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Describe Gun in My Pocket here. No, that's on the main page. I'm gonna gripe a bit. Apparently, people who take this seriously have neglected to consider anything other than their pre-fabricated conclusion. The general shape of the gun is dictated by physics. The general shape of a sword provides more reach than a shorter bladed weapon, which translates directly into greater safety. And so on.

Well, I don't think anyone's claiming that guns were designed to look like penises. Just that they are similar enough to penises that they can take on that role, psychologically.

  • Plus they're an obvious representation of power and masculine strength. It's called symbolism.
    • That said, the page quote is a great comeback. I'm so using that next time some idiot invokes this trope and then expects a cookie for his/her "wit."
  • I've said sorta the same thing before. My counter-argument goes something like "So there's no real practical use for anything which is non-hollow and longer than it is wide? It's only use is just for being like a penis?"
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