"There are times when it's worth putting aside the endless myopic navel-gazing that occupies so much literature, in order to look out at the universe itself and value it for what it is."

An Australian author who puts the Hard Science back into Hard Science Fiction. Likes to show his work.

His novels are:

  • Quarantine - The solar system is locked in a bubble by aliens. People routinely use "neural implant" devices to rewire their brains.
  • Permutation City - Philosophical inquiry leads to the creation of a universe, simply by starting to simulate it and then turning the computer off.
  • Distress - Political intrigue surrounding the development of a Theory of Everything.
  • Diaspora - Faced with a natural disaster on a galactic scale, post-humans flee into another universe.
  • Teranesia - Through quantum computing, life becomes capable of mutating into the optimum form for its environment.
  • Schild's Ladder - Post-humans explore the interior of a sphere of total annihilation.
  • Incandescence - Pre-industrial aliens discover General Relativity because their world circles the black hole at the centre of the galaxy.
  • Zendegi - Simulations of human neural maps are used to add realism to a virtual world.
  • Orthogonal - Aliens in a universe with very strange physics build a Generation Ship in an attempt to avert disaster. A trilogy, consisting of:
    • The Clockwork Rocket
    • The Eternal Flame (forthcoming)
    • The Arrows of Time (forthcoming)

Common themes in his works include The Singularity, Transhumanism, atheism, regional politics, religion being the source of many problems, and non-standard sexual identities.

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