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  • Game Breaker: The "Spellbinding Eye" technique can turn anything into an immobile, incapacitated punching bag. In a subversion of Contractual Boss Immunity, this includes the final boss.
    • Early in the game (really early), you can fight enemies that drop an item which permanently increases your Defense. Grind enough and you are practically invincible.
      • The only way to get killed using those is when facing the Bonus Dungeon's Demonic Spider enemies that can wipe out your party in one hit. The Valmar Pieces and Pope Zera-Valmar are ridiculously easy.
  • High Octane Nightmare Fuel: The game is full of this really, only partially covered up by the cute graphics.
    • The Moon of Valmar is in fact a gigantic egg, complete with an enormous eye looking down on the world below. Oh, and Mareg, the Beastman who's been a part of your party for two thirds of the game? He dies torn apart and eaten alive by hundreds of critters.
    • There was also the part where you enter a young girl's soul, which, due to her internal suffering and Demonic Possession, gets more dark and twisted the further in you go.
    • Selene releasing the Heart of Valmar. Yick.
  • Porting Disaster: The Play Station 2 version was notoriously buggy.
    • The PC version even more so. It's possible that Millenia, during her Impossible Boss Fight, will not end the fight to progress the story, and will just wear you down until you inevitably start over (this happens if you run the Tutorial in the Carbo Village Weapons Shop before fighting Millenia). It's also possible for the characters' mugshots to randomly replace item textures in battle, so monsters drop Millenia coins or Roan bombs.
  • Tear Jerker: Pretty much everything involving Aira. She was born with poor eyesight, and, when she is seemingly cured, it eventually turns out that she was actually possessed by the Eyes of Valmar. On top of this, her mother's efforts to cure her sight beforehand get her labelled as a witch after the fact, turning the entire village against the both of them. As if this wasn't bad enough, all the girl wanted was for everyone in her village to stop fighting and be happy, when, in reality, she was actually causing the the suffering they were currently going through. Add to that a Priestess intent on "purifying" both her and her mother (and the village itself, at the rate things were going) simply because she was possessed, and the poor girl finally snaps. In the end, the Eyes Of Valmar are removed from her, but, in the process, her soul is more or less destroyed, leaving her in a coma. The townspeople, upon realizing what happened, are so stricken with guilt that they can barely function, and the party is more or less marked as an enemy by the aforementioned Priestess, who, despite all that happened, was still intent on "purifying" everything, though she reluctantly stepped out after urging from the villagers. She eventually gets better, but still...
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Roan sounds more like a girl with a stuffy nose than a boy.
    • Roan looks more like a girl than a boy, especially after getting his prince(ss?) outfit.
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