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 Emotion: Love

Leader: Queen Aga'po

Base of Operations: Zamaron

Entity: Predator

Before the Guardians became the Guardians, an all-female tribe left, feeling that they shouldn't suppress their emotions. One day on the planet Zamaron, they found a pair of lovers whose love was so great it formed a crystal of pure love around them. They began to use it to form the Star Sapphire with the goal of preserving love. For years, they selected women across the universe and gifted them with the Sapphire, appointing them the Zamaron Queen.

Years later, they realized that placing this potent emotional font in its raw form on the wearer's head left her with no control over her actions. To that end, they refashioned the gems into rings placed on the finger to allow the wearer some emotional distance and control over their actions. In addition to flight, force fields, and energy blasts, the rings are able to sense sources of great love and are informed whenever love is placed in jeopardy.

  • Crystal Prison: A number of violet constructs take this form, especially for restraints.
  • Dating Catwoman: Carol Ferris and Hal Jordan. Fatality and John Stewart.
  • Good Powers, Bad People: There's a reason the previous Star Sapphires were supervillains.
  • Heel Face Brainwashing: What they do to the female Sinestro Corps members.
  • Love Redeems: Why they use Conversion crystals on female criminals. Though as of yet, they've only succeeded on one Sinestro Corps member (Fatality).
  • Love Makes You Crazy: Since love is on the far end of the emotional spectrum, wielders of its light are more susceptible to being overwhelmed by it.
  • Mate or Die: Their old MO. They kill you anyway.
  • One-Gender Race: The Zamarons specifically, and chances are slim of there ever being a male Star Sapphire (not counting the Predator, the physical embodiment of love).
    • While the chances are slim, they attempted to recruit Sinestro himself.
  • Human Resources: Their Central Battery was powered by the bodies of two dead people: the previous incarnations of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, whose love was strong enough to fuel the entire Corps.
  • Stalker with a Crush: The pre-Corps Sapphires.
  • Stripperiffic: For the most part; though Miri Riam's is pretty modest and when Wonder Woman was deputized she actually showed less cleavage than usual in her Sapphire costume.
    • Lampshaded by Guy Gardner; when given his choice of rings he turns down the violet one because he doesn't want to be stuck in a pink thong.
    • Toned down at least with Fatality in New Guardians; she still shows cleavage but it seems to be less than before, and she has proper pants now.
  • Yandere: All of them, at least before they were organized into a Corps.

Notable Star Sapphires


 Homeworld: Zamaron

The queen of the Zamarons. Aga'po spearheaded the creation of the Star Sapphire Corps after their use of the sapphire gems proved a failure. She also began the practice of brainwashing captured Sinestros during the War of Light. After the Predator escaped and the bodies of Khufu and Chay-Ara were taken from the Violet Central Power Battery in Brightest Day, Aga'po used her own personal power to fuel the Star Sapphires' rings, eventually dying from the strain. She named Carol Ferris as her successor.

Carol Ferris

 Homeworld: Earth

Daughter of the CEO of Ferris Aircraft (and later the CEO herself), Carol found herself attracted to Hal Jordan but she held to her rule of not dating employees. Noticing her Unresolved Sexual Tension, the Zamarons sent her the Star Sapphire gem, creating a Super-Powered Evil Side that Hal would occasionally have to fight. She was eventually freed when she got caught in a Love Triangle and the Zamarons made Hal choose a girl - "winner" became the new Star Sapphire (Hal decided to Take a Third Option and chose a Zamaron, forcing them to retreat to deal with it).

With the War of Light looming, the Zamarons have recruited Carol as Star Sapphire once more, only this time as one of many. She agreed in order to help protect Hal. The dying Zamaron Queen was later impressed with how she handled the Predator and appointed Carol her successor.


 AKA: Yrra Cynril

Homeworld: Xanshi

Once a member of Xanshi's ruling family, she was offworld when Green Lantern John Stewart's carelessness led to its destruction. Not knowing exactly who was responsible, she swore vengeance against the Green Lanterns as a whole and targeted Kyle Rayner, the only one left at the time. Some time after learning that John was the one at fault, she joined the Sinestro Corps, only to be captured by the Zamarons and converted into a Star Sapphire. She is seemingly still obsessed with John, but is now set on getting him to forgive himself and make his peace with the destruction of Xanshi as she has.

Golden Age Star Sapphire

 Homeworld: Unknown

A woman of unknown name from an unknown world, this Star Sapphire was chosen by the Zamarons to be their champion years before the Star Sapphire Corps was formed. She was found unworthy, however, and was banished to the Seventh Dimension. Jay Garrick, The Flash, battled her twice when she escaped.

Miri Riam

 Homeworld: Lartnec

Miri was on her honeymoon with her beloved Kered when they encountered Mongul II, who wrecked their ship and casually killed Kered. Two days later, she was about to commit suicide in despair when the violet ring appeared and offered her a new purpose saving the love of others. For some unexplained reason, she seems to be in full control of herself (most of the time, anyway).

The Predator

 Homeworld: Zamaron (originally Earth)

The Love Entity--the living embodiment of the Violet Light, given life and strength from the love of every sentient being. Its form is that of an alien dragon-like creature.

Back when Star Sapphire was considered merely a Split Personality of Carol's, the Predator was a third personality that emerged when she was "cured" of the Sapphire. The masculine animus to Sapphire's anima, the Predator used the gemstone's energy to exist as a separate being, in the form of Carol's ideal man. He eventually reintegrated with Carol, turning her into Star Sapphire once more.

With the revelation of the emotional spectrum, it is now known that the Predator is not part of Carol's psyche but the embodiment of the Violet Light of love. The Zamarons had it trapped in their Central Battery hoping Carol could tame it, but it was freed when the Black Lanterns invaded. When found again, Carol convinced the Zamarons to let the Predator remain free.

  • Big Friendly Dog
  • Eldritch Abomination
  • Enemy Without: When it was believed to be a Split Personality of Carol's.
  • Love Makes You Evil: Inverted. Despite its name, the Predator is representative of love in its purest form. But its hosts are a different story, as they usually have all kinds of hangups and problems, resulting in the corruption of the power that the Predator provides.
  • Good All Along
  • Retcon: Several. For example, first Carol killed Katma Tui; then no, the Predator had corrupted her and led her to murder; oh wait, Carol got free of the Sapphire and some other Sapphire killed Katma.
  • Screw Yourself: The first time Predator possessed Carol, he split her masculine side from her feminine side and tried to force them to fall in love with each other.


 AKA: Deborah Camille Darnell

Homeworld: Pandina

The fourth known Star Sapphire to be chosen by the Zamarons, Remoni-Notra took the human identity of Deborah Darnell on Earth to steal Carol Ferris' Star Sapphire gem. She was a long-standing member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains under Darkseid. Unlike Ferris, Darnell was thoroughly evil and took delight in tormenting men. Remoni-Notra was killed by the Spectre as revenge for her sins.

  • Dating Catwoman: She had an on-again-off-again romance with superhero Captain Comet.

Other Star Sapphires

  • Dela Pharon
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