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File:Grant 9300.jpg

Grant is an ongoing gay Werewolf Web Comic on Fur Affinity by Captain Ger Bear. It is the backstory of his signature werewolf character Grant, starting with the character's childhood. The story continues as Grant is adopted, grows up, moves out on his own, and discovers truths about his werewolf nature, and about men, love and sex.

So far Grant is 35 pages long, with extremely irregular updates (sometimes going many months between new pages), but has already accumulated a modest fandom. It can be read from the first page here. All NSFW pages require site membership and enabling of mature content to view, so this page may have links to NSFW content if you've already got an account. However, overall, Grant is not a porn work, and is more R-rated.

Tropes used in Grant include:

 Bert: "I'm real proud of you Grant. I can't wait to get to know your boy."

Grant: "Thanks, Dad."

Bert: "So, you boys beat cheeks yet or what?"

Grant: "Dad! What the hell?!"

Bert: "Come on, I'm just curious. Wanna make sure he's keeping my boy satisfied and all."

Grant: "Dad, we're not talking about this!"

Bert: "Aww, but we're buds aren't we? You can tell me!"

  • Author Appeal: And how!
  • The Bear: Grant and Randy are certainly on their way to becoming this. Modern-day Grant certainly qualifies, and Grant's dad Bert, while not certainly bi, has the body type. But there is hardly a Captain Ger Bear work in existence that doesn't have bearish guys.
  • Beast and Beauty: Grant in his wolf form with Randy.
  • Big Beautiful Man: A few examples, but especially Grant in his wolf form. One reader commented that wolf Grant's stomach was "imminently zerbertable". Also, Grant's adoptive dad.
  • Bigger Is Better in Bed:

 Randy: "I.. I.. I.. thought "world-upside-down" meant.. .. meant you were gonna sex me."

Wolf Grant: "Well then, I should! It's a bit bigger now, you know."

  • Blase Boast: Grant's nowhere near strong enough to yank a metal lock right off a door. All he did was wiggle it and the piece of junk fell apart. He wiggled it pretty hard.
  • The Cameo: Generally, if someone has drawn fanart of Grant, they may expect a cameo of their own character in one of the future pages. There have been a few cameos already.
  • Carnivore Confusion: When Grant realizes for the first time how much he starves for human flesh, he first resolves to find a random guy and kill him. But it doesn't turn out that way. The man initiates a sexual encounter, and Grant serendipitously learns that he can satisfy the Horror Hunger simply by having oral contact with human skin for an extended period.
  • Chained to a Bed: Well, to a chair, but the end of the How We Got Here segment of the story arrives to reveal that Grant has been telling Randy this story while Randy has been tied up. Randy is expecting this as a prelude to sex, but the real reason he was tied up was so that Grant can reveal himself as a werewolf without Randy running away.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: The moment after Grant reveals to Randy that he's a Werewolf:


Wolf Grant: "Are you done?"

Randy: "What the.. What the fuck!?"

 Wolf Grant: "So I'm still your boyfriend?"

Randy: "Look, Grant. I'm gonna need some time. This is kind of a big deal. You can't expect me to just.."

(Scene switches to 11:34 with Grant and Randy in bed having sex.)

Wolf Grant: "Hoo.. ow."

Randy: "Hush, fuzzy. You love it."

Wolf Grant: "Well yeah.. but I'm supposed to be the monster here."

  • Good Parents/Happily Adopted: Grant has a great relationship with his adoptive parents, even if his dad does pry a bit. He's even shown as crying a bit when he moves out, and refuses to remove his silver earring because he got his ear pierced alongside his dad.
  • Gym Bunny: Technically, Grant is a man cruising the gym for men to fuck.
  • Heteronormative Crusader: Randy's gay life annoys his fussy dad, who considers it a concession that he (sort of) tolerates Randy being gay.
  • Homoerotic Subtext: About as blatant as you can get.
  • Horror Hunger: Grant comes to realize he is starving for human flesh. But before he gets a chance to kill and eat a man in a bathroom, the man interprets Grant's approach as cruising for sex. Grant learns that his werewolf hunger can be satisfied through extended oral contact with a human's skin, without needing to kill them.
  • Hot Dad: Grant's dad Bert, full stop. Damn.
  • How We Got Here: The entire first part of the comic is Grant narrating his early life. Randy suddenly leaps in as a co-narrator when he enters the story.
  • LGBT Romance: Grant meets Randy, and they fall in love and move in together. Regular sex means Grant has plenty of opportunity to feed, and no longer needs to hunt for 'victims'.
  • Manly Gay/Leather Man: Modern-day Grant.
  • Mate or Die: Inverted; Grant must mate or kill. Specifically, what is required is oral contact with skin, but that usually leads to sex.
  • Meaningful Name: Randy is...randy.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: The titular Grant is unlike ordinary werewolves in that he has learned to satisfy his Horror Hunger without injuring his meal.
  • The Pornomancer: Since the simplest way for Grant to have extended oral contact with a human is to initiate a sexual encounter, Grant necessarily becomes this to satisfy his Horror Hunger so that he doesn't have to kill anybody.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: When Grant and Randy go out on a date at a carnival, Randy wears a pink polo shirt.
  • Salt and Pepper: White Grant paired with black Randy as a Rule of Sexy. Though this becomes inverted when Grant changes into his wolf form with his Shiny Midnight Black fur that makes Randy the lighter one by comparison -- more like Dark Chocolate And Milk Chocolate.
  • Schedule Slip: Well, we could say that if it had a schedule at all. Pages basically appear when Captain Ger Bear decides to get around them. The wait between pages may be days, or weeks, or months, or most of a year.
  • Shiny Midnight Black: Both Grant's hair color as a human, and his fur color as a wolf.
  • Shirtless Scene: A lot of them.
  • Shout-Out/Captain Ersatz: Randy's bald rich dad bears more than a passing resemblance to Uncle Phil.
  • Straight Gay: Grant and Randy both as younger adults. Modern-day Grant is more Manly Gay though.
  • Take a Third Option: Eat humans or starve. Or, as Grant discovers, loads of oral contact.
  • The Unfavourite/Dating What Daddy Hates: Randy's dad is wealthy, well-educated and successful in life. His belief that he knows the single path to success, and his very forceful assertation of this upon his children has created friction between Randy and his father. Randy has deliberately Dated What Daddy Hates in the past, refusing to follow his father's line of work, and initially choosing a homosexual lifestyle and unsavory partners as a form of rebellion against his father. As it turned out, Randy actually was gay, since he enjoyed men so much and discovered that he wasn't interested in women.
  • Unkempt Beauty: Grant looks like he doesn't even own a comb. And he looks amazing.
  • Word of God: Lots of additional details, in a Q&A "interview" format with "Randy" on Captain Ger Bear's blog.
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