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Gush about Capcom games here!

  • The Ace Attorney series is brilliant even though it's totally unrealistic. No, it's brilliant because it's totally unrealistic. It has a superb blend of hilarious comedy and affecting drama, and applying your own deductive logic is intensely satisfying.
    • Characters! You can't forget the characters! The Ace Attorney cast is the best. Even in the most frustrating and plothole-riddled murder cases, the characters were outstanding. When even the office's resident houseplant gets a name and a justified fan following, you know you're doing something right.
    • Mister Charly has his own Fan-thread in the court Records forum. And Godot knows that his Leafiness deserves it.
      • Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations is perhaps the pinnacle of the series with a tight narrative full of old favorites, it brings comedy, and drama in a perfect blend and has one of the most mind-bendingly awesome murder plots in the series. The finale brings in and redeems some fan favorites like Franziska Von Karma while being suitably emotionally poignant for all involved with one of the best villains of the series and one awesome exorcism. Add a very feel-good ending that ties together all the dangling plot-threads of the Phoenix triology, and, again, Trials and Tribulations is perhaps the pinnacle of the series.
  • I love Okami. The gameplay, the graphics, the story, the emphasis on nature, it's just a great game. I remember playing it for the first time, and just being in awe of how pretty everything was.
    • I beat it just yesterday. I didn't even bother turning the console off, I just started up the new game plus. "Okami" is _awesome_ and you should all feel ashamed for not buying it. The Spirit Bomb at the end had me cheering for Issun out loud.
    • Okami just needs more love all around. It's an awesome game, with a good story, excellent gameplay, and a gorgeous art style. I nearly burst into tears at the end of the game, and had to pause for a bit while fighting the final boss to regain my composure.
    • Is it odd that throughout the whole game, I steadily fell in love with Amaterasu, so much so that I want her as my own? She's just so damn cute...
    • It's a truly charming and adorable game, especially the little things you can do for the villagers (draw a circle around them and they run over to pet/play with Ammy). Awww...<3
    • I paid 50 euros for Okami, and after I finished it, I promised myself I would never pay that much for any other game ever again, because none could measure up.
    • Okami is one of the best games that I've ever played. The gorgeous artwork, unique gameplay, captivating story and unforgettable characters are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Okamiden, while not as on much of a grand scale as the original, captures the feel of it in many ways. The continuation of the story is handled well, perhaps with a bit of a commentary on people and their faith in deities (in terms of gameplay, it's mainly a reason for you to need praise points, but it still works). The touch screen (it's a DS title) makes drawing more accurate, there are two new techniques, the soundtrack is as good as ever (partly helped by keeping the same themes for lots of occasions), and the world itself is largely faithful to the original.
  • Devil May Cry. The Camp, cheese and Narm of the one-liners form part of the series' charm, with the rest being the OTT action. Yes, there are severe Cutscene Power to the Max issues, but there's still plenty you can do with the combat system, especially with the refined systems in the third and fourth games. Pulling off a complex combo - or watching someone do so - never gets old. The original effectively brought free-flowing fighter-style combat to the 3D era. This party's getting crazy!
    • Wootness all around! The original game holds a special place in this troper's heart, as it was her first Play Station 2 game and the only one she had for a while. The badass action, badass main character, crazy combos and weapons....yeah! I'm absolutely crazy about it!
  • Mega Man, one of the most enjoyable platforming/shooting game series ever. The weapon system is so incredible it inspires its own trope, the boss fights are incredible, and each series is great in its own way.
    • Mega Man 9 came along to remind us why we game. 'Nuff said.
    • This troper hardly played Mega Man 1 through Mega Man 6, and he loves Mega Man 9.
    • I love the ending. Snarky Mega Man for the win!
    • It may not be the original 8-bit variety that most Mega Man fans know, the Mega Man Legends series absolutely deserves a mention. The story is incredibly unique and interesting, the cast of characters are extremely diverse and highly likable, awesome music...everything about the series is great. Sadly, a Mega Man Legends 3 is looking less and less likely every year...
    • All this time and still no mention of the X series? What the hell, guys?
  • Street Fighter IV is mega-win. It takes everything that has made SF the definition of the 2D fighting genre and adds to it. Add to that the fact that you can fight online, and the kickass soundtrack, and you have the total package.
  • Breath of Fire II. Full. freaking. stop. Not only was the first game This Troper played, it was one of the most tearkerkingly awesome ones too. The setting, the characters, the surreal amount of Crap that got Past hte Radar... is delightfully beautiful. and Needs More Love, too. Damn you, Capcom for terminating the series'
  • OBJECTION! How can this page be what it is without Phoenix Wright? You get to be a lawyer without all the boring parts. Add in the writing, the humor, and giving Ensemble Darkhorses their own spinoffs, and you get a heck of a series! So TAKE THAT!
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3!! It is one of the greatest and fun fighting games in recent years. Where else could you pair Zero, Wesker, and Dante on one awesome Galactus murdering team? No where else, that's where! And it is just plain awesome. Oh, Hello, Morrigan... Where was I? Oh yeah, one more thing...I'M IN THE GAME, BITCHES!!!
  • Resident Evil 4 is, in this troper's opinion, the best thing Capcom has ever pushed out of its doors. It is possibly the greatest example of a sequel ignoring the traditions of previous games in its series, despite the risk of huge fan outcry, in order to improve itself and the series as a whole. And it certainly did that, along with being a spetacular game to boot. The controls aren't much different from the previous games, but with the camera positioned behind Leon's back, you could actually manuevour correctly, and the over-the-shoulder aiming worked so well that it has become an indensible part of a third-person shooter's design. The controls are still stiff, but instead of worsening the experience, it actually makes fights more tense, and you need to constantly be on guard; I've never felt quite so anxious in a game before. The game is endlessly creative, and from start to finish there's never a dull moment; you could be fighting a giant sea monster one moment, riding a cart in the next, and fighting amazingly designed bosses every half hour. I could go on forever, but really, the amount of praise and awards it has won speak for me.
  • Asura's Wrath. Just everything aboout Asura's Wrath. Say what you want about the short length and rather basic gameplay, but this game has Serial Escalation to levels never before seen in a game of it's genre, manages to keep immense suspense with it's episodic nature and manages to make an Awesome interactive anime, with some of the best used Action Commands and Quick Time Events This troper has ever seen in his life. It's just an amazing experience and really Needs More Love, as it somehow manages to COMPLETELY SURPASS Bayonetta in ridiculousness and scope of the action. Not to mention, Asura himself manages to be a much more likable character than Kratos could ever be. Seriously, you love Anime and Manga, as well as their tropes, try to buy at full price if you can. It won't dissapoint you, especially if your a fan of Cyber Connect 2.
  • This troper never was a die hard lover of the "Beat 'em Up" Genre. You take your prick and walks a linear path fighting other pricks until you fight a bigger prick, rise, rinse and repeat until you either die or punch out Cthulhu. I didn't hate the genre, I was just indifferent. That is, until the utter geniuses behind the departed Clover Studios came up with God Hand. I seriously believe this game is the best Beat 'em Up of all time (noting that games like Devil May Cry and God of War are not Beat 'em Up's, but Hack 'n Slashers). It had an Excuse Plot that did not take itself seriously, full of snark and lighthearted humor, the fighting system was polished until perfection and, although seemingly complicated, very intuitive, the soundtrack was unique and good to the ears, and it was crammed to the brim with the best boss fights a game could have. No one can make me think that this masterpiece of the gaming market isn't the best of its genre.
    • Seconded. It was incredibly hard without being "cheap", you had a wide variety of attacks that you could customize Gene as you see fit, and the game is utterly hilarious from beginning to end. Not to mention that it was filled to the brim with shout-outs, and yes, every boss fight is an AWESOME boss fight. Dragon Kick yer ass into the milky way!
    • Between the ridiculously over-the-top special God Reel attacks, anime Shout Outs, campy sense of humor, and tightly-programmed fighting, you'll be coming back for more even as the game keeps kicking your ass. And the sheer difficulty only helps to make you feel like an even bigger Badass once you master the God Hand and its attacks. There are very few games out there that make you feel as awesome as when you pull off that brace and prepare to unleash an epic can of whoopass on your enemies. No gimmicks, no tricks, just your own gaming skills and reflexes versus an endless barrage of pissed off demons. Who cares about taking games seriously as art? Who cares about the plot? Who cares about the graphics and environment? I'M THE MOTHERFUCKING Fist of the North Star!
  • For This Troper, he can't help but gush about Star Gladiator. Notable for being Capcom's first 3D fighter, Star Gladiator is literally Capcom's variation take on Star Wars. A unique storyline, a strong diverse cast of characters, great music, and fluid fighting gameplay makes me question on why Capcom hasn't made a new entry into the series since Star Gladiator 2 (Plasma Sword). C'mon Capcom! Give this underrated series a chance to gain some legacy in its own right.
  • This troper recently got an arcade stick. Specifically, the Street Fighter IV FSTE, a stick that uses real arcade parts.[1] It has got to be one of his best videogame-related investments in a long time; playing 2D shooters on a keyboard or even a Sega Saturn pad has got nothing on playing them on an arcade stick. It does take time to get used to playing on one, but once you do, dodging all sorts of crap becomes a lot more fun.


  1. Which means if the stick or one of the buttons breaks, they can be replaced with replacement arcade cabinet parts.
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