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Grand Unified Timeline events from 2201 C.E. through 3000 C.E.

2201 C.E. to 2300 C.E.




  • To get around the problem of relativity, scientists increase the speed of light to make interstellar travel possible. (Futurama)
  • The Vault Dweller vanishes from Arroyo, leaving behind his vault suit and memoirs. His daughter begins training to succeed him as village leader. (Fallout 2)



  • The Vault Dweller's daughter completes her mystic test, involving hallucinogenic herbs and a trip through the Temple of Trials, to become Arroyo's village elder. (Fallout 2)



  • The Drengin Empire secretly support a minor race, the Xendar, in its raids against a human colony, intending to prove through a proxy war how pathetic humanity is. They are shocked when the humans retaliate against the raiders and nearly reach the Xendar homeworld, forcing the Drengin to quickly exterminate the Xendar before the humans learn of their involvement. After the conflict the humans return to peace as though nothing had happened, while the Drengin upgrade mankind's threat rating from "nonexistant" to "extreme." (Galactic Civilizations)


  • Jeffrey David Sinclair is born on Mars colony. (Babylon 5)


  • Project Alchera reaches its final stages. (Dreamfall)
  • Birth of Christopher Pike in Mojave, California. He would grow to become Captain of the Enterprise. (Star Trek the Original Series, novel Burning Dreams)


  • John Sheridan is born on Earth. (Babylon 5)



  • The Drengin Empire begins its war against the Arcean Empire, but are surprised when humans enter the conflict on the side of the Arceans without a prior treaty or obligation. The humans go on to talk with other alien races in favor of an alliance against the Drengin, something never before contemplated.(Galactic Civilizations)




  • The Narn liberation war ends; the Centauri withdraw from Narn space. (Babylon 5)
  • Ghouls in the ruins of Washington D.C. find a new home in the Museum of History's exhibit on the Greek afterlife. The settlement of Underworld is the result. (Fallout 3)


  • United Powers League formed on Earth. (Starcraft)



  • A group from Vault 34, upset with their Overseer's restrictions on heavy weaponry, set off to find a new home in the Mojave Wasteland. The well-armed migrants settle in the abandoned Nellis Air Force Base, becoming known as the Boomers. (Fallout: New Vegas)


  • Earth Alliance conquers Balus. The battle of Salos ends the Dilgar war. The sun of Dilgar becomes a supernova. All Dilgar except Jha'dur are annihilated. Jha'dur is saved by the Wind Swords. The Era of Optimist Expansion begins, lasting until approximately 2234. (Babylon 5)
  • Birth of Janice Rand. She would serve as yeoman aboard the Enterprise. (Star Trek Voyager)


  • Jonathan Archer retires from Starfleet service at the rank of admiral. (Star Trek Enterprise)
  • James Tiberius Kirk born to George and Winona Kirk on Iowa, Earth. (Star Trek novels)
  • The Romulan Nero arrives from the future, and destroys the U.S.S. Kelvin, altering history. James Tiberius Kirk born in space after his pregnant mother is evacuated from the Kelvin, but his father George Kirk dies with his ship. (Star Trek [2009 film])
  • Earth Federation battles the Zanscare Empire. (UC 0153) (Mobile Suit Victory Gundam)


  • The Minbari hear from the Centauri about the humans but decide not to establish contact. The Era of Optimist Expansion ends. (Babylon 5)


  • The SS Columbia, a research vessel, crashlands on planet Talos IV. Vina, a female crewmember, is the sole survivor. The native Talosians take her in. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • The Enclave launches an expedition to the ruins of the Mariposa Military Base and conduct some FEV experiments before moving on, resulting in a second generation of super mutants. (Fallout 2)


  • By tradition, Spock of Vulcan is betrothed to T'Pring. Neither child seems particularly enthusiastic about it. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • Hikaru Sulu, future officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise, born in San Francisco. (Star Trek the Original Series, Star Trek Chronology reference book)
  • Remnants of the Naval Research Institute reclaim a beached aircraft carrier on the banks of the Potomac near the Jefferson Memorial. The community will grow into Rivet City. (Fallout 3)



  • July 27 - The Vault Dweller's grandchild, the Chosen One, endures the Temple of Trials and is sent to travel the wasteland in search of a Garden of Eden Creation Kit to rejuvenate the failing village of Arroyo. (Fallout 2)
  • Estimated birth of Christine Chapel, later nurse and medical officer aboard the Enterprise. (Star Trek the Original Series, novel: Planet of Judgment)


  • Stephen Franklin is the first human to ever have direct contact with a Minbari. (Babylon 5)
  • Estimated birth of Gary Mitchell. He would grow up to serve as helmsman aboard the Enterprise. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • The Enclave captures the populations of Vault 13 and Arroyo, taking them to its base on the Poseidon oil platform. After numerous adventures, the Chosen One storms the platform, kills President Richardson, frees the captives, and destroys the Enclave's hideout, putting a stop to their plans of world domination. The Vault 13 and Arroyo populations are reunited after being separated for two generations, and form a thriving new community with the help of the G.E.C.K. The Chosen One's mother passes away, content that her child will be a worthy successor as village elder. (Fallout 2)



  • U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701) launched on its initial five-year mission under Captain Robert April. Dr. Sarah April, the Captain's wife, serves as the chief medical officer. (Star Trek the Animated Series)
  • Pavel Andreievich Chekov born to Andrei Chekov and an unnamed mother in Russia. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • In the timeline created by Nero, the Enterprise has not yet been completed. (Star Trek [2009 film])
  • Delenn becomes a member of the Grey Council by nomination of her mentor Dukhat. The Prometheus incident takes place, causing the Earth-Minbari war. (Babylon 5)


  • Stud Beefpile, the ace pilot, zooms around the galaxy and does a lot of indeterminate stuff. (Escape Velocity)
  • Sheridan takes command over the Lexington and destroys the Black Star. Sheridan and Franklin start negotiations with Minbari Ranger One Lenonn with help of G'kar, but the negotiations are interrupted by the Centauri and Lenonn is killed. (Babylon 5)
  • Disaster strikes planet Tarsus IV, a Federation colony with about 8000 residents. An exotic fungus destroys most of their food supply and leaves everyone in danger of starvation. Governor Kodos decides to execute 50% of the population, hoping the survivors would endure until new supplies could be transported. The decision is carried out as planned. Relief ships arrive much earlier than expected, proving that Kodos had miscalculated. Kodos fakes his own death to escape. Among the surviving colonists is young James Tiberius Kirk. He is also among the few who have personally met Kodos and are able to identify him. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • An elderly Hoshi Sato is among the casualties in Tarsus IV. (Star Trek Enterprise, script note)
  • Edward Sallow and Bill Calhoun, two Followers of the Apocalypse, travel east to study tribal dialects and meet a Mormon missionary named Joshua Graham. During their journey, Sallow discovers a cache of texts on Ancient Rome, including Caesar's Comentarii. Sallow becomes fascinated with tales of Roman culture and conquests. (Fallout: New Vegas)


  • Birth of Lenore Karidian to Anton Karidian (current identity of wanted criminal Kodos the Executioner). Lenore would later seek to kill everyone able to identify her father. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • Sallow, Calhoun and Graham are held ransom by the Blackfoot tribe, which faces war with seven rival communities. Sallow trains his captors in the art of warfare and tactics, particularly the idea of total war, and is made leader for his efforts. Taking the name of Caesar, he brutally conquers the opposing tribes, destroys their old identities, and forges a unified Legion from the survivors. Joshua Graham becomes his right-hand man and earns the title of Malpais Legate, while Calhoun travels west to warn the world what his friend has become. (Fallout: New Vegas)


  • The Mars government declares neutrality in the Earth Minbari war. The Battle of the Line takes place. The Minbari surrender and withdraw their forces without apparent reason. The Mars Freedom movement is formed. (Babylon 5)
  • Tandi dies at the age of 103 and is replaced by Joanna Tibbets as President of NCR. (Fallout 2)
  • Caesar's Legion begins its conquest of the American southwest. (Fallout: New Vegas)



  • Zulfikar Quattlebaum begins running intelligence for the Feyadeen. M'Loto Sehetu is his commanding officer. (Mercy Heights)


  • Christopher Pike becomes Captain of USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) and takes the ship to a five-year mission. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • In the timeline created by Nero, the Enterprise has not yet been completed. (Star Trek [2009 film])
  • Pharos Hecatomb Massacre: All but 200 of a 3 million-strong Plennari defence force on Pharos Hecatomb is slaughtered by Feyadeen. (Mercy Heights)


  • A Federation ship crashlands on planet Thasus. The sole survivor is infant Charles "Charlie" Evans. The local non-corporeal lifeforms grant him psionic powers to allow him to survive. Years later, Evans would misuse said powers while interacting with other humans. (Star Trek the Original Series)


  • Space station Babylon 4 is completed, but vanishes. (Babylon 5)
  • The USS Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike visits planet Talos IV, investigating the fate of a ship which crushed on the planet years ago. The telepathic native Talosians abduct Pike and fail to make him mate with Vira, sole survivor of the crash. Pike leaves, Vina stays. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • While on service aboard the USS Republic, Ensign James Tiberius Kirk locates a circuit failure which could have destroyed the ship within a few minutes. He takes immediate action and resolves the situation, resulting in a recommendation for him and a quick promotion. Lieutenant Commander Benjamin "Ben" Finney, who had checked the same area of the ship without noting the problem, is reprimanded and rendered unpromotable. Finney blames Kirk for ruining his career and holds a grudge for more than a decade. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • The Brotherhood of Steel dispatches an expedition under the command of Paladin Owyn Lyons to travel across the country and scour the ruins of Washington D.C. for pre-war technology, as well as investigate sightings of super mutants on the east coast. (Fallout 3)
  • M'Loto Sehetu leaves the Feyadeen to study medicine. (Mercy Heights)


  • The Lyons Expedition reaches the ruins of Pittsburgh, now a polluted and anarchic den of depravity called the Pitt. In a battle that will be known as the Scourge, the Brotherhood of Steel torches the ruins, killing raiders and rescuing untainted children. There is only one Brotherhood casualty, Ishmael Ashur, who is buried in rubble and left for dead. When he is later pulled free by scavengers, his appearance impresses the superstitious locals so much that they make him their leader. Ashur sets about consolidating power and rebuilding the Pitt into a working city. (Fallout 3 - The Pitt)
  • The Lyons Expedition reaches the Capital Wasteland and claims the ruins of the Pentagon as its headquarters, dubbed the Citadel. Lyons is promoted to Elder, and his forces help contain the super mutant presence around D.C. (Fallout 3)


  • The space station Babylon 5 opens. The Vorlons send Kosh Naranek as ambassador. (Babylon 5)
  • The USS Farragut encounters a "cloud creature" on planet Tycho IV. The encounter results in the death of about 200 crew members before the ship managed to escape. The ship's navigator, Lieutenant James Tiberius Kirk, is recommended for his "uncommon bravery" in his first combat situation. Nevertheless, Kirk suffers guilt for his perceived failure to rescue more lives. (Star Trek the Original Series)


  • The planet Vulcan is destroyed by time-travelers from the 24th century (the original Star Trek timeline), precipitating the ascension of a young James T. Kirk to Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise six years early. (Star Trek [2009 film])
  • President Luis Santiago is assassinated. Morgan Clark takes presidency. (Babylon 5)
  • A scientist named James experiences joy and grief in equal measure when his wife Catherine dies after giving birth. He abandons their lives' work and talks his way into Vault 101 with his child, becoming the Vault's doctor. (Fallout 3)


  • Humans arrive in the Koprulu Sector. (Starcraft)
  • The Narn-Centauri war begins. The Centauri receive secret help from the Shadows. (Babylon 5)


  • The Narn-Centauri war ends. Babylon 5 declares independence from Earth. Kosh Naranek killed. (Babylon 5)


  • The war between Shadows and Vorlons ends and both leave the galaxy. The Centauri leave Narn. The Earth civil war takes place. The Interstellar Alliance is formed. (Babylon 5)
  • Robert and Nancy Crater begin their archaeological research on planet M-113 and are both killed by a native lifeform. The event goes unnoticed and the USS Enterprise will attempt to bring supplies to them in 2266. Dr. Leonard McCoy, Nancy's old flame, would be eager to see her. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • Dr. Roger Corby, a medical archaeologist, goes missing in action, leaving behind his fiancée, Christine Chapel.(Star Trek the Original Series)
  • Birth of David Marcus, illegitimate son of James Tiberius Kirk and Dr. Carol Marcus. He would be raised by his mother alone. Carol continues to pursue her career as a molecular biologist and has no intention to settle down. (Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan)


  • The Centauri war takes place. The Centauri leave the Interstellar Alliance. (Babylon 5)


  • The Great Evil returns to destroy all life on Earth, but it is defeated by the five elements. (The Fifth Element)


  • The Telepath war begins. Psi Corps is destroyed. (Babylon 5)
  • Birth of Tuvok in the Vulcanis Lunar Colony. His unnamed father and his mother T'Meni would later encourage him to join the Starfleet. (Star Trek Voyager)


  • U.S.S. Enterprise launched on another five-year mission under Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Spock serves as first officer, Montgomery Scott as chief engineer, Gary Mitchell as helmsman, Lee Kelso as navigator, Dr. Mark Piper as chief medical officer, Hikaru Sulu as chief officer of the astrosciences department, Richard Alden as communications officer, and Barbara Smith as Captain's Yeoman. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • In their first recorded adventure of the new crew, helmsman Gary Mitchell and psychiatrist Elizabeth Dehner undergo a mutation, gaining vast psionic powers but dying as a result. (Star Trek the Original Series)


  • The Drakh wars begins. The Drakh spread a deadly virus on Earth. (Babylon 5)
  • Several staff changes aboard the USS Enterprise. Dr. Mark Piper is replaced by Dr. Leonard McCoy as chief medical officer. Hikaru Sulu, previously part of the science division, becomes the new helmsman. Nyota Uhura becomes the new chief communications officer. Janice Rand becomes the new captain's yeoman. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • A Romulan ship enters Federation space, ending a century of self-isolation for the Romulans. (Star Trek the Original Series)


  • Khan Noonien Singhe and 71 of his followers are revived from suspended animation and settled on Ceti Alpha V. Khan is joined by Marla McGivers, a historian on the Enterprise who he romanced. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • Christopher Pike, former Captain of the Enterprise, has been crippled and disfigured while in service. Spock hijacks the Enterprise to deliver Pike to Talos IV, where the local telepaths could help their old acquaintance live a happy life among their illusions. (Star Trek the Original Series)


  • Ceti Alpha VI, sixth planet in its system, is destroyed under mysterious circumstances. The disaster wipes out all life on Ceti Alpha V except for Khan Noonien Singh. (Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan)


  • The USS Enterprise ends its five-year mission under Captain James Tiberius Kirk. (Star Trek the Animated Series, Star Trek Voyager)
  • Estimated birth of Felisa Howard, paternal grandmother of Dr. Beverly Crusher. She would become a herbalist and healer. (Star Trek the Next Generation)
  • Birth of Demora Sulu, daughter of Hikaru Sulu and Susan Ling. She would serve as captain of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B) (Star Trek Generations, novels: The Captain's Daughter, Serpents Among the Ruins)


  • Formation of the Free Worlds League. (BattleTech)
  • Refit U.S.S. Enterprise, under Admiral James T. Kirk, saves Earth from V'ger. (Star Trek the Motion Picture)
  • By this time, dependence on computer entertainment has reduced the human population to just two people. The seaQuest arrives from 250 years in the past and ensures the human race continues. (SeaQuest DSV)
  • The New California Republic begins exploring the Mojave Wasteland, encountering the local Desert Rangers. The Ranger Unification Treaty is the result. (Fallout: New Vegas)


  • After learning that NCR scouts have reached the Hoover Dam, the mysterious Mr. House "civilizes" the local tribals, forming the Three Families to help renovate the ruins of Las Vegas. By the time the scouts start their way home, they find a fully-functioning city waiting for them, blazing with light in the middle of the desert. The New California Republic signs the New Vegas Treaty, allowing them to operate in the region and draw power from the Hoover Dam, while recognizing Mr. House and the Three Families' authority. NCR citizens begin visiting the Strip. (Fallout: New Vegas)


  • The Fairness In Hell Act is passed, requiring the Robot Devil to release a soul (and a solid gold fiddle) from hell if someone can beat him in a fiddle contest. (Futurama)
  • McCarran Airport is established as Camp McCarran, the New California Republic's headquarters in the Mojave. The NCR begins clashing with the local chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. Legion scouts report that the NCR is renovating the Hoover Dam, and Caesar prepares for war. (Fallout: New Vegas)


  • Elder Lions ignites controversy within the Brotherhood of Steel by announcing that he intends to help the people of the Capital Wasteland as his primary goal, rather than focusing on acquiring pre-war technology. His superiors on the west coast allow him to keep his position, but cease sending material support. Paladin Casdin leads a dissenting faction to break away from Lyons, forming the Brotherhood Outcasts and continuing their original mission. (Fallout 3)
  • Operation: Sunburst. The Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel is dealt a crushing blow by the NCR while attempting to hold the HELIOS One solar plant on the orders of Father Elijah. After the battle, Elijah mysteriously disappears, and Nolan McNamara takes up the rank of Elder to lead the Brotherhood to the safety of Hidden Valley. (Fallout: New Vegas)


  • Vault 101 is thrown into chaos as James defies the Overseer's security forces and leaves the Vault. His child soon follows in his footsteps, adventuring across the Capital Wasteland and becoming known as Lone Wanderer. (Fallout 3)
  • Megaton resident Moira Brown, with the considerable help of the Lone Wanderer, publishes The Wasteland Survival Guide, an indispensable handbook to thriving in the post-apocalyptic world. The book will go on to become so successful that copies travel as far west as the Mojave in less than four years. (Fallout 3)
  • The Brotherhood Outcasts uncover a bunker containing an elaborate virtual reality training simulation, depicting battles on the Alaskan front of the Sino-American War. (Fallout 3 - Operation Anchorage)
  • A former Pitt slave named Werner arrives in the Capital Wasteland, seeking aid in overthrowing Lord Ashur. (Fallout 3 - The Pitt)
  • The First Battle for Hoover Dam. Caesar's Legion, under the command of Legate Graham, pushes the NCR out of the dam and into the nearby town of Boulder City. The invaders take catastrophic losses after the NCR detonates a cache of explosives buried under the town, then rout the Legion and retake the dam. As punishment for his failure, Caesar has Graham covered in pitch, set aflame, and hurled over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Graham nevertheless survives and journeys back to New Canaan, where he rejoins the Mormon Church. (Fallout: New Vegas)


  • The Lone Wanderer battles elements of the Enclave for control of Project Purity, ultimately activating the purifier designed to bring safe drinking water to the region. The Enclave bunker at Raven Rock is destroyed and the Brotherhood of Steel begins distributing Aqua Pura to the people of the Capital Wasteland. (Fallout 3 - Broken Steel)
  • The Duchess Gambit sails up the Potomac and docks in the Capital Wasteland, offering adventurers a chance to explore Point Lookout, Maryland. (Fallout 3 - Point Lookout)
  • The Lone Wanderer is abducted by aliens with sinister intentions for Earth, but turns the tables on the extraterrestrials and joins forces with other captives to destroy their mothership high in the thermosphere. (Fallout 3 - Mothership Zeta)
  • The NCR attacks a Great Khan encampment at Bitter Springs. Believing it to be a primary staging point for Khan raids, NCR forces instead end up massacring fleeing women and children, wounded and elderly. (Fallout: New Vegas)


  • John Sheridan dies. Babylon 5 is abandoned and destroyed. (Babylon 5)
  • A courier for the Mojave Express is ambushed near the town of Goodsprings, robbed, shot twice in the head, and buried in a shallow grave in the town cemetery. Surviving despite the odds, the Courier sets off to track down a group of would-be killers and learn what was so important about the Platinum Chip they stole. (Fallout: New Vegas)
  • The Happy Trails Caravan Company organizes an expedition to New Canaan, inviting others (particularly those with working Pip-Boys) to join on. (Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts)
  • A broadcast for the grand opening of the Sierra Madre casino invites travelers to a place where they can let go and begin again.(Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money)
  • Attending the Midnight Science-Fiction Showing at the Mojave Drive-In, the Courier is abducted and taken to the Big MT Research and Development center, where a group of Pre-War scientists commit various atrocities and create unusual devices. (Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues)
  • The Courier receives a message from fellow courier Ulysses, who promises to explain why he chose to let the Courier take the Platinum Chip. The two couriers have a final confrontation at the Divide. (Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road)
  • Dendrellian/Pennari peace talks hit a snag when Kalaya Thalassa, the Dendrellain ambassador, is murdered. (Mercy Heights)


  • The NCR, Caesar's Legion, and Mr. House face off in the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, gambling everything on the future of New Vegas. The Courier helps stack the deck. (Fallout: New Vegas)




  • The U.S.S. Enterprise-A, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk, travels to the center of the galaxy. Kirk meets "God." (Star Trek V the Final Frontier)
  • Coalition States establish the Post-Apocalypse calendar. (1 PA) (Rifts)



  • The Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine is developed. (Halo)


  • Celestial Being begins testing of the Second Generation Gundam Prototypes at a secret facillity called 'Krung Thep'. (Gundam 00P)



  • The Earth is a barren wasteland where the remnants of humanity struggle to survive, while being hunted by the robotic forces of Mother Brain. (Chrono Trigger)
  • The beginning of the Second Dark Ages. (The Psychotechnic League)

23rd century

  • Dave Lister and Arnold Rimmer's home era. [3] (Red Dwarf)
  • After war and ecological collapse, humanity survives in a sealed dome city. Population is controlled by killing anyone older than 30, a rule enforced by the Sandmen. Logan 5, a Sandman, is forced to go on the run himself. (Logan's Run)
  • The Star Trek Wars break out when the Church of Trek takes control of several major world governments, including Germany (which is renamed "Nazi Planet Episode Land".) In the aftermath, all Trekkies are executed and all mention of Star Trek is banned. (Futurama)
  • Decapodians arrive on Earth. The anchovy goes extinct shortly thereafter. (Futurama)
  • The United Earth Sphere Alliance begins oppressing the local space colonies following the assassination of the charismatic colonial leader Heero Yuy. Twenty years later, a group of five young colonists are sent to Earth with super-powerful mobile weapons called Gundams, tasked with weakening the Alliance and freeing the colonies. (Gundam Wing)
  • Large portions of the Earth, including London, is flooded due to global warming and humanity builds underwater bases. A rift of Vortron radiation plays havoc with one of these at Christmas. (Doctor Who: The Adventure Games)
  • Organic livestock is extinct, and laws banning the consumption of surviving animals are in place to preserve biodiversity; humans survive on synthetic food. Corporations such as TransTime and Time to Time make money by sending cowboys back to the Mesozoic era to harvest dinosaur meat. (Flesh)

2301 C.E. to 2400 C.E.




  • Birth of Jean-Luc Picard to Maurice Picard and his wife Yvette Gessard in La Barre, France. Maurice hoped to leave the family business to his sons, but Jean-Luc would instead enlist in the Starfleet. (Star Trek the Next Generation)


  • Estimated birth of Matthew Dougherty, a Vice Admiral of the Starfleet. Late in life he would conspire with the Son'a against the Ba'ku, resulting in his own death. (Star Trek Insurrection)


  • The private armed organisation Celestial Being announces its existence to the world and begins armed interventions in all conflict using the weapons known as Gundam. (Mobile Suit Gundam 00)


  • The three main world powers unite their military forces and defeat Celestial Being. (Mobile Suit Gundam 00)
  • Bender travels back to this year from the year 3007; uses a fleet of flying saucers to demolish all of New York City except the Applied Cryogenics building. Humanity is briefly reduced to barbarian tribes, which are also demolished by flying saucers. ((Futurama")


  • Birth of master chef Joseph Sisko. He would become the father of Benjamin Sisko and paternal grandfather of Jake Sisko. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)


  • Monks of Dschubba complete the biggest radio telescope in the world in the Himalayas and begin scanning the sky for God. (Futurama)


  • At about this time: Princess Flavia, fiancée of Emperor Nikolai of Robo-Hungary, starts an affair with his cousin Basil. The Love Triangle between the three robots would last to 3010. (Futurama)


  • The newly established Earth Sphere Federation establishes the autonomous peacekeeping force known as the A-LAWS to suppress dissidents. (Mobile Suit Gundam 00)
  • Celestial Being returns and begins to battle the A-LAWS. (Mobile Suit Gundam 00)


  • The Terran Alliance is dissolved. (BattleTech)
  • Birth of Kira Meru on planet Bajor. She would become the mother of Kira Nerys and mistress of Dukat. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
  • Humanity is contacted by a race of aliens dubbed Extraterrestrial Liquidmetal Shapeshifters (ELS). The Earth military and Celestial Being fight back, until they eventually learn that the ELS are peaceful nomads looking for a new home. (Gundam 00 a Wakening of The Trailblazer)



  • The Maximals, descendents of the Autobots, attempt to create a being with an immortal spark similar to Starscream's. They succeed, but the result is an insane psychopath by the name of Rampage. (Beast Wars)



  • Agent 5 of the Temporal Security Agency stops Elliot Sinclair from altering history to prevent humanity from joining the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings. (The Journeyman Project)



  • Optimus Primal is drafted to dispose of Rampage on some faraway planet, under the guise of a scientific expedition. (Beast Wars)
  • A group of renegade Predacons, led by one who names himself after Megatron, steal a Transwarp cruiser and go back in time to 180,000 BC to try and change to outcome of the Autobot-Decepticon war. They are pursued by Optimus Primal's Maximals. (Beast Wars)
  • A Predacon named after Galvatron travels forward in time to claim the angolmois on the abandoned Earth, now called Gaea. Lio Convoy pursues. (Beast Wars II)
  • Predacon agent Magmatron, seeking revenge on Unicron for the destruction of the planet Dinosaur, travels forward in time to just after Lio Convoy's defeat of Galvatron to claim the angolmois for himself. Big Convoy pursues. (Beast Wars Neo)
  • The Transformers return from Gaea with angolmois, which allows Unicron to merge with Vector Sigma and thus use Cybertron as his new body. Lio Convoy and Big Convoy destroy him with the Matrix Buster, after which Lio Convoy is made supreme ruler of Cybertron. Maximals and Predacons work together to rebuild their world. (Beast Wars Neo)
  • Birth of Dr. Lewis Zimmerman to Gregory Zimmerman and his wife Sandra Fritz in New Jersey. He would become the mentor of Julian Bashir and the creator of the Emergency Medical Holographic program. The program created holographic medical officers for various ships, all modeled after Zimmerman himself. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager)


  • On the return flight to Cybertron, Megatron manages to free himself from his bonds and arrives early. He uses his free time to conquer the planet with his Vehicon drones. When Optimus Primal's crew touches down, they are disabled by a transformation lock virus. Soon after, they are reformatted into new, technorganic bodies by Vector Sigma and launch a guerilla war against Megatron. (Beast Machines)
  • Megatron attempts to unite absorb every spark on Cybertron, but is stopped by Optimus Primal. Cybertron becomes a verdant, technorganic planet, as it was meant to be. (Beast Machines)


  • Terran Confederacy founded in Koprulu Sector. (Starcraft)


  • Birth of Dr. Beverly Cheryl Howard (later Beverly Crusher) to Paul and Isabel Howard on Copernicus City, Luna. Due to the early death of her parents, Beverly would be raised by her paternal grandmother Felisa Howard. Felisa was a herbalist and healer, inspiring her granddaughter to seek formal training in medicine. (Star Trek the Next Generation)


  • Birth of Miles Edward O'Brien in Ireland. Instead of becoming a cello player, Miles would enlist in Starfleet. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)


  • Birth of Chakotay to Kolopak and an unnamed mother on a Federation colony world. Father and son would later join the Maquis. (Star Trek Voyager)


  • Birth of Betazoid-human hybrid Kestra Troi to to Ian Andrew Troi and his wife Lwaxana. Kestra would drown as a child, the memory of the event traumatizing her mother. (Star Trek the Next Generation)




  • Birth of Geordi La Forge to Edward M. La Forge and Silva La Forge, both Starfleet officers, on Earth. Geordi would grow to become the chief engineer on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. (Star Trek the Next Generation)
  • Birth of William Thomas Riker to Kyle and Betty Riker in Alaska. William would grow to become the first officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. (Star Trek the Next Generation)
  • Creation of Lore, an advanced android, by Dr. Noonian Soong and his Juliana O'Donnell. Lore is deactivated after showing signs of emotional instability and malevolence. Its creators start working on their next model, Data. (Star Trek the Next Generation)
  • Estimated birth of Kathryn Janeway to Edward and Gretchen Janeway. (Star Trek Voyager novel: Mosaic)


  • Birth of Betazoid-human hybrid Deanna Troi to Ian Andrew Troi and his wife Lwaxana on planet Betazed. She will grow to become ship's counselor on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. (Star Trek the Next Generation)





  • Lyran Commonwealth founded. (BattleTech)
  • Birth of Jadzia, a Trill girl. She would become the eighth host of the Dax symbiont, and be afterwards known as Jadzia Dax. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
  • Birth of Julian Subatoi "Jules" Bashir to Richard and Amsha Bashir. He would grow to become the chief medical officer on Deep Space Nine. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
  • The last of Brennan's kidnapped and memory-wiped aides, Truesdale, goes back to locate him out of curiosity over what had happened in his missing months, rejoins him. Brennan and Truesdale locate the Pak fleet heading towards Earth. Brennan and Truesdale depart aboard the Flying Dutchman to gather reinforcements and head them off. (Known Space)



  • U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) destroyed defending the Klingon settlement on Narenda III from Romulans. The sacrifice of the Enterprise-C helps lead to stronger ties between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. (Star Trek the Next Generation)
  • The Pak migration fleet alters course. (Known Space)


  • Truesdale and Brennan meet, destroy the Pak scout ships. (Known Space)
  • Sela born to an unnamed Romulan general and a time-traveling Natasha Yar. She would grow to become a high-ranking Romulan officer and play key parts in attempted invasions of Klingon and Vulcan areas. (Star Trek the Next Generation)
  • Birth of Kurn, son of Mogh. He would grow up to become a member of the Klingon High Council.(Star Trek the Next Generation)


  • A Romulan surprise attack on a Klingon colony results in the annihilation of most of the colonists. USS Intrepid manages to rescue Worf and another Klingon. Worf is adopted by Sergey and Helena Rozhenko. (Star Trek the Next Generation)
  • Kira Meru dies in a Cardassian hospital. She is survived by her husband Kira Taban, lover Gul Dukat and children Nerys, Reon, and Kira Pohl). (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)





  • Truesdale learns of Brennan's plan and kills him to prevent it, then is forced to advance to Protector stage and takes up the plan himself. Truesdale releases Tree-Of-Life virus into the atmosphere of the planet Home, killing most of the population and turning the survivors into Protectors. Truesdale and the new protectors leave to eliminate the Pak fleet. (Known Space)
  • Birth of Mardah on planet Bajor. She would become the main love interest of Jake Sisko. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)


  • Birth of Nog to Rom and Prinadora. He would become the first Ferengi to enlist in Starfleet. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
  • Birth of Cardassian-Bajoran hybrid Tora Ziyal, illegitimate daughter of Dukat and Tora Naprem. As her father is an officer of the Cardassian forces occupying Bajoran, Ziyal's existence threatens his political career. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)


  • December 24 - Kwanzabot begins giving out "What the hell is Kwanzaa?" books. (Futurama)


  • July 9 - The Silence -- the end of recorded history accessible to time-travelers -- occurs. (The Company Novels)
  • The Angel's Pencil makes First Contact with a warship of the Kzin Empire, defends itself, rediscovering war. Beginning of the Man-Kzin Wars, end of the Long Peace. (Known Space)
  • Revolution on Plateau leads to the overthrowing of the ruling class and establishment of equality. (Known Space)
  • Jake Sisko born to Benjamin Lafayette Sisko and his wife Jennifer. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)


  • The second shockwave of Hydrus Beta supernova and the cosmic fracture reach Earth. The Great Mission and Mission Genesis commence. (Stellvia of the Universe)
  • Magnus, Erin and Annika Hansen are all assimilated by the Borg. Annika would resurface as Seven of Nine. (Star Trek Voyager)


  • First Kzin scouts begin probing Wunderland. (Known Space)


  • Earth begins broadcasting warnings about the Kzin to the colonies. (Known Space)


  • Birth of Artim, son of Sojef on planet Ba'ku. While part of a culture which prohibits the use of advanced technology, Artim would later have a bonding experience with the android Data. (Star Trek Insurrection)


  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard takes command of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), and meets the nigh-omnipotent Q. (Star Trek the Next Generation)
  • The Enterprise becomes the first Federation ship to contact the Ferengi, an alien civilization based on the ideals of free enterprise. (Star Trek the Next Generation)


  • Q teleports the Enterprise to an uncharted area of space. While there, the Enterprise becomes the first Federation ship to have contact with the Borg. (Star Trek the Next Generation)



  • Borg assimilate Captain Picard and use his tactical knowledge in attempted conquest of the Federation. Picard is rescued, and the invading Borg cube defeated close to Earth. (Star Trek the Next Generation)
  • Kzin begin invading Wunderland at about the same time that the warnings from Earth begin arriving. Makeshift defenses hold out for six months, after which three slowships are sent to other Earth and other colonies. Wunderland falls soon after, and Kzin occupation begins. (Known Space)


  • Birth of Molly O'Brien to Miles Edward O'Brien and his wife Keiko Ishikawa aboard the USS Enterprise-D. (Star Trek the Next Generation)
  • Sarek of Vulcan dies of Bendii Syndrome at the age of 204. He is survived by his son Spock. (Star Trek the Next Generation)
  • Birth of Mezoti, a Norcadian girl. She will be assimilated by the Borg at an early age. Later one of several "Borg children" in the care of Seven of Nine. (Star Trek Voyager)




  • Birth of Ktarian-human hybrid Naomi Wildman to Greskrendtregk and Samantha Wildman aboard the USS Voyager. (Star Trek Voyager)


  • U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) helps defeat a second Borg attack on Earth and prevents them from conquering Earth in the past. (Star Trek First Contact)
  • Dominion War between the United Federation of Planets and the Dominion begins. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
  • Kirayoshi "Yoshi" O'Brien born to Miles Edward O'Brien and his wife Keiko Ishikawa. Kira Nerys serves as surrogate birth mother. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)

24½th century

  • Duck Dodgers and his Eager Young Space Cadet is sent on a mission to Planet X, the planet of the shaving cream atom. Dodgers claims this planet in the name of the Earth, while Marvin the Martian claims it in the name of Mars. [5] ("Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century" [1953 short film])


  • Dominion War ends with a Dominion defeat. In the aftermath, only the Federation and the Romulan Empire remain as powers with the ability to affect the entire quadrant. (Star Trek)
  • U.S.S. Enterprise-E crew save the Ba'ku from the Son'a. (Star Trek Insurrection)
  • End of mass medication-induced pacifism to allow for soldiers to fight off the Kzin. (Known Space)



  • July 3 - The Sixth Doctor and Peri arive on the planet Thoros Beta to investigate the advanced weaponry of the Warlords of Thordon. [7] (Doctor Who)
  • Shinzon and the Remans attempt a takeover of the Romulan Empire. Effort thwarted by crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E.[8] (Star Trek Nemesis)


  • First Kzin Fleet is destroyed by the Strather Launch Array. (Known Space)


  • Second Kzin Fleet launched against Sol. (Known Space)


  • Romulus, homeworld of the Romulan Empire, destroyed in a supernova. Ambassador Spock uses an artificial black hole to stop the expanding supernova, but Spock and the insane Romulan Nero are pulled back in time as a result. (Star Trek [2009 film])


  • Second Kzin Fleet is shattered by the Mercury Launch batteries. One fourth is totally destroyed. The remainder limp back to Alpha Centauri. (Known Space)


  • Third Kzin Fleet launched against Sol. (Known Space)
  • Faster than Light travel becomes practical. (Legend of the Galactic Heroes)


  • The Voyager returns to Earth with its crew considerably aged. Captain Kathryn Janeway would later change the timeline, allowing the ship to return ahead of schedule. (Star Trek: Voyager)


  • Third Kzin Fleet attacks using actual strategy, a feint-and-pounce. Routed, but not before wiping out most of the Sol's defenses. (Known Space)


  • Scientists on Jinx develop life-lenthening Boosterspice from ragweed and possibly the Tree-Of-Life virus. (Known Space)

24th Century

  • Humans manage to harness the power of angolmois, but realise it has the potential to destroy the universe. They thus abandon Earth, leaving an observation station on the moon. Earth quickly reverts to wilderness. (Beast Wars II)
  • Thursday, March 38th (sic; year unknown) - Custer's comet is destroyed moments before impacting Earth. Stix is killed by Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer. (Strontium Dog)
  • Introduction of Transfer Booths, teleportation booths introduced in secret by Puppeteer envoys seeking capital and means by which to manipulate humanity. They remain a luxury for the first part of the century. (Known Space)
  • Ellen Ripley is successfully cloned on the xenomorph research station USM Auriga (Alien Resurrection)
  • A Generation Ship with an amazing resemblance to a refurbished warehouse enlists the aid of Blast Hardcheese to save them from mutineers. (Space Mutiny)


  • Birth of Sabrina to Naomi Wildman, in a timeline where the Voyager returned to Earth in the year 2394. (Star Trek Voyager)
  • American Express goes out of business. (Futurama)

2401 C.E. to 2449 C.E.



  • Fourth Kzin Fleet launched. This is the first one to contain a professional military force. (Known Space)


  • Admiral Kathryn Janeway purchases a time travel device. She uses it to return to 2378, helping the Voyager return ahead of schedule. (Star Trek Voyager)


  • The Wunderland resistance begins making outright moves against the Kzin occupation force. (Known Space)


  • The Fourth Kzin Fleet reaches Sol and is routed, though narrowly, at the Battle of Ceres. (Known Space)
  • In a timeline where Deanna Troi had died in 2368, William T Riker discovers that she was poisoned by a time traveller in order to unprevent a war with the Sindareen. Riker strives to return back in time and correct matters. (Star Trek the Next Generation, novel: Imzadi.[9])


  • Outsiders contact a ship near We Made It, and sell a hyperdrive manual. Construction on hyperdrive shunts begins. (Known Space)
  • The Borg are back and the galaxy is once again on the edge of war. The Federation and The Klingon Empire are once again at each other's throats, and the tattered remains of the Romulan empire may be scattered, but they remain a credible military threat to both. That's only compounded with a newly democratic Cardassia facing a civil war against True Way rebels helped by the remains of the Dominion, and the Undine (formerly Species 8472) infiltrating everyone. (Star Trek Online)


  • Hyperdrive ships from We Made It arrive on earth, bringing the secret to FTL technology with them. (Known Space)


  • Liberation of Wunderland begins with a pair of saboteurs and some missile impacts. The leader of the Kzin occupation force is devoured alive by his starvation-crazed children. (Known Space)


  • Liberation of Wunderland completed. Kzin forces driven from the system, with a few remaining to become equal citizens. (Known Space)



  • Battle of Down "won" by humans, despite three human deaths for each Kzin death. Down annexed by humanity. (Known Space)


  • Signing of The MacDonald-Rishaii Peace Treaty. End of the First Man-Kzin war. (Known Space)


  • Martian food riot escalates into the Misriah Massacre. 500 starving Martian citizens imcinerated by panicked United Earth Government riot troopers. (Marathon)


  • Second Coming of Jesus; most videotapes of the late-twentieth century era are destroyed. (Futurama)
  • Kzin get hyperdrive technology. (Known Space)


  • Second Man-Kzin War begins with diversionary attacks on Sigma Draconis and Barnard's Star. (Known Space)

Early to Mid 25th century

  • Nog the Ferengi and Jake Sisko investigate the classified activities of Section 31, a secret organization within Starfleet. (Star Trek Enterprise Relaunch, novel:The Good That Men Do)

2450 2500 C.E.


  • An alternate timeline version of Jake Sisko commits suicide by poisoning. A time-displaced Benjamin Sisko witnessing the event, and is then able to retun to his own time and help his son take a different course. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)


  • By this time, humanity has abandoned a polluted Earth for a new world (Earth Two). Jason Voorhees is found on Earth, and wreaks havoc after thawing out. (Friday the 13th (film))


  • Angel's Pencil colonizes the planet Sheathclaws. Colony comprised of a mix of humans and Kzin telepaths. (Known Space)


  • First use of Battlemechs in combat. (BattleTech)


  • The Romulans attack the Guardian of Forever. This invasion is repelled. (Star Trek Expanded Universe, Strange New Worlds VII: Guardians).


  • The Horta are assigned to protect the Guardian of Forever from any further attack, becoming the Guardians of the Guardian.(Star Trek Expanded Universe, Strange New Worlds VII: Guardians).


  • The colony ship Marathon leaves Mars orbit and begins its voyage to Tau Ceti. (Marathon)


  • End of the Second Man-Kzin War. The Kdatlyno are freed from centuries, if not millenia, of slavery to the Kzin. (Known Space)
  • Washington DC is rededicated to Washington the Sweathog. (Futurama)



  • The Kzin world of Warhead is attacked with a large mining weapon, and annexed by humans, who are prompted by its newest, climate-altering, visible-from-space feature to name it Canyon. End of the Third Man-Kzin War. (Known Space)


  • December 8 - A Protoss fleet, led by Tassadar, arrives at the Zerg-infested Terran colony world Chau Sara and eradicates all life on the planet. (Starcraft)
  • December 12 - Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg enter the Great War. (Starcraft)

25th Century


  • Fourth Man-Kzin War begins with a series of kamikaze attacks on human ships guarding the Eridani worlds. (Known Space)
  • Humanity, specifically a man named Pierson, discovers the Puppeteers. They are after known as Pierson's Puppeteers. They set up the General Products Coporation to sell technology to humanity and get more influence over them. (Known Space)
  • A civil war breaks out between the zerg remnants, later known as the Brood War. Around this time, a UED fleet from Earth arrives, wanting to use the zerg to pacify the sector.[10] (Starcraft: Brood War)
  • A French spaceship transporting Professor Antelle, his colleague Arthur Levain, and journalist Ulysse Mérou is launched. Its destinatios is the star Betelgeuse. Two years passed inside the ship while 350 years pass on Earth. (Planet of the Apes (1963), the original novel)
  • Korvak, a retired Romulan admiral, acquires a 23rd century Romulan warbird. He then time-travels back to that era and has have one last adventure, intending to fight and defeat the legendary James Tiberius Kirk. Other time-travelers covertly help Kirk win this battle. (Star Trek Expanded Universe, Strange New Worlds VI: One Last Adventure).
  • Visa goes out of business. (Futurama)

2501 2549 C.E.



  • Perfectly average soldier Joe Bauers exits a 500-year suspended animation experiment along with a hooker named Rita. Both soon realize that 500 years has caused the intelligence of Earth's population to have regressed. (Idiocracy)
  • Covenant of Shasht is signed on Fafnir/Shasht, signaling the end of the Fourth Man-Kzin War. (Known Space)


  • Unification War begins. (Firefly)


  • Battle of Serenity Valley. (Firefly)
  • The Unification War ends with the Alliance victorious. (Firefly)
  • Approximate date that the common cold is cured. Humans begin to lose their resistance. (Futurama)


  • August 17 - Dr Halsey meets John-117 for the first time, approves him for conscription into the SPARTAN-II project. (Halo)
  • September 23 - SPARTAN-II project begins. 75 test subjects are kidnapped for training and replaced with clones. (Halo)
  • The Firefly-class ship Serenity takes on passengers at Persephone, [12]. (Firefly)


  • February 3 - Contact with the Human colony of Harvest is lost. First Human contact with the Covenant races. (Halo)
  • March 9 - The SPARTAN-II trainees undergo a series of radical augmentation procedures. 30 die and 12 are left disabled. (Halo)
  • November 1 - Vice Admiral Preston Cole assembles the largest fleet in Human history to retake Harvest. (Halo)
  • November 27 - The SPARTAN-II trainees receive their MJOLNIR armour. (Halo)
  • If man is still alive, if woman can survive, they might find... (Zager & Evans)
  • Cleo, an exotic dancer from the 20th Century put into cryogenic sleep after complications with her breast augmentation surgery, awakens to join the human resistance against robots known as the Baileys. (Cleopatra 2525)
  • Zak Kebron, a Brikarian and retired Starfleet officer, narrates his experiences from the Dominion War (2373-2375). His son Cal Kebron has been asked to study "the glories of war". Zak instead points out the waste, pain, and futility of war. (Star Trek New Frontier, Tales of the Dominion War:Stone Cold Truths)
  • Mike Nelson and his mechanical companions, Tom Servo, Gypsy, Cambot, and Magic Voice return to the Satellite of Love, where they are reunited with Crow T. Robot. They soon find themselves in the clutches of some "super intelligent" apes and thier "Lawgiver" Pearl Forrester. (Mystery Science Theater 3000)


  • Admiral Cole retakes the Harvest colony. (Halo)
  • Colonel Ackerson begins his SPARTAN-III project. Type-III Spartans are cheaper to produce and train en masse, but not as effective in battle as their predecessors. (Halo)


  • July - SPARTAN-III Alpha Company is deployed against Covenant shipyard. Target is destroyed at the cost of the entire company. (Halo)


  • A man called "John the Savage" is brought to the World State from the Malpais Reservation. Disgusted by his experiences, he eventually commits suicide. (Brave New World)


  • July – SPARTAN-III Beta Company deployed against Covenant refinery. Target is destroyed at the cost of all but two of the SPARTAN-IIIs. (Halo)

2550 C.E. - 2600 C.E.


  • The Puppeteer Nessus arrives on Earth to manage the General Products corporation. (Known Space)


  • July – the Battle for Sigma Octanus IV. (Halo)
  • August 27 – All surviving SPARTAN-IIs recalled to Reach for upgrades and training. (Halo)
  • August 29 - Master Chief meets Cortana for the first time. (Halo)
  • August 30 – The Covenant arrive at Reach. All but approximately six SPARTAN-IIs are killed defending the planet. (Halo)
  • September 19 – The Pillar of Autumn arrives at Alpha Halo. (Halo)
  • September 22 – Master Chief destroys Alpha Halo. (Halo)
  • October – Master Chief, Cortana and Johnson return to Earth. The Prophet of Regret’s fleet arrives, beginning the First Battle for Earth. Master Chief and company leave for Delta Halo. (Halo 2)
  • November 3 – SPARTAN-II Blue Team, SPARTAN-III Sabre and Katana squads, Sgt Mendez and Dr Halsey are trapped inside the Onyx Shield World. (Halo: Ghosts of Onyx)
  • Late November – Master Chief Returns again to Earth, fights the Covenant occupation and leaves through the Ark Portal. (Halo 3)


  • Master Chief kills the Prophet of Truth and the Gravemind, destroys the Ark, [13]. (Halo 3)
  • March 3 – the Human-Covenant war officially ends. (Halo3)


  • The F-Zero Grand Prix begins. (F-Zero)



  • A robot ship launched in 2268 reaches the Kelvan Empire of the Andromeda Galaxy. The Kelvans learn that the remnants of their invasion force, under Rojan, have concluded a peace treaty with the Federation. (Star Trek the Original Series)
  • Prefect Tamar of the Kelvan Empire is sent to the Milky Way Galaxy. He finds Rojan and his crew having gone native for centuries, even leading a small Kelvan colony. Tamar brands Rojan a traitor and warns them of a new Kelvan invasion force. The local Kelvans turn Tamar into a cube and effectively renounce their affiliation to the Empire. (Star Trek Expanded Universe, Strange New Worlds 9: Gone Native).




  • Transport ship crashes on planet Hades; criminal Riddick and others band together to survive. (Pitch Black)



  • Home is recolonized, the Tree-Of-Life virus in the atmosphere having dropped to low enough levels for human habitation without transformation to Protector stage. (Known Space)


  • A single Kzin ship attacks the solar system. (Known Space)

26th Century

  • United Federation of Planets defeats the Sphere Builders. The Federation of this era includes the Ithenites, the Klingons and the Xindi. The U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-J) operates by this time. (Star Trek Enterprise)
  • Centuries after the Flame Deluge and the Simplification that followed, a novice of the Order of Leibowitz discovers a cache of ancient documents. (A Canticle for Leibowitz)


  • Sixth Man-Kzin War begins. (Known Space)
  • The end of the Second Dark Ages. (The Psychotechnic League)
  • At about this time, the planet Chapek 9 is colonized by Earth robots. These robots left Earth to pursue a life free from humans. Their anti-human laws would be very strict. (Futurama)

2601 C.E. - 2700 C.E.


  • Mankind captures, occupies the Kzin homeworld. (Known Space)


  • End of the Sixth, and last, Man-Kzin War. Two kzin worlds are annexed, and Kzin are forbidden to carry any weapons other than police restraint devices. (Known Space)


  • In a probably unsuccessful bid to get rid of that stupid joke once and for all, Uranus is renamed... to Urectum. (Futurama)


  • Ivan the Oppressor is overthrown by Vladimir Makarov and Dmitri and Jocasta Romanov. (Nikolai Dante)


  • Bill and Lance battle the Red Falcons. (Contra)


  • Terran Confederation goes to war with the Kilrathi. (Wing Commander)


  • Mars University founded; typical university foliage such as ivy and hemp planted. Plant oxygenation begins the terraforming process. (Futurama)



  • John Fox becomes the Flash of this era, first defeating the villain Manfred Mota. (DC Comics)
  • Puppeteers hire Beowulf Shaeffer to test-fly an experimental QII Hyperdrive vessel. Discovery of Core Explosion by Beowulf Shaeffer. Puppeteer Fleet of Worlds begins Mass Exodus out of the galactic disk, causing yet another stock market crash. (Known Space)


  • "Colonist" humans enslaved by the Puppeteers learn of their past, and declare their independence. Nature Preserve 4 renamed "New Terra". (Known Space)



  • The Battle of St Petersburg ends in victory for the Romanovs' 'army of thieves and whores', commanded by Nikolai Dante[14]. (Nikolai Dante)





  • Romulans again attempt to either acquire or destroy the Guardian of Forever. This was to be their last attempt. (Star Trek Expanded Universe, Strange New Worlds VII: Guardians).

27th century

  • New York State elects a supervillain governor, who relocates most of the world's major monuments to a New York beach, which is renamed "Monument Beach". (Futurama)
  • Kortan now rules the world. Following a routine raid, Quentin MacLeod, descended from Connor, revives as an immortal and takes up Connor's sword to depose Kortan. (Highlander the Animated Series)
  • Kal Dano, a scientist, creates the Tox Uthat, a device which can halt all nuclear fusion within a star. He realizes too late that it could be used as a weapon and hides it in the 22nd century. Ajur and Boratus, a duo of Vorgons, travel to the 24th century in an attempt to locate and acquire the weapon. (Star Trek the Next Generation)

2701 C.E. - 2800 C.E.




  • By this time, the city of Galaxity on Earth is the center of the Terran Galactic Empire. The spatio-temporal agent Valerian and his companion Laureline protect Galaxity from threats across time and space. (Valerian)


  • January 2 - Two mutually hostile factions of Earth's government go to war, resulting in the Great Burn. (Babylon 5)


  • Federation anthopologists from this year are able to time-travel. They return to the past to observe the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza, using the proper procedures set forth in the Temporal Accord. (Star Trek Enterprise)



  • The colony ship Marathon arrives at Tau Ceti. (Marathon)


  • Approximate date of the death of Omata Kane, inventor of the hyperspace jump and gates. (Escape Velocity Nova)



  • Hyperdrive invented. (The Psychotechnic League)



  • Human colony on Tau Ceti established. (Marathon)


  • Creation of the robot Vladimir, presumably in the Robo-Hungarian Empire. He would amass a fortune and be operative until 3001. Bender would be his nephew. (Futurama)


  • The Marathon and the Tau Ceti colony are attacked by a Pfhor scoutship. [15]. (Marathon)

28th century

  • Presumed home era of the "mysterious benefactor" behind the Suliban Cabal, a terrorist organization of the 22nd century that received orders from the distant future. (Star Trek Enterprise)

2801 C.E. - 2900 C.E.


  • Mom's Friendly Robot Company creates Robot Santa. (Futurama)
  • Last human ghost is dead by this time. (Futurama)


  • WALL-E, the last active robot on Earth, meets a probe robot named EVE, sent to Earth to search for any signs of life. Hilarity Ensues. (WALL-E)


  • AI Durandal arives on Lh'owon, homeworld of the S'pht. [16]. (Marathon 2: Durandal)


  • Nicholas Kerensky proclaims himself the ilKhan of all the clans. (BattleTech)






  • The Silverhawks battle the evil Mon* Star and his minions. (Silverhawks)


  • April 9 - Hubert Farnsworth born. (Futurama)


  • In exchange for the Quantum II Hyperdrive, Louis Wu, Teela Brown and Speaker-To-Animals begin their journey to the Ring World in a Puppeteer ship, the Lying Bastard. (Known Space)
  • The French spaceship carrying astronauts Antelle, Levain, and Ulysse lands on an Earth-like planet in orbit around Betelgeuse. They name it Soror ("Sister"). They discover that the planet has indigenous species of humans, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans. Only the humans are primitives, while the others have formed an advanced civilization. Ulysse finds his mate in Nova, a primitive woman. They soon have a son: Sirius. However the threat of a sentient species of human causes hostility. Ulysse, Nova and Sirius leave the planet aboard the spaceship, heading back to Earth. [17] (Planet of the Apes (1963), the original novel.)

Mid to late 29th century

  • Birth of Mom. She would become the owner of Mom's Friendly Robot Company. (Futurama)
  • Birth of Ogden Wernstrom. He would become a scientist, the best student and main rival of Hubert J. Farnsworth and the husband of Mom. (Futurama)



  • Teela Brown left behind on Ringworld, Louis and Speaker-To-Animals leave. Conservative Faction takes over the Puppeteer government. (Known Space)




  • Sith invasion of Earth; casualties 98,000,000. (Futurama)



  • The creation of the Temporal Integrity Commission renders the Guardian of Forever obsolete. By this time General Order 7 has been rescinded and Vulcan-Romulan Reformation has occurred. The Horta continue their duty as Guardians. (Star Trek Expanded Universe, Strange New Worlds VII: Guardians).


  • Clans make first use of Elementals. (BattleTech)


  • New Orleans is attacked by the Fog Monster. (Futurama)



  • Louis Wu is kidnapped by a Puppeteer and forced to return to the Ringworld. (Known Space)


  • Louis Wu arrives back on the Ringworld; boils a sea for equal parts pest management and ego restoration. (Known Space)


  • Ringworld stability restored. Louis Wu and his companions part ways. (Known Space)


  • P'fhor home system sacked by the combined fleets of Earth and the S'Pht'Kr. (Marathon 2: Durandal)


  • An expedition organized by the Institute of Knowledge, travel to a huge 9 mile wide Thrint/Slaver stasis box located by the Puppeteers,find the giant telepathic Amplifier that ordered the "Suicide Night" that killed everything with a notochord over a billion years ago. A repeat of Suicide Night is narrowly averted. (Known Space)
  • Kzin and ARM fleets arrive around the Ringworld. (Known Space)


  • Louis Wu appoints a new, more competent Protector to be in charge of the Ringworld's security and maintenance system. Louis leaves the Ringworld shortly before it leaves Known Space for parts unknown. (Known Space)

29th Century

  • The United Federation of Planets operates a Timefleet that protects history. The timeships Aeon and Relativity are known by name. (Star Trek Voyager)
  • In an alternate timeline, Henry Starling's poor use of the Aeon creates a "temporal explosion". It results in the destruction of the Sol System.(Star Trek Voyager)
  • Home era of the Na'Kuhl, a faction in the Temporal Cold War. (Star Trek Enterprise)
  • Solar flares make the Earth uninhabitable. Some refuges choose to sleep the flares out, on converted space stations; others head for the stars on vast ships, each carrying whole nations. (Doctor Who)
  • Foundation of Stellar Union and Coordination Service. (The Psychotechnic League)

2901 C.E. - 3000 C.E.


  • Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth gives an A-minus grade to his student Ogden Wernstrom. Wernstrom had answered correctly all the questions in a test. His slightly lower grade was due to poor penmanship. Wernstrom swears vengeance on his teacher, pursuing that goal for the following century. Both rivals would go on to have complex relationships with Mom. (Futurama)


  • April 10: The Land Titanic is launched from New New York City. (Futurama)
  • April 14: The Land Titanic strikes a mailbox and sinks into the New New York City sewers. (Futurama)


  • October 17, 1:54pm: Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth begins work on the first successful robot to be big and sporty, though is unable to make it low-emission. Marketed by Mom's Friendly Robot Company as a "Sport-Utility Robot", it would become the template for most robots constructed until 3003. Said robots would include the bending units. (Futurama)


  • May 13: Hubert Farnsworth and Mom break up when he disapproves of her plan to turn his cute toy into a death machine. (Futurama)


  • Estimated birth of Hermes Conrad. He would grow up to become first a professional limboer, then a bureaucrat. (Futurama)


  • DOOP striked dark matter on Vergon 6, and contracts the mining of it to Mombil. Mom founds the Friendly Robot Company to provide labour. (Futurama


  • July 29 - Birth of Turanga Leela to Turanga Morris and Turanga Munda. Her parents are mutants, living in the sewers beneath New New York City. They soon abandon Leela, who would be raised in the Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium. She grows up believing herself to be an alien. She would go on to become a spaceship captain. (Futurama)


  • November/December - Birth of Amy Wong to Leo and Inez Wong. Her parents are wealthy and own the western hemishpere of Mars. (Futurama)


  • Hermes Conrad takes part in the Olympics as a limboer. A young fan breaks his own back (and presumably dies), during an attempt to emulate his idol. A traumatized Hermes quits the sport. (Futurama)


  • Birth of Cubert Farnsworth. He is a clone of Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. (Futurama)
  • Birth of Dwight Conrad to Hermes Conrad and his wife LaBarbara. (Futurama)


  • Miles Vorkosigan fails his academy entrance examination and founds the Dendarii Mercenaries. (Vorkosigan Saga)


  • Construction of the robot Bender Bending Rodriguez in Tijuana, Mexico. Despite lacking a backup unit, he is approved by Inspector #5, Hermes Conrad. Hermes subsequently resigns and goes to work for Planet Express. (Futurama[18])
  • Amy Wong begins working on her PhD in Applied Physics. She also begins working as an intern at Planet Express. (Futurama)


  • December 31 - Fry wakes up a a thousand years in the future, and meets Bender and Leela. (Futurama.)

30th Century


  • January 1 - Fry, Bender and Leela join Planet Express. (Futurama)
  • Before April 13 - Mombil leaves Vergon 6 shortly before it implodes, and capture the evacuating Nibblonians on their way out. (Futurama)
  • April 13 - Planet Express arrives on Vergon 6 to rescue specimens of its native life-forms. Turanga Leela adopts Lord Nibbler as a pet. (Futurama)
  • After January - 20th Century Earth show Single Female Lawyer gets cut off on the planet Omicron Persei VIII, 1000 light years from Earth. The Omnicronians invade Earth, killing the Earth president, but leave after the Planet Express Crew reenact an episode of Single Female Lawyer. Richard Nixon is elected Earth President, winning thanks to the robot voters. (Futurama)
  • War were declared. (Futurama)
  • Criminal Don Dorneiro escapes from the Time Police, fleeing 1000 years into the past. (Mirai Sentai Timeranger)
  • The world is inhabited by giant sapient bananas. (Courage the Cowardly Dog)
  • The invincible, pan-dimensional Psychlo empire that has subjugated Earth for a millennium is overthrown by a handful of tribal humans with surprising ease. (Battlefield Earth)
  • Birth of Nathaniel Richards (II) in Earth-6311 ("Other Earth"), a world which never experienced the Middle Ages. He is a namesake descendand of Nathaniel Richard of Earth-616 who could travel across time and dimensions. Nathaniel (II) would go on to assume many identities: Rama-Tut, Scarlet Centurion, Kang the Conqueror, Immortus, Victor Timely, and Iron Lad. His constant time-traveling would create numerous Alternate Timelines and variations of himself. (Marvel Comics.[19])
  • A new Ice Age has begun on Earth. The planet is increasingly inhospitable to humans, though the Ice Warriors from Mars find it to their liking. (Doctor Who)
  • With the capital planet lost, what remains of the Earth Empire is in tatters. Colonies are increasingly opting to leave the Empire, the Landsknechte Corps has fallen, and several former colonies are beginning to become space powers in their own right. (Doctor Who Missing Adventures)
  • Nothing's changed but we live underwater, and the great great great grand-daughter of James Bourne is pretty fine. (Busted, "Year 3000")


  1. Spock dies saving the Enterprise.
  2. The Genesis Planet project fails, but manages to revive Spock.
  3. Dialogue in episode "DNA", inconsistent with other dates
  4. Kirk reappears from the Nexus, right before having a bridge dropped on him.
  5. They fight, and end up blowing up the planet in the process. Dodgers pushes the Martian commander off the remaining lump of rock.
  6. after future-Janeway uses her future technology to blow up the Borg, screwing the Temporal Prime Directive.
  7. Peri is apparently killed due to interference from other Time Lords.
  8. Data destroyed saving the Enterprise.
  9. Repeated references to 2368 being "forty years" ago give the date.
  10. The war ends with Kerrigan, now the new leader of the zerg, decimating the Dominion, protoss and UED forces, and becoming the dominant power within the sector. The rest of the UED fleet is destroyed shortly thereafter.
  11. It ends when a Xel'Naga artifact is used to deinfest the Queen of Blades, AKA Sarah Kerrigan.
  12. including escaped prisoners Simon and River Tam
  13. and is left stranded with Cortana in unknown space when the Ark Portal collapses
  14. after Arkady Romanov stages a coup against tsar Vladimir Makarov and forces him to surrender
  15. Attack is repulsed after 2 days, and the AI Durandal leaves the Marathon in the captured Pfhor ship. Three months later, the Pfhor fleet arrives, destroys the colony and sacks the Marathon
  16. Durandal succesfully summons the S'Pht'Kr, beginning the S'pht uprising and the downfall of the Pfhor empire
  17. Antelle had lost his sanity, Levain his life.
  18. Based on his stated age. He could also be built in late 2997.
  19. A number of stories place his home era in the 40th century. This remains inconsistent and Depending on the Writer.
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