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"You know, they make it so you can't defeat Zurg unless you buy this book! It's extortion, that's what it is!"
Rex, Toy Story 2

"...Space Quest IV will give you hours of frustration unless you have this hintbook. Want to know how to get the dog into the hanging basket? Want to find out how to attach the melon? Buy this hintbook and it all becomes obvious."

Iolo: "Remind me again why we're doing any of this?"

Steve: "Obviously, to get the jawbone so that we can teleport to Monk Isle and get me a spellbook."

Iolo: "But there's no way you would have known that Erstam had any such thing, or that it could get you there. You just arbitrarily decided we'd go look for the Mad Mage!"

Steve: "Hey. Avatar. Trust me on this."
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