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Guide Me Home is an Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfic written by Qwi-Xux that has gained popularity in the fandom for... actually being good.

Essentially, it's an What Happened To All Those Mice, Hurt Comfort Fic that follows Princess Ursa during all three books and is completely Canon compliant. Ursa has been living in the Earth Kingdom and secretly helping La Résistance. When she discovers a Fire Nation spy amongst the Earth Kingdom underground, she is forced to flee and is rescued by Chief Hakoda and his crew.

Ursa and the crew (especially Hakoda) eventually grow closer. Of course, they don't know she's Fire Nation...

It can be found here.

Provides Examples Of:


 Hakoda: With outside help from my son... and yours.

Ursa: What?

  • Foregone Conclusion: Ursa goes to Ba Sing Se to find Zuko and Azula and get them to end the occupation. That'll work.
  • Groin Attack: While teaching Ursa how to fight, Hakoda pins her against the wall and accidently puts his hand over her scar. She panics, a Groin Attack ensues and Ursa is absolutely mortified afterwards. Yes, that is an actual Tear Jerker example of this trope.
  • Happily Married: Mikko.
  • Heroic BSOD: Ursa has one when she finds Zuko's wanted poster...and sees his scar.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Ursa is filled with guilt and shame at the start of the fic despite her work for the underground.
  • It's Personal: After Hakoda finds out that Ursa was married to Ozai, the war becomes even more personal for him.
  • Killed Off for Real: Poor Ornu.
  • La Résistance: Ursa is part of one at the beginning, and it seems that the Order of the White Lotus fills this role more than it did in the cartoon.
  • Mama Bear: Guess.
  • Mommy Issues: Katara and Azula in spades. They're getting better.
  • Mundane Utility: At one point, Ran uses is firebending to make toast for The Duke.
  • Power of Trust: How Ursa finally gets through to Azula.
  • Papa Wolf: Hakoda. The phrase Papa Polar Bear is actually used to descibe him.
  • Rescue Romance
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man
  • Took a Level In Badass: Ursa.
  • Torture Always Works: Averted. The red spider-fly venom is nasty but unreliable.
  • There Is Only One Bed: Hakoda offers Ursa his blanket, claiming to be used to the cold. Ursa decides to take a third option and they end up sharing.
  • The Mole: Lots, of course, since this story is about an underground spy network. Special mention goes to Ran, an Order initiate operating from within the Fire Navy who helps Ursa and Hakoda escape from Zhao.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Ursa delivers one to Ozai. At this point the readers are cheering for her.
  • Talking the Monster to Death: Ursa to Azula.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: This fic seems to exist to explain what happened to the mice, including Ursa, of course, Hakoda at various points, and also Longshot, Smellerbee, everyone else who split up from the Gaang at the beginning of "The Southern Raiders", and a few other people who showed up once and never appeared again.
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