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File:Green Lantern Logo 619.jpg

Back to the Green Lantern character sheet.

 Emotion: Willpower

Leaders: The Guardians of the Universe

Base of Operations: Oa

Entity: Ion

The Green Lantern Corps was created by the immortal Guardians of the Universe to empower sentient species with sufficiently noble qualities to police their own sectors of space. Originally numbering 3600 members, this number was increased to 7200 after the Corps was restored. At first, the Green Lanterns were prohibited from killing, but the Guardians amended the Book of Oa during the Sinestro Corps War to allow for the killing of designated enemies. Sinestro, a former Green Lantern, boasts that this was his primary goal in going to war with the Green Lanterns in the first place. A Green Lantern's power ring enables its wearer to create constructs of any shape and size the wearer can imagine and maintain through willpower, as well as flight, a personal automatic force-field with contained native atmosphere, faster-than-light travel, communication with other Lanterns, automatic translation of any language known to the Oans, access to the Oan database, and scanning capabilities. Occasionally, Lanterns have been able to pull off more elaborate usages of the power, such as Mind Control, phasing through solid objects, genetic or biological manipulation, and the creation of permanent objects.

Green is the manifestation of willpower and sits at the balance of the emotional spectrum. Originally ineffective against yellow, this weakness was retconned as being the result of Parallax being imprisoned in the Battery. Now, Lanterns need only remember fear and overcome it (as opposed to being completely fearless as they were originally) in order to affect yellow objects.

The Earth Lanterns

Green Lantern 2814.1: Hal Jordan

 Homeworld: Earth

Both the most famed and most infamous Green Lantern, Hal Jordan was a California test pilot who was summoned to the site where Green Lantern Abin Sur had crashed. Abin bequeathed his ring and power battery to Jordan before dying. Training under both Kilowog and Sinestro, Jordan went on to become a famed hero on Earth and beyond, helped found the Justice League of America, and rose to the top of the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro, his traitorous former mentor, became his archnemesis.

Despite common belief, Hal Jordan was not the first human being ever recruited into the Green Lantern Corps. Earth's original Green Lantern originated in China, and was recruited in 814 B.C. Coincidentally, Alan Scott now wields this unnamed Chinese man's ring.

Hal's halcyon days ended when the fear entity Parallax, trapped within the Central Power Battery, reached out its psychic tendrils to taint his mind. The destruction of his native Coast City at the hands of Mongul and Cyborg-Superman was enough to push him over the edge--Jordan rushed to Oa, killed every Lantern that got in his way, and entered the Central Power Battery to gain the power necessary to rebuild Coast City, but was instead possessed by Parallax. Killing all the Guardians save one, Jordan/Parallax went on a rampage across the universe. Jordan's own nobility shone through, however, when Earth's Sun was being devoured by a Sun-Eater, and he gave his life to save his homeworld.

After his death, Jordan's soul was offered a chance at redemption: he was bound to the near-omnipotent Spectre, the Spirit of Vengeance. Jordan tried to change the Spectre's mission from vengeance to redemption, but to no avail: Parallax still remained bound to his soul, and the Eldritch Abomination tried to steal the Spectre's power for itself. But Jordan's successor, Kyle Rayner--with the help of all his surviving friends from the Corps and the League--defeated the monstrosity and restored Jordan to life. Now Hal Jordan is a Green Lantern once more, protecting Space Sector 2814 while seeking atonement for his actions under Parallax's influence.

After Krona's attempt to take over the Corps using the enslaved emotional entities, Hal managed to kill him. However, the Guardians were deeply freaked out (though they won't admit it) by the fact that he overcame his ring's restrictions against killing Guardians, deeming him as a dangerous renegade and ejecting him from the Corps. However, Sinestro of all people has recruited his help, making a replica power ring for him to use.

  • The Atoner
  • Characterization Marches On: Hal was brash and cocky at first, nearly two decades on he's clearly mellowed out and usually takes the role of Team Dad to the other Lanterns. He's still prone to reckless acts of heroism, however. In the '70s and '80s, Hal had a tendency to constantly question himself, quit the Corps at least once, and was at times a self-hating wreck. This came to a head with Emerald Dawn. Geoff Johns explained this away as Parallax's influence and eventually Retconned Emerald Dawn out of existence.
    • That said, Johns did briefly bring back this aspect in the re-telling of his origin story, explaining it as being because of his father's death driving him to be reckless and push away the people who cared about him. He got over it when he became a Lantern, though.
  • Dating Catwoman: With Carol Ferris.
  • Fearless Fool: Was one prior to becoming a Lantern, and has his moments since then.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Sanguine
  • Face Heel Turn: It wasn't his fault, though.
  • Heterosexual Life Partners: With The Flash (the Barry Allen version).
  • Interspecies Romance: With Arisia.
  • Military Superhero: Part of his piloting career was in the Air Force, though that part's less integral to his character than John's history with the Marines. His New Frontier incarnation fits this the best.
  • Strawman Political: In the "Hard-Travelling Heroes" arc of the '70s, Hal was portrayed as an unquestioning tool of the establishment for Green Arrow to knock down.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Oliver Queen.

Green Lantern 2814.4: Kyle Rayner

 Homeworld: Earth

Kyle Rayner, a struggling artist, was just an average young man until Ganthet, the last Guardian of the Universe, appeared to him in a back alley and handed him the last Green Lantern power ring. Kyle was charged with preserving the light of the Green Lantern Corps, and for years was the only Lantern remaining in the universe.

Kyle briefly gained the power of the Will Entity, Ion, and used it to rebuild the Central Power Battery and revive the dead Guardians. Not long after, he was instrumental in the rebirth of Hal Jordan and revival of the Corps. Today, for keeping the Green Light alive, Kyle is renowned as the Torchbearer and one of the Corps' Honor Guard.

He currently stars in Green Lantern: The New Guardians, where an unknown force tried to reassign Power Rings from all six other corps to him. Defying the Guardians, he has allied himself with members of the other corps to get to the bottom of things.

  • Ascended Fanboy: Kyle grew up admiring Batman and Superman. Now he works side by side with Them.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Kyle is often regarded by his enemies as one of the most dangerous Lanterns ever, not because of his determination or a lack of mercy, but because as a comic artist, his mind works creatively and thus he has no problems with beating the hell out of you with a giant teddy bear or making a Magical Girl and letting her kick your ass while he stands on the sidelines snarking. He's just too damn unpredictable (even moreso than Guy), which is one of the reasons (besides his ability to overcome fear) he was chosen as the last of the Green Lanterns.
  • Cartwright Curse: Of the four major girlfriends he's had, three have been killed off (the fourth broke things off when Kyle opened his fat mouth at exactly the wrong time). The two superpowered ones came back, but "people I care for die" has become a part of his character.
  • Chosen One: Zig-zagged. The original scene with Kyle has him in an alley behind a bar, getting some fresh air when Ganthet shows up and says "You'll do" and hands him the ring. This plays into Kyle's character arc for the first several years with him and others doubting his worth; even Ganthet, who chose him, doubts the decision at one point. However, he earns his place as the Torchbearer, restoring the entire Corps and resisting the temptation of ultimate power. It reads like a Chosen One story in some places, but it doesn't seem like this was anyone's plan, certainly not the Guardians.
  • Combat Pragmatist: He has a habit of going for his opponent's eyes, especially in situations where he's de-powered/doesn't have the ring.
    • He's also not adverse to letting the ring do all the work (And by "work" we mean he'll make a girl that will kick you in the lantern) while he just sort of hangs around and makes fun of you.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • The Determinator: Even among an entire group whose power is fueled by Determination, Kyle stands out.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Kyle seems to be subject to the most gratuitous and numerous butt-shots in any comic he's in. Considering he's a Lantern, that's a lot.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Melancholic
  • Heterosexual Life Partners: With Guy
  • Hollywood Nerd: Kyle's a pop culture and Anime/Manga nerd, yet he still looks like a movie star.
  • It's Not Porn, It's Art: He used to date Donna Troy. They broke up when she caught him sketching a woman who lived in his building. Topless.
  • Interspecies Romance: With Soranik Natu.
  • Jumped At the Call: More like performed a triple somersault at the call.
  • Last of His Kind: until the Corps got re-formed.
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: Considering the three other Earth Lanterns can't really age up anymore without their exploits becoming unfeasible (they're presumably in their forties now), Kyle will probably be stuck in his twenties forever.
  • Perma Stubble: In The New Guardians series.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Based on some of his constructs, the guy reads a lot of Shojou.
  • Screw Destiny: Kyle experienced multiple futures over his early career that suggested that the Green Lantern Corps was never reformed. Then he helped to rebuild the Corps.
  • Sequential Artist
  • Shout-Out: A lot of Kyle's constructs are taken from Manga and Anime.
  • The So-Called Coward: Got a lot of grief early on because, unlike Hal, he actually felt fear and doubt over his role as a Green Lantern. While the other Earth Lanterns settled into their positions fairly quickly, he was openly intimidated by it. Eventually, his ability to feel fear and overcome it was what helped him avoid Parallax's influence in Rebirth.
  • Stuffed Into the Fridge: Trope Namer of a sort, as it happened to his girlfriend.

Green Lantery 2814.2: Guy Gardner/The Warrior

 Homeworld: Earth

When Abin Sur crashed on Earth, his ring detected two people who were sufficiently brave and honest to be named his replacement. Hal Jordan was closer in proximity and he gained the ring. Years later, however, the other candidate--a former football player named Guy Gardner--was contacted by the Guardians to act as Jordan's backup, and the Hot-Blooded Green Lantern has been kickin' butt ever since.

After Jordan, affected by Parallax, destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, Guy briefly sought out the presumed-dead Sinestro's yellow power ring to continue fighting evil. Soon after, however, he learned that he possessed traces of alien DNA from a race of Ancient Astronauts called the Vuldarians, granting him the ability to form his body into any kind of weapon. During this time, Guy called himself Warrior.

Just before Hal Jordan was resurrected, Parallax used the Spectre's power to force Guy's Vuldarian powers into dormancy while giving him back a Green Lantern ring to make Guy its slave. It backfired, and Guy helped defeat Parallax and restore Jordan. Today, Guy is once more a Hot-Blooded Green Lantern and the very first member of the Guardians' Honor Guard.

He currently co-stars Green Lantern Corps with John Stewart.


Green Lantern 2814.3: John Stewart

 Homeworld: Earth

When Hal Jordan needed a backup and Guy Gardner was out of commission, the Guardians selected John Stewart, a fearless marine turned activist, to wield the emerald light. John used the ring to shed light on society's ills as well as fight evil across the universe. His light dimmed, however, when he failed to save a planet from destruction due to his own arrogance.

John was given a second chance when Kyle Rayner created a new power ring for him to wield. John aided in Hal Jordan's resurrection and went on to become his partner in Space Sector 2814. Today, John serves on the Honor Guard as a reliable soldier in the fight against evil and the Corps' voice of reason and compassion.

He currently co-stars in Green Lantern Corps with Guy Gardner.

  • Angry Black Man: His Bronze Age personality.
  • Ascended Extra: Initially, he was just Jordan's backup Lantern, then took over the title for a few years when Jordan's resignation had him called to regular duty and got his own series for a while until the Corps was largely depowered and disbanded. Twenty years later with the Corps restored, he is Jordan's regular duty partner for their space sector. He was also arguably the most recognizable Lantern in real life for a time, due to the Justice League cartoon leading many a viewer to associate John with the Lantern mantle.
  • Badass Bookworm: He's an architect in his day job.
  • Dating Catwoman: With Fatality.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Phlegmatic
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: He's able to out-snipe Bedovian.
  • Interspecies Romance: With Katma Tui and, later, Merayn. See a pattern? (and while he may not be interested in Fatality, she certainly likes him.) It carried into the cartoon, too...
  • Military Superhero: Before joining the Green Lantern Corps, he was in the Marine Corps.
  • My Greatest Failure: Failing to prevent the destruction of the planet Xanshi.
  • Scary Black Man: Generally an incredibly nice guy, but piss him off and watch that change.

Other Green Lanterns

Abin Sur

 Homeworld: Ungara

Hal Jordan's immediate predecessor as Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814, Abin Sur served with great distinction for all his long years. During a mission to the ruins of the Empire of Tears, on the planet Ysmault, Abin was told the prophecy of the Blackest Night by the demon Qull of the Five Inversions. Abin took another of the Inversions, Atrocitus, in a spaceship to guide him toward a means to prevent the prophecy, but the demon escaped his bonds and mortally wounded Abin. The dying Green Lantern crashed on Earth, where he summoned Hal Jordan to be his replacement before passing on.

Unbeknownst to Hal for many years, Abin was a close friend of Sinestro of Korugar, who would later become the Corps's most persistent enemy; Sinestro married his sister, Arin Sur, and fathered Green Lantern Soranik Natu. Abin himself left behind a son, Amon Sur, whose burning jealousy toward Hal Jordan led him to join the Sinestro Corps.

Arisia Rrab

 Homeworld: Graxos IV

A gold-skinned, elf-like alien, Arisia Rrab was an adolescent when she joined the Green Lantern Corps (though due to her species' long lifespan, she was actually over 200 years old). She quickly developed a crush on Hal Jordan and the two started a relationship, which earned them some scorn due to their relative levels of maturity. She fought alongside him in the wars against Krona and Nekron. She moved to Earth to live with him, but broke up due to chaos that was engulfing the Corps at the time. After Hal became Parallax and the Corps disbanded, Arisia, now powerless, became a good friend of Guy Gardner.

Arisia was killed by the villain Major Force, who used her to get to Guy. Or so it seemed--her species has the ability to go into dormancy to survive otherwise fatal situations, so she was only presumed dead. Years later, Hal and Guy, now Green Lanterns again, discovered the comatose Arisia in the clutches of Cyborg-Superman. With their help, she escaped and put a stop to the Cyborg's evil. She is now a Green Lantern again and is dating the Daxamite, Sodam Yat.


 Homeworld: H'lven

One of the strangest Green Lanterns in the Corps, Ch'p resembled nothing so much as a two-foot-tall, anthropomorphic squirrel with overalls and a bowtie. Ch'p had his share of adventures on his home planet of H'lven, mostly against his archnemesis Doctor Ub'x. Ch'p met his tragic end while aiding John Stewart in protecting the Mosaic planet, when he was run over by a yellow truck. Ch'p is succeeded by his fellow H'lvenite, B'dg.

Galius Zed

 Homeworld: Unknown

  • Cephalothorax
  • Evil Counterpart: Red Lantern Zilius Zox, kind of - Galius was long dead by the time Zilius appeared.
  • Killed Off for Real: By Fatality.
  • Recurring Extra: Pretty much.
  • Starfish Aliens: He's that three legged ball-shaped guy you always see thrown in when there are crowds of three or more Lanterns (especially in animated versions). Perhaps the artists and animators just think he's fun to draw.


 Homeworld: G'newt

G'nort Esplanade Gneemascher was a doglike alien buffoon who was given a fake Green Lantern ring by the Weaponers of Qward in an attempt to discredit the Corps. However, G'nort showed courage in defeating the Qwardians, so he was nominated for membership in the Green Lantern Corps by Guy Gardner. However, he mainly just hung out on Earth with Justice League International, before getting shipped off to Antarctica by the JLI's leader, Max Lord, to keep him out of their hair. He hasn't been seen much since.

  • Bus Crash: The "Sinestro Corps War" annual lists him as having died off-panel--though he's only presumed dead, so he can still come back.
  • Intelligent Gerbil

"Green Man"

 Homeworld: Uxor

"Green Man" is the name given to Green Lanterns from Uxor; who do not have names themselves because Uxorians frown on individuality. The original Green Man was one who attempted to assert himself as an individual before becoming a Lantern; he was later expelled from the Corps for enlisting help from the Omega Men, and went on to join the Omega Men himself before dying in the line of duty. The second Green Man was recruited in the recent rebuilding of the Corps, and quickly formed a close friendship with the robotic Lantern Stel. He eventually became part of the cyborg Alpha Lantern Corps.


 Homeworld: Ovacron Six

Hannu hails from a race of rocky warriors who pride themselves on their personal strength, considering it shameful to use weapons. As such, Hannu never uses his ring beyond basic flight and protection; so far, the only enemy threatening enough to have Hannu use it offensively is the Anti-Monitor.

Isamot Kol

 Homeworld: Thanagar

A reptilian soldier from Thanagar (Hawkman's homeworld) fighting against their enemies on Rann (Adam Strange's second home), Isamot Kol was selected during the post-Rebirth rebuilding of the Corps. Though it turns out that the other Lantern picked from his sector was Vath Sarn, a Rannian soldier. This went about as well as you'd expect, but they became Fire-Forged Friends soon enough.

Jack T. Chance

 Homeworld: Garnet (a.k.a. Hellhole)

 You who are wicked, evil and mean,

I'm the nastiest creep you've ever seen!

Come one, come all, put up a fight,

I'll pound your butts with Green Lantern's light!


Jack T. Chance was an inhabitant of the planet Garnet, also known as Hellhole, populated by the most vicious criminals in the universe. Green Lanterns of the sector had frequently lost their lives trying to impose order there, until one told his ring to select his replacement from one of the natives - the ring chose Jack. While the Guardians weren't happy with Jack's methods, they acknowledged that he was the only one to have any sort of success on Garnet so they allowed him to continue - but only on Garnet.

Jack was presumed killed by Parallax on his rampage possessing Hal Jordan, but he survived the fight--only to be imprisoned by the Manhunters. Jordan rescued him years later, but Chance was murdered not long after in another fight with Parallax during the Sinestro Corps War.

Katma Tui

 Homeworld: Korugar

Sinestro's successor as Green Lantern of Sector 1417, Katma Tui led a rebellion against her tyrannical predecessor and was chosen by the Guardians to be his replacement. However, because the Green Lantern had become a symbol of oppression on Korugar, Tui was shunned by her people, who named her "the Lost".

Tui served with distinction as a brave and loyal Green Lantern in the wars against Krona, Nekron, and the Anti-Monitor, and eventually fell deeply in love with fellow Green Lantern John Stewart, whom she married. Tragically, she was murdered by the Star Sapphire-possessed Carol Ferris just to terrorize Hal Jordan.

  Flash: John was teacher's pet? Sweet.


 Homeworld: Bolovax Vik

Hailing from the planet Bolovax Vik, Kilowog is a monstrous-looking but good-hearted Green Lantern who serves as the Corps' most famed drill sergeant. His duty is to train rookies in using their rings and overcoming fear; he is also a dear friend of all the Earth Lanterns, and even spent a few years living on Earth himself after Bolovax was destroyed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Despite his brutish exterior, Kilowog is a genius engineer and mechanic. He likes to call people "poozer" as both an insult and term of endearment, which he picked up from his old drill sergeant Ermey.

After the horror he faced in the Blackest Night, Kilowog decided to step down as drill instructor and go back to active duty as a rank-and-file Green Lantern. He passed the DI torch to his old comrade, Stel.

Laira Omoto

 Homeworld: Jayd

Laira is an extremely skilled martial artist, trained by her father Kentor (himself a Green Lantern) until he went missing and she was named his successor. Tragically, her first mission involved going against her father, who had secretly returned to their home planet and overthrown its government. She continued her training under Lantern Ke'Haan; they would grew close, fueling rumors throughout the Corps, but neither dared act on their affections because Ke'Haan was married.

After Ke'Haan was killed in the Sinestro Corps War, Laira thoroughly embraced her new authorization to use lethal force, ultimately striking down Amon Sur even though he had surrendered. Despite her protests, the other Lanterns and the Guardians denounced it as murder and kicked her out of the Corps. A Red Power Ring soon noticed her fury and made her a Red Lantern; Hal would later try to talk her down during a fight with the Reds, but Sinestro killed her just as Hal started getting through.


 Homeworld: Mogo

Without a doubt the most powerful Green Lantern in the entire Corps, Mogo is ancient, wise, and nearly unstoppable in combat. The reason for this is simple: Mogo is a planet (he uses his foliage to present his Lantern Corps symbol). His history has never been revealed, and if anyone knows how a sentient planet came into being, they're not talking. Alone among Green Lanterns, Mogo can create energy constructs of any color, indistinguishable from "real" objects or people.

Mogo is known and loved by almost all Green Lanterns for his steadfastness and kindness. The living planet is frequently visited by Lanterns on leave who avail themselves of Mogo's wisdom to help deal with their personal problems, making him the de facto Corps therapist. He often shows visiting Lanterns visions of their deceased loved ones to help them move past their grief. He also serves as the Corps recruiter, helping guide the rings to those with the potential to overcome fear.

Because his gravitational field would tear Oa to rubble, Mogo "doesn't socialize."

Mogo was one of the Lanterns controlled by Parallax during "War of the Green Lanterns," with his powers - especially his role in recruiting - making him the most dangerous weapon in Krona's arsenal. Low on time and options, John Stewart pulled the trigger on Mogo.

The Puffball Collective

 Homeworld: Valastan C5

A collective entity comprised of billions of tiny "puffballs", each wielding the power of a Green Lantern ring. The Collective's sector, 1287, is considered one of the safest in the Galaxy because it is patrolled by billions of individual Green Lanterns, all of whom make up one individual.

Rond Vidar

 Homeworld: Earth

A Green Lantern from the distant future and last member of the Corps in the 31st century. Rond Vidar was the son of the renegade Lantern Universo and even before he was inducted into the Corps, he devoted himself to fighting his father and righting his wrongs. As a teenager, Vidar was a genius inventor of time-travel technology, which he used to aid his century's greatest super-team, the Legion of Super-Heroes. As a Green Lantern, he joined their number.

When Superboy-Prime appeared in the 31st century, Rond Vidar was among the first Legionnaires to face off against him and the Legion of Super-Villains. While his comrades escaped the villains' rampage, Vidar bravely fought them off, allowing his friends to get to safety--at the cost of his life. After Vidar's death, the last Guardian, Sodam Yat, was moved to rekindle the light of the Green Lantern Corps once more.

In addition to the Green Lantern Rond Vidar, there was also a Rond Vidar of Earth-247. This Vidar was not the son of a supervillain, nor did he become a Green Lantern. He was, however, still an exceptionally brilliant time-travel researcher and stalwart ally of the Legion.

Rot Lop Fan/F-Sharp Bell

 Homeworld: The Obsidian Deeps

 In loudest din or hush profound,

My ears catch evil's slightest sound.

Let those who toll out evil's knell

Beware my power--the F-Sharp Bell!

Rot Lop Fan is an oddity among the Green Lantern Corps: he is not a Green Lantern, but is actually the universe's only F-Sharp Bell. Lantern Katma Tui was tasked with recruiting a new member into the corps from the completely lightless Obsidian Deeps, but the only suitable denizen she found was Rot Lop Fan, a humanoid with no eyes whatsoever.

Having no eyes, Rot Lop Fan had no concept of light, and thus the words "green" and "lantern" meant nothing to him. However, Katma was able to explain the power of the ring in terms of sound rather than light and changed his new power battery from a lantern to a bell that when struck would produce what he considered the most perfect of tones: an F-sharp. So it was that Rot Lop Fan joined the Green Lantern Corps and became the first and only F-Sharp Bell.

  • Memetic Badass: For a character who has only made three appearances in the entire history of the franchise, he's one of the most popular Green Lanterns. The two appearances after his origin story depicts him performing amazingly badass deeds (how do you take down a diamond-bodied villain whose body naturally deflects green light rays? Hit him with sound...), hence his ascension to Memetic Badass status.
  • Starfish Aliens: More or less.


 Homeworld: Slyggia

Salaak is a pessimistic, four-armed alien who serves as the Keeper of the Book of Oa and personal majordomo to the Guardians of the Universe. Despite his ill-tempered nature, Salaak has a heart of gold and always sides with what's right (as long as he can do so without breaking any rules).

  • Badass Bureaucrat: He may be Mission Control most of the time, but he's still a Green Lantern.
  • Grumpy Bear
  • Mission Control: Salaak is very capable in battle, but spends most of his time on Oa communing with the Guardians and administering the Corps's daily needs. He often requisitions help for other Lanterns.
  • Odd Couple: He was good friends with Ch'p, a wacky squirrel-like Lantern.
  • The Other Darrin: In-story -- he once got sucked into the role of "Pol Manning", the identity created for a brainwashed Hal Jordan when he was summoned into the 58th century every now and then. The love interest was included -- they brainwashed her so she didn't notice the difference.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: The main reason Hal and Guy haven't been drummed out of the Corps could very well be that Salaak keeps smoothing things over with the higher-ups.

Sodam Yat

 Homeworld: Daxam

Called by some the ultimate Green Lantern, Sodam Yat combines the power of Ion with the natural abilities of a Daxamite--a splinter race of the Kryptonians. Born on Daxam, a planet under a red sun with a xenophobic, fascist government, Sodam was horrified when a stranded alien whom he had befriended was murdered by his people. He built his own spaceship to abandon his world, only to be sought out by a Green Lantern ring as he finished. During the Sinestro Corps War, Sodam was chosen by the Guardians to bond with the Ion Entity, but in a battle with Superboy-Prime, Sodam was fatally poisoned by lead, forcing him to wear his power ring at all times. Soon afterward, he reluctantly returned to Daxam to drive off an invasion by the Sinestro Corps, plunging into its sun and using the Ion power to turn it yellow and empower the Daxamites.

Shortly after the Blackest Night, Krona pulled Sodam out of the sun and exorcised Ion, sending him crashing to Daxam. There, he finds that he has become revered among many for his sacrifice (though others just want to get their powers back by throwing him back in the sun). No longer a Lantern, Sodam has taken his followers on a quest to improve the universe - by going against the Guardians.

Soranik Natu

 Homeworld: Korugar

The latest Lantern from Korugar, succeeding Katma Tui and Sinestro before her. A young surgeon, the ring came to her in the middle of an operation, and desperate to save her patient's life she accepted the ring in spite of Korugar's hatred for the Green Lanterns. After some time to realize that not all Green Lanterns are like Sinestro, she joined the Lanterns permanently and has worked tirelessly in both roles as healer and peacekeeper ever since.

Unlike Katma Tui "The Lost", Korugar has eventually recognized Soranik's work and begun idolizing her as a savior - worrying her to no end, seeing it as asking her to become another tyrant like Sinestro. The fact that Sinestro himself views this the same way and is subtly encouraging it is no help at all, nor is the reveal that Sinestro is her biological father.


 Homeworld: Granda

A sentient robot from the planet Granda, Stel may have a heart of cold metal, but his devotion to justice burns as brightly as any other Green Lantern. He's been destroyed at least twice--by the bounty hunter Fatality, then by an Orange Lantern--but each time he's been rebuilt to continue his fight. After Kilowog stepped down as Corps drill instructor, he left the position in Stel's capable hands.


 Homeworld: Xudar

A birdlike Green Lantern who served as a member of the Honor Guard as well as Internal Affairs, Tomar-Re was the one who uncovered Sinestro's abuses of power and usually is depicted as Jordan's first real friend in the Corps. He served with distinction for years, but his greatest failure came when he failed to stop the destruction of a planet in his space sector: Krypton. Tomar-Re fought bravely in the Corps's first battle against Nekron, but died in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, killed by the villain Goldface. His son, Tomar-Tu, followed in his footsteps as a Green Lantern.

Other Green Lanterns

  • Ash
  • Boodikka
  • Chaselon
  • Graf Toren
  • Iolande
    • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Not to her, but it's part of how she became a Lantern. Her brother Ragnar, a Loony Fan obsessed with the Corps, murdered every possible Lantern candidate in their sector so he'd seem like the best choice. One of these deaths included Iolande's other brother, Stentar, and Soranik's former partner Myrrt. After Ragnar was captured and set to be executed, he gives a false admittance of repentance and that he is not afraid to die for his crimes. At which Soranik decides to reveal who the new Green Lantern of Sector 1417 will be. Iolande. Soranik purposefully drew it out as long as possible just to mess with Ragnar right before he was beheaded.
    • Royals Who Actually Do Something
  • Ke'Haan
  • Kreon
  • Leezle Pon
    • The Virus: A sentient smallpox virus (genus Variola), and an all-round nice guy.
  • Saarek
  • Vath Sarn
  • Zale
  • Ganthet (see "Guardians of the Universe")

The Guardians Of The Universe

 Homeworld: Oa (formerly Maltus)

The founders and upper management of the Green Lantern Corps. Originally from the planet Maltus, one of their scientists performed an experiment to observe the beginning of creation, which had dire consequences for the universe (just which consequences depends on which Cosmic Retcons have occurred). In atonement, the Maltusians swore to fight evil, and moved to the planet Oa at the geographical (cosmographical?) center of the universe. In studying energy sources for their new police corps, they began harnessing emotional energies, before settling on the green light of willpower as it was least likely to drop an Emotion Bomb on its users.

A Planet of Hats who like to think that their Hat is The Spock, though many readers (and some people in-universe) believe their Hat is actually Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. They mean well, but they're full of themselves (the fact that they appointed themselves "Guardians of the Universe" speaks volumes) and a number of their actions have come back to bite them: for example, see the Manhunters under "Other Villains" (and the Alpha Lanterns, above, are evidence that they have not learned their lesson) and the Red Lanterns.


Ganthet was the only Guardian of the Universe to survive Hal Jordan's rampage as Parallax, but even before then, he began to assert his individuality by giving himself a name, something forbidden among the Guardians. Ganthet continued the Corps' legacy by recruiting Kyle Rayner, but after the Corps was reformed, he found himself shunned by the rest of the now-revived Guardians for embracing emotion. Ganthet and another renegade Guardian, Sayd, left the Guardians to form the Blue Lantern Corps, but in the wake of the Blackest Night, Ganthet has returned to the Corps--not as a Guardian but as a Green Lantern himself--with the aim of bringing humility to the rest of the Oans. Sadly, the other Guardians eventually got sick of this and lobotomized him to bring him in line.


Unlike the other Guardians, who shunned Ganthet as a heretic, one of them took heed of his warning against purging emotion. Together Ganthet and this Guardian, who named herself Sayd, allowed themselves to fall in love and left the Green Lantern Corps together, forming the Blue Lantern Corps.

During the Blackest Night, Sayd aided the combined Corps against Nekron, but at a cost--to gain the assistance of Agent Orange, Sayd agreed to become his slave. For now, she remains part of the slovenly creature's hoard.

Other Guardians

The Green Light

In addition to the Green Lanterns and the Guardians, there are numerous unique beings with a connection to Oa and the Green Light of Willpower. For the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott, and those related to him, see the Characters character sheet.

The Emerald Eye of Ekron

 Homeworld: Unknown

The origins of the mystic artifact known as the Emerald Eye are shrouded in mystery. It appears to be the right eye of a Cosmic Entity named Ekron, whose decapitated head eventually served a member of the Green Lantern Corps as a spacecraft. The Eye itself was removed from the Head of Ekron ages ago and kept locked up on Oa for an unknown period of time. The green energy it uses appears to be similar to that wielded by the Green Lanterns; some sources claim it is an early design of the green power rings.

The Eye has had countless wielders over the ages (and in various timelines), including Gavyn Bek of L.E.G.I.O.N., Lobo, Leland McCauley, Sarya of Venegar, Cera Kesh, Ingria Olav, and Salu Digby of the Legion of Super-Heroes; the last four each took the title of "Emerald Empress". In most cases, the Eye subverts its wielder's mind, turning her into a power-mad despot. The Eye grants almost limitless power, even more than the power rings--almost on par with the Guardians themselves.


 Homeworld: Oa (originally Earth)

The Willpower Entity--the living embodiment of the Green Light, given life and strength from the willpower of every sentient being. Ion was the very first living creature in all the universe, whose will to live kindled the emotional spectrum, propelling the humble creature into near-godhood. Billions of years later, the Guardians of the Universe learned to tap into Ion's power, and the Green Lantern Corps was born.

Like all the emotion entities, Ion is capable of possessing mortal creatures, but unlike the others, Ion allows its host total freedom of will. Ion has been carried by several hosts to date, notably: Kyle Rayner, who used its power to rebuild the Central Power Battery and resurrect the Guardians; Jade, to whom Kyle passed the Ion power to rekindle her lost powers; and Sodam Yat, the "ultimate Green Lantern", who is destined to bear Ion for thousands of years to come.


  • Dyogene
  • Lianna
  • Neon (Celeste Rockfish)
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