords have in the rebooted series.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch is half-mortal but given her magic powers (even though they aren't quite up to par with her full witch Bratty Half-Pint cousin) she just calls herself a witch.
  • Star Trek:
    • Spock is the quintessential example for pretty much every reason listed above. He looks Vulcan, has a Vulcan name, was raised on Vulcan, and Vulcans generally have a low opinion of humans so it doesn't pay to flaunt his human half. If someone didn't know Spock was half-human, it's doubtful they'd pick it up from his behaviour.
    • Counsellor Troi is half-human/half-Betazoid but generally only refers to herself as Betazoid due to her appearance, upbringing, and psychic powers.
      • Alexander from the same series is 3/4 Klingon and 1/4 Human. Being raised in the Federation, he prefers to think of himself as a human child but Worf (his father) would rather that he follow the Klingon path.
    • B'Elanna Tores. Half-human/half-Klingon is hard enough but throw in Spicy Latina? She's so disgusted by her Klingon heritage that she considers genetically altering her unborn child to delete its more Klingon features. She doesn't actually fit into human society either but it's the best she could get.
  • London from the Suite Life series. She's half-Thai/half-white but while she looks Thai, she acts like a Valley Girl and turns her nose up at her Asian roots.
  • Tori Vega in Victorious. She's half-Irish/half-Latina (which she even says early on) but since she's inherited her father's Latin appearance, and is a Spicy Latina, everyone refers to her as a Latina. Her full name (Victoria) can also be applied to both sides of her lineage.
    • Her sister Trina by extension.
    • Beck Oliver is implied to be half-Canadian/half-Indian but he's generally only referred to as Canadian since he never displays any Indian traits.

Web Animation

  • Parodied in the parody series Friendship Is Witchcraft where Fluttershy only thinks of herself as a pony because "dragoness is recessive." To be fair, as Twilight points out, Fluttershy doesn't look anything like a dragon. And considering how dragons are treated, she's quite right to hide her heritage.

Western Animation

  • Ms. Marvel in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. She was exposed to vaguely defined "Kree energy" which caused her to develop Kree powers (unique to her and no other Kree) but she only calls herself human and reacts violently to the implication of having Kree DNA in her makeup.
  • Ben 10:
    • Ben and Gwen are 1/4 Anodite but since Anodies are Energy Beings with no DNA, they're genetically pure human and just call themselves that. The Fantastic Racism that Anodites practice so frequently gives them more incentive to ignore that side of their heritage.
    • The Plumbers Helpers/Amalgam Kids. After having alien DNA pumped into their bodies, they mutated into the appearance of the donor races before they were subjected to Laser-Guided Amnesia meaning they don't remember their true origins and think themselves pure-blooded aliens.
      • The only exception is Alan. Since he can shift between human and Pyronite appearances, he knows he's a hybrid but only refers to himself as a human because the Laser-Guided Amnesia means he doesn't remember where his Pyronite heritage comes from.
    • Ester in Ben 10: Omniverse is half-human/half-Kraaho but generally only identifies as the latter given her appearance and abilities.
  • Elfo in Disenchantment. He thinks he's an Elf but as revealed in the Season 1 finale (and hinted at by his Non Standard Character Design compared to the rest of his kind), he's half-Elf, half-something else.
  • Family Guy:
    • Parodied in "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?". When Peter (an Irish-American) discovers he (somehow) had an African-American ancestor (Nate Griffin), he instantly begins identifying as black (though he's only 1/63rd black), going so far as briefly rename himself "Kichwa Tembo" and adopt traditional African clothing.
    • When Lois finds out she's half-Jewish in "Family Goy", Peter embraces the Jewish heritage before the ghost of his adopted father turns him away from this and he becomes a full-on Bible Basher which causes Lois to identify as a full-on Jew in response.
  • Tenzin from The Legend of Korra is half-Airbender/half-Waterbender but given that he inherited Airbending and that they were hunted to extinction, he identifies as one so he can rebuild the culture.
  • Implied with Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. She acts like an Adorably Precocious Child Spicy Latina, and her mom is clearly of Latin heritage, and they live in a Latin styled house, but the name "Shapiro" is clearly of Jewish heritage.
  • In the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode The Deserter, we're treated to two Twi'lek/human children who identify as Twi'leks on account of their appearance.
  • Steven Universe. A very interesting case in that early on, he saw himself as a Gem while the Crystal Gems saw him as human. Humans tend to view him as human, while Gems tend to view him as a Gem but in the latter case it's because the Gems can't conceive of how he's not Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond. In general, whatever he saw himself as, everyone else saw the other race. Averted by the time of The Movie.
  • Sari Sumdac from Transformers Animated. Justified by her ignorance of being half-Cybertronian (she only found out by total accident at eight years old), her upbringing (raised on Earth), and Fantastic Racism (to other Cybertronians, even the Autobots outside the main cast, she's just another organic, perhaps even worse in their optics).
    • If we're being technical, there's some ambiguity (largely due to the show's cancellation) on whether or not Sari is a hybrid (which would make her this) or merely a Cybertronian who scanned a human as her alternate mode when she was first coming online. Prowl is pretty sure it's the former case, but there's enough leeway for the latter argument.
  • In the closing episodes of the final season of Trollhunters, Merlin makes Jim half-Troll with the circumstances of it causing him to still think of himself as human.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender:
    • Keith doesn't know he's half-Galra (despite Boldly Coming, these genes seem powerfully recessive and he resembles his human parent aka his father strongly enough to pass as a full human), so when he finds out he keeps this under wraps for a while as he processes this, given that the Galra are... well... the Galra. By the series end, once he's met more of the kinder Galra (including his mother Krolia) and peace has been restored to the universe, he seems to have embraced both of his sides.
    • Lotor is half-Galra/half-Altean but only seems to identify as the latter due to his appearance (essentially a purple/grey skinned Altean), his worship of his Missing Mom Queen Honerva's memories, his fetish for Altean culture, and the fact that Zarkon was such a bad dad that Lotor is repulsed by his Galra heritage solely out of petty spite.
      • Lotor's Amazon Brigade is formed by four other half-Galra hybrids (Narti, Acxa, Ezor and Zethrid) and they all refer to themselves as Galra despite not one of them even remotely resembling a Galra, physically speaking. And when Lotor decides to wipe out the Galra and establish the Altean Empire, they don't take it well.
  • Young Justice:
    • Artemis and Chesire. A very odd example since they're sisters from a white father and an Asian mother. Artemis inherited her father's looks and calls herself white, while Chesire has her mom's appearance and has disowned her father.
    • Miss Martian is Green Martian/White Martian. She looks like a White Martian but identifies as a Green Martian due to the segregation that the Whites face and shapeshifting letting her pass as whatever she wants.
    • Superboy does this first out of ignorance that he's half-human, then out of shame that his human DNA comes from... Lex Luthor. Averted in the second season.
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