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  • After Kyle gets his Ion powers and finally gets the hang of them he meets the original, Hal Jordan, who has become the Spectre after his death. At the moment Kyle outpowers even him and is basically a god. He tells Hal that he could go back in time and stop the nuking of Coast City, Hal's nightmare and what drove him to the breaking point. Hal, with the Spectre's infinite wisdom, plays the "when does it end" card and asks Kyle when he'll stop, would he become a true god and stop all the pain that's ever happened throughout time. Hal questions what will stop him and basically says that eventually he'll do the same for everyone. Kyle clearly says without hesitation that he won't and it's just for Hal that he'd do it.
  • More Kyle and Hal: During the Sinestro Corps War, Hal and the other Lanterns try to figure out how to free Kyle from Parallax. Hal mentions that when he broke free, he had the Spectre, one of the most powerful forces in the universe, with him. Turns out all Kyle needed was Hal to tell him You Are Not Alone.
  • From Green Lantern Rebirth: Sinestro insults Kyle Rayner repeatedly by calling him alley rat and such. Hal Jordan gets upset and screams "You show him respect! He carried the light when no one else could!" Considering all the Hal/Kyle debates in the fandom, it served as a meta CMOH too.
  • For Hal Jordan Green Lantern himself, the CMOH happened at the climax of Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #3 when Jordan went to the netherworld of Nekron and just distracted him enough for the Guardians to drive back Krona and his undead horde and reseal the dimensional portal. Just as Jordan's ring about to fail, the spirit of his predecessor, Abin Sur, pushes him back to his universe while saying how proud he is of him. Back there, he is among his fellow Lanterns, with their rings about to be exhausted, and bracing to die together in the hard vacuum of space. However, at that moment, the Guardians respond "No, there has been too much death." as they project a containment field around their Green Lanterns and take them safely back to their headquarters on Oa for a victory celebration and ring recharging.
  • Coast City gets one during the Sinestro Corps War by its citizens refusing to leave their newly built home and instead shine green lights in their windows to support the Green Lanterns, even Hal's overly cautious brother, Jim, refuses to flee with his family. It mixes with crowning moment of awesome too.
    • This. The bit in GL #25 with the newscaster announcing not a single person had evacuated the city was one of the few moments in comic book history that actually made me cry.
  • One of the last issues of the newly relaunched Green Lantern book before Infinite Crisis and the One Year Later Jump had Hal, still newly getting used to being alive and a GL again, team up with Batman, who had been established in Rebirth as being very pessimistic about Hal's return. Towards the end of the issue, Hal offers Batman a use of his ring, to show to try to rebuild their former comradere that pretty much died when Hal became Parallax. After using the ring to build constructs of his parents, Bruce is told by Hal that he can let go of his anger and grief (much like what Hal did during his Secret Origin story). Bruce refuses, but he shows his gratitude by calling Hal... "Hal".
    • This also is reflected in Infinite Crisis itself, as Bruce invites Hal to join him and other heroes to bring down Brother Eye. When the Eye tries to take Bruce down with it Hal goes back and rescues Bruce from the satellite before it crashes, choosing his old friend who once kinda went crazy over his creation that he made when he lost faith in his peers.

 Brother Eye: (While holding Bruce in robotic cables to prevent him from escaping the decaying satellite) WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME, CREATOR? YOU CAN TRUST ME TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT. YOU CANNOT TRUST THEM. YOU CAN NEVER TRUST THEM AGAIN AFTER ALL THEY HAVE DONE. (Hal bursts into the room)

Batman: I'll take my chances. (Bruce grabs Hal's hand and they escape the satellite before it enters the atmosphere)

    • The incident is implied to have more serious ramifications than that. If not for his friendship with Jordan, Batman would have been recruited into the Sinestro Corps.
  • In Larfleeze's Christmas special, he spends the entire issue raging against Santa for not bringing him any presents. He starts trying to melt the North Pole, and Hal Jordan takes him aside and tells him to look over his mile long Christmas list and ask himself if he really needs any of it. Later, Larfleeze is in his cottage, and we him staring mournfully at the words "My Family" on his list.
    • Hope Spot: It turns out his family is alive, and they miss him. And guess what told him this? The Blue Entity of Hope, of course!

Live Action Film

  • When Abin Sur's ring summons Hal Jordan. Although scared and disoriented from the trip, as soon as Hal sees the guy in the sinking spaceship, he immediately runs to him, pulls him out of the water, and tries to revive him, not even questioning Abin's appearance.
    • That moment is slight Fridge Brilliance when you realize that's exactly why the ring chose Hal. Anyone who would have run away, freaked out or tried to profit from discovering Abin Sur wouldn't be fit to join the Corps.
  • When Hal Jordan joins Tomar-Re on an aerial tour of Oa. There is a wonderful element of welcome to the scene where Jordan realizes the full beauty of his recruitment with a whole new way to fly with a newfound friend he never expected to have.
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