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Grand Unified Timeline events from 1901 C.E. to 1945 C.E.

1901 C.E. - 1909 C.E.

Early 20th Century

  • The Fourth Doctor defeats a Rutan invasion fleet at the Fang Rock lighthouse. (Doctor Who)
  • A dark shadow appears over a town in rural America. A couple, George and Maria, mysteriously disappear. George returns two years later, without Maria. [1](MOTHER 1)


  • At the stroke of midnight on January 1, the Century Babies are born. Among others, this includes Jenny Sparks and Elijah Snow. (The Authority, Planetary)
  • June 30: Birth of Dorothy Singers in Chicago. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • November 12: James Clark Savage, Jr. is born on a schooner near the Bahamas. From the age of six, the boy is trained to become a physical, mental, and moral superman. (Doc Savage)
  • Ten-year-old Vito Andolini escapes from Corleone, Sicily to the U.S., after his father is killed by a local Mafia chief. At Ellis Island, he mistakenly registered as Vito Corleone. (The Godfather Part II)
  • Zombie outbreak in Lu Shan. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Simon Templar is born in Indochina. (The Saint)
  • In Austria, Bill and Ted abduct Sigmund Freud for their history report, taking him to 1988. (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)


  • August: Martians land on Earth and attack in strange tripod machines. Red weed has started eating at the Earth's ecology. Both are wiped out by the lowliest of lowliests: bacteria. (The War of the Worlds)
    • Sherlock Holmes gets involved. The discrepancy between H. G. Wells' account of the invasion and Dr. John Watson's causes hostility between the two men and a war of words in the newspaper letters pages (Sherlock Holmes' War of the Worlds).
  • During a trip to Australia, Dorothy returns to Oz to help its new ruler, Ozma, protect the land from the invading Nomes. (Ozma of Oz)
  • Birth of Dominic Dracon. He would grow up to be a leading figure in the organized crime of New York. (Gargoyles)
  • Scrooge McDuck becomes a billionaire. He settles in the town of Duckburg and assigns his sisters, Matilda and Hortense, to oversee his financial empire while he travels the world. (The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck)


  • November- A young woman called Sarah comes to works as a parlormaid at 165 Eaton Place (Upstairs, Downstairs)
  • December 17 - Peabody and Sherman help the Wright brothers retrieve their airplane from Kitty Hawk, who's fallen in love with it. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • The Terror makes his debut battling President Teddy Roosevelt. (The Tick)
  • Alexander Hartdegen completes his time machine and first travels in time. (The Time Machine [2002 film])
  • Sherlock Holmes retires to Sussex and takes up beekeeping. (His Last Bow)
  • Birth of Sasquatch in Canada. He belongs to a Bigfoot tribe but resembles a Yeti. (Darkstalkers)
  • A German girl becomes the Slayer. Creighton Faust serves as her Watcher. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Professor George Challenger and Lord John Roxton launch an expedition to a hidden mini-ecosystem of primaeval flora and fauna. (The Lost World)







  • Early in the year: King Edward VII comes to Eaton Place for dinner (Upstairs, Downstairs)
  • September - Henry Jones and his family visit British East Africa (modern Kenya). Indy meets Frederick Selous and Theodore Roosevelt, and takes part in the search for the rare East African Oryx. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • Superior English translation of Unaussprechlichen Kulten (also titled Nameless Cults) published. (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Ernest Grainger is born. (Are You Being Served)
  • Edward and Alphonse Elric attempt to resurrect their dead mother and fail, resulting in an incident that leaves Edward Elric without an arm and a leg and Alphonse Elric as a soul existing in a suit of armor. The colonel Roy Mustang invites the boys to apply for the State Alchemist Program and Edward Elric is equipped with automail. (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Peabody and Sherman are captured by Eskimos. They escape and lead Commodore Perry to the north pole. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Big Jake McCandles rescues his grandson, Little Jake from a group of outlaws. (Big Jake)

1910 C.E. - 1919 C.E.


  • January: Henry Jones and his family meet Annie Besant in India. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • March: In China, Indiana Jones learns a little Mandarin and has his first brush with death when he contracts typhoid fever. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • April 13: A meteor impacts Redding, Connecticut, destroying a bakery owned by the abominable batterwitch and bakery baroness Betty Crocker, but leaving the female human infant and fedora hat riding it down miraculously unharmed. The girl, who would eventually be known as Nanna Egbert, is taken in by the batterwitch's husband, aristocratic southern colonel and renowned humorist Colonel Sassacre. (Homestuck)
  • April 21: A second meteor impacts Redding, Connecticut, destroying the doghouse of Colonel Sassacre's faithful canine companion, Halley, but leaving the human male infant and dual flintlock pistols riding it down miraculously unharmed. Halley is also unharmed, but this is not quite as miraculous, given that he was not in the doghouse at time of its destruction. The boy, who would one day be known as Grandpa Hass "The Flame" Harley, accidentally fires the pistols, killing an investigating Sassacre. Both he and Nanna Egbert are taken in by Sassacre's wife, the abominable batterwitch Betty Crocker.(Homestuck)
  • Summer: Indiana Jones temporarily runs away from his father and meets Leo Tolstoy. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • Autumn: Henry and Indiana visit the Meteora, where they get in trouble with the locals and later meet Nikos Kazantzakis. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • Four pampered cats are kidnapped and thrown out into the French countryside by the evil butler Edgar who wants to steal their inheritance from Madame Bonfamille. The cats take a long journey back to Paris. (The Aristocats)
  • Mr. George Banks hires the perfect nanny for his children. (Mary Poppins)
  • Birth of William Brown (Just William)
  • Peabody and Sherman use a truly dreadful pun to stop Pancho Villa from destroying the town of El Famino, which doesn't have anything for him to steal. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Peabody and Sherman help Barnaby Victor win the first Indy 500 against the fiendish Carmen Dioxide. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Master Thomas Swift of Shopton, N.Y. invents an ingenious motor-cycle prototype. (Tom Swift)


  • The Fourth Doctor prevents the return of Sutekh. (Doctor Who)
  • Former criminal John Marston is coerced by the US government (which holds his wife and son hostage) into hunting down the members of his old gang: Bill Williamson, Javier Escuela, and gang leader Dutch Van Der Linde. Along his journey he helps a group of Mexican rebels overthrow the government and lead the charismatic (but equally corrupt) Abraham Reyes to power. [2] (Red Dead Redemption)
  • Zombie outbreak in Vitre, Louisiana. Zombies are destroyed by fire, but the town is burned down as a result. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Death of Millicent Rose Gresham. Arabella Gish becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Denis Nayland Smith of Scotland Yard begins investigating coordinated criminal activity among the Asian gangs of London. (Fu Manchu)


  • April 9 - The Ninth Doctor prevents a family from boarding the Titanic. (Doctor Who)
  • April 10 -
    • The RMS Titanic leaves Southampton for New York in its sole voyage.
    • Indiana Jones and Helen Seymour take a trip on the Titanic. Indy befriends stowaway Molly Kincaid, and the two investigate a German sabotage mission. (Young Indiana Jones and the Titanic Adventure )
  • April 14:
    • The RMS Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks, killing over 2000 people in the process.
    • The sinking of the RMS Titanic causes a break in the romance of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. (Titanic)
    • The Titanic sinks - the saboteurs failed to damage it, but the iceberg had no such problems. Helen Seymour goes broke, as she had invested most of her money in the White Star Line. (Young Indiana Jones and the Titanic Adventure)
    • The RMS Titanic sinks, but the blandest couple ever survive so it's party time, everyone! (Titanic: The Legend Goes On)
    • The RMS Titanic is saved from capsizing by a giant squid. Everybody lives. (The Legend of the Titanic)
    • An unknown incarnation of the Doctor "clings to an iceberg" in the midst of the Titanic disaster. (Doctor Who)
    • Amanda claims she was on board the Titanic during its maiden voyage. (Highlander the Raven)
    • Lady Marjorie Bellamy, her brothers, and his wife die in the Titanic sinking.
  • May 16: Anna Mary Jones dies. She succumbed to a combination of scarlet fever and influenza. (The World of Indiana Jones -1994, Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide -2008)
  • June: Indiana Jones engages in his first treasure hunt, searching for pirate gold along the New England coast. (Young Indiana Jones and the Pirates' Loot)
  • Summer: In Utah, Indiana Jones and his boyscout troop cross paths with a group of trasure hunters. The leader of the hunters lets Indy keep his fedora. (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)
  • July: Indiana Jones visits Klondike, years after the end of the Gold Rush. He engages in another treasure hunt and gets to meet author Jack London. (Young Indiana Jones and the Phantom of the Klondike)
  • August: Indiana Jones goes treasure hunting in Mesa Verde, Colorado. In the process, Indy meets an old man who claims to be Billy the Kid. (Young Indiana Jones and the Lost Gold of Durango[3])
  • November - A flask full of radium is stolen from the Institute of Marie Curie, Paris. Amateur Sleuth Indiana Jones investigates. (Young Indiana Jones and the Radioactive Flask)
  • Tarzan meets Jane. (Tarzan)
  • Woodrow Wilson Smith, later known as Lazarus Long, is born. (Methuselah's Children)
  • Elise McKenna, a famous stage actress, meets and falls in love with Richard Collier. He is actually a time-traveler from 1980, who fell in love with images of her. (Somewhere in Time)
  • A series of murders at a Brooklyn Boarding House end when Arabella Gish, a student nurse and current Slayer, checks in to room #6. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Birth of Nancy Drew.


  • Alice Elliot is saved by the harmonizer Yuri Hyuga. These two and others then go on a quest to stop the man who murdered Alice's father and seeks to use her powers: Roger Bacon.[4] (Shadow Hearts)
  • Spring: Indiana Jones helps Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ravenall, seek out her family treasure. (Young Indiana Jones and the Plantation Treasure)
  • Summer: Marcus Brody, assistant curator of the National Museum, leads an archaeological expedition to Egypt. He is accompanied by Indiana Jones, 14-years-old and eager to participate in archaeological resarch. Meanwhile, Gustav von Trappen has located the tomb of Tutankhamun and plans to use it for espionage activities. The ring of Osiris which von Trappen uncovered exposes him to the Pharaoh's curse. He dies before announcing his discovery. Indiana gets his first experience with an ancient artifact of supernatural significance. (Young Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Terror)
  • August: In China, Indiana Jones assists a child lama against his enemies. (Young Indiana Jones and the Child Lama)
  • Late Summer/early Autumn: On the way to Armenia, Henry and Indiana Jones pick up some documents relating to the Crusades and help Georgian princess Tamar Rustavi escape from the Okhrana. (Young Indiana Jones and the Princess of Peril)
  • September:
    • John Smith [5] hides from the Family of Blood with Martha Jones secretly making sure he stays out of trouble...badly. (Doctor Who)
    • The school year is starting. But Indiana Jones is preoccupied otherwise. A Stradivarius violin has been stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. Indy attempts to retrieve it. He has to face The Mafia to do so. (Young Indiana Jones, novel: Young Indiana Jones and the Violin of the Metropolitan)
    • Woodrow Smith and Indiana Jones attempt the first crossing of the Florida straits by plane, but they first have to survive the influence of the Bermuda Triangle. (Young Indiana Jones and the Bermuda Triangle)
  • October 31: Indiana Jones travels back in time while investigating a silver dragon ring that belonged to King Arthur. (Young Indiana Jones and the Ghostly Riders)
  • November 10: The Family of Blood land in England, searching for John Smith. (Doctor Who)
  • November 11: Teacher John Smith [6] becomes the target of extraterrestrials. [7] (Doctor Who)
  • December: Indiana Jones and his friend Herman Mueller visit Stonehedge. They have a confrontation with a magic user, but the ruins themseles do not tolerate evil. (Young Indiana Jones, novel: Young Indiana Jones and the Circle of Death)
  • In Ireland, pre-immortal Street Urchin Lucas Kagan gets into a fight with an older bully, wins and keeps going. The fight bring him to the attention of immortal Richard Tarsis who realizes the boy is a pre-Immortal and adopts him. (Highlander the Series)
  • The Nemesis passes near Earth, influencing events. (Doctor Who)
  • Dr. Jan Vanderhaven studies zombies in Paramaribo. He coins the term solanum for the agent that causes zombification. (The Zombie Survival Guide)


  • January: Indiana Jones visits London. He discovers that a golden bowl, supposedly ancient Greek, on exhibit is actually a forgery and follows the trail of the thief to Greece. (Young Indiana Jones and the Journey to the Underworld)
  • Spring: Indiana Jones, Lizzie Ravenall, and Minna Frobisher get involved in the search for a Norman Cross, created from a sword hilt. Henry Jones volunteers to become Lizzie's new legal guardian. (Young Indiana Jones, novel: Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Ruby Cross)
  • May: Indiana Jones and some friends search for a lost crown worn by Louis IX, and go up against a crime lord who intends to use it to restore the French monarchy. (Young Indiana Jones and the Gypsy Revenge)
  • June: Henry Jones visits the Ottoman Empire to contact research on the Holy Grail. He brings along Indiana Jones and Herman Mueller, who get involved in a search for the knife that Cain used to murder Abel. The adventure is cut short by news of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. With talk of war in the air and the chance the Ottoman Empire would get involved, Henry decided it was best to stay away from Europe.(Young Indiana Jones and the Secret City)
  • Before June 28 - Aliens take a weapon against a Great Evil (based on five elements) off-planet for safekeeping. They leave information about the weapon and the future arrival of the Great Evil with a human priest. (The Fifth Element)
  • June 28: Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated. World War I begins.
  • June: Germany and the USA mobilize. In August the United States launches invasions of the Confederate States and Canada. The world is plunged into war between the Quadruple Entente of France, Russia, Britain, and the CSA, and the German-American alliance. (Timeline-191)
  • August: The Bellamy servants take a holiday to Herne Bay, Britain declares war on Germany. (Upstairs, Downstairs)
  • October: Henry and Indiana Jones stop off in Hawaii, where they meet up with Lizzie Ravenall and her friend, Constanze Rademacher. They go up against German soldiers and a volcano. (Young Indiana Jones and the Mountain of Fire)
  • October: Someone hides a golden Chinese dragon statuette in the luggage of Indiana Jones. In China, Indy must run from Chinese, Japanese, and German agents searching for the statuette. (Young Indiana Jones and the Face of the Dragon)
  • December: In India, Indiana Jones befriends Prince Kassim, aho gets into trouble involving a tiger when he touches a cursed amulet. (Young Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Tiger)
  • Eccentric millionaire Preston B. Whitmore finances an expedition to find the lost city of Atlantis. (Atlantis the Lost Empire)
  • Jack Marston tracks down recently retired FBI agent Edgar Ross [8]. (Red Dead Redemption)
  • Peabody and Sherman track down Mata Hari and recover the British war plans. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)


  • January: Indiana Jones investigates terrorist bombings in Venice. (Young Indiana Jones and the Specter of Venice)
  • 11 October: Leopold Kurtz born. (Hellboy)
  • German officer Karen Koenig travels to Domremy, where she encounters Yuri Hyuga. What follows is an adventure, where the two must stop individuals who have fused with powerful, demonic creatures. (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)
  • Beginning of the Long War between China and Islam. (The Years of Rice and Salt)
  • The Red Rebellion in the Confederate States, as blacks rise up in the name of racial justice and communism. (Timeline-191)


  • February - Indiana Jones attends high school in Princeton, New Jersey and romances Nancy Stratemeyer, daughter of novelist Edward Stratemeyer. When the plans of Thomas Edison for a new electric car are stolen, Indy and Nancy team-up to work the case. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • March: Indiana Jones and his cousin Frank briefly join Pancho Villa's forces. They also meet Alberto Cardenás, George Patton, and Remy Baudouin. Indy and Remy travel to Britain to enlist in WWI. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • April 5: Indiana, the Jones' family dog, dies of old age. (Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide -2008)
  • April 24 - April 30: Indiana Jones and Remy Baudouin stop off in Dublin. While raising money to continue on to Belgium, they get caught up in the Easter Rising. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • May: Indiana Jones and Remy Baudouin arrive in London and volunteer for the Belgian Army. While waiting for their call up papers, they take in the city, where they meetup with Helen Seymour, Vicky Prentiss, Sylvia Pankhurst, and Winston Churchill. Indy proposes to Vicky but she turns him down. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • August- Indiana Jones serves as a corporal of the Belgian Army under the alias "Henri Defense", and winds up commanding his unit during the Battle of the Somme. He befriends Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon, but a failed offensive results in Indy becoming a prisoner of war. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • August: Indiana Jones assumes the uniform and identity of Lieutenant Blanc, a French officer, and takes part in a couple of failed escape attempts with other prisoners. The Germans transfer him to Ingolstadt, where "incorrigible" prisoners are held. Here, he befriends Charles de Gaulle. The two work on new escape plans. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • September: With his original unit apparently dissolved, Indiana Jones serves as motorcycle courier for the French High Command at Verdun. He is exposed to the constant arguments between Generals Philippe Petain, Robert Nivelle, and Charles Mangin. Indy grows increasingly disillusioned with the War. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • October: While on leave in Paris, Indiana Jones has a brief sexual affair with Mata Hari. The French police start to suspect he is a spy. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • November: Indiana Jones is promoted to lieutenant and posted to Nairobi. He takes the wrong train and arrives at the front lines of the East African Campaign, accidentally volunteering himself for a mission within German East Africa. His first mission to help capture Colonel Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck, the head of the local German forces. On the way, he has to face Margaret Trappe. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • December: Indiana finally arrives at his correct unit, stationed near Lake Tanganyika, where he leads a unit of Askaris to a victory against the Germans at great personal risk, enraging his commanding officer, Major Bucher. Bucher's superiors are impressed with Indy and promote him to the rank of Captain. Bucher and Jones are next assigned to lead their unit across Africa to Cape Lopez. On the way, their unit starts losing men to yellow fever. With Bucher's own health deteriorating, Captain Jones finds himself in charge of the mission. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • In Russia, Grigori Rasputin, intent on revenge against the Romanov family, crashes a royal ball celebrating the 300th anniversary of their rule. While trying to kill Grand Duchess Anastasia, the Czar's youngest daughter, Rasputin drowns in a river. Anastasia attempts to flee to Paris with her grandmother, Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna, but she falls trying to catch a moving train and contracts amnesia, causing her to forget her royal heritage. (Anastasia)
  • 16th December: Rasputin is poisoned, shot and dropped under the ice on the Neva River. He survives. The Serpent Ogdru-Jahad calls to him at that point, setting him on a course intended to destroy mankind. (Hellboy)
  • Sorcerer Roderick Burgess imprisons Dream of the Endless and steals his items of power. (DC Comics)
  • English journalist Peter Jacob is dispatched to Amiens Cathedral, now serving as a front-line hospital. While there he discovers the cult running the cathedral, defeats the Black Guardian lurking below, and retrieves the artifact it was guarding. (Eternal Darkness)
  • After a futile attack on Ant Hill, three French soldiers are court-martialed and unjustly executed for cowardice. (Paths of Glory)
  • Hercule Poirot solves a murder case at Styles Court, starting his career in England as a private investigator. (The Mysterious Affair at Styles)
  • In an alternate timeline, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is mysteriously assassinated. This prevents the October Revolution of 1917 from taking place. Consequently, the Soviet Union does not exist in this world. World War II still happens but apparently has no Eastern Front. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • January - While transporting equipment to the front, Indiana Jones' life is saved by Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who teaches to trust others once again. However, Schweitzer and his wife are arrested for being German nationals in French territory, and the mission Indy was on is aborted. Indy and Remy are assigned to transport the equipment back to Europe. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • February - March: Back in Europe, Indiana Jones sings up to the French intelligence service and is assigned to perform photographic reconnaissance for the Lafayette Escadrille. He gets to serve alongside figures such as Hobey Baker and Charles Nungesser, but a lost airfight results in Indiana being held prisoner by the Red Baron. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • March: Indiana Jones is assigned to smuggle Princes Sixtus and Xavier to Austria-Hungary. Allowing them to negotiatione the terms of a peace treaty with their brother-in-law Karl. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • April - With the entry of the United States into the War, the entire Lafayette Escadrille is considered likely to be transferred to the Army Air Service of the Americans. Indiana's mission with the squadron is terminated. His next mission is to travel to Hanover and convince aircraft manufacturer Anthony Fokker to defect. Fokker is clearly not interested, so Indiana has to sabotage his newest designs while avoiding a reunion with Richthofen. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • May: Indiana Jones and three other spies work under cover to try and get Spain to join the war on the side of the Allies. As part of his cover, Indy's old friend, Pablo Picasso, gets him a job with as a ballet dancer. Indy finds out that fellow dancer Nadia is involved with the local head of German intelligence, and the allied spies start seeking ways to use the information to their advantage. [9] ) (Young Indiana Jones)
  • July 16 - July 20: Indiana Jones gets involved in the July Day celebrations while trying to get the Bolsheviks to keep Russia in the war (Young Indiana Jones[10])
  • August: Indiana Jones faces a bureaucratic nightmare while working undercover in Prague. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • September - Edith Wharton, an American author, begins her tour of the French protectorate of Morocco. (In Morocco).
  • October: Indiana Jones works with Maya, an Arab agent of questionable loyalties, to prevent the Ottomans from poisoning the water supply of Beersheeba before they retreat from the British advance. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • November?: Indiana Jones serves in the French Foreign Legion under an assumed name, searching for a traitor in the ranks. He works alongside Edith Wharton and Lowell Thomas. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • Ozwell Spencer, James Marcus, and Edward Ashford born (Resident Evil)
  • In World War I Blackadder, Baldrick, George and Darling are sent out to the front lines. (Blackadder Goes Forth)
  • The elderly Union general George Custer has a rare flash of insight and deploys armored "barrels" en masse, breaking a two-year stalemate. Washington D.C. is recaptured from the Confederacy, Canada is occupied with the exception of a Québécois puppet state, and the Great War ends with America and Germany victorious. The Confederacy is forced to accept humiliating peace terms. (Timeline-191)
  • Duncan MacLeod is in France, employed as a Red Cross ambulance driver. While a bit too close to the front lines, his partner and the entire local unit is killed in a gas attack courtesy of Xavier St. Cloud. However, St. Cloud does not have time to decapitate Duncan. (Highlander the Series)
  • Duncan MacLeod witnesses Sean Burns calm down Antoine, a psychotic French soldier. (Highlander the Series)
  • Peabody, Sherman, and Lawrence of Arabia go undercover in the Sahara Desert to steal Turkey's war plans. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Dorothy Singers becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Birth of Steve Rogers. (Captain America)
  • In the western front of World War I, British Company Y find themselves in a mysterious German trench. (Deathwatch 2002)


  • January/September (date inconsistent): Indiana Jones faces Matthias Targo, a Romanian general who thinks he's Dracula. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • June - July: Indiana Jones and Ernest Hemingway compete for the attentions of Guilietta, a local girl in Italy. They later mend their friendship. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • September - Indiana Jones tries to convince Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to persuade the Sultan of Turkey to agree a peace treaty with France. He fails. Also, Indy's girlfriend du jour is accidentally killed by a French double agent. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • October - German soldier Paul Bäumer is killed in action. (All Quiet on the Western Front)
  • November 4: Helen Margaret Seymour, former tutor of both Henry Walton Jones and Indiana Jones, dies pf influenza. (Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide -2008)
  • November 11: Armistice of Compiègne Forest concluded between the German Empire and the Allies of World War I, ending World War I.
    • Immortal Simon Killian, a colonel in the British army, refuses to acknowledge the ceasefire and leads 300 men in a suicidal charge. (Highlander the Series)
    • Archduke Ferdinand is found alive, having been on vacation the past few years and utterly unaware of the debacle his disappearance caused. Everyone sheepishly goes home, the cause for the war proven a hillarious misunderstanding. (The Onion Our Dumb Century)
    • November - December - In the final days of World War I, Indiana Jones and Remy Baudouin begin a hunt for the Peacock's Eye, a famous diamond once owned by Alexander the Great. (Young Indiana Jones)
    • As the War ends, Hazel Bellamy surcumbs to the worldwide flu pandemic, her husband Richard marries Virginia Hamilton. (Upstairs, Downstairs)
  • Colonel Simon Killian is court-martialled in London, with Duncan MacLeod among the witnesses. He is sentenced to death by firing squad. Knowing he will revive soon after, Duncan manages to get his sentence reduced to spending time in an asylum on the grounds of temporary insanity, thus trapping him. Killian would bear Duncan a grudge. (Highlander the Series)
  • John Legrasse becomes a recluse. (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Birth of the gargoyles Zafiro and Obsidiana to the Mayan Clan of Guatemala. (Gargoyles)
  • Caesar A. Zeppeli is born. (Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure)


  • January: Indiana Jones and Remy Baudouin pursue the Peacock's Eye to Java, and then to Singapore. En route, they run into trouble with pirates, and Indy decides to stop chasing the gem on the advice of Bronislaw Malinkowski. Remy keeps on after it. (Young Indiana Jones]])
  • May: Indiana Jones works as a translator at the American delegation of the postwar peace conference. His experiences sour him on diplomacy. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • 7 June: Ilsa Haupstein born. (Hellboy)
  • June - August: Indiana Jones returns to Princeton, to find things have changed for the worse in his absence. Against his father's wishes, he goes on to attend the University of Chicago instead of Princeton.(Young Indiana Jones)
  • In Civil War-era Russia, Duncan MacLeod persuades immortal Artur Drakov to spare the lives of countess Katarina Abernova and her family. In return, Duncan promises not to threaten Drakov or interfere in any of his activities unless they are the last two immortals left on alive. (Highlander the Series)
  • Duncan MacLeod briefly joins the IRA under the influence of the immortal Annie Devlin, but soon leaves in disgust at their methods. (Highlander the Series)
  • Birth of Jack Dane to noted silent film star Flo Dane. Following a remarriage of his mother, Dane would become the stepson of gangster Mace Malone. Jack would grow up to become a notable figure in organized crime. (Gargoyles)
  • Andrei Rianofski leaves Russia after becoming disgusted with the Bolsheviks. He changes his name to Andrew Ryan and immigrates to America. (Bioshock)
  • Death of Dorothy Singers. Ardita O'Reilly becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

1920 C.E. - 1929 C.E.


  • April: Indiana Jones attends the University of Chicago while working as a waiter and developing an interest in jazz. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • May 11 - Giacomo "Big Jim" Colosimo, Indiana Jones' boss, is assassinated.
  • May - Indiana Jones, Ernest Hemingway and Eliot Ness team up to investigate the murder of Colosimo. They present evidence to the police, but since the cops are in the gangsters' pockets, this evidence is destroyed. Indiana quits his job and is left brooding. Sidney Bechet finds that Indy is in the proper mood to learn about the Blues. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • June: Indiana Jones gets a summer job at a theatre in New York, and manages to get three different girlfriends. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • July 1: Indiana Jones celebrates his 21st birthday and tries to put on a show. His three girlfriends find out he has been fooling around with each other and simultaneously break up with him. Indy loses his job. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • August: Indiana Jones manages to get a job with Universal, getting Erich von Stroheim to get on with making Foolish Wives. He also romances scriptwriter Claire Lieberman. (Young Indiana Jones)
  • August: Indiana Jones gets a job as assistant to director John Ford. He earns good money as an actor and stuntman, but breaks his leg and has to break up with Claire Lieberman.(Young Indiana Jones)
  • September 8 - Birth of Jacques Clouseau. (The Pink Panther)
  • December 5 - Sally Sparrow's friend Kathy Nightingale is sent here by the Weeping Angels from 2007. (Doctor Who)
  • In Paris, Duncan MacLeod serves as chaperon to Maria Campolo, is a young Socialite with aspirations of starting a singing career. Kalas, using the name Antonio Neri, attempts to strangle her to take revenge on Duncan, but fails. Duncan gives Kalas a slashed throat, leaving him with a permanent scar and no singing voice. (Highlander the Series)
  • Jesse Collins, son of a business magnate and a Princeton University student, takes a stand for workers' rights and dies alongside them when his father sends in strikebreakers. (Highlander the Series)
  • Joseph Joestar is born. (Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure)


  • Herbert West disappears. (Herbert West - Reanimator)
  • Dr. Michael Moore, and immortal psychiatrist, witnesses his nurse, Jeanette Colbert, being murdered by fellow immortal Quentin Barnes[11]. Michael goes off to kill Quentin, and makes Duncan promise to carry on the quest if he fails. (Highlander the Series)
  • Mummified coprse of the high priest Imhotep comes back to life when the Scroll of Toth is read aloud. (The Mummy)
  • Birth of Elizabeth Winters in Chicago. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Jennifer Chevalier investigates her father's death, accompanied by the ghost of Oscar Wilde. (Jennifer Wilde)


  • November 4 - The water carrier employed by Adventurer Archaeologist Howard Carter stumbles upon the steps leading to Tutankhamun's tomb (subsequently designated KV 62). Consequently, Carter discovers the best preserved and most intact pharaonic tomb ever found in the Valley of the Kings. (Mysteries of Egypt and real life).
  • November 26 - Carter and his patron George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon become the first people to enter Tutankhamun's tomb in over 3000 years.(Mysteries of Egypt and real life).


  • April 5 - George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon dies. He had been bitten by a mosquito, and later slashed the bite accidentally while shaving. It became infected and blood poisoning resulted. His early death spreads rumors of the "Curse of Tutankhamun", or the "Mummy's Curse". (Mysteries of Egypt and real life).
  • April 21 - Hass "The Flame" Harley and Halley leave Nanna Egbert for a life of adventure. Nanna is left to grow up under the tender mercies of Betty Crocker. At some point during this period, she discovers the batterwitch's greatest secret: that she isn't human at all, but is in fact formerly Her Imperious Condescension the Empress of the Alternian Empire, now in the service of Lord English. It is also on this day that an ectobiological sample of Halley is taken. (Homestuck)
  • July 16 - Delapore moves from Massachusetts to Exham Priory, his ancestral estate in England. (The Rats in the Walls)
  • August 31 - Birth of Sophie Cartensen in Denmark. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • November 8 - Britta Kessler and her Watcher attend a movie premieiere being screened by vampires. Everybody dies. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • December 31: At a New Year's Eve party, a young woman by the name of Nora Fontaine asks Duncan MacLeod to marry her so she can have his children. Duncan kills the mood by explaining that he is infertile.(Highlander the Series)
  • In Paris, Richard Tarsis raises Lucas Kagan as an immortal. They go on to commit crimes across the world. (Highlander the Series)
  • Atomic Robo, a highly-advanced, sentient android, is created by Nikola Tesla. (Atomic Robo)
  • Aviator Kent Allard (a.k.a. Allard Kent Rassendyll, the Black Eagle, G-8, Colonel Alexei Kentov, Jules Blanton, the Shadow, Lamont Cranston, Lamont Cranston Jr., Lamont Cranston III, "Deep Throat") crash-lands near the secret Tibetan city of Shambala. (The Shadow)


  • February 29 - Torchwood India is shut down, (almost) the entirety of its alien artifacts taken back to Britain. The Duchess uses a time store to gather energy to continue reliving that day. (Torchwood [radio dramas])
  • March 21 - Mason E " Mace" Malone, a leading New York ganster, disappears without a trace. With him disappears a fortune in stolen jewels which Mace was supposed to share with his partner Dominic Dracon. He leaves behind a message that leads Dracon to search for the Silver Falcon, a Wild Goose Chase. Mace actually becomes a full-time operative of The Illuminati. (Gargoyles)
  • November 9 - Birth of Anni Sonnenblume in Germany. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Adolf Hitler is released from prison following his role in the Beer Hall Putsch, and is greeted by an old man named Albert Einstein. No records remain of Hitler after this date, and for all intents and purposes he vanishes from history. (Command and Conquer: Red Alert)
  • While studying for his finals, Atomic Robo is attacked by the ghost of Rasputin, conjured up by Thomas Edison. (Atomic Robo)
  • Birth of Eleanor Boudreau in Lafayette, Louisiana. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


  • February 28 - R'lyeh rises from the waves, causing madness worldwide. (The Call of Cthulhu)
  • April 2 - R'lyeh sinks once again. (The Call of Cthulhu)
  • The Fifth Doctor and companions become involved in strange goings-on at Cranleigh Hall. (Doctor Who)
  • Elijah Snow begins publising his Planetary journal. (Planetary)
  • In Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, Duncan MacLeod duels and kills insane immortal Marcus Korolus(Highlander the Series)


  • December 11 - The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble end up in the middle of a murder mystery with Agatha Christie. Christie goes missing that night. (Doctor Who)
  • Two con men trick a young woman with little memory of her early life into helping them gain money by passing her off as the Grand Dutchess Anastasia, the long-lost Grandaughter of the exiled Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna, while trying to avoid the reanimated corpse of Rasputin. (Anastasia)
  • Rick O'Connell and allies battle the mummy Imhotep. (The Mummy 1999)
  • Duncan MacLeod and Amanda work at the Barnum & Bailey Circus for a short while, but leave because Amanda gets second billing to another tightrope walker. (Highlander the Series)
  • Shortly after quitting the Circus, Duncan and Amanda team up with fellow immortal Cory Raines, who sees himself as a modern-day Robin Hood. Duncan is uneasy, and when he tells Amanda and Cory he plans to quite the gang, they commit one last robbery and leave Duncan with the bag in South Dakota, pursued by federal Marshals. (Highlander the Series)
  • Carl Robinson, an African-American immortal, visits Louisiana to check up on a some mortal acquaintances, and is saved from a lynching by Duncan MacLeod. They discuss race relations, and Carl heads to the northern US, hoping to play Negro league baseball. (Highlander the Series)
  • While studying for his finals, Atomic Robo is visited by Charles Fort and H.P. Lovecraft, then has to deal with a Cosmic Horror. (Atomic Robo)


  • April 17 (Good Friday): Unusual phenomena at the Ward residence in Providence, R.I. The family's son is institutionalized soon after, but escapes and vanishes. (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward)
  • May - 41 people are murdered around Union Station over a period of two weeks. The killings are ended by the current Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • July 15 - Robert Olmstead has a terrifying experience in Innsmouth. (The Shadow Over Innsmouth)
  • Anthony Rogers, mining engineer for the American Radioactive Gas Corporation, falls into suspended animation after a mine cave-in in Pennsylvania. (Buck Rogers)
  • Albert Einstein is removed from history by time-travelling Soviet agents. (Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3)
  • Walt Disney creates Oswald the Rabbit for Universal Animation (Real Life and Epic Mickey)
  • Frank and Joe Hardy of Bayport, N.Y. solve a jewel robbery at the Hurd Applegate mansion. (The Hardy Boys)


  • Before Mid-February - John Legrasse comes out of seclusion. (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Mid-February - Federal authorities raid Innsmouth, Massachusetts. (The Shadow Over Innsmouth)
  • May 5 - Albert Wilmarth begins a correspondence with Henry Akeley about extraterrestrial beings. (The Whisperer in Darkness)
  • September - The "Dunwich Horror" occurs. (Cthulhu Mythos: The Dunwich Horror)
  • October 7 - Randolph Carter disappears. (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • An alien artifact, the Stargate, is unearthed at Giza. (Stargate)
  • Birth of Halcyon Renard. He would grow up to become a scientist and a businessman. (Gargoyles)
  • Caleb awakens in a graveyard and proceeds to kill and destroy anything related to the Cabal, the cult of his former master. ((Blood)
  • Walt Disney abandons Oswald the Rabbit, after he leaves Universal Animation, he creates Mickey Mouse, who becomes one of the most famous and recognized animated characters in history. (Real Life and Epic Mickey)


  • The Warner Bros. Animation studio produces its first short with its first star, Bosko the Talk Ink Kid. (Date from Real Life)
  • "February 30": The Warner siblings (Yakko, Wakko, and Dot) are created by Warner Bros. Studios. (Animaniacs).
  • Johnny "K" Kelly tries to make money by selling his silence to gangster Mr. Luca after he witnesses Luca's gang carrying out a drive-by shooting. Luca shoots Kelly, who revives as an immortal. Duncan MacLeod teaches him the rules of The Game, but Kelly decides to ignore them. (Highlander the Series)
  • October: Hugh Fitzcairn, now a very wealthy man, is poisoned for his fortune. Being immortal, he survives, but soon loses it all in the Wall Street Crash. (Highlander the Series)
  • October 29 - Black Tuesday. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 begins in earnest. Star of the Great Depression. (Highlander the Series and real life)
  • Private detective Johnny Garland meets Shania and teams up with her to investigate the sudden appearence of monsters. Elsewhere, a criminal who goes by "Killer" begins to follow a woman with mysterious powers, who he only calls "Lady." (Shadow Hearts: From the New World)
  • First adventures of Tintin. (Tintin)
  • The Shadow makes his first recorded appearance (The Shadow).
  • After accidentally witnessing a Mafia showdown, two musicians called Joe and Jerry go into hiding, disguising themselves as women and joining an all-girl jazz band. (Some Like It Hot)
  • Groups of gangs, one side backed by vampires and the other by aliens, battle for control of New York. (Turf)
  • Detective Samuel Spade, of San Francisco, is shot and killed by his ex-partner’s wife. (The Maltese Falcon)


  • Down in New Orleans, the arrogant Prince Naveen of Maldonia gets turned into a frog by voodoo witch Dr. Facilier and his Friends on the Other Side. [12] Naveen attempts to break this curse with a kiss of a princess. The "princess" is a waitress named Tiana, who becomes a frog as well. [13] (The Princess and the Frog)
  • Sister Rosette Christopher and her demon partner Chrono work to fight off demons in New York City, while also looking for Rosette's long-lost brother Joshua. (Chrono Crusade)
  • Estimated birth of Gen in China. He would grow up to become a Master Assassin, an Old Master of the martial arts and eventually a Death Seeker.(Street Fighter Alpha[14])
  • Estimated birth of George Taylor in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He would graduate West Point in 1941, serving as a pilot in both World War II and the Korean War, and later become an astronaut and a cynic. (Planet of the Apes and adaptations)

1930 C.E. - 1939 C.E.


  • July 10 - Marcus Cole and Stefan Richter discover the Well of the Furies. From the Well, they gain the powers that will eventually lead them to become Statesman and Lord Recluse, respectively. (City of Heroes)
  • September 2 - Miskatonic University dispatches an expedition to Antarctica. (At the Mountains of Madness)
  • November 1 - The surviving Daleks from the Cult of Skaro regroup, growing human-Dalek hybrids and turning less intelligent people into pig-slaves. [15] [16] (Doctor Who)
  • Rumours of a strange pyramid - neither Aztec nor Mayan - appearing in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula begin to circulate in the archaeological community. (Pathways into Darkness)
  • Edith Keeler, an idealist social worker, is killed in an automobile accident. [17](Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • Duncan MacLeod kills Richard Tarsis in a duel. Lucas Kagan takes the loss of his mentor/father figure very badly. (Highlander the Series)
  • Scrooge McDuck, now the richest person in the world, gets into a fight with his family and breaks off contact with them for the next 17 years. (The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck)
  • The Warner Brothers and their sister Dot run amuck around the Warner Bros. Studios. The cartoon characters are eventually captured and locked up inside the studio's water tower for (most of) the next 63 years. (Animaniacs)
  • The turmoil of the Great Depression leads the Bellamy family to sell and move out of their home at Eaton place (Upstairs, Downstairs)
  • Istanbul was Constantinople; now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople.


  • February: The vigilante known only as "The Lobster" begins his career, killing mobsters and Axis spies and saboteurs in New York City and Chicago. (Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus)
  • November 20: John Coffey is executed by electric chair in the Cold Mountain Penitentiary for a crime he didn't commit. (The Green Mile).
  • Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha XIV investigates the kidnapping of Kaya Daidōji, and is soon pulled into a conspiracy involving a mysterious army. (Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army)
  • Raidou Kuzunoha XIV takes on a missing-persons case, as strange creatures begin to steal luck itself and mysterious ninjas roam the city. (Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army)
  • Estimated birth of Alan Virdon on a farm in Jackson County, Texas. He would grow up to become an astronaut. (Planet of the Apes television series)
  • Slappy Squirrel stars in her earliest known short, Cavegirl Slappy. (Animaniacs)
  • Foxy, Roxy, and Goopy Geer star in the (fictional) Looney Tunes short The Big Buzz of 1932, their last produced film. They spend the next six decades in obscurity (and game show guest appearances) until their careers are revived by Babs Bunny. (Looney Tunes, Tiny Toon Adventures)


  • February 27:
    • The Reichstag in Berlin is set on fire.
    • Adolf Hitler perishes in the Reichstag Fire. In the afterlife, his brain is revived by Adam Savage of Myth Busters, solely using technology that would have been available to the Nazis in 1933. Hitler's brain is sent back to Germany by the Head Death, where he resumes his leadership of the state. Nazi Science sneers at the implausibility of these events. (Irregular Webcomic)
  • The giant ape Kong of Skull Island is captured and becomes an attraction in New York City. The ape escapes and climbs the Empire State Building with his object of love. [18] (King Kong)
  • Rick O'Connell and allies battle Imhotep again. (The Mummy Returns)
  • Bosko the Talk Ink Kid stars in his last short for Warner Bros. The rise of other characters (including Porky Pig in 1935) ends his career at Warner Bros., with Bosko moving to MGM to make some shorts for the next several years, before disappearing from public view for the next several decades. (Looney Tunes, Tiny Toon Adventures, Real Life).


  • May 23- Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are gunned down by the police on a rural road in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.. (Bonnie and Clyde and real life)
  • Flash Gordon first battles the forces of Ming the Merciless. (Flash Gordon)
  • Confederate veteran Jake Featherson is elected President of the CSA. He quicky begins consolidating power and turning the Confederacy into a fascist state, and formulates a plan of "Population Reduction" concerning the CSA's blacks. (Timeline-191)
  • Birth of Donovan "Skipper" Maddox. He would grow up to become an astronaut. (Beneath the Planet of the Apes and adaptations)
  • Birth of Zoe Kuryakin in New York. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)



  • February 23: On an alternate reality, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Edith Keeler confer on her plan of action for assisting the needy. Keeler is the leader of a political movement calling for pacifism and social reforms. Her ideas eventually lead to America not participating in World War II, leading to a Nazi victory. (Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • August 1: The survival or death of Adolf Hitler at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games becomes a major point of contention among time travelers from multiple potential futures as each tries to reverse the work of its predecessors. (Chrononauts)
  • Indiana Jones journeys to Egypt to find the Ark of the Covenant and prevent it from falling into Nazi hands. (Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark)
  • Megas, traveling back from 3037, lands in a Jersey City junkyard. (Megas XLR)
  • Three members of the Den-O team are briefly stranded in this year, where they disguise themselves by possessing Jiro, Ramon, and Riki, members of three of the Demon Races. (Chō Kamen Rider Den-O and Decade: The Onigashima Warship)
  • Amanda works as a cabaret singer in Berlin, where she steals forged money plates used by the German authorities to produce counterfeit dollars. She also helps Duncan MacLeod smuggle a physicist out of the country after he is betrayed by a double agent. (Highlander the Series)
  • Birth of Charles Canmore to Aron Canmore and an unnamed mother. He would grow up to become a Hunter. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of Jeffrey MacClain Robbins. He would loose his eyesight while serving in the The Vietnam War but still go on to become a published author. By the 1990s, he would be a close friend to Hudson. Though said friendship would start in Blind and the Beast fashion. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of John Oldcastle/ "Falstaff". He would grow up to become a master thief and a member of The Illuminati. (Gargoyles)
  • Former parlormaid Rose Buck returns to 165 Eaton Place to oversee a new staff of servants, after a new family moves in to her former place of employeement. (Upstairs, Downstairs).
  • The SCP Foundation acquires a mass transit ticket that sends its users to [DATA EXPUNGED]. (SCP Foundation)


  • After March 16: On his deathbed, Albert Wilmarth forms the Wilmarth Foundation to battle Mythos activity. (The Burrowers Beneath)
  • July 2: The Briori, an alien race, abduct over 300 humans from Earth to use them as a slave force. Among them are Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • September - The Citizen Crime Fighting Act is passed in Paragon City, authorizing vigilante arrest of criminals. (City of Heroes)
  • In New York City, Professors Kyriakos and Helena Gallaragas create a suit of Powered Armor capable of harnessing vril energy (the same energy used by the Hyperborians). [19] (Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus)
  • Private investigator Jake Gittes is hired by a woman claiming to be Evelyn Mulwray, the wife of the city's water commissioner to prove that her husband is having an affair. (Chinatown)
  • Immortals Duncan MacLeod and Kage work as reporters, covering the Spanish Civil War from the front lines. Kage betrays Duncan to the fascists for money. (Highlander the Series)
  • General Tapioca, dictator of the South American republic of San Theodoros is overthrown by his rival General Alcazar. (Tintin)
  • The vampire known as the Master is imprisoned under Sunnydale. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Rachel O'Connor, the current Slayer, is recruited by the OSS to prevent Nazis from transferring a powerful djinn from New York to Berlin.
  • Daffy Duck stars in his first short for Warner Bros. (Looney Tunes)



  • May 20: The Nazi space program sends the undead body of Ernst Oeming into space, in hopes that his corpse would serve as a host for one of the space-bound Ogdru Hem. [20] (Hellboy: Conqueror Worm)
  • May: The first public appearance of Batman. (DC Comics)
  • August: Sophie Cartensen becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • September 1st: Germany invades Poland, starting World War II.
  • Giant robots constructed by the mysterious Dr. Totenkopf abduct scientists from around the world in order to construct a Doomsday Device and a rocket capable of space travel. Freelance aeronaut Harry "Sky Captain" Sullivan thwarts Totenkopf's plan with assistance from the Royal Air Force. (Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow)
  • Ozwell Spencer, James Marcus, and Edward Ashford graduate from university. (Resident Evil 0)
  • First appearance of Namor, the Sub-Mariner. (Marvel Comics)
  • First appearance of the original Human Torch. (Marvel Comics)
  • Wesley Dodds becomes the Sandman. DC Comics
  • Dan Garret becomes the original Blue Beetle. (DC Comics)
  • Birth of Ralph Offenhouse. He would grow up to become a financier. Being subject to cryogenic stasis, Ralph was still alive in the 24th century. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Linda Plager breaks up with Duncan MacLeod to concentrate on her photography.(Highlander the Series)
  • Joseph Joestar fights and defeats the Pillar Men, the creators of the stone mask. [21] (Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure)
  • Tintin saves the small Eastern European kingdom of Syldavia from a takeover by their Fascist neighbour Borduria. (Tintin)
  • Estimated birth of Maryann Stewart. She would grow up to become a respected biological researcher and an astronaut. (Planet of the Apes and adaptations[22])
  • Birth of Asha Sayre in Port Buck, Florida. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Investigator Philip Marlowe uncovers a series of scandals and crimes at the Sternwood mansion in Los Angeles. (The Big Sleep)


  • The Great Depression and the global economic crisis aren't resolved by the USA or Nazi Germany. (The Shape of Things to Come)
  • Edward Blake first appears as the Comedian. (Watchmen)
  • A time traveling Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth attempts to assassinate Adolf Hitler. He manages to kill the Hitler of one universe and the Eleanor Roosevelt of another. What effect this had on the two timelines is uncertain. (Futurama)

1940 C.E. - 1945 C.E.



  • January - A member of the Time Agency steals the late Captain Jack Harkness' identity. He then tries to con other Time Agents into selling a doomed Chula warship for a profit. [23] "Jack" joins the TARDIS. (Torchwood/Doctor Who)
  • The first meeting between Tintin and Captain Haddock. (Tintin)
  • June 7 - Clyde Langer is thrown through time to find the rare metal chronostene, and discovers a Nazi plot on the shores of Britain. (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • June - Kaiser Wilhelm II dies, and France, Russia and Britain invade Germany, hoping to capitalize on the confusion to regain territory and prestige lost in the Great War. The Confederate States launches a sudden all-out attack on the USA, beginning the Second Great War. (Timeline-191)
  • December 7:
  • December: Czech Resistance leader Victor Laszlo and his wife, Ilsa Lund arrive to Casablanca to get passports so they could escape to the U.S. With the help of American expatriate and cafe owner Rick Blaine, they manage to escape. (Casablanca)
  • First appearance of Aquaman. (DC Comics)
  • Steve Rogers becomes Captain America. (Marvel Comics)
  • The Blackhawks begin their adventures. (DC Comics)
  • Oliver Queen becomes Green Arrow. (DC Comics)
  • Eel O'Brian becomes Plastic Man. (DC Comics)
  • Ted Knight becomes Starman. (DC Comics)
  • Wonder Woman first appears. (DC Comics)
  • Batman first battles the Penguin. (DC Comics)
  • The first version of the Seven Soldiers of Victory forms. (DC Comics)
  • Winston Churchill invites the Eleventh Doctor and Amy to meet Professor Bracewell and the his Ironside creations to fight in World War II. [24] (Doctor Who)
  • Publishing tycoon Charles Foster Kane dies in his mansion, Xanadu. (Citizen Kane)
  • The Race's invasion fleet arrives over Tosev 3. Reconnaissance flights are dismissed by the natives as radar artifacts, while the Race is stunned by the technological advances of just a few centuries. (Worldwar)
  • Estimated birth of John Landon. He would grow up to become a scientist and an astronaut. He reportedly "wanted to live forever". (Planet of the Apes and adaptations[25])
  • Japanese forces obtain a copy of Jan Vanderhaven's work, and get the idea to weaponise zombies. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Éamonn de Valera orders the formation of a covert anti-Nazi force of masked vigilantes and meta-humans. (The League of Volunteers)
  • Nazis successfully summon Bochanach in Wexford, but fail to control him. (The League of Volunteers)
  • Idealistic playright Barton Fink is hired by Capital Pictures to write a wrestling movie. (Barton Fink)
  • Rustin Parr of Burkittsville, Md. is convicted of and hanged for the murders of seven children. (The Blair Witch Project)


  • September 29 - Birth of Retsu in Japan. He would grow up to become a master of the Shorinji Kempo fighting style. (Street Fighter)
  • December 14 - Birth of Gouken in Japan. He is the older brother of Akuma. He would become a master of the martial arts and mentor to Dan Hibiki, Ryu, and Ken Masters. Though Dan never completed his training. (Street Fighter IV)
  • The Race launches an all-out invasion of Earth. South America, the Middle East, and Africa are captured without much of a fight. China is occupied, the United States is split in two along the Mississippi, and much of Europe is conquered. Nazi Germany and the USSR agree to a ceasefire to concentrate on the alien invaders, while the Jews and Catholics of Poland rise up against the Nazis in favor the "Lizards." The aliens use a limited nuclear strike in an attempt to cow the humans into surrender, but the various human nations' own nuclear programs soon offer chances at retaliation. (Worldwar)
  • The heir of Salazar Slytherin [26] opens the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts. [27] (Harry Potter)
  • Delta Green is formed. (Cthulhu Mythos, Delta Green)
  • Birth of Peter Maza to a Hopi family in Arizona. His father Carlos Maza is a member of the tribal police. Peter would grow up to become a police officer himself. But in New York City. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of Mariah Monmouth. She would grow up to become a free spirit and a single mother. She would be the mother of Harry Monmouth/ Dingo. (Gargoyles)
  • Estimated birth of African-American Thomas Dodge. He would grow up to become a scientist and an astronaut. He was reportedly motivated by a "thirst for knowledge of the unknown". (Planet of the Apes and adaptations)
  • Scrooge McDuck, depressed and lonely, retires. (The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck)
  • A lone American "super ace" flying a P-38 singlehandedly destroys many Japanese naval and air assets somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. (1942)
  • Japanese forces garrison Atuk. Several zombies are apprehended. Beginning of Operation Cherry Blossom, an attempt by the Japanese military to weaponise zombies. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • The Warner siblings are temporarily released from their tower to produce a patriotic film for the war effort. (Animaniacs)
  • Birth of Emir to Michael and Katharine Parkreiner. Dimitri vanishes of the face of the Earth. (Killer 7)
  • The Ministry of Pain nearly steals the juice box glob from the mayor of Townsville (The Powerpuff Girls)


  • July - During the Allied invasion of Sicily, Atomic Robo battles Major Otto Skorzeny and Laufpanzer units. (Atomic Robo)
  • Early August - The USAF begin Operation Tidal Wave with the bombing the city of Ploiesti in Romania. During this the notorius ancient vampire Faethor Ferenczy is finally killed when the house he is in is hit by a stray bomb, collapsing and pinning him under burning rubble. (Necroscope)
  • August 23 - Atomic Robo and the British special agent "the Sparrow" pursue Major Skorzeny and Dr. Vanadis. (Atomic Robo)
  • September 3 - Birth of Mike Haggar in Manhattan, New York City. He would grow up to becone a professional wrestler and a Mayor of Metro City.(Slam Masters, Final Fight)
  • OSA agent B.J. Blaskowicz infiltrates Castle Wolfenstein and thwarts the Third Reich's plans to create an invincible army of the undead. (Return to Castle Wolfenstein)
  • On the heels of his last mission, Blaskowicz is once again sent into action by the OSA, this time to the occupied German town of Isenstadt, where he manages to stop SS General Victor Zetta, as well as his replacement, the elusive Deathshead, from harnessing the powers of the Black Sun to turn the tide of the war in Germany's favour. (Wolfenstein)
  • Frankenstein's Monster meets the Wolf Man. (Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man)
  • The Seventh Doctor and Ace prevent the rise of Fenric. (Doctor Who)
  • Duncan MacLeod joins the French Resistance. His unit uses a monastery as a front. He meets Bernard, a local boy who helps with the maintenance work in the monastery and takes part in Resistance operations. Immortal Major Ernst Daimler of the Wehrmacht tries to root out what is happening and fails, but the Resistance assassinates him by trapping him and Duncan in a room and blowing it up. Daimler revives away from prying eyes. Duncan revives in front of Bernard and swears him to secrecy for life. (Highlander the Series)
  • Duncan leaves Paris for Marseille. The following day, Daimler and his men revisit the monastery and order the abbot to reveal the identities of the resistance members or see his monks executed. However, the Resistance kills the Nazis first, and Bernard personally 'kills' Daimler. The Nazis are thrown into the Seine, with Bernard throwing in the reviving Daimler. Bernard would later suffer guilt for throwing a living man to drown. (Highlander the Series)
  • Cave Johnson of Aperture Fixtures is awarded Shower Curtain Salesman of 1943. (Portal 2)
  • US soldier Anthony Marno, returning from a night raid against a German base, discovers Fort Louis Philippe, now filled with the skeletons of the trapped zombies. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Elizabeth Winters, the current Slayer, kills a vampire on behalf of the Mafia. She herself is killed by the ancient vampire Hunyadi later this year. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Dr. Otto Scratchansniff begins working for Warner Bros. Studios. (Animaniacs, the episode "De-Zanitized")


  • Spring:
    • The Germans use a "superbomb" to oblierate the Russian capital of Petrograd, then Paris. Great Britain retaliates and subjects Hamburg to nuclear fire. (Timeline-191)
    • The Confederate States drops an atomic bomb on Philadelphia. The USA retaliates with the atomic bombing of the city of Newport News. (Timeline-191)
  • June 6:
    • D-Day. Allied troops storm Normandy Beach to liberate France from Germany. Numerous (and sometimes conflicting) eyewitness accounts are given of particularly heroic soldiers singlehandedly clearing bunkers, machine gun nests, coastal defense batteries, or even entire beaches. (Various films, shows, and first-person shooters)
    • Adamska, later known as Revolver Ocelot, born. (Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater)
    • Zoo Crew team member Fastback is forcibly sent back in time to Earth-C's D-Day by the villainous Timekeeper. There he meets the Golden Age hero the Terrific Whatzit, who unknown to Fastback is his uncle. (Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew)
  • June - Adolf Hitler goes to the premiere of Nation's Pride, a Nazi propaganda film. [28] (Inglourious Basterds)
  • June - The Kaiser orders the atomic bombing of London, Brighton, and Norwich. The British retaliation is shot down over Belgium, and England surrenders. (Timeline-191)
  • July 14 - After the loss of Richmond and the death of President Featherson, the Confederate States issues its unconditional surrender to the United States, ending 83 years of independence. (Timeline-191)
  • July 20: Operation Valkyrie. The German Resistance tries and fails to assassinate Adolf Hitler inside his Wolf's Lair field headquarters near Rastenburg. (Valkyrie and real life) Immortals Duncan MacLeod and Ingrid Henning have a backup plan, but that also fails. (Highlander the Series)
  • October 1 - Atomic Robo joins a mission to Fermain Bay, the Bailiwick of Guernsey, to stop the Nazis' V-5 electric cannon. (Atomic Robo)
  • October: Operation Aurora is launched; a team of US commandos raid a Japanese-held island to extract a defecting scientist, who knows vital info on a superweapon being developed by the Japanese military. The team escapes with their charge, only for the weapon, a massive scalar field generator, to go off, killing all of them. The events of the mission are covered up, and fade into myth. (Battlefield: Bad Company 2)
  • 3 December: Count Vladimir Giurescu, following entreaties from Ilsa Haupstein, meets with Adolf Hitler at Castle Wewelsburg to discuss possible involvement in Himmler's proposed "Vampir Sturm" project. Utterly unnerved by the encounter, Hitler orders the arrest and destruction of Giurescu and his wives the following day. (Hellboy)
  • December 18: Philip F. Queeg, captain of the American destroyer minesweeper USS Caine is relieved of command by executive officer Stephen Maryk on the grounds of supposed insanity. (The Caine Mutiny)
  • 23 December: Rasputin, working with Nazi backing under Project Ragna Rok, calls forth the juvenile demon Anung Un Rama into this world - straight into the hands of an Allied paranormal squad. They name him Hellboy. He is later adopted by the US. (Hellboy)
  • A group of Japanese soldiers on a small island are unwittingly rescued from gunfire by a large dinosaur. The dinosaur mysteriously vanished moments later. (Godzilla)
  • Young Ofelia deals with supernatural and mundane dangers after moving to her new stepfather's mountain home. (Pan's Labyrinth)
  • Yuuzhan Vong use their xenoforming technology to help repair damage done to the war-torn planet of Ossus. A repeat on other planets is attempted, but sabatoged by the New Sith Order. (Star Wars)
  • Imperial Remnant becomes a resurgent Empire, starts secession movement against the GFFA. War begins. (Star Wars)
  • The Peace of Cairo ends the war between humanity and the Race. The aliens control the global south, leaving the United States, Great Britain, the Greater German Reich, the Soviet Union, and the Japanese Empire as the only independent human domains. (Worldwar)
  • The crew of Enterprise (NX-01) visit the past of an alternate timeline this year. World War II is still ongoing but Nazi Germany has successfully invaded the United States. Much of the East Coast is under occupation, including New York City and Washington, D. C. . The occupation forces are struggling to suppress a resistance movement which seems to largely consist of organized crime figures. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Holly Joestar is born to Joseph and Suzy Joestar. (Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure)
  • Cave Johnson buys an extensive salt mine under Cleveland, Ohio. Work begins on its conversion into a research facility. (Portal 2)
  • Japanese forces deploy zombies in Myanmar, the Panama Canal, and Los Angeles. All three attacks end in failure for Japan. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • In Westchester, New York, Charles Xavier, a telepathic boy, meets Raven Darkholme, a blue skinned girl with the ability to shapeshift. (X Men First Class)
  • Erik Lehnsherr, a Jewish boy in a Nazi concentration camp, is discovered to have power over metal (X-Men 1, X Men First Class)
  • The Ministry of Pain is defeated by Captain Righteous and Lefty. (The Powerpuff Girls)


  • February: The Warners, temporarily released from their tower for fumigation, appear at the Yalta Conference. (Animaniacs, date from Real Life)
  • April: Captain America is presumed killed at a North Atlantic Nazi base.
  • Prior to April 30 - In his bunker in Berlin, Adolf Hitler gets pissy over developments of early-21st Century culture and politics. (Downfall and its Memetic Mutation) After that, he takes a bath. (Walter Moers)
  • April 30 - Adolf Hitler dies... or does he?
    • Berlin falls to invading Soviet forces; Dmitri Petrenko and Viktor Reznov successfully raise the Red Banner atop the Reichstag, the former sustaining serious injuries in the process. (Call of Duty: World At War)
    • Hitler is abducted by time-travelling search/destroy agents Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer, and brought to the year 2180 to stand trial for war crimes. A lookalike commits suicide, fooling everyone into thinking Hitler died in his bunker. (Strontium Dog)
    • Hitler and his robot battle suit are destroyed by BJ Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein 3D)
  • May -
    • World War II ends in Europe as the Germans surrender to both fronts. (Real Life)
    • While the public face of the war ends, the Occult War between the Allies and the Axis continues in secret. (Hellboy film series)
    • Last of the zombies from Operation Cherry Blossom are deployed to Yonnan. All but one are killed by Chinese snipers; the last is apprehended by the Chinese army for experimentation. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • August 6-9 -
    • Nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing the Japanese to end World War II on the Pacific Front one month later. (Real Life)
    • Godzilla is created from the atomic bomb attacks on Japan. (Godzilla)
    • The Great Hakurei Border weakens for the first time in sixty years. (Touhou)
    • Sofia Lamb, working as a missionary and nurse, survives the bombing of Hiroshima but loses many dear friends. She is horrified by the American "greater good" justification for the attack and decides that the world is destined for self-destruction. (Bioshock)
    • Soviet forces invade Manchuria and confiscate all Japanese research on zombies. USSR begins Operation Stugeon, its own attempt to weaponise zombies. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • October 29: Operation Olympus is launched; Soviet forces assault a base of Nazi holdouts in the Arctic Circle, capturing defecting scientist Friedrich Steiner and a batch of his Nova-6 chemical weapon. Dmitri Petrenko dies in an impromptu test of the weapon, while fellow "hero of Berlin" Viktor Reznov is captured and imprisoned in the Vorkuta gulag. (Call of Duty Black Ops)
  • World War II veteran Frank Harris transported to Cool World after a traffic accident. (Cool World)
  • Delta Green is disbanded. (Cthulhu Mythos, Delta Green)
  • Albus Dumbledore defeats Gellert Grindelwald in a duel. (Harry Potter)
  • In the aftermath of World War II, four grizzled and slightly insane soldiers - Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, Nikolai Belinski, and Dr. Edward Rictofen - battle hordes of zombies spawned by Nazi superscience. (Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies)
  • One American troop returns to his home in New Jersey and murders his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. (The Prowler)
  • A military research team led by Paul Langford succeeds in opening the Stargate. Dr. Ernest Littlefield is sent through, but the gate closes immediately afterward and he is believed dead. (Stargate SG-1, "The Torment of Tantalus")
  • Frank Harris is transported to the alternate dimension known as "Cool World" (Cool World)
  • U.S. military begins secret super-soldier program. (Soon I Will Be Invincible)
  • The English town of Edgestow is destroyed, along with its university and the semi-public N.I.C.E. institution. (The Space Trilogy)

Early to mid 1940s

  • Marcus Octavius and Colin MacLeod fight for the German and British air forces respectfully during World War II. They have a midair swordfight, but neither dies. (Highlander the Search For Vengeance)
  • Approximate time of birth for immortal Mikey Bellows. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • The Commandant of the sleepy French village of Nouvion, Colonel Kurt Von Strohm, steals several French artifacts including the Oldest Cuckoo Clock ever made and the painting of "The Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies by Van Klomp", and forces local cafe owner René Artois to hide them. At the same time the local resistance leader, Michelle Dubois, also forces Artois to hid two British Airmen who were shot down. Artois will spend the remainder of the war attempting to conceal both the artifacts and the airmen from the Gestapo (and his affairs with all three of his waitresses from his wife, Edith). (Allo Allo)
  • A sixteen-year-old Jewish girl named Brigid Tenenbaum objects to the sloppy methods of the Nazis scientists experimenting on her fellow concentration camp inmates. She earns the nickname Das Wunderkind and assists the doctors, concluding that even though their work is pointless, it should at least be done properly. (Bioshock)
  • Nazi Germany experiments in using Vampires as living weapons, it goes Horribly Wrong and the incident is regarded as too horrific even to discuss. (Rivers of London)
  • In Nazi-occupied Paris, the Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller discover an actor who has died on-stage ten thousand times.

(Big Finish Doctor Who)


  1. They raise a baby alien named Giygas.
  2. Shortly after accomplishing his task, Marston is killed by the US Army.
  3. Alternatively dated to 1913.
  4. It's later discovered that "Roger Bacon" is actually former cardinal Albert Simon, who attempts to summon the alien known as Meta-God to destroy humanity. Though he and Meta-God are stopped, Alice perishes to save Yuri from Malice.
  5. actually a Time Lord disguised as a human
  6. actually the Tenth Doctor transformed into a human
  7. The Family of Blood come to hunt the Doctor's lifespan, stealing the bodies of four humans in a sleepy English village and murdering several more. The Doctor defeats their plan by rerouting the engines of the Family's ship, then gives every single one of them the immortality they wanted...but with a price.
  8. and kills him in revenge for the murder of his father John Marston
  9. They forge evidence that Colonel Schmidt is romantically involved with the Contessa of Toledo, causing a furious Count of Toledo to challenge Schmidt to a duel. They learn a bit too late that Schmidt is an American double agent.
  10. Russia still used the Julian Calendar, the protestations taking place in July 3-July 7 by Russian counting. This timeline uses Gregorian dates.
  11. who is actually Michael's alternate personality
  12. Facilier aids Naveen's assistant Lawrence into turning into the prince so he can marry into a rich family.
  13. The curse is broken after the two married. This curse has a lot of loopholes.
  14. Said to be at least 70-years-old in a game which takes place in 1996. 1926 is the latest possible date for his birth.
  15. They take over construction of the Empire State Building to aid this process. The Tenth Doctor gets in the way of awakening the hybrids and they grow a morality. In the chaos, three of Cult of Skaro are killed and the lives of the hybrids are terminated. Dalek Caan activates an emergency temporal shift and searches for Davros in the storms of the Time War.
  16. In an alternate timeline/universe created by one of the Trickster's Brigade latching onto Donna's back, the Cult of Skaro are still defeated but by unknown means, as the Doctor would be deceased at this point.
  17. The Guardian of Forever sends Leonard McCoy to this year and he saves the live of Edith in time. This creates an alternate reality where Edith goes on to become the leader of a pacifist movement whose actions prevent America from entering World War II, leading to a Nazi victory. James Tiberius Kirk and Spock go back in time to retrieve McCoy and prevent this timeline from existing.
  18. He gets shot down, but it was beauty that killed the beast.
  19. Both Nazi spies and Memnan Saa attempt to steal the suit. The intervention of The Lobster--and the sudden ascension of Jim Sacks, the man wearing the armor--prevents them from succeeding.
  20. A squadron of US soldiers, led by The Lobster, tries to stop the launch. This results in the premature launch of the rocket and the death of everyone present. The rocket is incorrectly presumed to have been destroyed.
  21. One of the Pillar Men, Kars, obtains the Red Stone of Asia, becoming an immortal God. However, during his battle with Joseph, he is blown into outer space by a volcano, where he freezes himself as a defense mechanism, doomed to float through space forever, and eventually ceasing to think.
  22. Other than being a young woman, there were no notes for the age of this character. More recent adaptations have expanded on her age and background.
  23. It turns out the time travellers chasing the Chula ship were the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler. It also turns out the "empty" warship (really an ambulance) has nanogenes which start a zombie uprising, sort of. The mummy of the patient zero of this uprising, the Empty Child, if you will helps to reprogram the nanogenes. Jack captures the bomb set to blow up the investigated ambulance and the Doctor rescues him from his imminent death.
  24. The servile Ironsides are really among the last of the Daleks, who actually created Bracewell, and they gambitted the Doctor into unlocking the Progenitor to create a new Dalek race. After Amy defuses the bomb inside Bracewell, the new and improved Daleks escape through time. Winston contacts River Song, expecting the Doctor, about a van Gogh painting of the TARDIS he's found.
  25. Supposed to be 31-years-old in the film, though the actor depicting him was in his 50s.
  26. Tom Marvolo Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort
  27. releasing a basilisk killing at least one student. The teenage Voldemort is preserved in a Horcrux in the form of a diary.
  28. Shortly after, he, along with several other major Nazi leaders, are killed in a barrage of gunfire as the theatre burns down.
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