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Basically, things like characters performing brief rap numbers in stories where it isn't the primary subject. Compare Piss-Take Rap and A Wild Rapper Appears.

Examples of Gratuitous Rap include:

Anime and Manga

  • Gintama: Katsura and his "Katsurap."
    • Even more gratuitous are the recaps for the Thorny Boys arc.


Live-Action TV

Web Comics

Web Original

 I'll charm the chicks (Are those real? Ha!)

Do magic tricks (Was it the three of spades? Ho!)

Lay down some tap

And I can rap

My name is Neil and I'm here to say, *random rapping noises*

No I can't rap

That was painful...

  • Homestuck, with GameBro, which doesn't seem to have any specific character performing it, but is a rap about an obscure plot element that resurfaces a negligible amount of times in the massive comic.

Western Animation

 Cartman: Well I'm a Badass cowboy living in the cowboy days. A wiki wiki scratch yo yo jiggy jiggy. Me and Artemis Clyde frog from the big metal spider. A wiki wiki what.

Video Games

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