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The grandma figure as most of us picture it. She does not try to hide her age or act hipper than she is. On the other hand, she is someone one can always rely on, even against one's parents, who will feed you, bring you presents on birthdays, and be a secondary parental figure.

She enjoys baking, knitting, and has a fondness for cats. The stories she has to share from her youth will be real wisdom.

Of course, this does not mean that you should underestimate her. Dismiss as washed-up and outdated and she will prove to you that a lifetime of experience can still beat the brashness of the young, and will not hesitate to give you a good whipping should you misbehave. Whether or not she can actually put up a fight varies. She may need saving, or is just as likely to unexpectedly bring out the big guns.

One does not need to be the main character's actual grandmother to fit this trope. Any elderly person who fits this image can count. Mrs. Claus is often portrayed this way.

Examples of Granny Classic include:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • Spider-Man's Aunt May.
  • Many of the witches in Fables, but especially Frau Totenkinder.
    • She's somewhat of a subversion, though, as she's one of the most powerful evil Fables (though evil doesn't mean "antagonistic" here; evil Fables have amnesty so she's pretty much the Token Evil Citizen). Being able to defeat Baba Yaga or a djinn goes a bit beyond Never Mess with Granny.
  • The Disney Ducks Comic Universe has Donald Duck's grandmother Elvira Duck (née Coot). Never heard of a Duck character by that name? She is far more well known as Grandma Duck.


Live Action TV

Video Games

  • Granny In Paradise is a small video game about such a lady, featuring various "old people" phrases as PC chatter.
  • Wynne from Dragon Age Origins.

Western Animation

    • His grandma on his dad's side plays this trope straight.
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