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Renard actually is a cop

  • Or at least, he genuinely committed to keeping order. He regards Portland as his "territory" and his goal is to maintain supernatural law and order there. This is why he tried to kill Aunt Marie (an old-school Grimm would disrupt the balance in Portland) but protects Nick (He views him as a valuable tool/ally and is grooming him to help him control the city's monster population.)
    • Perhaps his creature type is associated with that.
    • He is the king of the canton, and I think he genuinely is interested in the good of all. BUT he killed Marie not to keep order, but because of information he was afraid she would impart to Nick. He knew full well that Marie had inoperable cancer, and was about to die from the added stress of the fight with Hulda. That makes him very ruthless, but not likely evil. I think.

Grimms are just another type of monster.

  • ITEM: Everything we know about monsters was written by Grimms.
  • ITEM: They wouldn't exactly go around advertising their own strengths/weaknesses/identifying characteristics, would they?
  • ITEM: Various monsters have seen Nick and immediately known right off the bat that he's a Grimm without him having to say or do anything to confirm it. How?
    • They can tell Nick is a Grimm only when he sees them turn. They realize they have been observed. Clearly Monroe sees Nick as human.
    • They knew he was a Grimm because he reacted to them "losing control".
      • No dice. Most of the time, the Wesen "lose control" when upset and Nick could easily be reacting to that instead.
        • Not so fast. If you pay attention, after Nick stops freaking out every time he see's a wesen, they don't seem to catch on until he says something. Example: The fucshbau at the apothcary in "Organ Grinders"
        • Another instance is the black rhino wesen. He recognizes Nick right away without having seen Nick see him. It may be that Grimms have their own version of a Game Face - it's not a change in appearance but a general vibe of power.
        • Yet another instance is in "The Thing with Feathers". Nick definitely sees the Klaustreich, but he doesn't do anything that clues the Klaustreich in that he's a Grimm. Same goes for the Seltenvogel.
    • Going into Game Face lets the Wesen see what marks a Grimm as a Grimm. Note that the ones that didn't notice right off the bat weren't looking at Nick.
      • For example Rosalee in Island of Dreams, in the scene where she figures out that Nicks a Grimm, she looks up in Game Face stares in shock for a moment and then gets scared.
      • Interesting thought though there have been a few rare instances where wesen game face and look at Nick without seeing him as a Grimm.
        • Do you have any specific examples?
      • Recall that early Europeans believed in a monster called a Grimm that took the form of a black dog (what color is Nick's hair again?) that rampaged through the countryside bringing plagues and destroying churches. Anyone who saw one was cursed to die within the year.

It's all psyonics.

What Nick sees isn't what the monsters "really are" but a psychic representation that Grimms have of people with other psychic powers.

  • On a number of occasions, DNA of monsters have been tested, and not ONCE has the results ever come back "OMG -- this guy isn't human!!!"

Because Wesen are partially human. But that's not all they are. They have powers that no human can possess.

  • It would explain why no one and nothing else can see the monsters, including cameras.
    • NOPE M Onroe says that regular humans CAN see the Wesen if the Wesen in question wants to show them. BUT Monroe adds that it usually drives regular humans insane. Thats why he says it would be a bad idea for Monroe to use this ability to convince Juliette.
    • Except as of "Three Coins In A Fucshbau" a wesen has been shown to change on camera. Although, maybe it was just the older style of footage used?
      • The film was in the suitcase of another wesen, and the series has shown that wesen can see who other wesen are just as easily as a Grimm.
  • Hexenbiests don't have eyes; do they seem blind to you?
  • Seems probable after the ogre episode. Some of the ogre's abilities were detected through mundane means and most if not all of the monsters we've seen have abilities that can be explained as (a bit with a lot of artistic license) biological abilities and/or tools. So it may be that the monsters gamefaces are psychic representations for biological abilities.
    • The thing with the ogre is most likely just something with his body that remains constant, whether he is in his human or wesen form. For example, his hands don't seem to change either, and his fingers are unusually thick for a regular person. Of course, this may only apply to creatures like Siegbarste.
    • Or simply supernatural goings on. There are clearly things that are not explainable by science here. Like the coins.
  • "Big Feet" brings up some interesting new information. It would seem that they are human when they're human but they do actually change when they're in their Game Face - to the point where samples from their Game Face form will show up as chimera (DNA from two organisms).

Grimms are not the good guys.

The first reaction of any number of monsters upon learning what Nick is has been variations of "PLEASE don't kill me, I have a family!" Basically all we know about Grimms is that they like to kill things. Aunt Marie instantly dislikes Monroe based on nothing more than what he is. We know that monsters are not necisarilly bad people, but previous Grimms don't seem to have cared.

    • Aunt Maries EXACT words are "You must hunt down the bad ones". Obviously the fact that the Grimm don't allow the Wesen to do as they please gives them a rep. And Monroe easily admitted that the relatives that were killed by Grimm deserved this. Remember most Blutbad are killers of humans.
    • "Cat and Mouse" sheds some additional light to this. It would seem that at least some Grimms were helping the royal wesen... as in acting as their secret police. This might also explain why wesen are taken aback by Nick being both Grimm and a police officer.

Renard isn't a villain.

The only villainous thing we've seen him do is have Aunt Marie killed. However, Grimms appear to be known for Van Helsing Hate Crimes, and we don't know that Anut Marie was any different. She seems like a Cool Old Lady, but the only person we actually see her interacting with to any great degree is her nephew. Renard could hardly have her arrested on the basis of being "maybe a serial killer," and he wouldn't want her running around his town killing monsters just because they're monsters (the fact that she's dying of cancer just means that she doesn't give a fuck anymore). He is a scheming, manipulative bastard and we have no idea what his ends are, yes, but that's not the same thing as being a bad guy. Whatever his game is, his conspiracy seems to involve hexenbiests, trolls, whatever he is, and he seems to be recruiting a Grimm (Nick) in a sort of roundabout fashion. Seems rather metropolitan; his goals could be to unite the entire monster community in a pact of "lets not kill each other." Whatever his end goal is, he's seemingly playing both sides. When a Grimm reaper shows up, he confronts them and forces them to back off while demonstrating that he's just as skilled with the scythe as they are.

    • Renard very probably isn't a bad guy. But I think he is a lot older then he looks. He speaks like five languages, and the bit with the church suggests that certain creatures, like Renard and Leo Tamer are not easily killed. So although he is committed to keeping the wesen and humans safe, and is in fact a cop, he is ruthless. Probably born in age when life was cheaper. Marie was not wanted by the authorities. He killed her before Marie could tell Nick some unfortunate details about something. Something that would turn Nick away from Renard. Besides, arresting Marie is something Nick could forgive. Even if he didn't like it. Assassinating her is simply unethical. He is what they say he is. He is the king of the canton of Portland. The reapers are muscle of a powerful organization that he must politically sidestep to protect Nick, but he does so. In fact he denies the Reaper the right to kill Nick in retaliation to Hulda's death. But if Nick were to step outside Renards canton, he would lose that protection. And the Reapers are threatening Renard. Renard was definitely scared.

Captain Renard is a fox.

Because it had to be posted.

  • Agreed, definitely. ...that's not what you meant? *Whistles innocently*
  • Yes, he certainly is a fox. But not a fuscshbau. Just a really hot looking guy!! I don't think that wesen are necessarily all the supernatural creatures out there. I don't even think a hexenbeist is a wesen, strictly speaking.
  • This troper (not original theorist) wants to think he's kitsune, but would have feel more confident in that guess were he a she.
  • It may be that he's a human but his meaningful name refers to him being a very powerful non-Grimm human operating in a otherwise creature-based organization.
  • The Wesen term for fox is revealed to be fucshbau. He could be one of these.
  • Now that you think about it...
    • It's entirely possible that Renard is Reynard, and the reason he's referred to as royalty is because he is the king of Fuchsbau or something similar.
      • Or he's at least a desendent of the original
  • I propose he may be something like a griffon.

Creatures aren't distinct species but more like stable mutant humans.

Basically just a collection of very strong traits that run in the family. The more mystical/old folk tale interpretation would be people that give over to their wild sides/instincts more so than others.

  • Possibly confirmed, though not so much a mutation as a possession by some sort of spirit. Genetically, all wesen could technically be human, but their abilities and physical changes are caused by spirits that inhabit them since childhood and run in the family.
  • It sounds more like something magical rather than genetic, rather like an inherited curse that you'd inherit from one parent or the other. Monroe's high school girlfriend Molly got pregnant by a Klaustreich and had his "litter", so at least some Wesen are biologically compatible with other types of Wesen or with humans. But in "Cat and Mouse," a reference was made to some Wesen being killed for marrying outside their species, so it sounds like they are culturally considered separate species.
    • On a side note, seems likely that the being who "took care" of the Klaustreich who impregnated Molly was Monroe himself, based on his tone and expression when telling that story.

Interpretations of possible future creatures

  • Hansel and Gretel: A species of hummingbird-like creature that always gives birth to twins. They are attracted to sweet-smelling foods and are hunted by Hexenbiests for sport.
    • Jossed. As it turns out, they're normal human kids. The witch on the other hand is part of a bird-like species that harvests human organs for creature herbal medicine.
  • Snow White: Dwarves, interpreted as Rock people.
    • Alternatively, hard workers that gravitate towards social/people/team oriented jobs of the blue collar type.
      • They could be Eisbiber.
  • The Water Nixie: Fish people, or people who prefer to live close to water. May also be at their athletic peak in the water.
    • An entire class of aquatic wesen: electric eels, piranhas, goldfish, and sharks (who are basically aquatic blutbaden).
  • "Dryads": People who release phermones that accelrate plant growth. Tend to be peaceful botanists or farmers and may actually be allies of the Grimm who supply them with their needed herbs like Siegbarste's gift.
  • A Boy Learns What Fear Is: Some type of Wesen based on an animal that is known for not feeling any fear at all, like a lemming or a dodo like creature. Will be shown in the episode as the whole species being afflicted with a psychological disorder where all traces of fear, including those involved with surivival instincts, are absent, but make up for it with explosive breeding.
    • Most members of this race end up being petty criminals, stunt men, bodyguards, etc any job that would require a high amount of courage and audacity to pull off.
  • Puss in Boots: Cat like wesen who are badass fighters with a very cunning mind and a good judge of character. Known for being friends of people, particularly Muggles, with the potential for great things and then make sure they ARE successful, eventually than mooching off said friend for as long as possible. They have a rivalry with blutbads, but its more of Friendly Rivalry and/or Vitriolic Best Friends than bloody.
    • Jossed, as we have seen a cat wesen, the Klaustreich, and they are definitely not very friendly.
    • Not jossed, as we have seen an alley-cat wesen, and a lion wesen, but not any other species of cats. Also, some Lowen could be good people, just as some Bludbats are pretty horrible.
    • Actually, there are also the Rißfleisch, which are tiger wessen.
  • The Wise Bat: Bat like wesen who use echolocation and prefer to live in the darkness, or could just be completely nocturnal.
    • Jossed; In "Happily Ever Aftermath" we see bat-creatures callec Murcialago, and at least one of them is a murderess who uses her echolation as a sonic-scream that ruptures the victims' eyeballs and eardrums.
    • A Murcialago individual could still fulfill this premise, since they are still bats.

Renard works for/leads a rogue faction of Grimm Reapers

There's the Reapers as a whole who prefer the status quo, there's the Grimms, and there's the various muggles ( in this context, not just humans but also non-humans that aren't involved with Grimms or Reapers). Renard however believes in a new/better way than his fellow Reapers and is trying to cultivate/break/whatever the old taboos and traditions. The catch for the other Reapers though is that 1) it might be a fairly loosely organized group and 2) he may hold high enough rank that unless he does something dramatic, he can't really be called in to question. His plan/goal may even be something heroic like wanting to make all monster's equal and accountable rather than snake eats mouse and that's okay - but he's trying to do so in a fairly villainous way.

  • This seems increasingly likely whenever Renard interacts with the Reapears. Whatever he end goal actually is, the status-quo Reapers prefer that Grimms be warriors "like a samurai without a master" because it A) Keeps the Grimms from developing strong connections and resources, B) Keeps the Grimms on the wrong side of the law by giving them little recourse other than being serial killers in the eyes of the Muggle population, and C) Gives the more peaceful Wesen a bogeyman that they can be more scared of than the predatory Wesen. A Grimm like Nick who has a badge and a conscience can't simply be disposed of by tipping off the police that hey, there's a maniac running around killing people because he says they're all monsters that only he can see. He also threatens them because if Wesen aren't scared of the big bad Grimm, they might be less likely to accept the more criminal activities of the Reapers and more monstrous Wesen.
  • It may even be that the ruling class of wesen use the threat of Grimms as part of their hold of power. That is, you can be a serf under my protection or you can risk it with the Grimms. But that only works if Grimms are known to kill wesen on sight.

Spider-man was a spinnetod.

Nick isn't the last human who can see the creatures.

Even if he is the last of his family. His ancestor met a Japanese with the same ability and since it is unlikely that they were related, the ability seems to be just a mutation present in the general population. Sooner or later someone else will show up.

  • More or less confirmed, seeing as there are apparently other Grimm’s out and about. Sadly, the way we learn about this is when Nick is being informed that another Grimm had recently been killed. Seems the status of things is that yes, there are more out there, but their rare due to being on everyones hit list
    • Monroe says that all humans can see wesen. But only when the wesen want to show them. usually it drives humans mad.

Grimms are a type of Wesen based on a combination of a Church Grim and a Black Shuck.

Wesens can't identify another Wesen barring Glamour Failure or the Wesen revealing himself. Several Wesen have realized that Nick is a Grimm because he reacted to their Glamour Failure. Yet Grimms are supposed to be the boogiemen of the Wesen world. It's far more logical to think that Nick is reacting to someone flipping out or that he's another disguised Wesen than that some mythical monster trained to hunt Wesen down would be surprised to see one in front of him. This is especially evident when Oleg Stark realized Nick was a Grimm since the normal escaped-killer-is-trying-to-brutally-murder-me reaction is the same as the normal guy-suddenly-turned-into-an-ogre reaction: utter terror and panic. Thus Grimm are a type of Wesen and Nick is giving off his own easy to notice Glamour Failure.

But what kind? So far all the Wesen are based on an animal and have a fairy tale/ folklore background. Monroe also mentions that there are non-German Wesen, but that he's unfamiliar with them. So we are looking for an animal-like creature with easy to identify features preferably from a non-German background that both protects humans and is scary as hell. Church Grims (Scandinavian/English) look like black dogs and act as the protector of a church. Black Shucks (English) look like black dogs with flaming eyes and are supposed to be a harbringer of the viewer's death. Monroe the wolf-like Blutbad immediately acted friendly and helpful to Nick despite the fact that Nick recently accused Monroe of kidnapping/murder and was in the process of trespassing, which would fit well if Nick was a dog-like Wesen. Grimms probably only have the red flashing eyes as the standard giveaway considering Billy Capra didn't realize Nick was a Grimm (Nick saw the ziegevolk's reflection) and a Wesen mother couldn't tell Juliette wasn't a Grimm (Juliette was standing across the street). No one has mentioned that Grimms are Wesen either because the German Wesen haven't realized that they have been hunted by foreign Wesen for years or because it's not smart to make insulting comments about a Hunter of His Own Kind's species destructive habits when he already has you at his mercy.

Nick has a secret shifting ability that HE doesn't even know about yet.

Grimms have the inherent ability to shift into powerful Wesen when they or someone they love is in peril. Of course Nick will discover this eventually. (Along with Monroe, whom might not be aprised to this ability either.)

There are more creature seers than Grimm.

The Grimms were just the most powerful, my guess is that there are at least2 other groups: The Perrault, and the Japanese family: The Abe. Renard being a possible kitsune this would work as Abe no Semei had a kitsune mother.

    • Given "Plumed Serpent", it's possible that 'Grimm' is merely a term to describe those like Nick rather than any actual family sign. Heck, it may very well be their wesen name, as it were.

Renard is an Seelie fairy prince.

He's a wesen, yes, but he's the type that was associated with the Fair Folk and thus his Game Face is basically a human of unearthly beauty - so even if Nick saw him with his Game Face, Nick might not even realize that Renard is any different. Most of the Seelie are gone - the only reason he and his family have lived so long is because he's willing to work with the Unseelie and their court. It would also make justify why various wesen defer to him (he's royalty of a sort), why his mysterious comrades can threaten him (the Unseelie court is really really really fickle), and the various hints as to the city being his domain.

Juliette is a wesen of the same kind as Renard.

She was sent to keep an eye on Nick but ended up Becoming the Mask or simply met him by happenstance and starcrossed love. It would also justify why folk like the Reapers don't just grab her (other than something like non-interference with humans no matter how close they are to the masquerade) to get him to back down - they'd either ruin their plans or they would be stepping on the toes of royalty.

  • Not likely. When the repairman left, there was no indication that she recognized what he was or that he saw her as anything besides human. Similar for "Game Ogre" when Stark attacked Nick at their house.
  • Bare in mind though that wesen don't automatically know each other. They have to show their Game Face. For more powerful wesen, they're pretty capable of holding their Game Face in under duress.

Juliette is more than she appears.

Her initial Shallow Love Interest, sweet, harmless girl appearance was how she deliberately portrayed herself to Nick, and her sudden shift to Action Girl tendencies is really her having to drop the act.

  • She's probably not a Wesen, since Munroe would have smelt it on her or Aunt Marie would have figured it out.
  • On the meta side, what kind of writers would go into a series making one of the main characters the Shallow Love Interest type. It was deliberate, either to make her into a surprising Action Survivor or to hide something else.
  • Juliette was NEVER shown as a shallow love interest. She was always shown to be capable. Unless you assume that just because she is kind and nurturing that makes her shallow somehow. We have always known her to be intuitive and smart. Interesting is that she is a veterenarian. A healer of creatures if you will, which sort of puts her take on all life forms as being worthy. Not just humans. The fact that she is more physically capable doesn't seem at all out of simple logic. She is young, fit, and must be dexterious to operate on a living creature. And she is fairly brave. Being a vet you have to be pretty calm in emergencies and unafraid most of the time. Otherwise you can not deal with animals well.
  • She's not a very muscular woman, but she stuns a damonfeuer with a single punch from a seated position. Then she is a nearly perfect shot the supposed first time she fires a gun. By the next episode, she has gone from hating guns to going out into the woods and shooting at people to save Nick. Her quick thinking and bravery against the ogre was one thing, but the levels of badass she takes are suspiciously abrupt.
  • She won't accept Nick's proposal until he can stop keeping secrets from her. As observant and proactive as she's been regarding everything else, it's uncharacteristic that she hasn't just asked him outright what's happening. It could be as innocent as just being savvy about getting her boyfriend to tell her the truth, but if she knows anything at all about the secrets in question, which have been kept by Nick's family for generations, it's an attempt to get information or to get access to the trailer.
    • While I actually agree with your assessment that there is something about Juliette that we haven’t been clued in on just yet, I can think of some way’s to defend her seemingly out of no where Action Girl behavior and her previous Shallow Love Interest status. 1st off, in defense of her action girl status, it’s been made clear that she’s a veterinarian by trade. While the trope Kindly Vet would have you think of someone decidedly non-action oriented, the job's actually really physically demanding , seeing as even Fluffy can kill a person if so inclined. Also, say what you want about it, but vet‘s are still medically trained professionals that have to deal with (literally) bloody emergencies with the same calm under pressure as regular doctors. Doesn’t completely explain away things like her instant expertise with a gun, but it does paint the picture of someone who at least has the potential of handling herself . 2nd, at the start of the series Nick has already been dating her for 4 years, which means their relationship had already been well established by then. All the relationship development that makes a love interest a more solid character in the eyes of the audience had already happened off screen, and we didn’t get to see any further change in the dynamic until their nice, cozy lives in the burb’s got shaken up by Nicks new problems. What seemed shallow could have just been lack of background.

Renard is a wesen who doesn't have a Game Face.

His group has a similar power to the Ziegvolk - they produce a pheromone that, instead of attracting people sexually, projects an aura of charisma and confidence. This is why his ancestors were royalty - they are naturally accepted by people as their leaders.

Renard is a Grimm.

Not of Nick's family but from one that works with the Grimm Reapers for some reason. Or perhaps, he's half-Grimm half-Wesen as part of a pact to keep the peace.

The wesen variety of the Priest.

The Sinister Minister seen in ep. 12 is a carnivorus lamb-beast who also fights with a crook.

    • Perhaps he's in the same situation as Monroe. He uses religion as a means of controlling more dangerous instincts.

Roddy was indirectly responsible for his teacher death.

Stay with me on this one. Roddy didn't really intend for his teacher to die, but like his father pointed out, he didn't particularly like the guy. Let's say that during all that time he spent with the rats in the shed, he vented all his frustration over his teacher to his furry friends. When those other guys released those rats into the teachers car, the rats remembered all the grief this teacher had given their Reinegen friend Roddy and thought they where doing him a favor.

Some of the Wesen Nick has helped will be important again later.

This troper can think of at least two in particular, but it will probably be more than that.

  • In the case of Holly Clark, her problems are hardly over, what with her having to readjust to being in civilization while dealing with blutbad instincts. So it’s not unlikely that we might see more of her
  • In the case of Roddy Geiger, when Monroe left him, he gave him his number, “in case he needed to talk”. Way this troper imagines it going down, Roddy’s going to call that number looking for Nick when something happens that needs a Grimm’s touch
  • At the very least, Auntie Marie's former wesen fiancee is likely to show up. It'd be rather odd to bring up something that big without it becoming an issue down the line.
  • Ariel faked her death, and might still harbour ill will against Nick.
  • This troper kind of wants to see the father of the Rabe family again. He's a lawyer and has no ill will towards Nick. Who knows, Nick could use a lawyer pal if he gets in some sort of a fix.
  • This troper also enjoyed seeing the Eisbiber trio again.

Nick and other Grimms have the ability to force other wesen to show their Game Face/allow others to see it.

That's their wesen ability and why wesen initially really disliked Grimms - it makes it really really hard to do stuff when just walking past a guy would cause everyone in the town square to see you as a dragon or wolf. And naturally at the time, Grimms would start hunting down the monsters. Over time, the Grimms who learned how to control their ability outlived the ones who didn't (but at a very high cost of life) and their abilities were also dispersed among the population in general. This then signals the 'decline' of the magical era/folk and fairy tales.

The reason wesen can 'sense' Nick is because them showing their Game Face causes Nick's aura (or whatever) to appear but only to the wesen.

After all, after some point, Nick would stop being surprized by wesen showing their faces so we can't presumably rely on that explanation forever.

Renard is a Royal Grimm.

There are Grimms like Nick and then there are Grimms like Renard who, through natural power, tradition, politics, etc are basically a different subset of Grimm.

There's no such thing as a human in this universe; everyone's either a Wesen or a Grimm.

  • The Wesen are brought up believing that some people are Wesen and others are normal humans. But because the Wesen obviously resemble humans 90% of the time, one Wesen could easily know another Wesen but not realise it because they're never around when he reveals his non-human form. Extrapolate that out and you could have an entire society who believe that they're the secret minority when actually their oppressors don't even exist.
  • This also explains why seemingly every crime apparently involves Wesens in some capacity; because in this universe there's nothing but Wesens so it's impossible for them not to be involved.

Adalind will attempt to re-wesen herself.

She may not be a hexenbiest any more, but she could still use her books to concoct some kind of ritual to fix herself. This may also involve stealing the hexenbiest spirit from her mother.

Adalind will become the Token Evil Teammate.

She may not be a hexenbiest any more, but her knowledge is always useful and she's a lawyer. In a world where you know of things like geiers and ogres and hexenbeists, she may be -extremely- inclined to look for some sort of protection. Look at her face when she leaves her mother's house - it's like she's afraid to step outside without her power or the protection Renard offers. So she turns to Nick for protection in the hopes that perhaps she can re-wesen herself at some point (perhaps with Nick's blood) or perhaps as a "You made me this way, so now it's your responsibility to take care of me."

  • This troper thinks she's about to do partial heel-face-turn and learn how to use the Grimm family weapons.

Nick's Grimm blood to de-wesen Adalind works on all wesen.

And that's why Grimms are so feared by wesen - they can kill you and take away not just your power, but stop your family line (ie future kids are normal as well). Over time, the word for 'kill' was misinterpreted as actual killing when it was originally just meant something like killing your supernatural power. This is also where things like wesen apothecaries come into play - they have to prepare anything they take from humans to avoid accidentally ingesting Grimm blood. This might also explain how he can survive fights with some of the tougher wesen - his blood basically turns their attacks into normal attacks and, if the fight lasts long enough, there's enough blood on the wesen to take away some of their power over the long run.

Hexenbeast are Immortal

Hence why becoming human is tantamount to death for them. Changing them from Immortal to Mortal is a death sentence.

Season 2 will have Angelina come back and result in a throwdown between Rosalee and Angelina.

Monroe will of course have to pick between the two and of course, at this stage in his life, he's more attracted to/desires the maturity and stability that Rosalee offers. Rosalee however will think that he's attracted to aggression and will attempt to fight Angelina which will cause misunderstandings in a B-plot.

Juliette is part of the royal families.

However, she doesn't know it for some reason.

DJ Retchid Kat will release an album entitled "Grimm Business" that will be a stylized rendering of his encounter with Nick. This will serve both to expand Nick's legend in the Portland Wesen community and further complicate his life.

Adelaide's mother will be the "Evil Queen" in a version of Snow White.

She has a LOT of mirrors in her house, so since she is a witch. My guess is that she will be the evil queen trying to kill a beautiful young girl. Juliette maybe?

The Most Interesting Man in the World is a Ziegevolk

Think about it. Most of his on-screen adventures involve beautiful young women, and he seems to always be in the spotlight.

  • "He's a lover, not a fighter, but he's also a fighter so don't get any ideas."
  • It's entirely possible that The Man Your Man Could Smell Like could be one too, if he isn't a Fuchsbau or Lausenschlange.
    • I want to marry this WMG

Deadmau5 is a Reinigen.

Techno musician and mouse motif. What more do you need?

Nick's "Mom" is not his Mom.

She's a creature disguised as his mother. My first guess was what ever the Snow Queen was, but that's Hans Christian Anderson, not the Brothers Grimm, so I'm out of ideas. I just WANT it to be true becuase I can't really think of a valid reason for her to be alive at this point. Because really, if that's the case then who was the OTHER body in the car?
    • They've had stories other than Grimm ones on the show, so you could still be right.
      • I propose it's either Adalind's mother in disguise somehow, or Adalind herself. Remember, she wasn't there when Nick went looking. She could have moved elsewhere to try and throw him off the trail.
    • This is this troper's theory: The Woman in Black is actually Aunt Marie, and the woman that was Aunt Marie is actually Nick's biological mother. The reason for the switcheroo is because they knew that Nick's mother was dying and gave Nick to his Aunt Marie to pretend to be raised.
      • Consider the following: Nick's Grimm powers are supposedly hereditary, yet both of his parents were told to have been killed when he was young. If that were the case, he would have been able to see Wesen since he was a kid. Yet, he wasn't able to see them until he met his actual mother (under the guise of his Aunt Marie) and she told him that she was dying, and she tells him about Grimms and their world.
      • Perhaps his powers emerged because his father died and it just happened around when Marie died.
      • Actually, the way this troper is given to understand it is that when one grimm dies, the gift goes to the next closest relative in line. If thats the case, then it would explain why Nick only just got his powers, he was the next in line after his mom and aunt.

Adalind is trying to make Juliette into a hexenbeast

If the “condition” of being a hexenbeast can be removed, it can probably also be given. And judging by the way Juliette’s eyes flashed….

Dämonfeuer are not the only inspiration for fairytale dragons.

There are true Drachen, who are too big to pose as humans. Instead, they act from shadows, running major corporations, employing Dämonfeuer as a cover-up and playing humans and Wesen as pieces of huge, complicated game. There may be one further in the series, acting as a Man Behind the Man or a Stealth Mentor.

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