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Grand Unified Timeline events from 2020 C.E. through 2200 C.E.

2020 C.E. - 2050 C.E.


  • Leasath-Aurelia War. (Ace Combat X)
  • Dragons dominate the Earth, but a band of human survivors have a plan to wipe them out. (Reign of Fire)
  • Arno Stark is the Iron Man of 2020. (Marvel Comics)
  • The Central Organization of Police Specialists battles Big Boss and his crooks in Empire City. (COPS)
  • The crew of the underwater research base Sealab finds adventure in the oceans. (Sealab2020)
  • A tribe of Silurians (aka Homo Reptilia or Eocene) resurface in Northern Wales to reclaim the Earth as theirs after aeons of slumber. Negotiations are attempted between human and Silurian. [1] (Doctor Who)
  • Alpha Q creates the Terrorcons and resurrects Scorponok as part of an effort to steal a load of Energon and restore all the planet that had been consumed by Unicron. Rodimus comes out of the woodwork. After a long series of battles, the planets are restored in a pocket universe, and Galvatron throws himself into the new energon sun in order to annihilate Unicron. Starscream and Mirage follow (Transformers Energon).
  • United States government establishes so-called Sanctuary Districts in major cities in which the homeless, unemployed, mentally ill, and other undesirables are sequestered. Due to chronic over-crowding, the sanctuaries are subject to frequent food shortages and lack of medical treatment. The public outside the Sanctuaries is kept unaware of the problems. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
  • The Turtles arrive from the Old West and find themselves on hoverboards. After a while, they face Super Krang, defeat him, and are sent to 2100. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time)
  • Part of the Yakumo goes public and becomes an object of intense devotion. (Killer 7)



  • May 14 - The seaQuest disappears. (Sea Quest DSV)
  • The explosion of an experimental warp gateway causes major damage to the Moon, bathes the Earth with radiation, and creates an asteroid ring that periodically bombards the Earth's surface with meteorites. Survivors of this disaster abandon Earth to colonize other planets. (Cowboy Bebop)
  • Overpopulation has brought environmental and economic collapse. Regular food now is scarce, while more commonplace food includes Soylent Green, Soylent Red and Soylent Yellow (all made from the Soylent company, of course). The taste varies from person to person. (Soylent Green)
  • A comet hits the Earth, devastating the planet and creating eternal drought. Remaining water supplies are controlled by the monopoly Water & Power. (Tank Girl [film])
  • (Universe A and, presumably, B) Over 100 sperm whales commit suicide by beaching themselves, reasons unknown. (FlashForward, novel)


  • Joanna Dark investigates the schemes of dataDyne. (Perfect Dark)
  • Construction begins on Mega-City One. (Judge Dredd)


  • August - Political turmoil in Europe leads to student protests and general unrests, and major decline in tourism in France. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • September 1-3 - The Bell Riots in the San Francisco Sanctuary District trigger a fundamental shift in American social policy. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • Irish Unification achieved by terrorism. This would become an example for force being more effective than peaceful acts in bringing about political change. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • The demon K'Z'K completes its conquest of Earth; Berk is sent back to 1999 to stop K'Z'K's arrival. (Sluggy Freelance)
  • Humanity is in decline. An evil company has taken control of the Shield, while terrorists attempt to bring it down in the belief that the ozone layer has regenerated. Connor MacLeod is close to death by old age. (Highlander II the Quickening)
  • General Katana of Zeist decides to sent assassins Corda and Reno after the Highlander. They become Immortals uppon arrival on Earth and their Quickenings de-ages Connor. Katana follows them to face his old enemy in person. Connor finds time to romance terrorist Louise Marcus. (Highlander II the Quickening)


  • Doggie Cruger, one of the last survivors of Sirius, is now in charge of Earth's branch of SPD, and trains a staff of elite police officers to combat Emperor Gruumm when his sights are set on conquering Earth. (Power Rangers SPD)
  • Under the leadership of their new supreme commander, the Autobots force the Galactic Peace Alliance with humans, headquartered on planet V. Deathsaurus launches a series of attacks across the galaxy to resupply his Planet-Destroying Fortress with energy.(Transformers Victory)
  • God Ginrai is killed in battle with Liokaiser, but rebuilt as Victory Leo. With the help of the Dinoforce, he and Star Saber manage to defeat Deathsaurus and destroy his fortress. (Transformers Victory)
  • Ben Richards deliberately crashes a Lockheed into the Games Building, destroying it. (The Running Man)
  • GDSS Philadelphia enters service. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberian Sun)
  • Otani-Lincoln Laboratories deploys their first semi-autonomous barracks. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberian Sun)
  • 19 June - Retired USMC Sgt. Frank Woods shares his thoughts regarding the rapid breakdown of the Second Cold War between the US and China, amid mass hacking of attack drones all over the world. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)


  • April 20 - Defense attorney Apollo Justice makes his courtroom debut in State v. Wright. (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)
  • August 4 - The last house standing in Allendale, California burns down. (There Will Come Soft Rains)
  • October 7-9 - The new Jurist System, where a jury decides the outcome of a trial, is given a test run in State v. Misham. (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)
  • December 8 - Battle of Avila Beach - Humans regain Serrano Beach from SkyNet (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  • December 21 - The first expedition to colonize Mars launches from Earth orbit. (Red Mars Trilogy)
  • Violen Jiger forms and resurrects an elite squad of Decepticons, who steal the Zodiac and incapacitate the Autobot leader. Yet another new leader steps up, defeats them, and brings life to Planet X. (Transformers Zone)
  • Trans-Corp begins construction of the Trans-Atlantic Tunnel, linking America and Britain. (Judge Dredd)
  • World War III begins over the issue of genetic engineering and Human genome enhancement. Among the major players of the war is Colonel Phillip Green, whose actions led to some 37 million deaths. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • John Connor, Catherine Weaver, and John Henry arrive now from 2008. (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  • Battle of Kansas Bunker. Resistance fighter Allison Young is captured, tortured, and killed by Cameron. (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)


  • November 4 - Evey Hammond is saved by V. (V for Vendetta [film])
  • Resurrection of Optimus Prime and Galvatron as Star Convoy and Super Megatron by the Zodiac and Dark Nova, respectively. Dark Nova defeated by Prime and the Battlestars. (Transformers Return of Convoy)
  • The United Kingdom, one of the last governments, is a police state. Theo Faron finds himself helping a pregnant refugee. (Children of Men (film))
  • Eustace Fargo appointed Government Special Prosecutor for Street Crime and sets in motion a series of reforms that will lead to the creation of the Judges. White House is stormed by gangs. (Judge Dredd)
  • SkyNet sends a T-800 back in time to kill Sarah Connor. John Connor gives Kyle Reese a photograph of Sarah and send him back in time to protect her. (Terminator)
  • Cameron attempts to infiltrate John Connor's camp, but is discovered and reprogrammed. John sends her back to aid his past self in 1999, and then sends Derek Reese and three others to 2007 for the same purpose. (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  • Another Resistance fighter, known only as The Engineer, is sent back to 1963 to plant a Time Machine for John and Sarah to jump from 1999 to 2007. (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  • Assassination of Jannero Drake. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberian Sun)
  • GDI adopts the principal of deep industrial design, which dramatically reduces friendly fire incidents. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberian Sun)


  • June 6 - Trans-Atlantic Tunnel completed at a cost of $400 billion. (Judge Dredd)
  • October - Gideon, head of CabalCo, enacts his plan to kill the Great Betrayer and take back the power of Tchernobog. (Blood II)
  • An icosahedral spaceship from another universe reaches Earth. [2] (Anathem)


  • February 14 - Leo Davidson and the genetically-enhanced chimpanzee Pericles serve aboard the United States Air Force space station Oberon. With a fatal electromagnetic storm approaching the station, a small space pod piloted by Pericles is used to probe the storm. Pericles' pod heads into the storm and disappears. Against his commanding officer's orders, Leo takes a second pod and goes in pursuit of Pericles. Entering the storm, Leo loses contact with the Oberon and travels forward to the year 5021. (Planet of the Apes (2001) and adaptations)
  • March 5 - Major Kusanagi assassinates a foreign diplomat attempting to sneak out a government official involved in the assassination of the previous Prime Minister. (Ghost in the Shell)
  • John Connor leads an assault on Skynet. Skynet sends several Terminators back in time to kill John Connor. (Terminator 2)
  • Army of the Southern Cross defends Earth from the Robotech Masters. (Robotech)


  • Thirty years after Tokyo was destroyed, three young men reappear, and ultimately shift the balance of power in the war between the forces of Law and Chaos. (Shin Megami Tensei)

Between 2020 and 2030

  • Most Transformers on Earth return to Cybertron. Jetfire spends time on Nebulos and picks up the accent. The Mini-Cons resettle on Cybertron's moons. (Transformers Cybertron)


  • January 12 - EVA compiles a report for Gen James Solomon regarding a theoretical Second Tiberium War. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberian Sun)
  • May 24 - Time traveler Alexander Hartdegen travels to this year to learn if the past can be changed. (The Time Machine [2002 film])
  • October 23 - (Universe B) Date that the FlashForward shifts consciousness to. Second global blackout. Only selected people [3] see the future. (FlashForward, novel)
  • October - Anton Slavik reunites the disparate Nod factions. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberian Sun)
  • September 2 - Kan resurfaces. Second Tiberium War begins. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberian Sun)
  • Early December - Kane is apparently killed by Michael McNeil. End of the Second Tiberium War. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberian Sun)
  • December 12 - Michael McNeil and Anton Slavik log their thoughts on the Second Tiberium War. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberian Sun)
  • Ted Mosby tells his children the story of how he met their mother. (How I Met Your Mother)
  • The Unicron sun collapses into a black hole that erodes the very fabric of time, space, and reality, and threatens to suck in every universe in existence. As a result, all records of Transformers are incomplete and conflicting. (Transformers Cybertron)
  • Megatron clads himself in armour made from the corpse of Unicron and, with a similarly reborn Starscream, seek the Omega Lock and the Cyber Planet Keys in order to remake the universe in his own image. Meanwhile, the threat to all of reality prompts Vector Prime to re-enter linear time to aid the Autobots. Sideways and Soundwave manipulate events to their own ends. (Transformers Cybertron)
  • After a long series of battles, the combines forces of Cybertron, Velocitron, Jungle Planet, Earth, and Gigantion defeat Unicron and revive Primus. Cybertron is reformatted into a new world, combining elements of all the colonised planets. A new project is undertaken, to spread life to other civilisations throughout the galaxy (Transformers Cybertron)
  • Kane reappears to a newly-reunified Brotherhood of Nod, beginning the Second Tiberium War. Kane attempts to accelerate the spread of Tiberium with a specially-designed missile, but is thwarted by GDI and apparently killed. (Command and Conquer: Tiberium Sun)
  • An epidemic of organ failures devastates Earth. GeneCo, founded and run by Rotti Largo, emerges to provide organ transplants for victims. Largo eventually gets approval to create Repo Men to retrieve organs from customers who fail to pay off the costs of the surgery. (Repo! The Genetic Opera)


  • Judge system formally established by Eustace Fargo, who is appointed first Chief Judge. (Judge Dredd)
  • Earth forces battle the Invid. (Robotech)
  • Yuji Kaido awakened from cryogenic sleep to an Earth overrun by the insectoid Blue. (Blue Gender)
  • Nod's tactial AI, CABAL, goes rogue and leads a cyborg uprising, forcing GDI and Nod remnants to work together to stop him. (Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun: Firestorm)
  • The USS Admiral Peary arrives at Tau Ceti and the Race's homeworld, Home. In its efforts to secure diplomatic relations as well as human sovereignty, it ignites a cultural upheaval among the Race only exacerbated months later with the arrival of the faster-than-light USS Commodore Perry. (Worldwar)


  • September - The seaQuest returns to a much less politically stable Earth. (SeaQuest 2032)
  • The pacifist utopia of San Angeles has been established. John Spartan is thawed out to stop his old enemy Simon Phoenix. (Demolition Man)
  • Birth of Zefram Cochrane on Earth. He would become the inventor of warp drive. (Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • SkyNet sends a T-1000 back in time to kill John Connor as a child. (Terminator)
  • John Connor is killed by a T-850. SkyNet sends a T-X back in time to kill John Connor as a young man. (Terminator)


  • October 28: Katherine Brewster reprogrammes the T-850 and sends it back in time to save John Connor from the T-X (Terminator)
  • Tank Girl takes on Water & Power. (Tank Girl [film])


  • Rio Insurrection: Inspired by Nod propaganda, the slums of Rio de Janeiro rise up against GDI. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberium Wars)


  • February 16 - A Sarkov releases a memo on next-generation GDI design. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberium Wars)
  • Soma Cruz and his friend, Mina Hakuba, visit a shrine before being teleported to Castlevania. Soma traverses the castle to save his friend. (Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow)
  • Several Japanese Otaku leave Earth in a starship to form their own society elsewhere in the galaxy. (Otaku no Video)
  • A Chicago police detective investigates the mysterious death of a robotics scientist. (I Robot)
  • Venus secedes from U.N, Second Conference of Rio. (The Psychotechnic League)



  • July 23- Launch of the Charybdis, the third manned attempt to travel beyond the solar system, under the command of Colonel Stephen Richey. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • August 20 - Major damage to the Moon causes disaster on Earth. (The Time Machine [2002 film])
  • Mutant Exodus: The Forgotten go into voluntary exile in a Red Zone. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberium Wars)


  • Petroleum reserves run dry. (Futurama)



  • After his ex-wife is murdered, Jonathen Ingram returns to the Beyond Coast space station to look for her missing husband and find out who killed her. (Policenauts)
  • Starship Event Horizon disappears. (Event Horizon)
  • Construction begins on Mega-Cities Two and Three. Regular police replaced by Judges in America. (Judge Dredd)
  • By this year, the significance of television as a form of entertainment has declined enough for the medium to become a relic. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • The UN Spacy holds the Supernova Project, a competition to determine the next-generation Variable Fighter, between Shinsei Industries' YF-19 "Alpha One" and General Galaxy's YF-21 "Omega One". Both planes are rejected in favor of the automated drone fighter Ghost X-9. However, "virtual idol" Sharon Apple develops a malicious consciousness and takes over the Ghost as well as the decommissioned SDF-1 Macross. The YF-19 and YF-21 pilots Isamu Dyson and Guld Bowman put aside their mutual animosity to defeat Apple and the Ghost. (Macross Plus)
  • Kit Walker the 24th takes on the role of the Phantom (Phantom 2040).
  • Ohtani-Lincoln Laboratories deploys their first automatic War Factory at the Battle of San Vincente. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberium Wars)


  • January 1: X-COM is revived in order to fight underwater aliens that are terrorizing the world's shipping lanes and islands. [4] (X-COM)
  • The future looks a lot like three years from now. (Time Chasers)
    • As the result of time travel being used towards evil purposes, the future looks like a back alley in any major US city. (Time Chasers)


  • The last World Series, an annual baseball championship game, is played on Earth. Only 300 spectators attend the game, indicating the decline in the popularity of the sport has reached a critical point. The history of professional baseball effectively ends this year. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • RobCo Industries is founded by Robert House. With his technical genius and business acumen, it will become one of the world's most lucrative corporations. (Fallout: New Vegas)
  • GDI sends G-330X habitat modules to the borders of the Red Zones. (Command and Conquer Tiberium: Tiberium Wars)



  • Nuka-Cola is invented by John Caleb-Bradberton. (Fallout)
  • Charybdis destroyed by an unknown alien; Stephen Richey is the sole survivor. The aliens create an artificial environment for him, in which he lives until his death. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)


  • Technological singularity predicted by Ray Kurzweil.
  • The Corporate War of 2045. (Ace Combat 3)
  • Earth begins construction of space colonies. (Mobile Suit Gundam)
  • The Macross 7 colonization fleet makes contact with the alien race known as the Protodeviln. (Macross 7)



  • December - In an effort to remember his past, Gilliam Seed becomes a J.U.N.K.E.R. - a person who hunts down "Snatchers," machines that kill and replace people. (Snatcher)
  • Event Horizon returns; rescue ship finds something evil aboard. (Event Horizon)
  • Kane reappears and begins the Third Tiberium War with a nuclear strike on the GDSS Philadelphia. Despite wiping out GDI's headquarters, the superstate rallies and attacks Nod's Temple Prime. The resulting massive Tiberium explosion draws the interest of the alien Scrin, prompting an invasion that forces Nod and GDI to once again unite to survive. Kane seizes one of the alien Threshold Towers, and the Scrin are driven from Earth. (Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars)
  • The Hermosa Earthquake shakes the Western Coast of the United States. Parts of Los Angeles sink into the Pacific Ocean. The sunken areas would eventually become part of one of the world's largest coral reefs. (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • The UN Spacy's 117th Large Scale Research Fleet is destroyed by the alien race later called the Vajra. (Macross Frontier)


  • Vectorman stops the evil Warhead. (Vectorman)


  • The surviving civilizations' leaders with reigns dating back to 4000 B.C.E retire and look back on who was the most triumphant. (Civilization)
  • The Vorlons begin to implement the telepathy gene into the human DNA. (Babylon 5)
  • The last known photograph of elderly Shannon O'Donnell-Janeway, surrounded by several of her descendants, taken this year. (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • Third Smith Syndicate forms to battle the Heaven Tears. (Killer 7)


  • Andorians begin colonising Weytahn/Paan Mokar. Vulcans, fearing they are planning an incursion into Vulcan space, declare war.

Early 3rd Millennium

2051 C.E.- 2100 C.E.


  • March - After being found in bed with the vice-chairwoman of the Commission for Legal Reform, Chief Judge Fargo attempts suicide and is placed in cryogenic suspension. Hollins Solomon is appointed Chief Judge of Mega-City One. (Judge Dredd)
  • The United States invades Mexico to protect American business and energy interests threatened by political instability, as well as to ensure a steady supply of Mexican oil. (Fallout)


  • US government passes the Autonomy Act, dissolving the structure of the United States of America and replacing it with three largely autonomous mega-cities. Potatoes go extinct. (Judge Dredd)
  • A documentary reveals the nearly-drained state of the Texan oil fields, highlighting a looming global energy crisis. Many smaller nations go bankrupt, while skyrocketing petroleum prices drive the European Commonwealth to invade the Middle East, beginning the Resource Wars. The United Nations is disbanded. (Fallout)
  • New York City obtains a massive rocket, and uses it to launch all of its garbage into space. (Futurama)


  • End of World War III. The War resulted in the death of 600 million people, the destruction of numerous major cities and the collapse of most of the major governments are in ruins. A "post-atomic horror" society follows for some time(Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Chinese spies attempt to steal a sample of America's Limit 115 biological weapon, designed to sterilize the populations of large countries like China. The agents are killed in Denver and the virus is loosed in a crowded public area. This "New Plague" swiftly spreads across the United States, prompting closed borders and a national quarantine. The New Plague will continue to circulate in America for more than a decade. (Fallout)


  • December 22 - The history department of Oxford University uses a time machine in an attempt to send Kirvin Engle to an English village in 1320. Something goes wrong. (Doomsday Book)
  • After terrorists destroy Tel Aviv with an atomic bomb in late 2053, the Middle East is rocked by a limited nuclear exchange. In response to growing international tensions the United States announces Project Safehouse and the construction of "Vaults" to shelter citizens in the event of nuclear war. (Fallout)


  • Eckels, a big game hunter, travels back into the past on a prehistoric safari to kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex. While in the past, he accidentally steps on a butterfly, changing the course of history. (A Sound of Thunder)
  • The West Tek Research Facility begins work on a virus designed to kill the New Plague, and though progress is slow the company attracts the attention of the US government, eventually becoming the nation's largest private contractor. (Fallout)


  • Rotti Largo dies from an unidentified disease after shooting "rogue" repo man Nathan Wallace, who soon dies from wounds. Shilo Wallace, Nathan's daughter, is given GeneCo as Rotti's dying wish, but she refuses to inherit the company. Instead, Amber Sweet, Rotti's daughter, takes over GeneCo. (Repo! The Genetic Opera)
  • Michigan J. Frog is discovered alive in the cornerstone of the "Tregoweth Brown Building" as the building is being disintegrated to make room for new construction having been there since 1955. (Looney Tunes)


  • The Sun has gotten colder and the Icarus II is sent to attempt to reignite it (Sunshine)


  • Jupiter 2 launched; the ship is lost in space. (Lost in Space [film])
  • Hollins Solomon steps down as Chief Judge, and is replaced by Clarence Goodman. Council of Five and Psi Division founded. Birth of Soppi Walters and Dennis Mennis [5] (Judge Dredd)
  • After the Nine Years' War and the Great Economic Collapse, the World State is founded. (Brave New World)


  • November 21 - The Tenth Doctor arrives at Bowie Base One on Mars, just prior to its destruction. (Doctor Who)
  • The Dictatorship of Air is overthrown peacefully as the global state beings to dissolve and a Utopia begins to emerge. (The Shape of Things to Come)
  • The Macross Frontier colonization fleet encounters the Vajra, eventually making peace with the aliens before settling on their home planet. (Macross Frontier)
  • The United States develops the Anchorage Front Line, a string of defenses and bases protecting the Alaskan oil fields. Tensions rise as America pressures Canada to allow US troops on Canadian soil to protect the Alaskan oil pipeline. (Fallout)


  • First colony ships leave for Alpha Centauri. (Known Space)
  • The UNS Unity departs a war-torn, polluted, and impovershed Earth with the mission of preserving as many humans as possible on the nearby system of Alpha Centauri. (Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri)
  • Robert L Booth elected vice-president of America. (Judge Dredd)
  • The Middle East's oil reserves run dry, bringing a sudden, anticlimactic end to the now-pointless Resource Wars. The European Commonwealth dissolves as its member nations fight each other for remaining resources. Traffic across the planet comes to a stop as oil becomes too precious to waste on automobiles, while industries struggle to develop fusion power. The United States narrowly avoids bankruptcy. (Fallout)


  • Martian colonists revolt against their U.N.-imposed government. [6] (Red Mars Trilogy)
  • Discovery of the planet Plateau in the Tau Ceti system. (Known Space)



  • April 5 -
    • Zefram Cochrane develops warp drive, makes first contact with extraterrestrials after initial test.[7] (Star Trek: First Contact)
    • In the so-called "mirror universe", Cochrane kills the first Vulcan to set foot on Earth. The Terran Empire begins its expansion to the stars. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Humans begin dropping ice into the ocean to counteract global warming, a process that will continue for close to a millennium. (Futurama)
  • Construction of most Vaults is now finished, and Vault-Tec begins evacuation drills in cities with completed shelters. Participation steadily decreases over time due to a "cry wolf" effect. (Fallout)


  • Earth infested by alien Phantoms; remaining humans struggle to survive. (Final Fantasy the Spirits Within)
  • Asteroid Belt gains independence after completion of Confinement Asteroid, a site for belter women to give birth without returning to Earth. The Belt has jurisdiction over most of the planets, but Earth gets to keep Mars due to fear of Martians. (Known Space)
  • Discovery of the planet We Made It in the Procyon system. (Known Space)
  • A New York City nuclear reactor nearly goes supercritical due to enormous power demands. America begins rationing electricity. (Fallout)
  • RobCo CEO Robert House calculates that a global nuclear war will occur within the next fifteen years and begins planning accordingly, installing missile defense systems and other measures to ensure that his home city of Las Vegas survives the coming apocalypse. House entombs himself within a elaborate life support system linking him to his information network controlling a veritable army of private security robots. (Fallout: New Vegas)


  • Chief Judge Clarence Goodman approves human cloning to bolster the ranks of the Judges. Later that year, the first batch of clones enter the Academy of Law. (Judge Dredd)
  • After a year of increasingly aggressive trade negotiations, the Sino-American War begins when China attempts to seize control of Alaska and the planet's last oil reserves. Canada objects to the number of American military units moving through its borders, but backs down. (Fallout)


  • January 1 - X-COM establishes its first base in the region of space known as the Frontier to protect Earth's efforts to mine Elerium-115 from alien threats. (X-COM)
  • American T-45d power armor debuts on Alaskan battlefields to devastating effect. China rushes to create its own equivalent, but is years behind the United States. (Fallout)



  • End of the fourth and last Earth-Kzin War. The defeated Kzinti race signs the Treaty of Sirius, obligating them to dissolve their military forces. (Star Trek: The Animated Series)
  • The Klingon emperor dies heirless at about this year. The Klingon High Council assumes control of the Klingon Empire, with its Chancellor as de facto head of state. The position of Emperor would remain vacant to 2369. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • The SS Conestoga, a colony ship intended to establish the first Human colony outside the solar system, is commissioned on Earth. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Soppi Walters begins practising black magic. His first act is to kill Dennis Mennis and resurrect him as a zombie. Soppi begins identifying himself as Sabbat. (Judge Dredd)
  • The United States begins seizing vast amounts of Canadian resources for its own war effort, ignoring the country's protests. Americans begin referring to Canada as "Little America." (Fallout)


  • US President Robert Booth launches the First Atomic War; Earth is devastated. (Judge Dredd)
  • The New Enlightenment begins. (The Psychotechnic League)


  • A group of dysfunctional bounty hunters adventure across the solar system. (Cowboy Bebop)
  • Robert Booth is impeached by the Judges and sentenced to 100 years of cryogenic suspension followed by judgement by Hollins Solomon. Democracy abolished in America. (Judge Dredd)


  • April 7-8 - A hacker is apprehended by Tri-Optimum corporation security forces after hacking into their corporate network in search for info about the space station Citadel. (System Shock)
  • May - The hacker is taken to the Citadel, hacks into the governing AI SHODAN (at the request of a Tri-Op executive) and, as a reward, is given a "military-grade neural interface" implant. Per the implantation procedure, he goes into a 6-month cryogenic coma. (System Shock)
  • September-October - SHODAN goes nuts and massacres the crew of Citadel. (System Shock)
  • November 6 - The hacker wakes up, fights his way through the station and destroys SHODAN. (System Shock)
  • Protests and riots erupt in Canadian cities due to America's increasing consumption of Canadian resources. An attempt to sabotage the Alaskan oil pipeline gives the United States military justification to formally annex Canada. (Fallout)


  • In response to China's use of biological weapons, the United States government begins the Pan-Immunity Virion Project in the south California-based West Tek Research Facility. (Fallout)


  • America opens up a second front in the Sino-American War by launching a counter-invasion of mainland China, but gets bogged down despite the presence of power-armored units. Global tensions rise further when the American president walks out on international energy negotiations, declaring that the Alaskan oil fields are for America's use alone. (Fallout)

Mid-21st Century

  • The Xorda attack Earth with gene bombs.[8] In the aftermath, many human survivors mutate into Overlanders, while many animal survivors mutate into Mobians. (Sonic the Hedgehog [Archie comic])


  • PVP experiments continue at West Tek. The pan-immunity virion is renamed the Forced Evolutionary Virus. (Fallout)


  • July 4 - Luna declares its independence from Earth. (The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)
  • The annexation of Canada is complete, and American troops shoot Canadian protestors on sight. Footage of atrocities makes its way to America and sparks riots only intensified by food and energy shortages, resulting in martial law. T-51b power armor sees its first action in China, where the units cut a swathe through Chinese forces. Its supply lines breaking down, China is on the verge of collapse. (Fallout)


  • January 7 - Forced Evolutionary Virus research is transferred to the Mariposa Military Base, where the immunity aspects of the virus are discarded in favor of its applications as a super soldier serum. Scientists begin testing FEV on convicts. (Fallout)
  • January 10 - Anchorage, Alaska is retaken by American forces. (Fallout)
  • January 22 - Power armor is deployed on American soil as soldiers are transferred from the front line to enforce quarantines and quash civil unrest. American civilians are killed, food riots spread, and deserting soldiers are sent to military prisons. (Fallout)
  • February - An unknown source leaks data about America's FEV research to the world, sparking a global panic. (Fallout)
  • March - The Enclave, a cabal of American government officials and influential businessmen, relocate to their shelter on a Poseidon Energy oil rig. (Fallout)
  • October - Capt. Roger Maxson of the Mariposa research facility's security detail discovers that the scientists have been performing FEV experiments on military "volunteers." He and his troops execute the scientists and seize control of the base, and Maxson announces his desertion from the US Army via radio, to no response. (Fallout)
  • October 22 - The Platinum Chip, an operating system upgrade for Robert House's computer network and security measures, is processed. Delivery is scheduled for the following day. (Fallout: New Vegas)
  • October 23 - The Great War. A first strike by an unknown party leads to a two-hour global thermonuclear bombardment. After years of drills and false alarms, few citizens pay heed to the air raid sirens. The death toll and environmental effects are cataclysmic. The Vaults are sealed. (Fallout)
  • October 27 - Capt. Maxson, his men, and their families leave the shelters of the Mariposa base and set off for a government bunker in the Lost Hills. The survivors will grow into the Brotherhood of Steel, a techno-religious military order devoted to rebuilding civilization. (Fallout)
  • October 30 - A black rain begins to fall, spreading fallout across the planet. The world sees widespread plant and animal extinction over the coming years, even as mutation causes new species to develop almost overnight. (Fallout)
  • Robert House enters stasis. (Fallout: New Vegas)
  • Red Dwarf's drive plate malfunctions, and only Lister and his pregnant cat survive the burst of Cadmium-II. [9] (Red Dwarf)
  • Domestic robot B166ER slaughters his masters when they try to junk him. The trial that follows leads to B166ER's destruction and a backlash against robots. (The Animatrix)
  • Nod separatists and GDI reactionaries attack the Tiberium Control Network, beginning the Fourth Tiberium War. The conflict ends days later with Earth cleansed of Tiberium and Kane and the majority of the Brotherhood of Nod missing. (Command and Conquer: Tiberium Twilight)
  • Birth of Henry Archer. He would become a pioneering engineer. (Star Trek: Enterprise, deleted scene of his gravestone)
  • Birth of squadmate and Prothean archeologist, Liara T'Soni. (Mass Effect)


  • The SS Conestoga, an Earth colony ship, reaches the planet Terra Nova and establishes the first Human colony outside the solar system. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • Judges Rico and Joe Dredd, cloned from Eustace Fargo, graduate from the Academy of Law. Rico is soon arrested by Joe for murder and sentenced to 20 years hard labour on Titan. (Judge Dredd)
  • Year of "post-atomic horror" on Earth. In the aftermath of World War III, the New United Nations have been dissolved, lawyers have been abolished (by execution) and martial law is still in effect in certain areas of the world. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)


  • The Third World War begins as a conflict between Pakistan and India. (Babylon 5)
  • The first Slow Boat launched towards Alpha Centauri. (Known Space)


  • Possible starting date for the Universal Century calendar. (UC 0001) (Mobile Suit Gundam)
  • At a cermony marking the change to the Universal Century calender at the Laplace space station, a terrorist attack occurs, destroying the station. (UC 0001) (Gundam Unicorn)
  • Terra Nova, the first Human colony outside the Sol system, collides with an asteroid. Communications with Earth are severed, the fate of the colony remaining a mystery. The colonists actually survive but communications would not be re-established until 2151. (Star Trek: Enterprise)



  • Second American Civil War breaks out between Mega-Cities One and Three. (Judge Dredd)
  • The survivors of Vault 12, transformed into ghouls when intense radiation flooded their Vault after the door failed to seal properly, found the city of Necropolis. (Fallout)


  • X-COM establishes a base in the city of Mega-Primus to defeat a new alien threat from another dimension. (X-COM)
  • The Third World War ends. (Babylon 5)


  • King Frederick Acorn dies and his son Maximilian Acorn is crowned. the technological embargo is lifted and relations between the Kingdom and the Republic (as well as Earth) begin to flourish. (Immortality Protocol Cy-Fox)
  • A space-based American nuclear deterrence system, NASDA, develops what is thought to be a systems fault and launches nuclear missiles at all the major cities around the world. The world's countries, detecting the launches, fire their own nukes at North America, and NASDA's Laser Satellite defenses fail to fire against them. In what becomes known as "the Collapse", civilization collapses, and nuclear winter ensues. (War Zone 2100)


  • The Terran Alliance is formed. (BattleTech)
  • The Earth Alliance is formed. (Babylon 5)
  • Mega-City Three secedes from America, renaming itself Texas City. (Judge Dredd)
  • Two peaceful aliens journey to earth, seeking our help (because they're being menaced by the evil Queen of the Crown and her empire). In return, they give us the plans for our first hyperdrive, allowing mankind to open the doors to the stars. Humanity responds by forming a Space Police force called the Bureau of Extraterrestrial Affairs, whose agents become known as the Galaxy Rangers. (Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers)


  • Alisa along with her father Professor Seleznev and their friends Captain Green and Gromozeka the archaeologist, encounter a dead spaceship, the Black Wanderer. This ship traveled to Earth in the past and left there a purple sphere that is a weapon. It is a bomb that will explode and release a virus that will make all people hate each other and want to kill each other. (Lilac Sphere)


  • Luna-1 City established as a joint venture between Mega-Cities One, Two, and Three. (Judge Dredd)
  • Estimated birth of T'Pol of Vulcan to T'Les, an instructor at the Vulcan Science Academy, and an unnamed father. T'Pol would grow up to become first officer aboard the Enterprise. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • Establishment of the Orpheus Mining Colony on Luna. It is among the earliest Lunar colonies of humanity. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Vault 8 opens, and its inhabitants use their Garden of Eden Creation Kit to revitalize the surrounding land. The settlement of Vault City is the result. (Fallout)


  • Wunderland in the Alpha Centauri system is colonized by the Nineteen Families. (Known Space)


  • The solar system is invaded by the fleet of a new alien civilization, the Marduk. (Macross II)
  • Survivors venture out of the Vault-Tec demonstration Vault under Los Angeles, naming their new settlement the Boneyard after the steel "skeletons" of the L.A. skyline and the copious human remains littering the streets. (Fallout)


  • Doctor Doom kills his future self.
  • A man named Argus founds a trading center around a desert oasis, which eventually grows into the Hub. (Fallout)


  • Discovery of planet Home around Epsilon Indi. (Known Space)


  • Puppeteers begin moving Nature Preserve Five into their star system. (Known Space)
  • Jinx in the Sirius System is colonized. (Known Space)
  • Ireland, unable to repay its reconstruction loan, is reabsorbed by Britain and converted into a theme park. (Judge Dredd)


  • Rise of the robotic nation of Zero-One; threatened by its economic success, the other nations of the world institute a trade blockade. (The Animatrix)
  • Judge Thomas Silver retires from active duty and takes up a teaching post. (Judge Dredd)


  • Nuclear bombardment of Zero-One; surviving robots build an army and wage war against their organic neighbors. (The Animatrix)
  • First contact made with Tnuctipun yeast-harvesting "whitefoods", which are named "Frumious Bandersnatchi" by humanity. (Known Space)
  • Treaty of 2097 ends the Vulcan-Andorian War. Weytahn/Paan Mokar is officially ceded to Vulcan, but both Vulcans and Andorians are required to abandon it. The treaty fails to satisfy the concerns of the two cultures and the territorial dispute would endure to the 2150s. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • Humans initiate Operation Dark Storm to defeat the machines by blotting out the sun, their primary energy source. The plan fails to stop the machines. (The Animatrix)
  • Nuclear war triggers the opening of dimensional rifts across the Earth. The war and the rifts lead to the collapse of human civilization and Earth's invasion by beings from numerous alternate dimensions. (Rifts)


  • Judge Alvin killed by Randolph 'Whitey' Whitely. Whitey is subsequently arrested by Joe Dredd and imprisoned in Devil's Island. (Judge Dredd).
  • Renegade carpenter droid Call-Me-Kenneth starts the First Robot War in Mega-City One (Judge Dredd).
  • Rico Dredd returns to Earth and seeks revenge on Joe; he dies for his efforts. Before his death, he finds time to father a daughter, Vienna. (Judge Dredd)
  • A new generation of superheroes - such as Spider-Man, the Punisher, Ravage, and Doom - arise in a dystopian, corporate-ruled future. (Marvel Comics)



  • Stinkoman, widely acknowledged to be The Guy, goes looking for A Challenge. 1-Up tags along, expressing a desire to also be The Guy. (Homestar Runner)


  • September 18: Dr. Light seals Mega Man X away so that his systems can be tested until they're proven reliable. (Mega Man X)
  • Doctor K accidently releases the Venjix virus, which leads to the destruction of all but one city on Earth. (Power Rangers RPM)
  • Cyborgs enslave humanity. (Futurama)
  • The Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime, a criminal syndicate hellbent on spreading software piracy throughout the world of Gamindustri and reviving the Deity of Sin, Arfoire, enslaves the four Console Patron Units, as well as one CPU Candidate. (Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk. 2)

20XX and 3 years later

  • The Power Rangers successfully defeat Venjix... or did they? (Power Rangers RPM)
  • The CPU Candidate, enslaved by ASIC, is rescued by two humans, and then leads on a journey to save the CPUs, recruit her fellow CPU Candidates, and thwart the forces of ASIC. (Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk. 2)


  • Joe Dredd serves a six-month stint as Judge-Marshall of Luna City. Crime drops dramatically. (Judge Dredd)
  • Plague breaks out in Mega-City Two. A convoy of Judges, led by Joe Dredd, sets out from Mega-City One to deliver the 2T(FRU)T antidote. (Judge Dredd)
  • Jura Edgar appointed chief of Public Surveillance Unit (Judge Dredd)
  • The Turtles find themselves on a starbase. They make their way through, and defeat Krang again. Instead of being promptly zapped to a new time, they take a portal back to the present day (as far as the game is concerned) of 1992. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time)
  • Mars terraformed (Warhammer 40000)

Late 21st century

  • The Pax Cybertronia is signed, ending the war between Autobots and Decepticons. All the Transformers upgrade to smaller, more fuel-efficient bodies; the Predacons, descended from the Decepticons, are forced to live as second-class citizens (Beast Wars).

2101 C.E.- 2200 C.E.


  • War was beginning. (Zero Wing)
  • The first Mars colony is established. (Babylon 5)
  • Clarence Goodman murdered. Judge Cal, formerly chief of SJS, appointed Chief Judge of Mega-City One. Cal's edicts include appointing his pet goldfish to the position of Deputy Chief Judge, instituting a 18:00 curfew, forcing all citizens of Mega-City One to build a mile-high wall around the city, and sentencing the entire city to death twice. He is eventually killed by Fergee, and Judge Griffin is appointed Chief Judge. Hilda McGruder appointed chief of SJS. Giant jr. born. A bridge is built, linking the Emerald Isle to the Trans-Atlantic Tunnel. (Judge Dredd)


  • September 26 - A weakened, elderly bearded idiot Superman escapes his imprisonment from the Biomechs and faces off against the DNA Diktators in Gotham City, led by twin clones of Adolf Hitler. [10] (DC Comics)
  • Judge Death appears in Mega-City One for the first time; he is eventually sealed by the joint efforts of Judges Joe Dredd and Cassandra Anderson. (Judge Dredd)
  • Psi-Judge Feyy predicts disaster by 2120 unless the young Owen Krysler is found. Krysler is kidnapped by the Angel Gang, who fell to Xanadu, with Joe Dredd, Barbara Hershey, and Judge Lopez. The Angel Gang is killed, but Krysler is left behind on Xanadu due to being evil. (Judge Dredd)
  • The ECS Horizon, a cargo staship, is commissioned. The Mayweather family would serve aboard for generations. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Harold, a caravan boss at the Hub, forms an expedition with Dr. Richard Grey to investigate mutant attacks on trade routes. Tracking the raids to the Mariposa Military Base, the duo are defeated by the resident mutants. Harold escapes into the wastes with a growing mutation, while Grey falls into a vat of FEV and takes to wandering the base in a delirium as the mutagens wrack his body. Grey comes to terms with his condition and begins experimenting with the FEV, hatching a plan to bring peace to the wasteland through his Unity. He assumes the title of The Master. (Fallout)


  • Fink Angel seeks revenge on Joe Dredd for the death of his family. He fails and is sent to jail. (Judge Dredd)
  • Captain Shank, under secret control of East-Meg One, launches a nuke at Mega-City One. After a conflict, East-Meg One is forced to nuke one of their own blocks. (Judge Dredd)
  • Judge Death is freed by the other Dark Judges. Judges Joe Dredd and Cassandra Anderson pursue them back to Deadworld, where Anderson calls on the lost souls to exorcise them. (Judge Dredd)
  • Judge Orlok adds a psychoacive substance to Mega-City One's water supply, causing the entire city to descend into Block Mania (Judge Dredd)
  • Humanity establishes the first of the Martian colonies. (Star Trek: Voyager)


  • Apocalypse War: With Block Mania in full force, East-Meg One launches a full-scale invasion of Mega-City One, which does not end until Joe Dredd nukes East-Meg One into oblivion. Hilda McGruder, sole survivor of the Council of Five, is appointed Chief Judge. Giant jr. enters Academy of Law. (Judge Dredd)
  • Fink Angel breaks out of jail. Mean Machine Angel is resurrected by Owen Krysler. Fink and Mean team up to kill Joe Dredd, resulting in the death of Fink and imprisonment of Mean. Krysler killed by Justice Department. (Judge Dredd)
  • The Andorians establish contact with the Aenar, a previously isolated sub-species of their race who, as a result of living underground, lost their sight but compensated by developing telepathy. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • Increased pollution causes Earth's population to evacuate onto luxury spaceships as trash-compacting robots clean up the planet. (WALL-E)
  • Economic war between Earth and the Belt. (Known Space)
  • Solar Union succeeds U.N. (The Psychotechnic League)
  • Manta Tanks first deployed (Judge Dredd)


  • An ordinary orangutan named Dave is elected mayor of Mega-City One by popular vote. (Judge Dredd)
  • Grunwalder attempts to clone Owen Krysler, but something goes wrong. (Judge Dredd)
  • Proteus is constructed. Judges Dredd and Anderson travel to the year 2120 to investigate Judge Feyy's prediction. They bring back a zombified Dredd, human Dredd gets bionic eyes, and the mutant form of Krysler is killed by Dredd. (Judge Dredd)
  • The world is a utopia full of polymaths and there is no more global state. (The Shape of Things to Come)


  • First hyperspatial jump. (BattleTech)
  • Supersurf 7 is won by Marlon 'Chopper' Shakespeare, who claims the title from six-time world champion Yogi Yakamoto.. (Judge Dredd)


  • Mega-City One attacked by Shojun and his Seven Samurai. Hilda McGruder resigns as Chief Judge and takes the Long Walk. Thomas Silver appointed Chief Judge of Mega-City One. Judge Brufen appointed head of Tek Division. Judge Omar, head of Psi-Div, dies and is replaced by Judge Shenker. Democratic Tendency gains influence among the populace. (Judge Dredd)
  • Supersurf 8 is won by Jug McKenzie (Judge Dredd)
  • Stan Lee arrives in Mega-City One and assassinates crime boss The Swede. He also delivers a high-profile defeat to Joe Dredd (Judge Dredd)


  • One of the last of the Thrint, Kzanol, is awakened from stasis on Earth after exposure to a Time Retardation field. Immolation of the surface of Pluto. Humanity learns of the Slavers. Bandersnatchi discovered to be sapient. Kzanol returned to stasis. (Known Space)
  • Supersurf 9 is won by Jug McKenzie. Randolph 'Whitely' Whitey escapes Devil's Island and is killed by Joe Dredd. Chief Judge Silver begins a series of crackdowns on pro-democracy organisations. Simping becomes fashionable. PJ Maybe claims his first victims. Stan 'Deathfist' Lee returns to Mega-City One seeking payment for his last job, and is defeated in combat and imprisoned by Joe Dredd. (Judge Dredd)


  • The first scientific outpost is established outside the Solar System. (BattleTech)
  • Judge Brufen appointed to Council of Five. Tek Judge Brufen assassinated. Judge Odell appointed to Council of Five. (Judge Dredd)
  • Judda clone army attacks Mega-City One. Their base of operations in the Radback is eventually destroyed by Judges Dredd and Bruce. (Judge Dredd)
  • Jug McKenzie beats Marlon 'Chopper' Shakespeare in a photo finish to take victory in Supersurf 10. (Judge Dredd)


  • Discovery of planet Silvereyes around Beta Hydri (Known Space)
  • First Big Slowboat arrives on Wunderland. New colonists become lower class beneath the First Nineteen Families, which are established as nobility. (Known Space)
  • Kraken, last of the Judda, takes his final exam to qualify as a Judge in Mega-City One, presided over by Judge Dredd. Despite a flawless performance, Dredd fails Kraken. Dredd later resigns and takes the Long Walk. (Judge Dredd)


  • A man discovers a guitar in the ruins of a city destroyed in the great war that destroyed the Elder Race of Man. His attempt to rediscover the lost arts of music is rebuffed by the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx, and he commits suicide after imagining the world the Elders lived in. (Rush)
  • Plateu is settled. The six members of the ship's crew become the ruling class over the fifty passengers. (Known Space)
  • Chief Judge Silver covers up Judge Dredd's resignation by replacing him with Kraken. (Judge Dredd)
  • Necropolis (Judge Dredd):
    • Sisters of Death manipulate Judges Kraken and Agee into resurrecting the Dark Judges again.
    • Dark Judges gain control of the Justice Department.
    • Chief Judge Silver commits suicide, but is resurrected as a zombie by Judge Death.
    • Judges Dredd and McGruder return to Mega-City One and, with the help of Cassandra Anderson and a group of cadets, banish the Sisters of Death to Deadworld. The Dark Judges are then sealed away.
  • Judge Morph dies in a traffic accident. Rog Niles appointed head of Special Judicial Service. (Judge Dredd)
  • Birth of Jonathan Archer to Henry and Sally Archer in upstate New York. Jonathan would spent most of his early life in San Francisco and grow up to become captain of the Enterprise. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Vulcans accuse the Andorians of an incursion on the planet Weytahn/Paan Mokar, which is supposed to have been evacuated since 2097. The incursion violates a treaty between them and leads to a period of cold war lasting decades. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • May 12 - Terrorist group Sons of Erin launch a series of bombings aimed at ending the ridicule they have suffered since their country was converted into a theme park. (Judge Dredd)
  • October - Judge Grice illegally attempts undermine the democratic movement and sentenced to 20 years hard labour on Titan. (Judge Dredd)
  • November 1st - In a referendum, the people of Mega-City One vote against reinstituting democracy. (Judge Dredd)
  • The Centauri conquer the planet Narn. (Babylon 5)
  • Reportedly war, poverty, disease, and the causes thereof have been eliminated on Earth. (Star Trek: First Contact)
  • Thomas Silver reclaims his position as Chief Judge, and is promptly executed by Judge Dredd for desertion of duty. (Judge Dredd)
  • Joe Dredd first encounters time-travelling search/destroy agents Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer. (Judge Dredd)
  • Earth's junk satellites are rounded up and dumped on Enceladus. (Futurama)


  • July: Judgement Day. Sabbat, a criminal from the future, raises an army of zombies. Mega-City Two, Sino-City One, Djakarta, South Am City, and Brasilia, and Casablanca are destroyed. Sabbat eventually brought down by a multinational force of Judges, aided by time-travelling search/destroy agent Johnny Alpha. (Judge Dredd).
  • Mechanismo project begins, with the intention of bolstering the ranks of the Judges with battle robots. It doesn't go as planned. (Judge Dredd)
  • Hadrian Volt appointed Chief of Sector 53. (Judge Dredd)


  • Scientist John Hopkins proves the existence of Telepaths. Pope Pius XV offers shelter to the Telepaths. (Babylon 5)
  • America Beeny Born (Judge Dredd)
  • Approximate start of the medical career of Dr. Phlox of Denobula. He would serve four decades later as chief medical officer of the Enterprise. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Battle between Harman Smith and Kun Lan continues in Shanghai. (Killer 7)


  • In the aftermath of the Mechanismo disaster, and realising her own mental instability, Hilda McGruder once again resigns as Chief Judge. She is replaced by Hadrian Volt. Paul Herriman appointed Deputy Chief Judge. (Judge Dredd)


  • Judge Rohan, Sector Chief of 'The Pit', is murdered by the Frendz Mob. Judge Dredd is assigned to replace him. After a long and bloody conflict, the mob is forced out. Judges Buell and Garcia appointed chief and deputy chief of the local SJS. (Judge Dredd)
  • Judge Edgar is found to be illicitly keeping blackmail material on various Judges, which had been compiled by Judge Cal. No action is taken. (Judge Dredd)
  • Paul Herriman appointed chairman of Council of Five. (Judge Dredd)
  • The Arcean Empire makes contact with Earth, and give the humans plans for a stargate. The humans surprise everyone by using the technology to invent Warp Drive, and freely distribute this revolutionary new discovery amongst the other galactic civilizations. (Galactic Civilizations)


  • About 8000 people relocate to Mars, and 12,000 to Luna to escape an impending catastrophe on Earth caused by a close encounter with a 62 km comet. (Dark Space)


  • The Second Neosapien War begins. (Exo Squad)
  • America Beeny enters Mega-City One Academy of Law (Judge Dredd)
  • The Warp Five Complex is established outside Bozeman, Montana. Engineers, including Zefram Cochrane and Henry Archer, work for the development of an engine able to reach Warp 5 speeds.(Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Zefram Cochrane leaves his home at an Alpha Centauri colony and disappears without a trace. He is eventually declared legally deceased. He would be discovered alive in 2267, kept alive as a companion by an alien lifeform. (Star Trek: The Original Series)


  • Creation of the Terran Space Navy. (BattleTech)
  • Acting Chief Judge Herriman killed by Judge Mortis. Judge Feyy's prediction regarding the Judge Child does not come to pass. Zombie Dredd spontaneously reanimates and is returned to his own timeline. [11] (Judge Dredd)


  • Second Robot War occurs in Mega-City One. In the aftermath, Chief Judge Volt commits suicide. (Judge Dredd)
  • Birth of Charles "Trip" Tucker III in Panama City, Florida. He develops a fascination for mechanical engineering at an early age, and would grow up to become the chief engineer of the Enterprise. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • First Freezer Bill passed, making it legal for people who are technically dead when they were frozen to be broken up for the Organ Banks, if they would be unable to support themselves if awakened. Twelve hundred thousand people are broken up for the Organ Banks. Most of these are "The Freezeout Kids", young people who are unable to adjust to the world they lived in and chose the frozen sleep (Known Space)
  • Judge Rico graduates as a full Judge, his final exam overseen by Judge Dredd. Barbara Hershey is elected Chief Judge of Mega-City One in a landslide victory. (Judge Dredd)
  • Following an investigation by Judge Niles, Judge Edgar is dismissed as chief of Public Surveillance Unit and assigned to oversee Cursed Earth Correctional Facility 17. Rog Niles, chief of the Special Judicial Service, is assigned to oversee the PSU. (Judge Dredd)
  • The Weyland-Yutani commercial hauler USCSS Nostromo receives a distress signal from an unknown party on the planet LV-426. (Alien)
  • Birth of T'Pau on planet Vulcan. She would grow to become a diplomat, judge, and philosopher. She would also serve as one of the early leaders of the Syrrannite movement, a reformation movement based on the ideas of antimilitarism and ruthless application of logic. (Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Voyager)
  • Estimated birth of Malcolm Reed in England. His aquaphobia would prevent him from pursuing a career in the Royal Navy, leading him to enlist in Starfleet instead. He would eventually become the armory officer and tactical officer of the Enterprise. (Star Trek: Enterprise, novel Last Full Measure)


  • Dark Judges launch a plague. Virkolak apparently defeated by Judges Dredd and Karyn. (Judge Dredd)


  • Phssthpok the Pak arrives in the Solar system after millenia of sublight travel. He transforms a Belter, Jack Brennan, into the Protector stage; Brennan kills Phssthpok. Brennan begins manipulating human society from behind the scenes to ensure total safety and security for all. (Known Space)
  • Judge Death escapes confinement and disappears into the Cursed Earth. (Judge Dredd)
  • Death of prominent engineer Henry Archer due to Clarke's Disease, a degenerative disorder of the brain. He is survived by his wife Sally and son Jonathan. (Star Trek: Enterprise, novel Rosetta)


  • February 3: Passage of the Second Freezer Bill by the Security Council, allowing for the breaking up of the Group II (insane or otherwise not defective enough to serve as organ donors) frozen "Corpscicles" into the Organ Banks. Three hundred thousand are "eligible". (Known Space)
  • March: Colony ship "Iron Maiden" crash-lands on We Made It. (Known Space)


  • A group of Mega-City One Judges raid a Sov gulag to rescue hostages. Las Vegas nuked by Judge Death (Judge Dredd)
  • Birth of Travis Mayweather aboard the ECS Horizon to Captain Paul Mayweather, snr (captain) and Rianna (medic and chief engineer). Travis would grow to become the helmsman of the Enterprise. (Star Trek: Enterprise, novel Rosetta)


  • Judge Grice is crippled in an explosion. He is given cybernetic limbs and assigned as Judge Warden to the House of Pain. Judge Karyn is possessed by the Virkolak and sealed at Psi-Division HQ. (Judge Dredd)


  • Establishment of an independent Martian government. [12](Red Mars Trilogy)
  • Chief Judge Hershey sends a force to Ciudad Baranquillo to install a government more amenable to Mega-City One's interests, under the guise of a peacekeeping force. (Judge Dredd)


  • Robert Booth, having awoken from cryogenic suspension, obtains the body of Eustace Fargo and holds it to ransom. Booth is killed by Judge Dredd, and Fargo dies soon after. Serial killer PJ Maybe is elected mayor of Mega-City One under the name Byron Ambrose. (Judge Dredd)
  • Birth of Hoshi Sato in Kyoto, Japan. She would grow to become a prominent linguist and the communications officer of the Enterprise. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • World government established. (Legend of the Galactic Heroes)


  • Orbital telescopes detect the presence of a massive space ship of unknown origin, designated Rama, passing through the solar system. (Rendezvous With Rama)
  • Under pressure from Judge Dredd, Chief Judge Hershey repeals Mega-City One's anti-mutant laws. America Beeny graduates from the Academy of Law at the age of 15. (Judge Dredd)
  • Judge Edgar steers Judge Dredd towards the surviving members of the Citizen's Court, hoping he will be killed. She dies of cancer before she can be brought to justice. (Judge Dredd)
  • The beginnings of Cosmic Religion. (The Psychotechnic League)


  • Chief Judge Hershey deposed and replaced by Dan Francisco. Anti-mutant laws reinstated in Mega-City One. Mutants exiled to townships in the Cursed Earth. Judge Dredd assigned to oversee law and order in these townships. Rog Niles retires and takes up a teaching post. (Judge Dredd)


  • Francisco steps down as Chief Judge due to illness. He is replaced by Martin Sinfield. (Judge Dredd)
  • The Metal Wars result in the subjugation of humans by our war machines the Bio-Mechs lead by Lord Dread. (Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future)


  • Kai Taluno, a Bajoran religious leader, has a strange experience while traveling in the Denorios belt. His spacecraft malfunctions, while Taluno himself has a vision of the heavens opening up and nearly swallowing said ship. His record of the incident would lead to the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole in 2369. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)


  • Planet Arknar is discovered becoming a subject of study for feudalism department of the the Earth's 'Institute of Experimental History'. (Noon Universe)
  • The USS Carrizal attempts to initiate first contact with the Romulans. (Star Trek)


  • "Ender" Wiggin destroys the Formic fleet and empire thus saving Earth. (Ender's Game)


  • Jody N'Kumo discovers the Bamboo Valley on the planet Isis. (The Guardian of Isis)


  • The Romulans discover warp technology. (Star Trek)
  • The Master begins mass-producing his super mutant army by abducting humans and dipping them in vats of FEV. Few survive, and fewer still are deemed fit to join the Unity. (Fallout)



  • A 14 year old alien girl leads a children's revolution. (Libertaria)


  • War erupts between the United Civilized States (UCS) and the Eurasian Dynasty (ED) on post-nuclear Earth. (Earth 2140)


  • Planet Saula discovered by Saul Repnin, home of the 'everlasting machines'. (Noon Universe)


  • In the midst of a new Ice Age, the Pan-Asian Coalition and the European Union wage a large-scale war over the world's few remaining natural resources. (Battlefield 2142)
  • Thy'lek Shran, an Andorian military officer, becomes commander of the warship Kumari. It is his first command position. Shran would eventually help establish an alliance between Andoria and Earth. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • The culturally-diverse population of Vault 15 splinters. One group founds the community of Shady Sands, while the others form gangs - the Vipers, Jackals and Khans - and begin raiding neighboring settlements. (Fallout)


  • The NX test program of Starfleet has a breakthrough, when a pair of prototype pathfinder starships break the warp 2 barrier. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • The NX test program of Starfleet has a breakthrough, when one of its prototype ships manages to break the warp 3 barrier.(Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • November 15-16 - All hell breaks loose on the UAC Mars research facility - literally. The situation is stopped by a nameless Space Marine. (Doom 3)


  • Global warming has long since melted all the ice on Earth. The Warp Gate now allows eager snow boarders to snow board anywhere in the Galaxy with appropriate snow conditions. (Project Powder)


  • Human explorers find a Prothean data cache on Mars, leading to the discovery of element zero and the Mass Relays, allowing humanity to first travel beyond the solar system.[13](Mass Effect)


  • Republic of Zeon becomes the Principality of Zeon. (UC 0069) (Mobile Suit Gundam)
  • The construction of the Enterprise (NX-01) begins. It is intended to become the first warp 5-capable starship created on Earth, allowing the planet to become a legitimate interstellar power. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • Second Atomic War occurs. 70% of Britain's population is wiped out, and the mutant population skyrockets. John Kreelman born to Diana and Nelson Bunker Kreelman. Laws are passed in New Britain restricting mutants from owning business or property.(Strontium Dog)
  • The Centauri republic begins to crumble. Zartras is born on Epsilon 3. San Diego is wiped out by a nuke. (Babylon 5)
  • Brennan begins a process of kidnapping humans to work as assistants on his various projects, the first one returning after four months. He returns them afterwards, memories wiped and bank accounts full. (Known Space)
  • Formation of the United Earth government, with all previous human governments united into one organization. Many nation-states and confederations retain their individual identities, though participating in the wider government.(Star Trek: The Next Generation).


  • April - The Enterprise (NX-01) is launched, under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer. T'Pol of Vulcan serves as the first officer, Charles "Trip" Tucker as chief engineer, Malcolm Reed as security chief, Hoshi Sato as communications officer, Travis Mayweather as helmsman, Dr. Phlox of Denobula as chief medical officer. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • June - First contact between Humans and Andorians. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • The Arthur C. Clarke arrives at Plateau. Its crew and passengers are forced into the lower class of the social system established by the first colony ship. (Known Space)
  • First contact between Earth and Romulan vessels. Visual contact, however, is avoided. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • The Andorians and Vulcans, long-involved in a territorial dispute, conclude a cease fire. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • The Master encounters a doomsday cult, whose members pledge themselves to his service.


  • The Xindi alliance attempts an attack on Earth by means of super-weapon. A destructive blast at the continent of America cuts a swath from Florida to Venezuela, resulting in the death of 7 million people. The weapon then self-destructs. The Xindi start planning on improvements. Enterprise is sent to the Xindi in order to resolve the conflict through diplomatic means. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • April 11 - Commander Shepard is born. (Mass Effect)
  • May - Paraplegic Marine Jake Sully lands on Pandora, a moon circling the planet Polyphemus. (Avatar)
  • August - Jake Sully successfully makes peace with the native Na'vi on Pandora. [14] (Avatar)
  • The Romulans place an effort to destabilize other powers through both military and diplomatic means. Andoria, Earth, Tellar Prime, and Vulcan form an alliance against the common threat. The Klingons are preoccupied with an augmentation virus running rampant through their population, avoiding participation in the conflict. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • February 17 - A Precursor ship, carrying a human scientific expedition, returns to the Solar System. (Star Control II)
  • Dave Lister is abandoned in a pub in Liverpool in a box marked Our Rob or Ross Ouroboros [15] [16] (Red Dwarf)
  • The Coalition of Planets, a loose alliance, is established. The members include Andorians, Coridanites, Denobulans, Humans, Rigelians, Tellarites, and Vulcans. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Leo Davidson time-travels to the Earth of this year and lands in Washington. DC. However, Leo finds his world dominated by sentient apes and sees a monument to his enemy General Thade, as the Great Liberator.(Planet of the Apes (2001) and adaptations)
  • Human Systems Alliance pilot, Jeff "Joker" Moreau is born. (Mass Effect)
  • The Master conquers the Boneyard vault and moves his base of operations there. (Fallout)


  • Arkanar Massacre and the technological catastrophe on Rainbow. (Noon Universe)
  • The Centauri contact Earth Alliance. (Babylon 5)
  • The Earth-Romulan war begins. Preceeding skirmishes had started in 2154. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Birth of Talla to Thy'lek Shran and his wife Jhamel. She is an Andorian-Aenar hybrid. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • The Master's cultists form a religious movement called the Children of the Cathedral, expanding his power base across the wasteland and secretly searching for untainted Vault populations to convert into super mutants. (Fallout)


  • Kammerer Crisis on Saraksh. (Noon Universe)
  • Nelson Bunker Kreelman passes a law barring mutants from employment.(Strontium Dog)
  • Daleks invade and occupy Earth. (Doctor Who)
  • Only twelve years after leaving their solar system for the first time, humans make first contact with an alien species (the turians). An unfortunate misunderstanding is followed by a series of escalating conflicts, collectively known as the "First Contact War" and ended only when Citadel diplomats step in to settle the matter. (Mass Effect)


  • In the aftermath of the First Contact War, the human-supremacist organisation Cerberus is formed. (Mass Effect)
  • Thy'lek Shran is suspected of stealing a Teneebian amethyst, resulting in several former associates turning against him. He fakes his own death to protect his family from the schemes of his enemies. He would not resurface until 2161. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • One Year War begins between Principality of Zeon and Earth Federation. (UC 0079) (Mobile Suit Gundam)
  • Central Bureaucracy established. (Futurama)


  • January 1: Battle of A Baoa Qu; One Year War ends.[17] (UC 0080) (Mobile Suit Gundam)
  • Earth-Romulan War ends at the Battle of Cheron. Earth wins with the assistance of its allies: Andoria, Tellar, and Vulcan. The Romulan Neutral Zone is established in aftermath. It effectively isolates the two opposing sides from each other. (Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: The Original Series)



  • John Kreelman joins the mutant resistance under the alias Johnny Alpha. Nelson Bunker Kreelman begins a policy of evicting all mutants from their homes. Milton Keynes becomes the biggest mutant ghetto in Europe. (Strontium Dog)
  • The Rainforest Wars begin as UN, Koslovic and Frieden forces clash over ideological differences. (Halo)
  • The Vault Dweller defeats the Master, destroys Mariposa Military Base, and returns to Vault 13 with a replacement water chip. Though thankful, the Overseer exiles the Vault Dweller before his experiences and new ideas can contaminate the Vault. The Vault Dweller leaves his home, never to return. (Fallout)




  • Earth joins the Systems Commonwealth. (7085 CY) (Andromeda)
  • Proxima 3 becomes the first extra-solar colony of the Earth Alliance. (Babylon 5)
  • The Systems Alliance is granted an embassy on the Citadel. (Mass Effect)
  • Lt. David Anderson and Spectre Saren Arterius are assigned to track down Dr. Shu Qian and his supporter Edan Had'dah after it is discovered that they had been involved in illegal AI research. The mission ends in failure, with both suspects killed before they can be captured. (Mass Effect: Revelation)
  • Birth of Sarek on planet Vulcan. His father is Skon, famous for translating The Teachings of Surak into English. (Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • A faction of Vault 13 residents leave their home to join the Vault Dweller, forming the village of Arroyo. (Fallout 2)



  • The shockwave of Hydrus Beta supernova hits Earth, nearly destroying humanity. (Stellvia of the Universe)
  • New British Parliament establishes the Ministry of Mutation, headed up by Nelson Bunker Kreelman. The ministry's first act is to establish death camps for all mutants. (Strontium Dog)
  • Friday 13, month unknown: Mutant Uprising in New Britain. Ministry of Mutations abolished. Nelson Bunker Kreelman forced to resign. Galactic Crime Comission established. Participants in uprising exiled from Earth. (Strontium Dog)
  • The Daleks' ten-year occupation of Earth is ended (thanks to help from the First Doctor). (Doctor Who)
  • AEUG battles against the Earth Federation's oppressive Titans organization. (UC 0087) (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)



  • Pickman Carter repels a Mongol invasion of Australia using "strange means." (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Jonathan Archer is appointed Federation ambassador to Andoria (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • Wanted criminal Max Bubba and his gang break out of Canterbury Keep and flee back in time. Johnny Alpha is dispatched to apprehend them. (Strontium Dog)
  • Wulf Sternhammer is accidentally brought forward in time by Johnny Alpha and decides to remain in the future. (Strontium Dog)
  • The United Earth Government and the United Nations Space Command are formed. (Halo)
  • The colony of Mindoir is raided by batarian slavers, who succeed in kidnapping most of the population. Only a hanful of survivors are left when an Alliance battlegroup, centered on the carrier Enistein, finally reaches the planet (Mass Effect).
  • Humanist Revolt. Psychotechnic Institute abolished. (The Psychotechnic League)
  • Overdrive Mask de Smith leads the Fifth Smith Syndicate to victory over billions of Final Smiles in Detroit. (Killer 7)


  • Harman Smith and Kun Lan play a neverending game of chess, fearing his apparition. (Killer 7)


  • The Antilia Colony orbiting Jupiter is attacked by BAHRAM. In the confusion, civillian Leo Stenbuck falls into the cockpit of the orbital frame Jehuty. (Zone of the Enders)



  • December - Julian Comstock becomes President of the United States under the provisions of the 52nd amendment when the previous president, Deklan Comstock, is overthrown by the Army of the Laurentians. (Julian Comstock)
  • A mining team working on the moon Callisto is attacked. One of the miners, Dingo Egret, finds Jehuty hidden in the ice, and becomes its pilot. (Zone of the Enders: the 2nd Runner)


Mid-22nd century


  • The Skyllian Blitz: an enormous fleet of slavers, pirates and batarians attacks the human colony of Elysium. Garrison forces augmented by civilian irregulars succeed in holding off the enemy until an Alliance task force reaches the planet and decimates the pirate fleet. Legendary soldier Commander Shepard may have fought in the battle. (Mass Effect)
  • The group of Zeon renmants known as The Sleeves and the Earth Federation begin a conflict over Laplace's Box. (UC 0096) (Gundam Unicorn)


  • The planet of Akuze serves as the location for humanity's first contact with Thresher Maws when they devour the entire colony. A marine unit sent to investigate suffers near-100% casualties; legendary soldier Commander Shepard may have been one of the few survivors. (Mass Effect)


  • The Foundling crisis. (Noon Universe)
  • In retaliation for the Skyllian Blitz, the Alliance launches a major assault against pirate bases on the moon of Torfan. Despite horrendous losses to the marines, the pirates are utterly wiped out. Legendary soldier Commander Shepard may have commanded the marine contingent. (Mass Effect)
  • Contact is lost with the colony Hadley's Hope on the planet Acheron, aka LV-426. The USS Sulaco and its detachment of Colonial Marines is sent to investigate, along with adviser Ellen Ripley, the sole survivor of the Nostramo. (Aliens)


  • An escape pod from the USS Sulaco lands on the prison planet Fiorina "Fury" 161, with one human survivor and one inhuman stowaway. (Alien3)


  • Bounty hunters Johnny Alpha an Wulf Sternhammer join forces with a Gronk. Later, the trio brings down the entire Wolrog Empire. (Strontium Dog)
  • Humanist regime overthrown. (The Psychotechnic League)


  • Johnny Alpha, Wulf Sternhammer, and the Gronk, in the course of claiming the bounty on Fly's-Eyes Wagner, are sucked into Hell. They manage to escape [19]. (Strontium Dog)


  • Johnny Alpha, Wulf Sternhammer, and the Gronk are sent back in time to 1945 by the Committee for Ultimate Retribution to apprehend Adolf Schicklgruber and bring him forward in time to stand trial for war crimes. (Strontium Dog)


  • Rogue Council Spectre Saren Arterius attacks the Citadel with the aid of the geth and his flagship Sovereign. He nearly succeeds in taking control of the staion, but is thwarted at the last second by the arrival of the Systems Alliance Fifth Fleet. Saren is killed by newly-promoted human Spectre Commander Shepard in the Council Chamber. (Mass Effect)
  • Three weeks later, Shepard's ship, Normandy SR-1, is ambushed and utterly destroyed by an unknown ship, later revealed to be a Collector cruiser. Shepard is killed in action. (Mass Effect 2)
  • Cerberus agents attack the quarian starship Idenna in order to recover a young biotic prodigy they had been experimenting on. After the attack, the child remains on the Idenna, and the Migrant Fleet begins searching for a new home. (Mass Effect: Ascension)
  • Johnny Alpha tracks Nelson Bunker Kreelman to the planet Stavros and traps him in a time loop. (Strontium Dog)
  • Brennan crashes an ice asteroid onto Mars, killing the stone-age Martians, which explode on contact with water, on the off chance that they might be a threat to humanity at some point. (Known Space)



  • Human colonies in the Terminus Systems begin vanishing without a trace. Shepard, long thought dead, is reportedly sighted in the Terminus Systems, with the stated agenda of tracking down the kidnappers and putting a stop to them. (Mass Effect 2)
  • A Brotherhood of Steel paladin named Jacob and a super mutant named Marcus engage in a days-long brawl. The pair break down in laughter afterward and begin traveling together, and later that year found the multispecies community of Broken Hills. (Fallout 2)


  • Nelson Bunker Kreelman freed by surviving Stix brothers. Brothers carry out a massacre on planet Och-Eleven, blaming Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer. Kreelman, under the name Norman King, takes command of the search/destroy agency and uses the bounty hunters to bring in Alpha. With the help of some friends, Alpha escapes and unmasks Kreelman, who is killed by mutants. (Strontium Dog)



  • Max Bubba's gang escape from prison and track down Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer. [21]. Alpha later tracks down and kills Bubba. (Strontium Dog)
  • Ronald Reagan is brought forward in time by the Kaiakos-K, who demand that all humans leave Kaiak within 30 days or they will kill him, wiping out all human history since 1987. (Strontium Dog)
  • King Clarkie II of England and What's Left of the Rest of the UK marries Vera Duckworth,a mutant commoner. Five minutes later, he is forced to abdicate. (Strontium Dog)
  • Sabbat commits genocide on planet Bethsheba, and flees into the past when the Galactic Crime Commission arrives to terminate him. Johnny Alpha also goes back in time to apprehend him. (Judge Dredd)
  • Alfred Bester is born. (Babylon 5)


  • Home colonized by a combination of slowboats and supply ships. (Known Space)
  • Shady Sands becomes host to a nationalist movement. It and the nearby communities of Los Angeles, the Hub, Maxson, and Dayglow form a five-state federation dubbed the New California Republic. (Fallout 2)


  • Estimated birth of Dr. Philip Boyce. He would serve as chief medical officer aboard the Enterprise. (Star Trek: The Original Series, comic book Who's Who in Star Trek #1)
  • Britain comes under the control of the New Church, who ally with Lyran sorcerers to send the mutant population to a Hell dimension. The mutants are saved by Johnny Alpha, who[22] dies. New Church is destroyed when [23] (Strontium Dog)
  • Feral Jackson takes Johnny Alpha's body to Zen and begs the stone wizards to restore his life. They refuse when Feral is unwilling to give his own life in exchange. (Strontium Dog)
  • The Conjoiner faction comes into existence, and its war with the Coalition for Neural Purity begins. ("Great Wall of Mars", Revelation Space universe)


  • Estimated birth of Dr. Mark Piper. He would serve as chief medical officer aboard the Enterprise. (Star Trek: The Original Series, novel Traitor Winds)


  • Jonathan Archer steps down from his position of President of the United Federation of Planets. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • War between the Icarus and Thermopylae asteroid colonies. First deployment of Battleroid military cyborgs in combat. (Marathon)
  • Birth of Robert April in Coventry. He would serve as the first Captain of the Enterprise. (Star Trek: The Animated Series, novel Final Frontier)


  • J'hadur is born on the Dilgar colony of Omelos. (Babylon 5)
  • Doghouse is rebuilt, and a new generation of search/destroy agents enrolled. (Strontium Dog)


  • The civilian starship ND-001 Nadesico, built by the Nergal Corporation and commanded by Yurika Misumaru, is completed and begins fighting Jovian invaders (Martian Successor Nadesico)


  • Colony Ship Long Pass finds the frozen Nature Preserve 5 en route to the Pupeteer System, and send messages to it. (Known Space)
  • Precious Matson and Middenface McNulty begin investigating the death of Johnny Alpha. (Strontium Dog)


  • Space-Spawn invade Earth, gargoyles join resistance against them. (Gargoyles)
  • The Earth Alliance terraforms Mars with help of the Centauri. (Babylon 5)


  • Great Revelation. (Noon Universe)
  • Puppeteer robots attack the Long Pass, forcing its crew and their frozen embryonic children into unwitting slavery as agricultural workers. (Known Space)



  • The Mars colony demands independence from Earth. Mir Delenn is born on Minbar. (Babylon 5)
  • Beginning of the Long Peace on Earth due to the machinations of Brennan. (Known Space)
  • First colonists arrive at Silvereyes, in the Beta Hydri system. (Known Space)
  • Estimated birth of Amanda Grayson in Seattle. She would grow to marry into Vulcan society. (Star Trek: The Original Series, novel Sarek)
  • Johnny Alpha resurrected [24] [25] (Strontium Dog)

22nd Century

  • Autobots and Decepticons battle for the Allspark in Detroit on Earth. (Transformers Animated)
  • Sherlock Holmes resurrected to battle Professor Moriarty. (Sherlock Holmes in The Twenty Second Century)
  • The UNS Unity arrives at the planet Chiron in the Alpha Centauri system, but an explosion aboard leads to a mutiny. The survivors splinter into numerous factions that settle on the planet, a world with highly dangerous native lifeforms, and which itself may be sentient and resentful of the humans' attempt at colonization. (Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri)
  • The Fifty-Year Squirts affect Earth, increasing the demand for toilet paper. Pine trees are all chopped down to make emergency toilet paper. The species goes extinct. (Futurama)
  • The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory face off doppelgangers of factory workers. [26] (Doctor Who)


  1. A dissenting faction is gassed to death and the city is placed under slumber for 1000 years so they can reintegrate with the humans someday. Rory is killed and his existence erased by the cracks in time.
  2. The ship arrives 50 years after the death of Kurt Godel.
  3. people that have had an immortality treatment
  4. The subsequent destruction of the alien city of T'leth releases toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, severely contaminating the Earth's ecosystem.
  5. Dennis' gravestone gives his date of birth as 2058. Since he and Sabbat are in the same class, they are presumably the same age.
  6. The revolt is unsuccessful, leading to the takeover of Mars by a consortium of Mega Corps and the founding of the Martian underground.
  7. The aliens are Vulcans, and Cochrane had some help from the crew of the time-traveling Enterprise-E (who followed the Borg back in time to stop them from changing history).
  8. They were retaliating against humans for capturing and dissecting one of their emissaries.
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  11. Mega-City One lies in ruins due to the actions of the Mutant, a monstrous being cloned from the Judge Child's DNA. Judge Dredd, having travelled forward from the year 2106, battles a zombified version of himself and loses his eyes.
  12. Global warming on Earth having triggered a global crisis, the underground seizes the moment to gain independence from the Mega Corp consortium.
  13. "They called it the greatest discovery in human history. The civilizations of the galaxy call it..."
  14. A majority of the human population is sent back to the dying Earth. The Na'vi perform a ritual that places Jake in his Avatar body.
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  17. The Zeons lose.
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  26. Amy is discovered to have been kidnapped, without her realising.
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