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Grand Unified Timeline events from 2000 C.E. to 2019 C.E.


  • January 1 -
    • 00:00 -
      • Philip J. Fry is accidentally [1] cyrogenically frozen for 1,000 years. (Futurama)
      • Jenny Quantum is born. (The Authority)
    • 00:28 - Bender Bending Rodríguez, under the control of spammers, travels back to this time from 3007 ahead of Fry, intending to kill him. He fails. (Futurama)
    • 00:29 - Bender from further in the future travels back to this time and tattoos the time code on Fry's bum. (Futurama)
    • 00:30 - Philip J. Fry time-travels to this date, accidentally creates a duplicate of himself. While one Fry returns to the future, the duplicate stays in this era and resumes his life from where he left off, not knowing he is being pursued by Bender. (Futurama)
    • After a century of service, the immortal Captain Jack Harkness takes command of Torchwood Three. [2] (Torchwood)
  • January 9 - SCP-939-A6 begins its metamorphosis. (SCP Foundation)
  • January 10 - SCP-939-A6's symptoms flare up again. (SCP Foundation)
  • January 15 - Wikipedia launched (Wikipedia)
  • January 24 - SCP-939-A's symptoms intensify. It is transferred to a secure concrete bunker. (SCP Foundation)
  • January 26 - SCP-939-A completes its metamorphosis. (SCP Foundation)
  • Spring - Graduates of Lawndale High this year include Daria Morgendorffer and her associates. [3] (Daria)
  • April 10 - Mitchell Hundred makes his debut as the Great Machine. (Ex Machina)
  • July - To keep it from Glorificus, the Order of Dagon converts the Key into a secret, hidden form [4]. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • August 23 - Earthquake turns Los Angeles into an island. (Escape From L.A.)
  • August - To hide it from Glorificus, the Order of Dagon converts the Key into a human girl, [5]. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • September 13 - The Second Impact. Oceans rise, killing billions. Tokyo is destroyed. (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • September - Nadezhda Antonovna Gorodetskaya born to Svetlana and Anton Gorodetsky. (Night Watch)
  • November 2 - First bulletin board post from claimed time traveler John Titor.
  • November 15 - Serbian peacekeepers enter the United States as a response to the violent balkanisation of the country after the presidential election. (The Onion)
  • December - Construction on the Millennium Gate begins. Shannon O'Donnel, ancestor of Kathryn Janeway, works to persuade locals to sell their property to allow the project to proceed, and along the way falls in love with stubborn bookshop owner Henry Janeway.(Star Trek: Voyager)
  • Gigatron leads a group of Predacons to attempt to steal all the energy of Earth and obtain Fortress Maximus, but he is stopped by Fire Convoy and his Autobots. (Transformers Robots in Disguise)
  • The town of Grantville, West Virginia vanishes, replaced by empty German countryside. (1632)
  • Demon Queen Bansheera escapes, tries to conquer the city built by humans on top of the ruins of her palace. Demonic hordes wiped out, Bansheera sent to hell and sealed there. (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue)
  • Earth temporarily turned into a prison for intergalactic criminals. (Marvel Comics)
  • The MacManus brothers begin to hunt down the wicked in Boston. (The Boondock Saints)
  • After two years, Gruntilda the witch returns as a skeleton and kills Bottles and the king of the Jinjos, who have been helping Banjo and Kazooie. [6] Banjo and Kazooie collect more Plot Coupons to defeat her once more. [7] (Banjo-Tooie)
  • Edward Roivas murdered by Pious Augustus. Augustus succeeds in bringing his Ancient into the world. Roivas' granddaughter, Alexandra, summons another Ancient to destroy it. The three timelines established in 26 BC now collapse into one, with the deaths of all three Ancients and leaving only Mantorok alive. (Eternal Darkness)
  • Liquid Snake joins FOXHOUND. (Metal Gear Solid)
  • The "Conqueror Worm" incident. [8] In the aftermath, Hellboy quits the BPRD and begins wandering the Earth. (Hellboy: Conqueror Worm)
  • Helen B. Narbon goes mad and hires Mell and Dave to work for her lab. (Narbonic)
  • The General Construction corporation seeks to refurbish northeast New York City. Citizens who do not leave the Bronx in a timely manner are killed by death squads called "Disinfectors." The city's gangs unite under the Toblerone to fight back. (Escape2000)
  • Great Garbage Crisis in New York City. The city's excess garbage is put on a gigantic barge, which is then pushed out to circle the world's seas for the next 50 years. (Futurama)
  • The ancient monsters known as the Grongi break free from the seal placed upon them by the Rinto warrior Kuuga, and begin attacking Japan in order to unleash the "Ultimate Darkness". Yusuke Godai, a happy-go-lucky vagabond, dons a Rinto artifact during a Grongi attack, becoming the modern-day Kuuga and helping the Tokyo police battle the Grongi. (Kamen Rider Kuuga)
  • Garcian Smith successfully resurrects the fallen personae, but Dan mortally injures Harman in a fit of lunacy. Samatha leaves the syndicate and becomes a full-time carer to Harman. (Killer 7)
  • December 25- Marcus Reed destroys one of New Yorks top gangs by killing it's leader Kev Lar before being recruited by police officer Terry Higgans to be in the PDNY. (True Crime: New York City)


  • January 1 - Groundbreaking for the Millennium Gate in Portage Creek, Indiana. Construction would last to 2012. (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • January 20 -
    • Following a protracted election cycle including a lengthy recount in the state of Florida, George W. Bush becomes President of the United States.
    • Following a protracted election cycle including a lengthy recount in the state of Florida, Lex Luthor becomes President of the United States. (DC Comics)
    • Following a protacted election cycle including the vaporization of a stack of Gore-Lieberman ballots by a time-traveling kleptomaniac robot, George W. Bush becomes President of the United States. (Futurama: Bender's Big Score)
    • A religious fanatic becomes U.S. President after predicting the fall of Los Angeles and imposes a theocratic state; Los Angeles becomes a dumping ground for anyone opposed to his regime. (Escape From L.A.)
    • George Sears becomes President of the United States. (Metal Gear Solid)
  • May - Buffy Summers sacrifices her life to stop Glorificus merging all universes into mathematical chaos, goes to Heaven. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • September 4 - Fertility doctor Juliet Burke leaves for the Island to save the pregnant women who keep dying there. (Lost)
  • October - Buffy Summers resurrected by her friends. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • September 11 -
    • Terrorist attacks from hijacked planes destroy the World Trade Center in New York City and heavily damage part of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. A fourth plane, United Flight 93, presumed to be headed for the White House is attempted control of by passengers, but crashes in a field in Pennsylvania.
    • Mitchell Hundred saves the south tower of the World Trade Center. (Ex Machina)
    • Black 13, sealed in a lcoker below the North Tower, is destroyed by falling wreckage. (The Dark Tower)
  • December - Max Payne is framed for Alex Balder's murder, starts a Roaring Rampage of Revenge while New York City is caught in the worst blizzard of its history. (Max Payne)
  • December 28 - The DL-6 Incident [9] (Ace Attorney series)
  • The ship Discovery nears the end of its mission to Jupiter. (2001: A Space Odyssey)
  • Ethnic tensions from the year 3001 spill over into this year due to a time traveling terrorist, who ceases once his daughter realizes that what they're doing is just as bad as what was done to them. (Power Rangers Time Force)
  • Half-human Org escapes his seal, begins building his forces to resume the war from 3,000 years prior. Animarian remnant wakes up from magical cryosleep, begins recruiting new soldiers. The war resumes, albeit mostly confined to small skirmishes. (Power Rangers Wild Force)
  • College student Tommy Oliver takes part in archaeological dig, finding the Dino Gems, and Oliver begins researching of dinosaur cybernetics with businessman Anton Mercer. The dig goes sour, Mercer turns evil, and the facility is destroyed. (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)
  • Alien police organization Space Patrol Delta starts its Earth branch and carries on various research and experiments. Planet Sirius is conquered by Emperor Gruumm, and one of its last survivors escapes to Earth. (Power Rangers SPD)
  • Publication of Gray's Sports Almanac. (Back to The Future Part II)
  • Imperiex threatens the universe, and Earth's heroes team up with extraterrestrial forces to defeat him. (DC Comics)
  • Community college professors take on rapidly evolving aliens. (Evolution)
  • Fashion model Derek Zoolander becomes embroiled in an assassination plot. (Zoolander)
  • The Grand Retour of Les Soldats fails (Count A). (Noir)
  • Following a martian invasion, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern John Stewart and J'onn J'onnz form the original seven members of the Justice League. (Justice League)
  • Desmond Hume is trapped on the Island and starts pushing a button every 108 minutes to save the world. (Lost)
  • A "mute asshole" kills Liberty City Mafia Don Salvatore Leone, among other people. (Grand Theft Auto III)
  • Dr. Narbon kills Dave Davenport; he is later resurrected. (Narbonic)
  • The Lexx comes to Earth. [10] (Lexx)
  • Djer, an immortal pharaoh Buried Alive millennia ago, revives in the Cairo Museum. Methos, the guy responsible for said burial, learns the news and heads for Cairo. He intends to kill Djer[11] (The Methos Chronicles)
  • A nuclear war has destroyed most major cities. Caesar, son of Cornelius and Zira, tries to cultivate peace between his simian peers and the surviving remnants of humanity. A gorilla general named Aldo opposes his efforts, plotting Caesar's overthrow and doom.(Battle for the Planet of the Apes)
  • Zombie outbreak in Sidi-Moussa. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Yuki Makimura arrives in Sunnydale and attempts to resurrect The Master. She is stopped by the efforts of Dawn Summers. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


  • January 9 - Mitchell Hundred becomes Mayor of New York City. (Ex Machina)
  • November 5 - Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet re-elected for a second term as President of the United States. (The West Wing)
  • Org-Animarian war concludes with Animarian remnant victorious; it goes back into magical cryosleep just in case. (Power Rangers Wild Force)
  • Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser sent to South America to apprehend drug lord Javier Hidalgo, who has ties to Umbrella. Krauser fakes his death in a helicopter crash and begins working for Albert Wesker. (Resident Evil)
  • Ramon Salazar, a follower of Los Illuminados, digs up Las Plagas at the behest of Osmund Saddler. All of the local villagers are soon infects. (Resident Evil 4, date estimated)
  • Agent Kay brought out of retirement by Agent Jay to help defeat Serleena. (Men in Black II)
  • The space probe Nomad is launched by NASA to seek out new life among the stars. Due to damage from a meteorite, Nomad would lose contact with Earth. It would later merge with Tan Ru, an alien probe programmed to collect and sterilize soil samples. The new purpose of the combined machine would be to "seek out and sterilize new life". (Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • Mark Grayson becomes Invincible. (Invincible)
  • Kim Possible begins her career as a crime-fighter. (Kim Possible)
  • Adrian Monk emerges from seclusion and becomes a private detective. (Monk)
  • Xander Cage recruited by the NSA to stop Eastern European anarchists. (XXX)
  • Giant spiders terrorize a small town. (Eight Legged Freaks)
  • A journalist investigates a deadly videotape. (The Ring)
  • Helen B. Narbon, Dave Davenport, Mell Kelly, and Artie are stranded on an island by the Dave Conspiracy; they eventually escape. (Narbonic)
  • The First Tiberium War ends with the destruction of the Temple of Nod in Sarajevo and the apparent death of Kane. Though the Global Defense Initiative is victorious, much of Europe, South America, and Africa is devastated by the fighting, while Tiberium continues to spread unchecked across the planet. (Command and Conquer: Tiberium Dawn)
  • A new generation of DigiDestined appear to save the Digital World after the Digimon Emperor takes control. (Digimon Adventure 02)
  • The Lords, an ancient race subservient to the godlike Overlord, begin killing exceptional humans who may have the potential to become the modern version of the powerful ancient warrior Agito. The amnesiac Shoichi Tsugami becomes the new Agito and fights to protect humanity alongside policeman Makoto Hikawa, swimmer Ryo Ashihara, and doctor Kaoru Kino[12]. (Kamen Rider Agito)
  • People in Tokyo begin being abducted by monsters that come from mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Intern reporter Shinji Kido gets caught up in the incident and comes into the possession of an Advent Deck, which allows the bearer to form a contract with such monsters and become a Kamen Rider. The Riders are set against one another in the Rider Battle, with the ultimate prize being a single wish; Shinji tries to convince his fellow Riders that more important things are happening, and fights to end the Rider Battle peacefully. (Kamen Rider Ryuki)
  • Jacob Kell and his small army of Immortals attack the Sanctuary and exterminate everyone present there except Connor MacLeod, who Kell wants alive, sober and miserable. Duncan MacLeod, Methos, and Joe Dawson go in pursuit, and Duncan finds himself the latest target in Kell's hit list. [13] (Highlander Endgame)
  • In the wake of 9/11 and more supervillain attacks than the city deserves, Tesladyne relocates from the Empire State Building to an underground complex beneath a remote island. (Atomic Robo)
  • A zombie washes ashore on St. Thomas. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • The Brainspawn's Infosphere comes online. (Futurama)
  • Birth of Kyle Reese. (Terminator)
  • Network of Intercontinental Expressways opens. (Killer 7)


  • April 17 - Astro Boy is created.
  • June 12 - Around 3:00 PM, two entities, known as "The Giant" and "The Dragon," appear in Shinjuku, Tokyo, where they engage in battle using mysterious sounds. [14] (Drakengard)
  • July 15 - Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame investigate a strange red mist covering the land of Gensokyo. [15] (Touhou, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)
  • July 16 - Two nukes go off in Washington D.C., and a third directed at the Pentagon fizzles. (The Merchant Princes)
  • August - Tommy Oliver enlists several students in his attempt to keep a psychotic murderer with mysterious links to Anton Mercer from bringing back the age of the dinosaurs. The battles last through May 2004. (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)
  • Mid-December - The crew of Moya arrives on Earth in a time-frame where they don't have to worry about Temporal Paradoxes. [16] (Farscape)
  • December 26 - Bun-Bun kills Santa Claus, becoming the new Emperor of Holidays. (Sluggy Freelance)
  • Negi Springfield travels to Japan. (Negima)
  • High school student Light Yagami finds a mysterious notebook on the ground at his school. (Death Note, manga version)
  • Californian hidden ninja academies are ransacked with all students kidnapped in a brutal attack by the ninja exiled in 1975. The remaining forces from two (barely) surviving academies successfully wage a counter-attack. (Power Rangers Ninja Storm)
  • Metroplex is constructed. Earth Defence Command is set up, with Marisa Faireborn in a position of leadership. (Transformers Generation 1)
  • Buffy Summers leaves Sunnydale [17]. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • The Bride awakens from her coma and engages in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. (Kill Bill)
  • The Justice League of America teams up with The Avengers to defeat Krona. (DC Comics, Marvel Comics)
  • Tru Davies begins undoing peoples' deaths. (Tru Calling)
  • A team of scientists drill to the Earth's core to restart its rotation. (The Core)
  • A reporter temporarily gains the power of God. (Bruce Almighty)
  • Freddy Krueger battles Jason Voorhees. (Freddy vs. Jason)
  • Leonard becomes roommates with Sheldon. (The Big Bang Theory)
  • Dave Davenport becomes unstuck in time, and now never has smoked. (Narbonic)
  • A rave is held in Isla de la Muerta in broad daylight. (House of the Dead)
  • An alternative Ninth Doctor fights off the Shalka's plans to render the Earth uninhabitable (or to them, inhabitable). (Doctor Who Expanded Universe [animated serials])
  • The Smart Brain Corporation begins attempting to take over the world through the Orphnochs, beings believed to be the next step in human evolution. They develop three sets of Rider Gear, which turn the wearers into powerful armored warriors, to protect the nascent Orphnoch King. However the former members of the Ryusei School, a group of orphans adopted by Smart Brain's founder, begin to fight back with the stolen Gear, accidentally involving the loner Takumi Inui in their battle. (Kamen Rider Faiz)
  • A time travel "paradox-free" duplicate of Philip J. Fry finds a new job in an aquarium. He is tasked with taking care of Leelu the nawhal, a rare whale. He would keep this hobby until 2010. (Futurama)
  • Inbred killers chase people in the forests of West Virginia. (Wrong Turn)
  • US government takes control of what remains of Cyberdyne Systems and contracts AI research to Cyber Research Systems. (Terminator
  • Construction begins on International Mass-Scale Transportation System. Radioactive material is sealed in an artificial island in the Indian Ocean. Intercontinental ballistic missiles are detonated high above the atmosphere. Heaven Smiles make their first public appearance by suicide bombing a UN meeting. (Killer 7)
  • An army of hired killers dressed as Squeky Clean company workers eliminate various people in New York City. (Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne)


  • March 3 - Federal agent Jack Bauer thwarts an attempt to assassinate U.S. Senator and presidential candidate David Palmer. (24)[18]
  • March 21 - Reimu and Marisa go out in search of whatever or whoever is causing the prolonged winter. (Touhou, Perfect Cherry Blossom)
  • March - SEMME has its climactic battle with the Martians. (Walkyverse)
  • April - TV Tropes is established, primarily serving as a Buffy the Vampire Slayer wiki. Thousands of lives are ruined.
  • Early July - A T-X kills several future members of the human resistance. It is destroyed by John Connor and Katherine Brewster with the aid of a reprogrammed and upgraded T-800. (Terminator)
  • July 15 - The moon in Gensokyo is replaced with a fake one, and time is stopped so that the real one can be found. (Touhou, Imperishable Night)
  • July 24 - A computer virus spreads across civilian and military computer networks. (Terminator)
  • July 25 - Skynet becomes self-aware, and launches a nuclear attack on the Earth, killing billions. (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines)
  • September 19 - Usean Continental War breaks out (Ace Combat 04)
  • September 22 - Oceanic Flight 815 crash-lands on The Island. [19] (Lost)
  • October 9 - The supercomputer is turned back on. (Code Lyoko)
  • November 25 - The detective known as L who was working on the Kira investigation was murdered by a God of Death who was manipulated by Kira himself. Other victims include L's assistant and butler, Quillish Wammy, as well as Rem, the Death God herself. (Death Note)
  • November 4 - The Hatch is opened by the Losties. (Lost)
  • November 27 - The Hatch's computer is destroyed, but the system starts failing. Desmond saves the world by using his failsafe, and the sky turns purple briefly. [20]. (Lost)
  • November - According to John Titor's predictions, civil unrest centers around the U.S. presidential campaign.
  • Autumn - Leon S. Kennedy is sent to rural Europe to rescue the President of the United States' daughter from the cult Los Illuminados. Ada Wong steals a "sample" [21] (Resident Evil 4)
  • December 22 - The science team from the freighter, the Kahana, sent by Charles Widmore, land on the Island. (Lost)
  • December 31 - Several people make it off The Island [22] (Lost)
  • The original Godzilla from 1954 is resurrected by the vengeful spirits of forgotten soldiers that died in WWII and sets forth to seek revenge on Japan. Three guardian-monsters known as Mothra, Baragon, and King Ghidorah are awakened in order to stop Godzilla's wrath. (Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack).
  • Decepticons conquer Cybertron. Autobots retain control of the moons. (Transformers: The Movie).
  • Starscream, having been resurrected by Unicron, travels back in time to assasinate Optimus Prime, pursued by Star Saber and Victory Leo. Beast Megatron, having travelled through the Blasty Zone, arrives to save Starscream, but is driven off by the timely arrival of Optimus Primal. They are soon joined by Lio Convoy, who fight against Beast Megatron, Starscream, Smokescreen, Gigant Bomb, and Rebirth Megatron (who originally posed as an Autobot, Reverse Convoy). (Transformers: Robot Masters)
  • Axe Cop, real name Axey Smartist, is born to Bobber and Gobber Smartist. (Axe Cop)
  • Ashley Graham kidnapped by Jack Krauser and handed over to Los Immunados patriarch, Osmund Saddler. Krauser and Ada Wong, under orders from Albert Wesker, attempt to obtain Las Plagas samples; Krauser is apparently killed in the attempt. Leon Kennedy travels to Spain and rescues Ashley, killing Saddler in the process. (Resident Evil 4)
  • Sue Dibny is murdered. (DC Comics)
  • A group of youngsters discover their parents are supervillains, and resolve to stop them. (Marvel Comics)
  • A rapid-fire series of disasters shatter the Avengers.[23] (Marvel Comics)
  • Nick Fury engages in a Secret War against Latveria. (Marvel Comics)
  • A new Avengers team is formed, including Spider-Man and Wolverine. (Marvel Comics)
  • Max Walker of TEC resolves to stop the corrupt Senator McComb. (Time Cop)
  • Gregory House deals with challenging medical cases. (House)
  • Global warming leads to a new ice age. (The Day After Tomorrow)
  • Napoleon Dynamite helps his friend Pedro run for class president. (Napoleon Dynamite)
  • Archaeologists in the Antarctic wind up caught between two groups of extraterrestrials. (Alien vs. Predator)
    • A battle between two groups of aliens spills over into Gunnison, Colorado. (Alien vs. Predator: Requiem)
  • Benjamin Franklin Gates hunts for the Founding Fathers' hidden treasure. (National Treasure)
  • Coop finds Megas in a junkyard and rebuilds the robot his way. Kiva and the Glorft both arrive looking for Megas. Coop, piloting Megas, beats up a lot of bad guys. (Megas XLR)
  • The events of Un-Man occur. (The Psychotechnic League)
  • Sergeant First Class William James becomes a team leader of a U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit in Iraq, after the previous leader is killed. (The Hurt Locker)
  • Time-Travelling Xindi from the 22nd century arrive in Detroit, Michigan. They hire Loomis, a local blood bank worker, to acquire eight samples of Human blood for them. The Xindi need to study Human physiology before being able to produce a suitable bioweapon. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • The BOARD Corporation accidentally releases the ancient monsters known as the Undead from their confinement. They begin the Battle Royale, which will determine the dominant species on the planet. Former BOARD employee Kazuma Kenzaki uses Rider System 02 (Blade) to battle and seal the Undead before they can destroy humanity. (Kamen Rider Blade)
  • Doctor Impossible unleashes his fifth Doomsday Device, The Meta-Metavirus, is defeated for the 12th time and incarcerated.
  • The Key to the World, a trinklet which grants the holder dominion over Earth, is brought to Townsville.[24](The Powerpuff Girls)


  • January 1 - The Tenth Doctor regenerates. (Doctor Who)
  • January 20 - Sam Axe is honorably discharged from the US Navy. (Burn Notice: the Fall of Sam Axe)
  • February - Solid Snake infiltrates Shadow Moses to stop renegade members of FOXHOUND. (Metal Gear Solid)
  • March 5 - Rose Tyler meets the Ninth Doctor. [25] (Doctor Who)
  • March 6 - Mickey Smith meets the Ninth Doctor. [26] Plastic shop window dummies attack central London. [27] Rose joins the TARDIS. (Doctor Who)
  • March - George Sears "resigns" as president. (Metal Gear Solid)
  • September 26 - Megalith is destroyed, ending the Usean Continental War. (Ace Combat 04)
  • December 24 - A 10-year old resident of Los Angeles creates the Pluto's Kiss virus, disabling almost all computer systems worldwide for a period of 77 minutes. Internet usage is restricted to government and business use only for the next 2 years. (.hack)
  • Demons invade Briarwood a second time, leader killed this time. (Power Rangers Mystic Force)
  • Offworld aliens begin the process of immigrating to Earth. (Power Rangers SPD)
  • The single universe created in the Crisis of 1985 is reshuffled, different universes becoming dominant in certain areas due to the actions of the heroes of the first event. The multiverse is reborn in miniature as fifty-two new universes are created. (DC Comics)
  • Battle of Autobot City; Optimus Prime and Megatron are fatally wounded. The former dies, the latter is upgraded into Galvatron. Attack on Cybertron by Unicron, who is defeated by the ascendency of Rodimus Prime and the energies of the Matrix of Leadership. Angolmois energy scattered through space and time. (Transformers: The Movie)
  • Alternate timeline temporarily created where mutants are the dominant species. After reality is restored, many mutants are turned into normal humans, drastically reducing the mutant population. (Marvel Comics)
  • Martians invade, killed by germs. (War of the Worlds [2005 film])
  • An overabundance of flowers is spotted covering Gensokyo, and Reimu, Marisa and the other heroines set out to pinpoint the cause. (Touhou, Phantasmagoria of Flower View)
  • A documentary crew begins filming at the Scranton branch of office supply company Dunder Mifflin. (The Office: An American Workplace)
  • A sudden increase in the number of Makamou causes the secret organization Takeshi to spring into action, sending its Oni warriors to protect humanity against the supernatural threat. The young civilian Asumu Adachi encounters the Oni known only as Hibiki, and becomes his student in the hopes of someday becoming an Oni himself. (Kamen Rider Hibiki)
  • Atomic Robo and a team of Tesladyne Action Scientists encounters a cyborg-producing Helsingard complex beneath a village in Italy's Apennie Mountains (Atomic Robo)
  • Marshall Ericksen and Lily Aldrin get engaged, prompting Ted Mosby to begin his (apparently interminable) search for true love. Shortly thereafter, he meets and falls in love with Robin Scherbatsky. (How I Met Your Mother)
  • Terry Higgans fakes his death. (True Crime: New York City)
  • In revenge for Terry's death Marcus Reed takes down all if New Yorks gangs looking for a mole in the NYPD finding out it's Terry Higgans before killing Terry in a fight on a train. (True Crime: New York City)


  • March - The Slitheen are defeated thanks to the Doctor, Rose and Mickey Smith. (Doctor Who)
  • Spring-Summer - Nanoha receives Raising Heart, befriends Fate, and helps the TSAB to resolve the Jewel Seed incident.(Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)
  • June 4 - Hayate becomes the master of the Book of Darkness and the Wolkenritter (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's)
  • June - Bond, after defeating Le Chiffre at both the stock market and poker, gets his heart broken. (Casino Royale)
  • July 3 - John Horus, member of the Seven Guns, assassinates the United States President, Vice-President and several advisors. A manhunt begins for rest of the group. (Black Summer)
  • July 9 - After trying to find his way back to the surface world, the rat Roddy St. James discovers a plot by the Toad to flood the sewer rats' home. (Flushed Away)
  • September 7 - Team Kimba's first day of school at the Whateley Academy (Whateley Universe)
  • September - Blon Fel-fotch Slitheen sets forth a plan to escape the Earth using an interdimensional rift using the TARDIS. [28] (Doctor Who)
  • October 3 - An accident that occurs while a mysterious artifact is being probed causes a whole bunch of mucking around in the space-time continuum. (Eureka)
  • October - Operation Katina. (Ace Combat 5)
  • October/November - A giant van opens up the heart of the TARDIS to make Rose travel to 200,100. (Doctor Who)
  • November - Matthew Santos elected president of the United States (The West Wing)
  • Fall - Jack Donaghy transfers from a GE appliance division to become a major executive at NBC. [29] Tracy Jordan joins the cast of NBC sketch comedy program The Girlie Show, which is almost immediately renamed TGS with Tracy Jordan. (Thirty Rock)
  • Fall - NBS gets a new network president, Jordan Mc Deere. Its flagship show, Studio 60, gets a new production team of Matt Albie and head writer Danny Tripp after the previous show runner, Wes Mendell, delivers an impromtu diatribe on the state of American television on air. (Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip)
  • December 25 -
    • A regenerated Tenth Doctor defeats the Sycorax leader... with a satsuma. His hand is also cut off, but he just grows a new one due to the early hours of regeneration cycle. (Doctor Who)
    • The Book of Darkness incident is resolved (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's)
  • Archaeologist Andrew Hartford hires a team to help him search for the jewels of an artifact called the Corona Aurora. (Power Rangers Operation Overdrive)
  • The Decepticons driven off of Cybertron and settle on Charr. Galvatron returns to lead his people, completely insane. Quintessons attempt to use the leaderless Decepticons to shut all Cybertronians down, but they are thwarted.(Transformers Generation 1, cartoon continuity)
  • Annihilus invades the positive matter universe. (Marvel Comics)
  • Hulk exiled to an alien planet. (Marvel Comics)
  • Superhuman Registration Act divides America's superheroes. (Marvel Comics)
  • Ben Tennyson finds the Omnitrix and uses it to battle evil. (Ben 10)
  • Shawn Spencer begins acting as a "psychic" consultant for the Santa Barbara PD. (Psych)
  • Matt Saunders enters a relationship with superhero G-Girl. (My Super Ex-Girlfriend)
  • Harold Crick begins to hear a voice narrating his life. (Stranger Than Fiction)
  • Sam Tyler is hit by a car and awakens in 1973. (Life On Mars)
  • While testing the myth that hatmaking chemicals cause insanity, Adam Savage dies of mercury poisoning. In the afterlife, he challenges Death of Inhaling Hatmaking Chemicals to a mythbusting duel. He then revives the brain of Hitler (who had died in the Reichstag fire of 1933), solely using equipment that would have been available to the Germans at the time; proving that Nazi Science could have kept Hitler's brain alive in a jar. Having won the duel, Adam is sent back to life in his own time, as is Hitler's brain. (Irregular Webcomic)
  • Tokyo is beset by Worms, a race of shapeshifting aliens with an unknown agenda. The secret organization ZECT begins production of the Masked Rider System to battle the Worms, but the first completed Zecter, the Kabuto Zecter, falls into the hands of the mysterious Souji Tendo, who fights the Worms on his own terms and refuses to work with ZECT. (Kamen Rider Kabuto)
  • The Egyptian government sends Atomic Robo and a team of Action Scientists to deal with a steampowered pyramid supertank. In the wake of the mission, Tesladyne employee Jenkins is ordered on a week-long vacation, over which he destroys the Ramirez cartel. (Atomic Robo)
  • Otani-Lincoln Laboratories sign a 100-year research agreement with GDI. (Command and Conquer)
  • Jamal Malik, an uneducated call centre assistant from the slumbs of Mumbai, becomes the first person to win the jackpot on India's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. (Slumdog Millionaire)
  • The disappearance of Corefire, Doctor Impossible escapes jail and unleashes his sixth Doomsday Device, Iceworld. (Soon I Will Be Invincible)


  • January 9 - Yuuto Sakurai disappears the day before his marriage to Airi Nogami, leaving her with no memory of his existence. (Kamen Rider Den-O)
  • February 1 - In a parallel universe, the TARDIS lands in a world full of zeppelins... and Cybermen. After destroying the factory in London, the Tenth Doctor and Rose return to their normal universe, but Mickey stays behind. (Doctor Who)
  • Between January and March -
    • Deffrey Vale School is infiltrated by the Krillitane amalgam race. The Tenth Doctor, Mickey, Rose and Sarah Jane investigate. K-9 Mk III is destroyed in the battle, but the Doctor gives Sarah Jane a replacement. Mickey joins the TARDIS. (Doctor Who)
    • (estimated) Mr. Saxon rises to rank of UK Minister of Defence as if from nowhere. (Doctor Who)
  • March - K-9 is left to guard a black hole from consuming the Earth. Meanwhile The Slitheen establish Coldfire Construction in their plans to power down the Sun and scavenge the Earth. (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • Between January and April - Elton Pope joins a group of people investigating the Doctor and alien invasions, dubbing it "LINDA" (London Investigation 'n' Detective Agency). LINDA discover the Fifth [30] and Tenth Doctors, but only fleetingly. [31] (Doctor Who)
  • Between May and June [32] - The Battle of Canary Wharf. [33] Around the same time, the Racnoss comes out of hiding to take over H.C. Clements [34]. (Doctor Who)
  • June -
  • July 7 - Haruhi Suzumiya and "John Smith" use a field stripe marker to deface the athletic field of East Junior High School in Nishinomiya, Japan, with unknown ideograms later interpreted as "I am here". This incident is, or becomes, the earliest point to which Time Travel is possible. (Haruhi Suzumiya)
  • July - After fleeing a mob to Alaska [37], Homer Simpson returns, saving Springfield, USA from being turned into the second Grand Canyon by the Environmental Protection Agency and reconciles with Marge. Again. (The Simpsons Movie)
  • August 8 - Solid Snake infiltrates the USS Discovery to obtain photographic evidence of Metal Gear RAY. (Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty)
  • August 17 - Gods from the outside world enter Gensokyo and begin amassing faith, and Reimu goes to confront them to prevent the closing of her own shrine. (Touhou, Mountain of Faith)
  • September 9 - John and Sarah Connor and Cameron arrive in this time and resolve to take down SkyNet once and for all. Cromartie's head, which has also arrived now, begins rebuilding itself. (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  • c. October -
    • Gwen Cooper fills Suzie Costello's position in Torchwood Three after Suzie commits suicide. (Torchwood)
    • Derek Reese and three other Resistance fighters arrive now from 2027. (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  • October 25 - Derek Reese kills the author of a chess programme that would have been a predecessor to SkyNet, then joins up with John and Sarah Connor. (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  • November 14 - Cameron is damaged in a car explosion and tries to kill John Connor. (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  • December 24 - Donna Noble meets the Tenth Doctor for the first time, after she was teleported into his TARDIS on accident. [38] [39] (Doctor Who)
  • December - Aliens attack Los Angeles. Duke Nukem kicks their asses. (Duke Nukem 3D)
  • By this time, the Quintessons have scattered across the galaxy. Unleashing of the Hate Plague. Revival of Optimus Prime, who retrieves the Matrix from Rodimus and cures the plague. (Transformers Generation 1, cartoon continuity)
  • Amazons invade America. (DC Comics)
  • Sinestro creates the Sinestro Corps, which goes to war with the Green Lantern Corps and attempts to conquer Earth. (DC Comics)
  • Ajira Flight 316 crashes on the Island. [40] (Lost)
  • Death of Captain America. (Marvel Comics)
  • Phalanx attempt to conquer the Kree Empire. (Marvel Comics)
  • Hulk returns to Earth seeking revenge for his exile. (Marvel Comics)
  • Spy Michael Westen is abandoned by his superiors and forced to settle in Miami. (Burn Notice)
  • Autobots and Decepticons battle for the Allspark on Earth. (Transformers)
  • Moon is colonized; Jacob Hovestraydt founds Hovestraydt City there (Known Space)
  • [41] Sally Sparrow discovers the Weeping Angels at the old manor Wester Drumlins. [42] (Doctor Who)
  • The Doctor is chased for his lifespan by the Family of Blood. [43] [44] (Doctor Who)
  • Sam Tyler [45] (Life On Mars)
  • Mysterious, genie-like creatures called Imagin begin appearing in Japan, "granting" wishes and attempting to alter history. Luckless high school dropout Ryotaro Nogami is drafted into becoming Den-O, the protector of the timestream, after he accidentally reveals himself to be a Singularity Point; he is later joined by the teenage version of his future brother-in-law, Yuto Sakurai. (Kamen Rider Den-O)
  • SCP Foundation recovers the soul extractor from a burned-out factory. (SCP Foundation)


  • February - The TARDIS refuels at the active Cardiff Rift, opened by Owen Harper several days earlier to save the Earth and his team at Torchwood. Jack catches it and causes it to fly to the end of the universe while trying to shake him off. [46] (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
  • May - A giant monster tears up New York City. Not him. (Cloverfield)
  • July - War breaks out between two great nations using magnetic force bombs that tilt the Earth off its axis and sinks the continents. The majority of Earth's population is destroyed in the cataclysm. (Future Boy Conan)
  • September -
    • Martha Jones meets the Tenth Doctor for the first time. The Doctor saves the patients and staff of the Royal Hope Hospital from suffocating on the Moon and defeats the Plasmavore, who the Judoon execute for murder. Martha joins the TARDIS. [47] [48] (Doctor Who)
    • Luke Smith is activated by the Bane. He is later adopted by Sarah Jane Smith, and joins Maria Jackson and Clyde Langer in the fight against alien threats from Ealing. [49] (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • October 10 - The Angry Video Game Nerd destroys The Nostalgia Critic with the help of Super Mecha Death Christ. (That Guy With The Glasses)
  • November 22 - Dimension-hopping thief Daiki Kaitou attempts to steal an elaborate gold handgun from the affluent Kurosaki family, but is forced to abandon it after it is damaged during his escape from the police. Two years later, Kaitou would hijack the time-traveling train DenLiner in order to "redo" the theft, this time preventing the damage as well as saving a number of letters written to the young Reiji Kurosaki by his late mother. This causes a change of heart in the future version of Kurosaki, a member of the Time Police G-Men, which leads to his partner, the artificial Imagin Eve, going berserk and trying to wipe out humanity. (Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider The Movie: Cho-Den-O Trilogy)
  • December 24-25 - The starship Titanic and its nuclear storm drive is set for a collision course with Earth in its voyage of the damned. The Tenth Doctor meets Wilfred Mott for the first time. [50] (Doctor Who)
  • Civil war in the United States as predicted by John Titor.
  • The demon Dai Shi, sealed in 8,000 B.C., breaks free from his bonds, and the Order of the Claw is forced to pursue and battle him a second time. (Power Rangers Jungle Fury)
  • Darkseid attempts to seize control of reality using the Anti-Life Equation. Barry Allen returns to life, but Batman dies.[51] (DC Comics)
  • Peter Parker and Mary Jane make a deal with Mephisto and erase their marriage from history to save Aunt May. (Marvel Comics)
  • Skrulls invade Earth. (Marvel Comics)
  • Jason Voorhees is captured by the U.S. government and imprisoned at a research facility at Crystal Lake. (Friday the 13th (film))
  • A hibernating dragon is awakened in London and rapidly produces offspring that wipe out much of humanity. (Reign of Fire)
  • A deadly virus strikes Scotland, prompting the British government to wall off the country. (Doomsday)
  • A FBI team investigates fringe science with the help of a mad scientist that worked on such science back in the 1970s and 1980s. (Fringe)
  • The alien Klaatu lands in Manhattan with a message for the world. (The Day the Earth Stood Still [2008 film])
  • Stuff happened... don't worry about it. (DC Comics)
  • The Eleventh Doctor arrives in Leadworth for the second time meets 19-year-old Amy Pond. [52]. The Atraxi apprehends Prisoner Zero. [53]. (Doctor Who)
  • [54] (Doctor Who)
  • Alex Drake is shot and sent back in time to 1981. (Ashes to Ashes)
  • A hot spring appears outside the Hakurei Shrine, caused by a nuclear-powered raven who wishes to turn Gensokyo into the new Hell, and Reimu and Marisa traverse underground to stop her. (Touhou, Subterranean Animism)
  • Suicide booths go into business. (Futurama)
  • The final battles of the UN Wars, between the United Nations and rebel forces. Near the end of the war, a massive alien creature dubbed the "Bird Human" arises. (Macross Zero)
  • The Fangire race rises from its dormancy since the 1980s. Violin maker Wataru Kurenai finds himself compelled to battle them as the mysterious warrior Kiva, all while the Wonderful Blue Sky Organization fights both Fangire and Kiva, handing the latest version of the IXA System to bounty hunter Keisuke Nago and tasking him to hunt down Kiva. (Kamen Rider Kiva)
  • Private detective Sokichi Narumi breaks into a secret laboratory to rescue a young man called the "Child of Fate". However, due to the bumbling of his assistant Shotaro Hidari, Sokichi is mortally wounded shortly after rescuing the young man, who he names Philip in honor of Philip Marlowe. In order to escape from the building, Shotaro and Philip use the experimental Double Driver belt to transform into Kamen Rider Double. They would later label this incident "Begins Night", as the night everything began for them. (Kamen Rider Double)
  • A wildfire destroys the Californian communities of Agrestic and Majestic. (Weeds)


  • January 14 - 12 people are killed and 19 wounded in a killing spree carried out by Inubushi Keiko at Awazumi Municiple Hospital in Hokkaido, Japan. (Remember 11)
  • April 6 - A young man arrives in Gekkoukan. (Persona 3)
  • Before April 12 - The Tenth Doctor reunites with Donna Noble and they save London's residents from being converted into members of the Adipose race. The sky is poisoned [55] with their Atmospheric Omissions System installed in roughly 300 million cars worldwide. [56] The TARDIS is suddenly dragged to the planet Messaline in 6012. [57] The Earth and 25 other planets are stolen from the sky. [58] The Doctor is once again without any companions. (Doctor Who)
  • April 10 - The Sburb Beta is released. (Homestuck)
  • April 12 - On Easter, the Tenth Doctor and a jewel thief get on a London bus and are stranded on a desolate planet, formerly the metropolis San Helios. (Doctor Who)
  • April 13 - John Egbert receives his copy of the Sburb Beta, and begins playing with his three friends, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley. Though they are initially unaware of this, playing the game completes the Stable Time Loop that brought about their own existence, but this same time loop results in the destruction of human civilization via a rain of meteors and a vast explosion triggered by Becquerel, First Guardian of Earth. The sole survivors are the kids, their guardians, the humorless gentleman known only as fedoraFreak, and the actor Nicolas Cage. Of these, only Cage remains on Earth; the rest escape into the Medium via Sburb. (Homestuck)
  • April 21 - First FlashForward occurs at 17:00:00, caused by an experiment at the LHC. Whole world's consiousness flashes to October 23, 2030 for 2 minutes. Future splits into two parallel universes, henceforth referred to as A and B [59](FlashForward, novel)
  • April 29 - Raiden infiltrates the Big Shell to surpress the Sons of Liberty. (Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty)
  • May 10 - Gamers and Critics led by The Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic respectively face off in the ultimate showdown. [60] (That Guy With The Glasses Team Brawl)
  • June 1 - Terrorists detonate an EMP weapon in the United States, destroying electronics nation wide and making the United States a third-world country overnight. (Dark Angel)
  • Before September - Torchwood Three investigates a gentleman's club on the site of Torchwood India, which has been frozen in time for over eight decades. (Torchwood [radio dramas])
  • September 17 - A Spanish study group is formed at Greendale Community College. (Community)
  • September - Torchwood Three is ordered destroyed by the British government in order to cover up the first 456 incident. Shortly thereafter, the 456 reestablish contact, demanding the governments of Earth surrender 10% of their children to them. The surviving members of Torchwood thwart them. (Torchwood)
  • October 6 - Everyone in the world blacks out at the exact same time, 11:00 am Pacific time, for 2 minutes 17 seconds [61]. (Flash Forward)
  • October 12 - Light Yagami, otherwise known as Kira, disguised as L, speaks with Near, L's successor, for the first time. (Death Note)
  • December 24 - The Master is resurrected by a cult [62]. (Doctor Who)
  • December 25 - [63]. (Doctor Who)
  • December 26 - [64] The Tenth Doctor slowly begins his regeneration cycle. He says farewell to Sarah Jane and Luke Smith around the same time period. (Doctor Who)
  • Wendy Watson takes a job with the Jolly Fats Weehauken Temp Agency, a.k.a. the Middleman and O2STK. (The Middleman)
  • The falsely imprisoned Nick Vrenna fights through an underground high-security prison full of mutants (that were created after genetic experiments got out of control) and diverts the water supply to prevent the plague from spreading outside. (Abuse)
  • Reconstruction of the alien fortress, dubbed the Macross is completed. Giant alien warriors known as the Zentraedi attack Earth in an attempt to claim the ship (Super Dimension Fortress Macross)
  • Project Leviathan comes to an end, all its test subjects believed dead. (El Cazador)
  • Near Apocalypse of '09. (DC Animated Universe)
  • The dead rise across the universe and seek to destroy all life. (DC Comics)
  • Norman Osborn grows in power and influence. (Marvel Comics)
  • Kree (led by the Inhumans) and Shi'ar (led by Emperor Vulcan) go to war. (Marvel Comics)
  • Captain America returns. (Marvel Comics)
  • Norman Osborn goes to war with Asgard. (Marvel Comics)
  • The last known baby is born in Argentina; all other humans are mysteriously infertile. Global instability rises as people realize they are the last generation. (Children of Men (film))
  • A viral cure for cancer mutates into a lethal strain that kills billions, and turns most of the survivors into monsters. (I Am Legend [film])
  • Yuji Kaido placed into cryogenic stasis after being diagnosed with a terrible disease. (Blue Gender)
  • Marianne vi Britannia assassinated; her son Lelouch and daughter Nunally are sent to Japan as political hostages. (Code Geass[65])
  • A large spaceship appears in Gensokyo's skies, and the heroines chase after it in search of treasure. (Touhou, Undefined Fantastic Object)
  • Second Industrial Revolution begins. (The Psychotechnic League)
  • Maria Jackson leaves with her father to America. Rani Chandra joins Sarah Jane's team. [66] (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • North Korean President Choi Kim seeks peaceful reunification with South Korea. His son Choi Song, seeing this as weakness, deposes his father and takes over North Korea as a dictator, threatening the world with nuclear missiles. A joint military coalition attempts to bring Song in, but the job is eventually completed by Christopher Jacobs, a mercenary with the PMC Executive Operations[67]. (Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction)
  • Dimensional chaos causes massive alterations to reality, as well as unleashing hordes of monsters. The mysterious photographer Tsukasa Kadoya is tasked by the Kamen Riders with the job of resolving the problem while they prevent further damage to reality. Tsukasa becomes Kamen Rider Decade and begins traveling between parallel versions of reality, working with the Kamen Riders he finds there to protect their worlds. (Kamen Rider Decade)
  • The aristocratic Sonozaki family ramps up distribution of the illegal devices called Gaia Memories as part of patriarch Ryubee's plan to initiate a "Gaia Impact". Private eye Shotaro Hidari and his partner Philip battle the Dopants (humans who use Gaia Memories) as Kamen Rider Double, later gaining assistance from police investigator Ryu Terui, who himself possesses the power of Kamen Rider Accel. (Kamen Rider Double)
  • Mystery novelist Richard Castle begins shadowing NYPD Detective Kate Beckett as part of his research for his latest project, which will become the novel Heat Wave. (Castle)
  • Two monsters fight for high school student Jyugon's affections. (Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl)
  • An experiment involving a quantum decomputer summons an Eldritch Abomination Atomic Robo shares a long enmity with. (Atomic Robo)
  • Charley Dixon and Derek Reese are killed. Sarah Connor is arrested, but freed by John and Cameron. Cameron is badly damaged; John Henry takes her chip to the future. John and Catherine Weaver go into hiding. The fates of Sarah Connor and James Ellison are unknown. (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  • Otani-Lincoln Laboratories receives its first R&D contract from GDI to develop semi-autonomous structure. (Command and Conquer)


  • Dr. Wily steals six of Dr. Light's robots to conquer the world. Mega Man defeats these "Robot Masters" alongside Wily's own creations. (Mega Man series)
  • Dr. Wily rules the world with his robot army. Proto Man and Mega Man try, and fail, to defeat him. (The Protomen)
  • "Wild Ones", also known as Digimon start bio-emerging from the digital world into the real world. (Digimon Tamers)
  • Birth of Philip J. Fry, II to Yancy Fry, Jr and his unnamed wife. He is named after a paternal uncle. He would go on to become the first man to walk upon Mars. Hubert J. Farnsworth is supposedly a distant descendant of this boy. (Futurama)
  • The untested AI GLaDOS is activated for the first time as one of the planned activities on Aperture Science’s first annual bring-your-daughter-to-work day. In many ways, the initial test goes well: Within one picosecond of being switched on, GLaDOS becomes self-aware. The "going well" phase lasts for two more picoseconds, at which point GLaDOS takes control of the facility, locks everyone inside, and begins a permanent cycle of testing. Her goal: beat the hated Black Mesa in the race to develop a functioning portal technology. (Portal)
  • May 16 - Days after GLaDOS's self-awareness, Black Mesa successfully deploys an interdimensional gate through which an alien race emerges. Gordon Freeman defeats the source of the trouble and is placed into stasis by an enigmatic figure. [68]. (Half Life)

Early 2010s

  • A series of constitutional amendments in the U.S. abolish trial by jury and presumption of innocence, and restrict the length of criminal trials to a maximum of 3 days beginning the first full day after an arrest occurs. (Ace Attorney)


  • January 20 - Office electronics manufacturer Sabre buys struggling mid-cap paper wholesaler Dunder Mifflin. [69] (The Office: An American Workplace)
  • January 26 - Takada, a suspect in the Kira investigation, is abducted by Mello, with the assistance of a close ally only known as Matt. All three perish. (Death Note)
  • January 28 - Light Yagami's seven year genocide cleansing of the world ends. (Death Note, manga version)
  • January 29 - John Watson meets Sherlock Holmes for the first time at St. Barts Hospital in London. [70] (Sherlock)
  • January 30 - John Watson and Sherlock Holmes move into 221B Baker Street, investigate a crime scene, and solve a series of 'serial suicides'. So, busy day, then. [71] (Sherlock)
  • January - February - Andromeda Research Corporation begins work on the Revelation virus. (Uplink)
  • March 3 - The Great Seal is created, preventing two manifestations of human negative emotion from coming into contact and wiping out all life on Earth. (Persona 3)
  • March 24 - A new hacker joins Uplink. (Uplink)
  • March 29 - One of Uplink's top hackers publicly questions Andromeda's intentions. (Uplink
  • April 1 - Uplink's top hacker claims that Andromeda is doing good and not shady at all. (Uplink)
  • April 8 - Uplink's top hacker is found dead, apparently by suicide. (Uplink)
  • April 13 - Uplink warns its agents not to accept work from Andromeda. (Uplink)
  • April 17 - The Revelation virus is deployed for the first time in an attack upon Arunmor. (Uplink)
  • April 18 - In response to the Revelation attack, Arunmor begins development of a counterprogramme, dubbed Faith. Uplink launches a new service to track development of both programmes. (Uplink)
  • April 20 - Arunmor releases details of their investigation into ARC. (Uplink)
  • April 22 - The government releases the results of an investigation it conducted into ARC in association with Arunmor, confirming that Andromeda is indeed responsible for Revelation. (Uplink)
  • April 25 - A high-ranking Uplink hacker plants a tracer programme in the Arunmor central mainframe, allowing Andromeda to spy on Faith's progress. (Uplink)
  • April 29 -
    • The date that the visions of the Earth's population will happen, and [72]. (Flash Forward|2009)
    • Andromeda steals Darwinia's research into digital life. (Uplink)
  • April - Haruhi and Kyon begin their tenth-grade studies at North High School, where they meet in homeroom class. (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
  • May 4 - Arunmor stages an attack by Revelation upon itself, intending to get senior Andromeda staff arrested. The CEO of Andromeda is taken into police custody later that day. (Uplink)
  • May 7 - Andromeda trumps up charges of bank fraud against the CEO of Arunmor. (Uplink)
  • May 9 - Arunmor CEO is arrested for bank fraud, putting the future of Faith in jeopardy. (Uplink)
  • May 11 - Arunmor enlists Uplink's top hacker to steal Andromeda's top-secret research files on Revelation. (Uplink)
  • May 15 - Andromeda enlists Uplink's top hacker to obliterate all of Arunmor's research into Faith. (Uplink)
  • May 26 - Andromeda launches an assault on the entire Internet with Revelation 3.0. Arunmor responds with the most recent version of Faith. (Uplink)
  • May -
    • A study group at Greendale Community College decides to switch subjects for the fall semester. Instead of continuing with Spanish, they decide to study Anthropology. (Community)
    • Haruhi seizes the Literature Club's classroom and forms the SOS Brigade with Kyon and Yuki, recruiting Mikuru and Itsuki soon thereafter. The last three reveal their secret origins and mission to Kyon, [73]. (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
  • c. April/May - The The Nostalgia Critic and co. conquer the micronation of Molossia, but pressure mounts among the ranks. (Kickassia)
  • June 25 - 14 years late, two years after the Prisoner Zero incident and the night before her wedding, Amy Pond joins the TARDIS. (Doctor Who)
  • June 26 - Rory Williams, Amy Pond's fiancé, leaves for 1580 Venice in the TARDIS as a pre-wedding date. [74] (Doctor Who)
  • August 1 - Lisa Simpson's engagement to Hugh Parkfield falls apart shortly before their wedding. (The Simpsons)
  • August 10 - The Holy Britannian Empire begins conquering Japan with giant robots. (Code Geass [75])
  • August - Drug lord Raymond Solano conquers the nation of Venezuela, throwing the world into turmoil by seizing the nation's supply of oil. However, Solano made the mistake of angering a PMC [76], which leads to his eventual downfall. (Mercenaries 2: World in Flames)
  • Early September- The Holy Britannian Empire finishes conquering Japan. It is renamed "area 11" and all citizenry are stripped of their rights. (Code Geass [77])
  • September 6 - Luke Smith begins suffering from nightmares induced by the Nightmare Man. (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • September 10 - In the early hours of the morning, Luke Smith, Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer fight a creature that feeds on nightmares. Luke departs for Oxford University with K-9 as company. (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • September 24 - The Circum-Pacific War breaks out. (Ace Combat 5)
  • October - The annual Greendale Community College Halloween party takes a turn for the (even) worse when a mysterious degenerative illness transmitted via a batch of Army-surplus taco meat infects the staff and student body. {Community)
  • November 23 - Sarah Jane, Clyde and Rani find themselves lost in time after following misleading reports of alien activity. (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • December 18 - The world is rewritten so that Haruhi Suzumiya never attended North High School, among other changes. [78] (The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya)
  • December 24 - Aya Brea was found in St. Thomas Cathedral, Manhattan, New York, in her bloodstained wedding dress, by Hyde Bohr. [79] (The 3rd Birthday)
  • December 31 -
  • Several people go into a comatose state while playing the MMORPG The World (.hack)
  • The Grand Retour of Les Soldats fails (Count B). (Noir)
  • Humans begin creating artificially intelligent robots to work as construction laborers and servants. (The Animatrix)
  • Jason Voorhees and a research scientist are cryogenically frozen. (Friday the 13th (film))
  • Ongoing crime and violence lead Paris authorities to wall off District 13. (District 13)
  • Rose, Jackie Tyler and Mickey Smith are trapped in a parallel universe with a Pete Tyler who is still alive. Jackie and Pete remarry, sort of. On Dårlig Ulv Stranden, Norway, Rose says her last goodbyes to the Tenth Doctor. A few years later, [80] (Doctor Who)
  • Mini-Cons are reawoken on Earth by a group of humans, and Transformers quickly arrive from Cybertron in an effort to reclaim them, Autobot and Decepticon alike manipulated by Sideways. Eventually, Sideways and Thrust steal the Star Saber, Skyboom Shield, and Requiem Blaster, and use them to revive Unicron. Autobots and Decepticons form a temporary truce to destroy the chaos bringer. Galvatron dies, but his spark endures deep within Unicron. In the aftermath, all Transformers form a more permanent alliance. Transformers Armada)
  • Various dangerous humans are dumped on another world and hunted by aliens for sport. (Predators)
  • College freshman Andy Davis gives his old toys on to a young girl named Bonnie Anderson. (Toy Story 3)
  • The ancient monsters known as the Greeed begin turning humans into monsters called Yummy with the intent of absorbing enough power to become the fated "Multi-King". The vagabond Eiji Hino, with the aid of the mysterious Kogami Foundation and the bird-type Greeed Ankh, battles the Greeed and Yummy as Kamen Rider OOO. (Kamen Rider OOO)
  • High school student Kengo Utahoshi receives a package from his late father; it contains the experimental Fourze Driver and 40 Astro Switches. (Kamen Rider Fourze)
  • Leelu the narwhal is released back into the sea. A time travel "paradox-free" duplicate of Philip J. Fry had spend years taking care of that whale. Unable to live without her, Fry sails into the Ocean. He would search for his whale until 2012. (Futurama)
  • A geological base in the Arctic gets converted into Cyber-Slaves by long-dormant Cybermats. The Eleventh Doctor and Amy discover an army of Cybermen ready to be awakened. (Doctor Who: The Adventure Games)
  • A train disaster in Pennsylvania is narrowly averted after an engineer leaves his train while in motion, causing it to run away. The train, containing hazardous chemicals, is brought under control by the quick thinking of two engineers who chase it down and attach their locomotive to the back of it before using the locomotive brakes to slow it sufficiently for a sharp curve. One of the engineers then manages to jump on board the train's lead engine to apply the brakes. (Unstoppable)
  • Fall - The acquisition of NBC Universal by KableTown closes. [81] Jack Donaghy retains his NBC responsibilities, thus ending his career at GE. (Thirty Rock)
  • Killer 7 deployed to eliminate Heaven Smiles. Yakumo resurfaces, but is stolen by Andrei Ulmeyda. Kenjiro Matsuoka becomes Kun Lan's herald. Japan is obliterated by missiles fired by an unknown party after talks aimed at saving the country break down. (Killer 7)
  • Andrei Ulmeyda blows up a Stacy concert. He is infected with the Heaven Smile virus by the US army, and then killed by Coyote Smith. (Killer 7)
  • After being injured in Afghanistan, traumatized army medic John Watson returns to London, where he meets Sherlock Holmes


  • January 11 - Flight HAL 18 crashes near Mt. Akakura in Japan, resulting in the deaths of 27 passengers and crew members (Remember 11)
  • April 11 - A young man arrives in Inaba, just as mysterious murders begin to happen. (Persona 4)
  • April 19 - Skynet becomes self-aware.
  • April 21 - SkyNet launches a nuclear attack on the Earth, killing billions. (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  • April 22 - River Song, Rory Williams, Amy Pond, Canton Delaware and the Eleventh Doctor receive a mysterious invitation to Utah. [82] (Doctor Who)
  • April 28 - Michael Scott's last workday as Regional Manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. Scott left the position in order to move to Colorado with his fiance-to-be Holly Flax, former HR director under Scott. [83] (The Office: An American Workplace)
  • May - After a period of economic and political turmoil, the People's Republic of China invades the Russian-held island of Skira, hoping to plunder its vast resources. Russia, understandably outraged, requests assistance, and the U.S. Army is subsequently deployed to the island to help fend off the Chinese assault. (Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising)
  • June 6 - Judex and Doctor Shift of the Front Line are murdered in an explosion. (No Hero)
  • September 10 - Byrne Faraday, the first Yatagarasu, is assassinated. (Ace Attorney Investigations)
  • October - A terrorist named Khaled Al-Asad organizes a coup in an unnamed Middle Eastern country, making himself leader in the process. (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)
  • October 13 - A Greendale Community College study group meet for a house-warming party and order pizza. This will result in the space-time continuum being split into seven different timelines. (Community, "Remedial Chaos Theory")
  • The Syndicate Enfant is destroyed. The civil war in Gazth-Sonika ends. (Madlax)
  • Headmasters travel from Planet Master to join the Cybertronian wars. Optimus Prime dies (again), Rodimus takes up the Matrix (again). Scorponok takes over Decepticons, Galvatron dies. Destruction of Cybertron and Mars (the former gets better somehow later). (Transformers Headmasters)
  • A fifteen-year-old Ben Tennyson continues to fight aliens. (Ben 10 Alien Force)
  • Detective Kate Beckett is shot and critically wounded by an unknown shooter.[84] (Castle)
  • The Nostalgia Critic gathers a group of Internet reviewers to retrieve Malachite's Hand. (Suburban Knights)
  • Dan Smith kills Curtis Blackburn. (Killer 7)
  • Killer 7 kills the Handsome Men. (Killer 7)
  • Hiro Kasai killed by Kenjiro Matsuoka. All of the Killer 7 but Garcian Smith are killed by Shadow Smiles. Emir Parkreiner resurfaces. (Killer 7)
  • At Amanogawa High School in Japan, new student Gentaro Kisaragi uses the experimental Fourze Driver to protect the school from Zodiarts, monsters created by the Cosmic Energy-powered Zodiarts Switches. After learning of the urban legend of the Kamen Riders, Gentaro proudly adopts the name and founds the Kamen Rider Club, assembling a group of like-minded students who act as his allies and support network. (Kamen Rider Fourze)
  • The Muppets are reunited and rescue their theater with the help of a group of fans. (The Muppets)


  • February 16 - Defense attorney Mia Fey and prosecutor Miles Edgeworth make their courtroom debuts in State v. Fawles. [85] (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations)
  • March 3 - The Fog of Deceit is lifted from the hearts of mankind. (Persona 4)
  • July 27 - An Isolis pod crashlands in London, and uses its new human friend to gather new friends into drawings. The Tenth Doctor and Rose investigate disappearances. The Tenth Doctor carries the Olympic Flame to the 2012 games, letting the Isolis child free. (Doctor Who)
  • September - Desmond Miles, an ordinary bartender, is brought into Abstergo Industries to relive the memories and secrets of his ancestors. (Assassin's Creed)
  • November - Nehemiah Scudder elected U.S. President - he establishes a theocracy and suspends elections. (Robert A. Heinlein)
  • December 21 - Death of the fourth sun. (Mayan cosmology)
  • December 22 - Birth of the fifth sun. (Mayan cosmology)
  • December 24 - Tentacled structures called Babels rise throughout Manhattan and other parts of the globe, and those structures give birth to the time-distorting monsters called the Twisted. (The 3rd Birthday)
  • Neutrinos or something cause a gigantic natural cataclysm that remakes Earth. (2012)
  • War between Devil Z and Autobots. Humans drafted into the battle on both sides as Godmasters. Birth of new Autobot leader, God Ginrai. (Transformers Super God Masterforce)
  • The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler confront one of the last Daleks. Adam Mitchell joins the TARDIS, but is immediately kicked off after one trip. (Doctor Who)
  • Robert Neville struggles to survive as the last human in Manhattan. (I Am Legend [film])
  • Michelle, former girlfriend of Philip J. Fry, has a marriage end in failure. She chooses to have herself frozen at Applied Cryogenics, hoping to start a new life in the future. She was supposed to wake up in 2266. Instead, Michelle instead wakes up in 3000/3001. (Futurama)
  • A time travel "paradox-free" duplicate of Philip J. Fry captures the narwhal Leelu, but discovers she had find a mate and had no intention of returning to captivity. He returns to Panucci's Pizza, but a time-traveling Bender blows it up. The resulting fire kills and fossilises Seymour Asses, the loyal dog of Fry. Seymour had spent most his life waiting for Fry outside the Pizza place. The remains of the dog would be found in the 31st century. Fry sneaks into Applied Cryogenics. He joins Michelle in her slumber, setting the alarm for 3002. (Futurama)
  • War of 2012 - Conan O'Brien loses his "freakishly long legs". (Futurama)
  • Dr. Brian Jones and his son, Kicker, visit Cybertron as part of a delegation from Earth. Kicker gets scared and runs off, and winds up getting magic powers from Primus (Transformers Energon)
  • The construction of Millennium Gate is completed at the former site of Portage Creek, Indiana. Shannon O'Donnell-Janeway served as a consulting engineer of the project. (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • Space War One, the war between humanity and the alien warriors known as the Zentraedi, comes to an end thanks to the music of pop star Lynn Minmei. Later that same year, Minmei departs Earth on the SDF-2 Megaroad-01. (Macross, Macross Flashback 2012)
  • Duncan MacLeod, Methos, Ceirdwyn, Amanda, and Joe Dawson have a reunion. ("Highlander" comic book)
  • A handful of surviving Immortals, including Methos, go an a quest to locate the mysterious "Source" of immortal power. Methos helps them recruit his former associates Duncan MacLeod and Joe Dawson, the last Watcher. Duncan brings along his mortal wife Anna Teshemka. [86] (Highlander the Source.)
  • Gas prices have reached $100 per gallon. Al Gore works as a taxi drive in a hybrid cab. (Futurama)
  • Paul Rassos convinces Max Payne to work with him as a bodyguard. (Max Payne 3)


  • September 7 - Cop Damien Tomaso and criminal Leito infiltrate District 13 to retrieve a stolen neutron bomb. (District 13)
  • Snake Plissken coerced into entering Los Angeles to retrieve a stolen remote control for a satellite weapon. (Escape From L.A.)
  • The fascist Norsefire party takes advantage of political instability and a biological attack[87] to seize control of the British government. (V for Vendetta [film])


  • Snake is called back into action to assassinate Liquid, who's planning an insurrection with the five, largest PMCs. (Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots)
  • Bobber and Gobber Smartist die from eating too many candy canes. [88] Afterward, their son Axey vows to avenge their deaths and become a cop. (Axe Cop)
  • The cyber-ape revolution ushers in a new ice age. Humans are driven underground, where "heat miners" tap the warmth of the Earth's core in order to survive. (Penny Arcade)
  • February 16 - The Coalition Forces, whose numbers are almost spent fighting the Twisted for a little over three years, finally storm the stronghold of the Twisted, the Grand Babel, formed from the fragments of lesser Babels the world over -- in order to track down Hyde Bohr, the perceived leader of the Twisted. Aya Brea partakes in this mission. [89] (The 3rd Birthday)
  • March 14 - Following a massive earthquake in the Iran-Iraq region, the Iranian government (presumably the Ahmadinejad regime) is violently overthrown, and a new government headed by PLR (People's Liberation and Resistance) leader Faruk Al-Bashir takes over the country. (Battlefield 3)
  • November 13 - GRU agent Dmitri "Dima" Mayakovsky, along with his teammates Vladimir Kamarivsky and Kiril, tries and fails to stop the PLR from detonating a portable nuclear device in the heart of Paris; 80,000 die. (Battlefield 3)
  • November 14 - PLR leader and rogue CIA informant Solomon attempts to detonate a second nuclear bomb in New York City, only to be foiled by the efforts of Marine Staff Sergeant Henry "Black" Blackburn. (Battlefield 3)
  • Emir Parkreiner encounters Kenjiro Matsuoka for the last time. Kun Lan is killed by Parkreiner. (Killer 7)


2014 or 2015

  • (Universe A and, presumably, B) A cure for AIDS is found. (FlashForward, novel)


  • January 1 - 3rd Impact occurs. Everybody dies. Then everybody gets better. Maybe. (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • April - Riot Force Six is officially launched (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)
  • July - The SDF-2 Megaroad-01 vanishes near the galactic center with all hands on board. The ship and its crew are never heard from again. (Macross)
  • August 3 - Defense attorney Phoenix Wright makes his courtroom debut in State v. Butz. (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
  • August 13 - A covert op set up by the US to infiltrate an Ultranationalist terrorist group goes horribly wrong, causing a second Cold War to erupt. (Modern Warfare 2)
  • August 17 - Former Task Force 141 Captain John "Soap" MacTavish is rushed to a safehouse in northern India to treat stab wounds [91]. Ex-Spetznaz member Yuri is sent to help protect MacTavish. (Modern Warfare 3)
  • August 30 - Anean Continental War breaks out. (Ace Combat 6)
  • September 12 - Jail performs a terrorist attack during the Public Presentation of the Ground Forces. Several important TSAB installments are destroyed. (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)
  • September 19 - Jail performs a large-scale terrorist attack on Mid-Childa. The Jail Scaglietti incident is finally resolved. (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)
  • October 3 - Russian President Boris Vorshevsky's personal airplane is hijacked by Ultranationalist leader Vladimir Makarov. (Modern Warfare 3)
  • November - Earth experiences full moons for nine nights in a row. London is terrorised by wereolves (Age of the Wolf)
  • Damien and Leito team up again to deal with rising tensions in District 13. (District 13: Ultimatum)


  • January 21 - Task Force 141 assaults the Hotel Oasis in Dubai in an effort to assassinate Vladimir Makarov. [92] (Modern Warfare 3)
  • April 1 - Anean Continental War ends. (Ace Combat 6)
  • May 7 - An accident at Leiblich Pharmaceutical's LeMu amusement park endangers the lives of six guests and employees. The Tief Blau virus epidemic begins, killing 10,000 people over the next several years. (Ever 17)
  • Livingston Trench incident; the captain of the seaQuest nearly causes global war. The United Earth Oceans Organization is created in the wake of this incident; they refit the seaQuest for exploration purposes. (SeaQuest DSV)
  • Terrorist Zero makes his first appearance, and leads the Black Rebellion against the Holy Britannian Empire. Rebellion quashed, and Area 11 is demoted to a corectional sub-area. (Code Geass [93])
  • Cetacean Rights Act passed, granting dolphins equal rights to humans. Beginning of a centuries-long class-action lawsuit by the newly empowered dolphins, of the entire human race, over whaling. (Known Space)
  • (Universe A and, presumably, B) Death of Queen Elizabeth II. Dissolution of the Monarchy of Great Britain (FlashForward, novel)
  • UN is dissolved, heralding an era of total globalisation. National borders cease to exist. (Killer 7)
  • GDI anti-piracy convention. (Command and Conquer)


  • May 21 - John Connor leads an assault on SkyNet VLA. Marcus Wright awakens and maneuvers John to SkyNet Central. (Terminator)
  • May 22 - Marcus Wright meets Kyle Reese and Star in Los Angeles and maneuvers them to SkyNet Central. Kyle and Star arre captured, but are rescued by John and Marcus. (Terminator)
  • Late May - SkyNet Central destroyed by the Resistance. John Connor is mortally injured, but saved by a heart transplant from Marcus Wright. (Terminator)
  • May - USS Wilmington is destroyed by a HK-Aerial. (Terminator)
  • AIDS has been eradicated, tumours can be removed by a simple process, and there's a wonderful antibiotic gel that disinfects, arrests bleeding and instantly heals small wounds. On the other hand, weird man-made parasites called GUILT are starting to pop up in people. (Trauma Center)
  • The crew of the refit seaQuest begin their oceanic adventures. The ship is eventually destroyed preventing an ecological disaster. (SeaQuest DSV)
  • The first moon colony is created. (Babylon 5)
  • Formation of the United Federation of Nations. First use of nuclear weaponry. Death of 98th emperor Charles zi Britannia and ascension of his son Lelouch to the throne, reign of terror begins with invasion of Japan (again). Death of 99th emperor Lelouch and ascension of his sister Nunally to the throne. World Peace established thanks to the catharsis provided by scapegoat mastermind Lelouch's public death. (Code Geass[94])
  • Advancements in sublight propulsion technology shorten interstellar times and allow the crews to remain active on board, making sleeper ships obsolete. (Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • Birth of the Dax symbiont on planet Trill. Dax would pursue a career with Starfleet. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • Gordon Freeman, after disappearing for 20 years, mysteriously resurfaces at City 17, somewhere in Eastern Europe on an Earth enslaved by Combine forces. [95] (Half-Life 2/Half-Life 2: Episode One/Half-Life 2: Episode Two)
  • John Freeman who was Gordon Freemans brother was one day in an office typing on a computer. He got an email from his brother that said that aliens and monsters were attacking his place and asked him for help so he went. (Half Life: Full Life Consequences)
  • T-800 first comes online. (Terminator)


  • March 12 - Miles Edgeworth returns from vacation abroad and finds himself entangled in a series of cases involving the Yatagarasu. (Ace Attorney Investigations)
  • April 29 - Defense attorney Phoenix Wright defends in State v. Enigmar. [96] (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)
  • Summer - The Mariage incident takes place, a series of deadly arson cases in several worlds (StrikerS Sound Stage X)
  • November - Rick Deckard, a semi-retired blade runner, is forced back into service to hunt down replicants that had escaped to Earth. (Blade Runner)
  • Max, a genetically modified ex-super-soldier, searches for her brothers and sisters. (Dark Angel)
  • Project Satan is created from parts of the most evil cars of all time [97] becoming the first were-car. Calculon, then a lowly car-making robot at the factory is the first victim. (Futurama)
  • Bruce Wayne retires as Batman. (Batman Beyond)
  • Eustace Fargo graduates from Harvard with a degree in law. He takes a job with the government, where he garners attention by being unflappably honest and incorruptible. (Judge Dredd)
  • (Universe A and, presumably, B) South Africa completes its post-Apartheit trials. President Tutu pardons over 5000 people. (FlashForward, novel)
  • Jack Granger joins GDI. (Command and Conquer)

Between 2010 and 2020

  • Renegade Decepticons Shockblast and Six Shot are captured and imprisoned by the Autobot/Decepticons coalition. (Transformers Energon)
  • Rodimus' crew visits Planet Q and promises to protect its inhabitants if they are ever threatened by Unicron. Sure enough, Unicron resurrects and attempts to devour Planet Q. With Rodimus unable to reach them in time, the planet's chamberlain, Scorponok, blows up his world in a desperate bid to stop the chaos bringer. Unicron is seriously damaged and goes into dormancy. Planet Q's ruler, Alpha Quintesson, lives on and goes insane from loneliness (Transformers Energon).
  • Estimated home era of the time-traveler Ingrid/Eternal Goddess. (Capcom Fighting Evolution, Street Fighter Alpha)


  1. or so it seems
  2. Everyone else is killed out of fear for the 21st century.
  3. Morgendorffer ends her relationship with Tom Sloane after they get accepted to geographically distant colleges.
  4. named Dawn Summers, sister of Buffy
  5. Dawn Summers
  6. They get better
  7. Grunty's drill explodes after she drops her spell, leaving her a disembodied head.
  8. A Nazi space capsule (launched May 20, 1939) returns to Earth, landing at Hunte Castle, Austria. An Ogdru Hem, referred to as "the Worm", emerges from the capsule and attempts to end the world. The BPRD agents Hellboy and Roger (with help from the ghost of The Lobster) successfully contain and destroy the Worm.
  9. Gregory Edgeworth, a California defense attorney, is shot and killed in a courthouse elevator.
  10. And before long, destroys it. Of course.
  11. but only manages to release him.
  12. Though Agito aired in 2001, the official backstory says it takes place two years after the rise of the Grongi (Kuuga), which occurred in 2000.
  13. The only way for Duncan to kill Kell is to gain another quality Quickening - that of Connor.
  14. After destroying the queen-beast ("The Giant"), Caim and Angelus ("The Dragon") are shot down by the JSDF.
  15. Remilia Scarlet was the one that caused it, so that she could go out without the sunlight harming her.
  16. They leave on Christmas Day, in order to protect Earth from everyone who's looking for Crichton's wormhole knowledge.
  17. as it's falling into a sinkhole, after defeating The First Evil
  18. This and all 24 dates should be considered Fanon, as the show's creators have been deliberately careless about chronology. For instance, Day One takes place on Super Tuesday in an election year (2000 or '04), but one of its Dragons, Alexis Drazen, was born on 24 January 1967 and is listed as 35 years old, thus placing the season in... 2002.
  19. There are roughly 70 survivors; John Locke regains the use of his legs.
  20. This burst of electromagnetism alerts Penelope Widmore
  21. of the parasite known as Las Plagas from the corpse of the cult's leader Osmund Saddler.
  22. ...while everyone else jumps through time. The Oceanic Six are rescued.
  23. It's the Scarlet Witch's fault; later retconned to be Doctor Doom's.
  24. It is eventually claimed by Mojo Jojo, who uses his new power to end war, hunger, and poverty, establish free electricity for life, and give everyone puppies. then he gets bored and returns to villainy.
  25. Technically, her first meeting with the Ninth Doctor was in 1987 on the day her father died, although she was no more than a year old then. She also meets Ten on January 1, immediately before his regeneration.
  26. Also met in 1987 at a young age.
  27. Mickey is kidnapped by the Nestene and is replaced by a duplicate. The Nestene Consciousness starts taking control of the dummies from the London Eye, but Rose stops it.
  28. It backfires, regressing Blon into an egg. The Doctor and Rose send the egg to a Raxacoricofallapatorian family to start life anew.
  29. Jack retains the title of "Head of East Coast and Microwave Oven Programming", but does not interact with the microwave team for the rest of his run at GE.
  30. throwaway line in "Time Crash"
  31. Victor Kennedy takes over this gang, absorbing most of them, before being defeated by the Tenth Doctor.
  32. The Racnoss appears to start her plans around June, six months before "The Runaway Bride". It can probably be inferred this comes after Torchwood One's collapse.
  33. The Cybus Cybermen and the Daleks, save the Cult of Skaro, are pulled into the Void, while Rose gets trapped in an alternate universe in 2010. The Tenth Doctor says his last goodbyes.
  34. after discovering Torchwood One has synthesised her power source that can awaken her children after billions of years. She tells Lance, the coffee boy of that company to start her schemes.
  35. The coffee boy Lance bonds with Donna, feeding her coffee with trace amounts of Huon particles over six months in order to awaken the Racnoss offspring.
  36. In an alternate timeline/universe created by one of the Trickster's Brigade latching onto Donna's back, she turns right and becomes a secretary, never meeting the Doctor until after his death. Donna, with the help of Rose's cannibalisation of the TARDIS in 2009, travels through time and reverses these events, waking up on the planet Shan Shen, knocking the Trickster beetle off her back.
  37. In all fairness, it was Spider-Pig's fault
  38. The Racnoss race is ended once and for after the Doctor drowned the Racnoss offspring and Mr. Saxon, aka the Master, who escaped Malcassairo in the year 100 trillion orders a tank to shoot the ship down.
  39. In an alternate timeline/universe created by one of the Trickster's Brigade latching onto Donna's back, the Racnoss is still defeated, but the Doctor drowns as Donna doesn't tell him to stop and Mr. Saxon, aka the Master remains on Malcassairo in the year 100 trillion. This universe's Donna meets Rose for the first time here.
  40. after John Locke's death. Four of the Oceanic Six end up on the Island 1977 mid-flight with the surviving Losties. Sun, Ben, Ilana and Frank remain in the present. Jacob is murdered by Ben. Desmond is brought to the island by Charles Widmore. The Losties, along with the ones from the DHARMA Initiative return. The Man in Black, also known as the Smoke Monster, takes the form of Locke and starts planning to get off the Island. Jacob is killed by Jack and Hurley becomes the Island's new protector after Jack gives his life to save the Island from destruction. Kate, Lapidus, Miles, Sawyer and Alpert leave the Island.
  41. The time-displaced Billy Shipton adds a message to Sally Sparrow in easter eggs in the DVDs that she owns, or will own. Larry Nightingale is fascinated by these and transcribes the enigmatic message.
  42. At her friend Kathy Nightingale's house, she sees the first glimpse of the Tenth Doctor's message. Kathy is thrown through time by the Angels. While at Larry's DVD shop the same recording of the Doctor almost appeared to say that he could hear her. She contacts the police, but one of the detectives, Billy Shipton, is sent through time by the Angels as well, dying of old age that night. After discovering the truth behind the DVDs she returns to Wester Drumlins with Larry. On a portable DVD player, the Doctor's strange words in the DVD easter egg suddenly become part of a two-way conversation. The Doctor warns Sally and Larry of the Weeping Angels. The two board the TARDIS while escaping the Angels, but the TARDIS leaves without them. However, the Angels are locked in place forever.
  43. He later uses a chameleon arch to hide himself from the time travelling family.
  44. while recounting his dream containing these events, the Doctor's human disguise recalls he was in 2007.
  45. awakens from his coma and dies in an attempt to return to the 1970s.
  46. In an alternate timeline/universe created by one of the Trickster's Brigade latching onto Donna's back, this does not happen, as the Tenth Doctor is already dead.
  47. She and Captain Jack, who had joined in the intervening travels, then leave not too long afterwards thanks to the events of the Year That Never Was.
  48. In an alternate timeline/universe created by one of the Trickster's Brigade latching onto Donna's back, the Judoon still apprehend the Plasmavore, with the help of Sarah Jane Smith and Martha, but both, along with most of the hospital of the hospital die of suffocation. Maria Jackson, Luke Smith and Clyde Langer are also missing and feared dead. The Year That Never Was never shall be as the Master/Prof. Yana remains on Malcassairo at the end of the universe.
  49. Over the following months, the Trickster interferes with Sarah Jane's history for the first time. Andrea Yates with the help of Maria Jackson reverses it. The Slitheen return to destroy the world twice. The Xylok Mr. Smith is reformatted and turned to good through a computer virus after almost sending the Moon toward the Earth.
  50. In an alternate timeline/universe created by one of the Trickster's Brigade latching onto Donna's back, the Titanic crashes into London, wiping out its entire population and irradiating much of the south of England. The UK is cut off from the rest of the world thanks to this disaster. Donna, Wilf and Donna's mother are at safe distance thanks to the intervention of Rose, who tells Donna she is the most important person in the whole of creation (which went about as well as you'd expect). Due to the devastation of her home, Donna's family is forced to move to Leeds.
  51. Actually, he was sent back in time.
  52. He convinces the Atraxi that incinerating the human residence would be a supremely bad idea
  53. Prisoner Zero warns the Doctor of the Pandorica and the Silence
  54. Sally Sparrow gives the Tenth Doctor the transcript for when he gets stranded in 1969, in order to warn Sally in 2007.
  55. by the Sontarans
  56. The Doctor sets the skies alight, ruining the Sontarans' plans and Luke Rattigan blows up the Sontaran ship.
  57. In an alternate timeline/universe created by one of the Trickster's Brigade latching onto Donna's back, the Adipose plan is successfully put to fruition in North America, killing 60 million. The Torchwood team is killed saving the world from the Sontarans' ATMOS plan, apart from Jack, who is transferred to Sontar. Foreigners have been placed into "labour camps". Wilf notes the stars are going out, so Donna meets up with Rose to reverse the mess the world has got into using a cannibalised TARDIS.
  58. This was caused by the Daleks, who were stopped by the Doctor and Donna Noble, who were warned about this on the planet Shan Shen by Rose Tyler. As the result of a Time Lord-human metacrisis, Donna's memories are erased before her mind is burnt out.
  59. In universe A, the pre-FlashForward continuity, the world never experienced a Flash Forward. It is unclear whether it experienced a blackout. In universe B, the post-Flash timeliine, the world saw a glimpse of universe A, and acted upon the information, thus creating a differing universe.
  60. It ends in a tie, after Ask That Guy asks for the fighting to stop, and suggests everyone to set aside their differences to partake in crossovers.
  61. During which, everybody in the world had visions of themselves 6 months in the future
  62. but due to his wife's interference Came Back Wrong
  63. The Master causes the entire human population of Earth to become clones of himself
  64. The Time Lords, led by Rassilon, attempt to end time itself, deleting the Master's template from the human race in the process. The Master thwarts this by apparently sacrificing himself.
  65. 1954 CE
  66. Mrs. Wormwood and Commander Kaagh search for the body of the galactic conqueror Horath on Earth. Kaagh has second thoughts, sacrificing himself and Wormwood to prevent themselves from being released.
  67. According to Mercenaries 2, Jacobs' storyline is the canonical one.
  68. The Combine arrive and conquer and decimate Earth's forces in seven hours
  69. Dunder Mifflin CFO David Wallace is among the executives that were dismissed by the new ownership.
  70. According to John's blog it's 29th January; year placement based on year of broadcast
  71. According to John's blog it happened 'last night' in the entry posted on January 31; year placement based on year of broadcast
  72. the date of the second Global Blackout
  73. who shortly afterward averts Haruhi's subconscious attempt to recreate the universe for the two of them
  74. The explosion that causes the Cracks in time start here, but are thwarted by the Doctor and River Song. Rory and Amy are alive and married, and Amy's non-sense-making life returns the Doctor from the TARDIS' explosion. Mr. and Mrs. Pond continue their adventures with the Doctor.
  75. 1955 CE
  76. by shooting the Player Character in the butt
  77. 1955 CE
  78. The world remains this way until December 20, at which point multiple trips through time occur that eventually return the world to the way it was moments after it first changes on the 18th.
  79. This is the infamous "Time Zero", wherein Eve Brea, Aya's sister/clone, "overdived" (sent her own psyche) onto Aya's near-dying body as a last-ditch effort to save her. But the results were disastrous, as fragments of Aya's soul became the Twisted that ravaged New York first and then the rest of the world; and Eve's body deteriorated and gave birth to the High Ones that possessed other people who were present at the wedding, especially Aya's would-be husband, Kyle Madigan.
  80. Rose, after travelling dimensions and helping save every universe from burning out, is left behind on the parallel world again, with a Doctor clone to save, saying her last goodbyes to the real Doctor on Dårlig Ulv Stranden...again.
  81. The neon "GE" sign at the top of the NBC Studios building is changed accordingly.
  82. A future version of the Doctor is killed by a figure in a spacesuit.
  83. Michael asks the camera crew filming to notify him if the documentary they're making ever airs.
  84. The shooting takes place at the funeral of her superior officer, Captain Roy Montgomery. As Montgomery was revealed to be connected to the shadowy conspiracy behind the death of Beckett's mother prior to his death, it is assumed that the shooter was connected to this somehow.
  85. The trial ends prematurely due to the defendant committing suicide.
  86. Joe dies. Methos is persumed deceased. Duncan loses his immortality. He and Anna have a child. This is the last adventure for any of them.
  87. which they were responsible for causing
  88. Actually, Telescope Gun Cop traveled back in time and poisoned their candy canes.
  89. Once Aya finds Hyde, she is sucked into the "Doors of Zero", the gateway to Time Zero (which was December 24, 2010). She decimates Hyde there, and once she goes back to Time Zero, she was finally able to correct the mistake that almost destroyed the world, by offering Eve the opportunity to swap each other's psyches via "overdiving". Eve, now in Aya's body after overdiving, destroys both Aya's soul, the source of the Twisted, and Eve's body, the source of the High Ones. The world is saved.
  90. Neil Marshall, a California prosecuting attorney, is killed in the Los Angeles Prosecutor's Office.
  91. Caused by U.S. Army General Hershel von Shepherd
  92. They succeed.
  93. 1962 CE
  94. 1963 CE
  95. Within a little over a week, Gordon not only destroys the Citadel, but also closes the portal linking Earth and the Combine, cutting off reinforcements. His subsequent fate is unknown.
  96. Phoenix is disbarred for using falsified evidence during the trial.
  97. apart from KITT, though its windscreen wipers were rather evil
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