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We all know that Complaining About Shows You Don't Like is verboten on the main wiki, and so is gushing about them. Yet this is the wiki's sparkly sweet twin. So no restraints! Steamroll us with your positive thoughts!

Any work you like will do, whether you think it's merely decent enough to like, to being So Cool Its Awesome.

NOTE: This is to gush about the show, not to bash people for not liking it.

For more specific gushing, go to Moment of Awesome, Awesome Music, Gushing About Characters You Like, Gushing About Writing You Like, Mood of Win, Sweet Dreams Fuel.


Magazines & E-Zines

  • Ever since Cracked picked up David Wong as editor, they've gone from a cheap Mad clone into a genuinely interesting satire site, the sadly-rare form of satire that has something to say, rather than just attacking (or just referencing) everything in sight.
    • And Wong's own articles... well, just read for yourself.
    • You left out this one. It's an uncommonly well-balanced article on that issue that actually tries to explain what each side is about, rather than trying to convince either one that they're wrong and need to convert to the other.
    • Cracked is an excellent site... I wish more e-zines like that in my country!
  • Mad itself, particularly older iterations. As a history buff, old Mad magazines have taught me lots about the recent past through a satiric lens. Seriously.
  • Nintendo Power is the greatest magazine in existence. Just look at this old commercial and tell me it's not awesome. Go ahead, I dare you.
  • The Style Invitational humorous competition from the Washington Post makes me crack up every time.
  • Amiga Power is one of the most entertaining magazines ever made - It's quirky style and it's refusal to fall into the four point scale.
  • Badass of the Week. Simply the e-zine that saved my life. So full of awesome stories about guys that... well, check for yourself.

Visual Novels

  • Anything and everything by Kinoko Nasu, but especially Fate/Stay Night. Yes, all you do is read, but I DARE YOU not to cry in any of the three routes. There is, on average, three bawling scenes per route, and at least one heartwarming scene. Lets not even start on the crowning moments, as well as music, of awesome.
  • Tsukihime. Five routes, amounting to both five different stories, and five different aspects of the overall story, each character-driven and brilliantly reflected by the particular heroine they focus on. The protagonist is profoundly likable and human. Even the much-maligned sex scenes aren't really that bad, viewed from a relationship-building rather than erotic perspective, and the music that accompanies them is nothing short of lovely. Oh, and speaking of, the soundtrack overall is very simple, but perfectly atmospheric. Overall, the game's just a wonderful read.
  • Oh, gods, Katawa Shoujo. Who could've thought that the brainchild of that image board, and an eroge no less, could be something so... so beautiful. Seriously. Go play it.


  • TV, I salute you. You are an invaluable and vital resource to my life, you're making me a better writer, and gosh-darn it, you're a hell of a lot of fun, as well.
    • The Mary Sue revamp has brought back my faith in TV Tropes. Everyone who helped at it deserves a badge.
    • If TV Tropes was a person, I would trust him as much as I trust my father, maybe more, and I love my dad to bits. Actually, I already do trust TV Tropes that much, even though it's a wiki. I love you guys; I don't know how I lived without this website, and I only first stumbled upon it five months ago!
      • If TV Tropes was a person, and was female (okay, even if it were male), I'd be totally, completely in love with them and definitely considering marriage. ♥ I spend way too much time here now and I don't think I've ever been happier with a wiki (sorry, Wikipedia). Just... every little geeky thing I'm into, you're into it too; you're cool and inviting, as opposed to Wikipedia's increasing uptightness; and you're fun. I love you all. * hugs*
      • If TV Tropes were a person and I weren't asexual I'd do naughty naughty sex related things to it. If it were a person, I might do that anyway.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Trope-tan?
      • We need a male mascot, so we can slash him madly with genderswitch!Wikipedia.
        • Eh, nothing wrong with a little Les Yay.
    • Even if TV Tropes does ruin my life and contribute to my falling behind on homework, I still love it anyway.
    • The very last words on the home page? Go on, have fun!
  • I love everyone. Even all the raging nerds on Complaining About Shows You Don't Like.
    • If you know where to look, you can actually learn a bit from there. Like stuff about Hideaki Anno too touchy for the main wiki....
    • Even if I sorta like Avatar: The Last Airbender, it feels good to hear dissenting opinions about it for some reason.
      • Maybe 'cause it assures you that your positive opinion of it is genuine, and not the result of some kind of Hive Mind?
      • This section, motivates me to live to the fullest. Everyday.
  • If I may point to one page in particular: Warhammer 40000: So incredibly good I bought the Fifth Edition rulebook just so that I would be up to date and accurate when editing the article.
    • Warhammer Fantasy, equally as awesome as its sci-fi spin off. A shame it doesn't get as much love on TV Tropes.
  • This video made this male troper nearly cry. He finally understood what ballet was so popular for. Beauty from grace, Elegance from courage, Awe from passion.
  • Lamb of God is by far my favorite band. With every album they just keep getting better and better. Every member of Lo G is very talented with their instruments and they know exactly how to make songs sound brutal yet aesthetically pleasing. They are original, talented, and most importantly, they sound great. They are the exact opposite of everything I hate about the music industry today. Lamb of God Forever!!!
  • The Internet. Everything about it. Sometimes I fantasize about being able to speak to a person 30 years ago just so that I can tell him every single thing that is awesome about the Internet.
  • After a year of being part of the TGWTG fandom, lurking in the message boards and LordKat and JewWario's chats, I am completely blown away; they really are some of the coolest people I've ever met. Spoony is just as lovably geeky and quick-witted live as he is in his videos; Linkara is a fun, sweet guy who honestly appreciates his fans, and IronLiz is much of the same (and incredibly funny to boot); Nella is a helluva lot of fun; Benzaie is frank, funny, and one of the coolest message board mods ever (seriously, how many mods do you know who break up an argument by making pervy jokes?); Film Brain]] is a humble kid who's just happy to be part of the fun, and honestly respects and looks up to his co-workers; LordKat and RolloT are two of the most hilarious guys you will ever hear from--and LordKat is fiercely defensive of the people he cares about; Nash is the very personification of GeekyTurnOn (just get him talking about Series/DoctorWho and you'll see what I mean), and Jew Wario is just the sweetest, most genuine person you will ever meet So thanks, guys, for being yourselves; thanks for being so completely... awesome.


  • Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. I could play it all night. My family could play it all night. My extended family could play it all night. It never gets boring, the game is never the same twice, and even when you feel like it might you have the option to completely change the game around with an expansion pack or even your own imagination. It quenches my thirst for the arbitrary so I have the time to make the rest of my life a bit more orderly and sensible. In a nutshell, it keeps me from driving everyone around me to insanity.
  • Freeze tag. 'Nuff said.


  • The Jazwares Sonic line. They paid attention to every single detail of the characters. They are even doing Mighty the Armadillio, a character who has not been seen in over a decade.
  • LEGO's Bionicle line. It has an incredibly complex backstory that literally cannot be placed within a single genre, characters that leap out at you, whether in plastic, written words, comic book pages, or tv screens, and a head-writer (Greg Farshtey) who is unbelievably devoted to his work.
  • Hasbro's Marvel Universe line of 3.75-inch figures. They're in the same scale as the G.I. Joe figures, meaning that you can get some of the craziest crossovers yet. Wanna see Captain America and Snake-Eyes teaming up against Cobra and the Red Skull? Now you most certainly can.


  • This page is awesome. This is what I like to think of when I think of this wiki - people coming together to celebrate their favourite shows, not bitch about them endlessly.

Meta Meta

    • That comment is awesome.

Meta Meta Meta

      • No, you're awesome. You're all awesome. Let's hug!

Meta Meta Meta Meta

        • This bit makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

In general

  • I love the whole world!
    • It's such a brilliant place.
      • Boom de yada!
      • Boom de yada!
        • Boom de yada!
          • Boom de yada!
            • Boom de yada!

* happy sigh*

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