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Grand Unified Timeline events from 1946 C.E. to 1979 C.E.

1946 C.E. to 1949 C.E.


  • Nov 5 - Industrialist Andrew Ryan founds the city of Rapture on the ocean floor near Greenland and Iceland, intending to create a working-man's paradise free of government or moral regulation. Select individuals disappear from the surface and immigrate to Rapture. (Bioshock)
  • Rick O'Connell and allies battle the resurrected Dragon Emperor. (The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)
  • Albert Einstein completes his time machine in Trinity, New Mexico, and uses it to travel to 1924 and remove Adolf Hitler from history. In the resulting timeline, Josef Stalin leads the Soviet Union in an invasion of Europe, beginning World War II. (Command and Conquer: Red Alert)
  • Duncan MacLeod prevents the immortal IRA member Liam O'Rourke and his girlfriend, Tara, from escaping the scene of a bombing in London. They go to prison, and Liam vows revenge.(Highlander the Series)
  • Birth of Diane Maza, a Nigerian-American, in New York City. She would grow up to become a professor at Columbia University. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of the immortal Manny in Hawaii. (Highlander Endgame, character profiles)
  • Liberal Party of Japan collapses due to incompetence. Toru Fukishima joins the UN Party and quickly becomes a major policy shaper. (Killer 7)
  • Super Squadron founded - world's first superteam. (Soon I Will Be Invincible)


  • April 15 - On the day Jackie Robinson makes his major league debut, several time travellers from the town of Eureka in 2010 accidentally arrive at the army base that is its predecessor. (Eureka)
  • June 13 - An alien is shot down over New Mexico, before being imprisoned in Nevada. (Doctor Who Expanded Universe [animated serials])
  • July 8 -
    • The Planet Express ship crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. Dr. John Zoidberg is briefly detained by the U.S. government on suspicion of being an alien invader. Philip J. Fry accidentally becomes becomes his own grandfather. (Futurama)
    • The shuttlecraft Quark's Treasure crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. Three Ferengi travellers onboard are briefly detained by the U.S. government on suspicion of being alien invaders. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
    • An alien spaceship crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. Its purpose and mission remain unknown until 49 years later, when it is discovered to have been a forward scout vessel for the alien fleet that attacks the Earth in July of that year. (Independence Day)
    • An alien spaceship crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. Dr. Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones, Jr. is called in to examine the wreck. (Indiana Jones)
    • Delta Green is reformed after the Roswell incident. (Cthulhu Mythos, Delta Green)
  • August 15- All children born in India between 12 AM and 1 AM are given special powers. (Midnight's Children)
  • Marvin Acme, novelty gag tycoon and owner of Toontown, is found murdered. [1] (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)
  • Donald Duck and his nephews first meet Uncle Scrooge. (Donald Duck)
  • War between Empire and GFFA ends with GFFA defeated, in no small part due to an alliance between the Empire and the New Sith Order. GFFA territories absorbed back into the Empire. Jedi massacred. New Sith Order turns on the Empire, and usurps the throne. (Star Wars)
  • Maine banker Andy Dufresne is convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. Though he asserts his innocence, he's sentenced to life at the Shawshank State Penitentiary. (The Shawshank Redemption)
  • Literary scholar "Humbert Humbert" rents a room in in the house of Charlotte Haze in Ramsdale, and falls in love with her 12-year-old daughter, Dolores "Lolita" Haze. (Lolita)
  • Donald Duck and his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, bring Donald's uncle, Scrooge McDuck, out of seclusion. (The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck)
  • Aperture Science Innovators is established, voted "Best New Science Company of 1947" by the Science and Business Institute of America. (Portal 2)
  • Zombie outbreak in Jarvie, British Columbia. (The Zombie Survival Guide)


  • November 7/ November 23 - Birth of Al Bundy. (Married... with Children)
  • Brandon Shaw and Phillip Morgan murder a former classmate, David Kentley, in their apartment as an intellectual exercise: they want to prove their superiority by committing the "perfect murder". However, their strange behaviour following the murder attracts unwanted attention. (Rope)
  • Estimated birth of Roberta Lincoln. She would grow up to become the assistant of Gary Seven. (Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • Estimated birth of Yancy Fry to single mother Mildred Fry. He is registered as a son of Enos Fry. [2]. (Futurama)
  • Rapture immigrant Brigid Tenenbaum discovers the miraculous properties of unstable stem cells harvested from a species of sea slug, called "ADAM". Smuggler Frank Fontaine finances her work and founds Fontaine Futuristics, selling ADAM to Rapture's public. The Little Sisters Orphanage is devised to recruit girls to serve as ADAM factories. Fontaine becomes wealthy and powerful enough to rival Andrew Ryan. (Bioshock)
  • The Parkreiners are placed in government custody. They are officially stated to have died in a car accident. Killer 7)
  • The Delinquent Five appear, the world's first supervillain teamup. (Soon I Will Be Invincible)
  • U.S. Department Z recruits Alexander Waverly to form the international enforcement organization U.N.C.L.E., which begins a covert war against the terrorist group THRUSH. (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)


  • April 12 - Estimated birth of Margaret "Peggy" Wanker. She would grow up to marry Al Bundy. (Married... with Children[3])
  • Magneto arrives in America. (X-Men movieverse)
  • Aperture Science comes in at #2 on "Mechanical Engineering World Journal"'s list of the top 100 applied science companies of 1949. (Portal 2)
  • Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnny Ray, South Pacific, Walter Winchell, Joe DiMaggio. ("We Didn't Start the Fire")

1950 C.E. - 1959 C.E.


  • March 28 - Birth of Geki in Japan. He would grow up to become a Ninja. (Street Fighter)
  • December 25 -
    • The Stone of Scone is stolen from Westminster Abbey by Duncan MacLeod, Hugh Fitzcairn, and Amanda. (Highlander the Series)
    • The Stone of Scone is stolen from Westminster Abbey by Macbeth and four others. (Gargoyles)
  • Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce is drafted and assigned to the 4077th MASH in the Korean War. (M* A* S* H)
  • Eve Gill, an acting student, investigates the murder of the hisband of singer/actress Charlotte Inwood. (Stage Fright)
  • The Centauri start using telepaths for military ends. (Babylon 5)
  • World War II finally reaches a devastating close as most countries are exhausted from both the war and deepening economic crisis as the world falls to hell. (The Shape of Things to Come)
  • Sofia Lamb is invited to Rapture to help deal with the psychological issues stemming from life in an underwater city. She senses growing dissatisfaction within the city and leads a collectivist counter-movement against Andrew Ryan's libertarian philosophy. In response, Ryan has her interred within the Persephone Penal Colony. Lamb prepares the prison as her new power base, planning to wait for Rapture's inevitable collapse before retaking the city. (Bioshock)
  • Zoe Kuryakin becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Joe Mc Carthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
  • Sir Miles Messervy replaces Mycroft Holmes’s (unknown) successor as "M", and recruits Commander James Bond to the Double-0 section of Secret Service.
  • Bakaru ("Buckaroo") Banzai is born in London. (The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension)


  • c. May 14-31 - Sarah Jane Smith born in Foxgrove, England. [4] (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • August 18 - Sarah Jane Smith falls into the Trickster's trap when she saves her parents from their deaths. In an alternate timeline, the Trickster manifests through a weak point in time and conquers the world. [5] (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • October - Birth of Beryl McKenzie in Nova Scotia. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • The alien Klaatu lands in Washington, DC, with a message for the world. (The Day the Earth Stood Still [1951 film])
  • Guy Haines, an amateur tennis star, meets the eccentric Bruno Antony on a train. Bruno has read about Guy's romantic troubles in the paper, and suggests that he might want to...dispose of his wife, the unfaithful Mrs. Miriam Joyce Haines, so he can marry Anne Morton, the daughter of a senator. Bruno outlines his plot for the perfect murder: two strangers who both have someone they want dead "exchange murders". Guy laughs the whole thing off and gets off the train but, as he learns a few days later, Bruno wasn't joking. (Strangers on a Train)
  • The underwater city of Rapture is completed, prompting a new wave of immigrants before the city severs ties with the surface. (Bioshock)
  • Pete's TV in Manhattan installs TVs running news feed in its storefront for people to conveniently notice. (Futurama)
  • Estimated birth of Peter "Pete" Burke in Jersey City. He would grow up to become an astronaut. (Planet of the Apes television series)
  • Dr. Henry Walton Jones dies of natural causes. He is survived by his son Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. (Indiana Jones, reference work: Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide -2008)
  • After a Congressional committee insists the members of the Justice Society of America reveal their secret identities, the JSA members refuse, and voluntarily disband. Most of the members go into retirement. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are allowed to continue their superheroic activities. (Adventure Comics #466)
  • Rosenbergs, H-Bomb, Sugar Ray, Panmunjom, Brando, The King And I, and The Catcher In The Rye ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
  • BJ Blazkowicz marries Julia Marie Peterson and emigrates to America. (Wolfenstein 3D)


  • October 20 - Birth of Jack O'Neill, future leader of SG-1. (Stargate SG-1)
  • November 22- Birth of Dhalsim in India. He would grow up to be a master of mysticism and a Martial Pacifist. (Street Fighter II)
  • December 17 - A sailor is found floating in radioactive water with superpowers. (The Mighty)
  • December 24 - The Eleventh Doctor accidentally gets engaged to Marilyn Monroe. (Doctor Who)
  • December - Zoe Kuryakin dies in the course of her Cruciamentum, during which she takes on Creighton Faust. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Hellboy becomes a field agent for the BPRD. (Hellboy)
  • Edward Roivas discovers the Ancient stronghold of En'gha beneath his family's Rhode Island mansion. Braving the ruins, he succeeds in a ritual that destroys the city's guardians. (Eternal Darkness)
  • Birth of Richard Collier. He would grow up to become a playwright and a time-traveler. (Somewhere in Time)
  • Birth of Martin Hacker. He would grow up to become an FBI agent and member of The Illuminati. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of the immortal Michael Christian in Des Moines, Iowa. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Birth of Elena Moreno in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She would become the adoptive daughter of Katya of Greenhill.(Highlander the Series)
  • Robert E.O. Speedwagon dies of a heart attack. (Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure)
  • Marcus Brody dies of natural causes. (Indiana Jones, reference work: Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide -2008)
  • The Eleventh Doctor, Albert Einstein, and Father Christmas have their picture taken together at Frank Sinatra's hunting lodge. Whether this happens at the same party as he got engaged is debatable. (Doctor Who)
  • On Earth-C, former Second Weird War general Dwight D. Eisenhowler is elected president of the United Species of America. (Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, date based on Real Life)
  • Aperture Science is a runner-up in the US Department of Defense's "Contractor of the Year" award. (Portal 2)
  • Eisenhower, vaccine, England's got a new Queen, Marciano, Liberace, Santayana good-bye ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
  • Emir Parkreiner kills his parents and disappears from society. (Killer 7)
  • Approximate birth of Arthur to BJ and Julia Blazcowicz. Arthur would pursue a career in showbusiness, and change his surname to Blaze. (Wolfenstein 3D)
  • An enterprising FBI file clerk moves the backlog of "Unexplained" cases from the U-files to the roomier "X" drawer. (The X-Files)


  • June 1 - The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler discover a street with an unusually high number of television sets, along with kidnappings of people by The Men in Black. (Doctor Who)
  • June 2 - The Tenth Doctor prevents the Wire from using the broadcast of Queen Elizabeth's coronation to consume minds across Great Britain. (Doctor Who)
  • August 8 - Sam Beckett is born. (Quantum Leap)
  • December 18 - An airplane flying to Ireland falls through the Cardiff rift, and is assumed to be lost at sea. It will actually reappear in 2007. (Torchwood)
  • December 31 - Birth of Eagle in the United Kingdom. He would grow up to become a bouncer and bodyguard with a sense of culture.(Street Fighter Alpha)
  • Aperture Science hires war heroes, Olympians, and later astronauts to test Repulsion Gel, a failed attempt at creating a dietetic pudding substitute, in conjunction with the Aperture Science Portable Quantum Tunneling Device, designed to create a portal between the inside and outside of a shower. (Portal 2)
  • Martians invade Earth, defeated by germs. (War of the Worlds [1953 film])
  • Otto Keller murders Villette and confesses to Father Michael William Logan, a Catholic priest. Logan had reasons to want Villete dead himself and is arrested for the murder. (I Confess)
  • Christopher Emmanuel "Manny" Balestrero visits an insurance office to attempt to get some money for his wife Rose's dental work. He is mistaken for a look-alike armed robber and finds himself on trial. (The Wrong Man)
  • World War II ends when Allied armies invade Moscow with the aid of Chronosphere technology. Josef Stalin is among the 100 million casualties of the conflict. (Command and Conquer: Red Alert)
  • A German immigrant to New York named Adolf Hitler completes his sci-fi bestseller Lord of the Swastica. (The Iron Dream)
  • Birth of the merman Rikuo/Aulbath in Brazil. His race lives deep beneath the Amazon. (Darkstalkers)
  • Joseph Stalin, Malenkov, Nasser and Prokofiev, Rockefeller, Campanella, Communist Bloc ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
  • The Union 7, a group of young members of the Liberal Party of Japan, write the Yakumo, a policy document intended as a last-ditch effort to salvage the party. The Yakumo is presented to the president of the party, but he disappears. (Killer 7)


  • April 17 - Birth of M. Bison. He would grow up to become the leader of the paramilitary organization Shadaloo/Shadowlaw and a would-be world conqueror. (Street Fighter II)
  • May 17 - Racial segregation declared unconstitutional in America. Duncan MacLeod and Carl Robinson are pleased. (Highlander the Series)
  • The first Godzilla appears and destroys Tokyo. He is eventually killed, but scientists fear he wasn't the only member of his species. (Gojira)
  • Explorers encounter a "gill man" in the Black Lagoon. (Creature from the Black Lagoon)
  • Tony Wendice, a retired professional tennis player, hires an assassin to kill his wife, Margot, so he can claim the insurance money. When Margot kills the assassin in self-defence, Tony tries to get her convicted for murder so she will get the death sentence.(Dial M for Murder)
  • L. B. "Jeff" Jeffries, a professional photographer, breaks his leg during a dangerous assignment. Confined for a while to his small apartment, he starts spying on his neighbours out of boredom. Lars Thorwald starts acting suspiciously at about the same time. (Rear Window)
  • The [6] is buried on the Island by the Others, with the help of the Losties. (Lost)
  • End of the Third Jedi Purge; New Jedi Order dissolved and Jedi scattered. Exiled Jedi and bounty hunter Cade Skywalker discovers his destiny and begins combating the New Sith Order. (Star Wars)
  • Birth of Claw. (Gargoyles)
  • Aperture Science is again a runner-up to the US Department of Defense's "Contractor of the Year" award. (Portal 2)
  • Asha Sayre becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Birth of Nikki Wood. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Roy Cohn, Juan Perón, Toscanini, dacron, Dien Bien Phu falls, Rock Around The Clock ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
  • Bloody Heartland murders gain attention. UN Party becomes the dominant political party in Japan. (Killer 7)

1954 or 1955

  • Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl marry. (The Incredibles)
  • Alfred Hitchcock offers Amanda a job as a 'technical advisor' in his current project: To Catch a Thief, a film about cat burglars. Amanda turns him down, as the job would interfere with her busy schedule of committing cat burglaries. (Highlander the Raven)
  • Michigan J. Frog is discovered alive having been sealed in the cornerstone of a building built in 1892. (Looney Tunes)


  • July 2 - Birth of Sagat in Thailand. He would grow up to become a master of the Muay Thai fighting style.(Street Fighter Alpha)
  • November 5 - Marty McFly, a time traveler from 1985, arrives in 1955 and tries to keep his parents together and repair history from damage he has inadvertently caused. (Back to The Future)
  • November 12 - The Hill Valley courthouse clock tower is struck by lightning and permanently damaged. (Back to The Future)
    • Biff Tannen is given a sports almanac from his future self, which he uses to gather a large fortune in sports betting.[7] (Back to The Future Part II)
  • November - Dr. Erdel succeeds in teleporting a Martian to Earth, but promptly dies of a heart attack. The alien, J'onn J'onnz, becomes the Martian Manhunter. (DC Comics)
  • John "The Cat" Robie, a retired burglar, is forced pursued by the police when a copycat criminal comes on the scene. (To Catch a Thief)
  • Harry Worp dies just outside a small Vermont town in which Jennifer Rogers, his estranged wife, has taken residence in. Everyone assumes they somehow caused Harry's death. (The Trouble with Harry)
  • A second Godzilla is discovered as well as a mutated Ankylosaurus known as "Anguirus". Anguirus is killed by the second Godzilla (also known as "Gigantis"), and Godzilla is soon frozen alive by the JSDF. (Godzilla Raids Again)
  • Birth of David Xanatos in Bar Harbor, Maine. His father Petros Xanatos is a Greek immigrant and impoverished fisherman. David would grow up to become a businessman. (Gargoyles)
  • Public backlash and lawsuits against superheroes leads to the passing of the Superhero Relocation Act, and the retirement of all known supers. (The Incredibles)
  • Estimated birth of Miri on a planet nearly-identical to Earth. Due to receiving a life-prolongation treatment as a child, Miri would age extremely slowly. She was still prebuscent in the 23rd century. The catch being that entering puberty could be fatal to her. (Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • Donald Salzer joins the Watchers as a historian. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Birth of the immortal Frank Brennan. (Highlander the Raven)
  • Donald Duck reconciles Scrooge and Matilda McDuck (The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck)
  • The National Potato Board recognizes Aperture Science with the Spirit of Idaho award for its work promoting potato science. (Portal 2)
  • Michigan J. Frog is buried alive in the cornerstone of the new "Tregoweth Brown Building" to be rediscovered when that building is demolished in 2056. (Looney Tunes)
  • Einstein, James Dean, Brooklyn's got a winning team, Davy Crockett, Peter Pan Elvis Presley, Disneyland ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
  • Union 7 attend a secret meeting in the Union Hotel, where they are killed by Emir Parkreiner. Parkreiner himself is then killed by Harman Smith. Harman Deltahead and Kun Lan resurrect. (Killer 7)

Early to mid 1950s


  • June 1 - Birth of Zangief in the Soviet Union. He would grow up to became a professional wrestler and a Boisterous Bruiser. (Street Fighter II)
  • November 15 - Birth of Rolento F. Schugerg, a German-American boy. He would grow up to become a member of the American special forces, a mercenary and a gang leader. Later in life, Rolento would strive to create his own utopian nation. (Final Fight, Street Fighter Alpha)
  • December 13 - Birth of Lee in China. He would grow up to become a master of the kenpo fighting style. (Street Fighter)
  • Barry Allen becomes the Flash. (DC Comics)
  • The Challengers Of The Unknown form. (DC Comics)
  • Dr. Benjamin "Ben" McKenna , his wife Josephine Conway "Jo" McKenna and their young son Henry ("Hank") are enjoying a vacation in Morocco. They befriend Louis Bernard, a mysterious Frenchman who turns out to be an agent for the French Intelligence Services. He is later stabbed In the Back. His last words to Ben warn of an assassination that is going to happen in London. The McKennas find themselves involved in the espionage business. (The Man Who Knew Too Much)
  • The Eisenhower Administration awards Aperture Science a contract to provide shower curtains to all branches of the military except the Navy. (Portal)
  • Asha Sayre and her Watcher prevent the Ku Klux Klan, which is under vampiric control, from burning down a black church, but both die in the attempt. Mariko becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Bardot, Budapest, Alabama, Kruschev, Princess Grace, Peyton Place, trouble in the Suez ("We Didn't Start the Fire")


  • October 4 - The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 1, the first Earth-orbiting artifical satellite, into an elliptical low Earth orbit. (Real Life) This attracts the attention of the Vulcans. They proceed to sent a survey ship to observe planet Earth. The surveillance works fine for three weeks. Then the ship faces a mechanical problem and crashlands near Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania. Three surviving Vulcans (T'Mir, Stron and Mestral) have to pose as humans and settle in town. Mestral discovers a new talent: hustling pool. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • December 9 - Atomic Robo and a team from TeslaDyne investigate strange events in the town of Cloverdale, Oregon, encountering a now-familiar Cosmic Horror. (Atomic Robo)
  • Indiana Jones travels to Peru to prevent the Soviet Union from obtaining a crystal skull [11] (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)
  • The Soviet Union launches several ICBMs, turning most of the United States into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The Kingdom of Elvis, encompassing much of Nevada and California, is founded with its capital in Lost Vegas. (Six String Samurai)
  • An object is sighted falling into the waters off Rockwell, Maine. The object is later revealed to be a giant robot. [12] (The Iron Giant)
  • A pandemic rages at the wartorn and economic shot countries of the world. (The Shape of Things to Come)
  • Birth of Wolf, a distant descendant of Hakon. He would grow up to become a member of the Pack. (Gargoyles)
  • During the Mau Mau Uprising, several white zombies are killed by Gikuyu rebels. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Lt. Col. Glenn Manning is injured in a nuclear explosion, miraculously he survives but slowly turns into an insane giant. (The Amazing Colossal Man)
  • Little Rock, Pasternak, Mickey Mantle, Kerouac, Sputnik, Chou En-Lai, Bridge on the River Kwai ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
  • Harman Smith forms the Second Smith Syndicate, also known as the Killer 7, consisting of himself, Garcian Smith [13], Dan Smith, Kaede Smith, Kevin Smith, Coyote Smith, Con Smith, and Mask de Smith. (Killer 7)
  • Amy Archer wins a Pulitzer. (The Hudsucker Proxy)


  • August 10- The death of Sgt. Pepper, he leaves his band's magical instruments to the citizens of his hometown of Heartland.(Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band)
  • August 24 - Birth of Tessa Noël in Lille, France. She would grow up to become a professional artist (mostly a sculptor), an antiques store owner, and a museum curator. She would also become a significant love interest to Duncan MacLeod. (Highlander the Series[14])
  • September 12 - A raid by Andrew Ryan's forces on Fontaine Futuristics ends in a shootout and Fontaine's apparent death. Ryan nationalizes and takes over the company, and in response to growing disorder and an increasingly ADAM-craving population develops the Big Daddies to protect the Little Sisters as they gather ADAM. A new populist leader known only as Atlas emerges to oppose Ryan. (Bioshock)
  • October - Waring Hudsucker commits suicide. Norville Barnes, who started working in the mailroom on the same day, is appointed president of Hudsucker Industries as part of a scheme to prevent company stock from being made public.[15]
  • December - Hudsucker Industries introduces the hula hoop. (The Hudsucker Proxy)
  • December 31, 11:59 - Norville Barnes finds out why he was made president, and attempts suicide. (The Hudsucker Proxy)
  • Adam Strange's first adventures on the planet Rann. (DC Comics)
  • During a police chase across the rooftops of San Francisco, Detective John "Scottie" Ferguson nearly falls to his death and develops a fear of heights. Soon after, his wife, Madeline, falls to her death from the top of a bell tower, but [16] (Vertigo)
  • Adrian Veidt makes his debut as Ozymandias. (Watchmen)
  • Mina Murray and Allan Quatermain, on the run from the corrupted British Secret Service, find The Black Dossier, which tells about the history of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and escape to the Blazing World. (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
  • The Occult War ends with the death of Adolf Hitler. (Hellboy film series)
  • World War III decimates the world. (The Psychotechnic League)
  • The Doctor gets sent to the secret base Dreamland, and discovers a bug war in progress. (Doctor Who Expanded Universe [animated serials])
  • Birth of Shannon O'Donnell. She would grow up to become an aerospace engineer and look-alike ancestor of Kathryn Janeway.(Star Trek: Voyager)
  • A Vulcan survey ship arrives at Earth, attempting to rescue three Vulcans who crashlanded there in 1957. The trio had spend a year posing as humans in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania. T'Mir and Stron choose to leave. Mestral likes his new home and decides to stay. T'Mir is a look-alike ancestor of T'Pol.(Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Birth of Brenda Wyatt in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to Thomas and Elizabeth Wyatt. She would grow up to become a forenscic scientist and the second wife of Connor MacLeod. (Highlander and novelization)
  • Duncan MacLeod and James "Jim" Coltek meet again in Greenwich Village, New York City to hunt immortal serial killer Bryce Korland. (Highlander the Series)
  • In Buenos Aires, the immortal Katya of Greenhill meets and adopts Elena Moreno. . (Highlander the Series)
  • Birth of Maria Chavez. She would grow up to become Captain of Detectives in the 23rd precinct of New York City. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of the gargoyle Sora to the Ishimura Clan of Japan. She would become the mate of Yama. (Gargoyles)
  • Glen Manning is found in Mexico after believed to be dead, now a difigured and crazed giant. (War of the Colossal Beast)
  • Lebanon, Charles de Gaulle, California baseball, Starkweather homicide, children of thalidomide. ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
  • The monster known as Blackout rises in London. It takes over the city and kills two successive Midnight Mayors before being stopped by a young Robert James Bakker. (The Neon Court)


  • January 1 -
    • 12:00 - Norville Barnes speaks with the angel of Waring Hudsucker. (The Hudsucker Proxy)
    • 12:01 - Norville Barnes does not die, and retakes control of Hudsucker Industries. (The Hudsucker Proxy)
    • With the New Year's Eve Riots a civil war erupts in Rapture, pitting followers of the populist leader Atlas against an increasingly-tyrannical Andrew Ryan. (Bioshock)
  • January 27 - Birth of Dudley in the United Kingdom to a wealthy family. Dudley would become a professional fighter to raise money after the family fortune was lost. (Street Fighter III)
  • April 6 - Bugs Bunny wins the Academy Award for Best Animated Short for 1958's "Knighty Knight Bugs." This infuriates rival nominee Slappy Stanley, who promptly moves to France, where he stays for the next 30+ years. (Looney Tunes, Tiny Toon Adventures, date from Real Life)
  • June 11 - Gregory House born. (House)
  • July 21 - Famous poet John Shade is shot and killed by someone who may or may not be an assassin from a Ruritanian country or possibly an escapee from a local insane asylum. (Pale Fire)
  • July 21 - Birth of Thunder Hawk in the Thunderfoot Tribe of Mexico. His father Arroyo Hawk would eventually be killed by M. Bison. Thunder would grow up to seeker of vengeance. (Street Fighter II)
  • October 15 - Adrian Monk born. (Monk)
  • Superman's cousin Supergirl arrives on Earth. (DC Comics)
  • Hal Jordan becomes Green Lantern. (DC Comics)
  • Madison Avenue advertising executive Roger Thornhill is mistaken for espionage agent George Kaplan and chased halfway across America by enemy spies. During all this Eve Kendall enters his life and said life is changed forever. (North by Northwest)
  • The Seventh Doctor and Mel defeat the Bannermen. (Doctor Who)
  • Jon Osterman becomes Doctor Manhattan. (Watchmen)
  • Stephen Peacock, who later will become the floorwalker in the Ladies' and Gentlemen's department at Grace Brothers, gets married. (Are You Being Served)
  • The beginning of the creation of the 'Dictatorship of the Air'. It bans religion as well as making Basic English the global language and the Common Era the common dating system. (The Shape of Things to Come)
  • Birth of Clare Raymond. She would grow up to become a homemaker and mother of two. Being subject to cryogenic stasis, Clare was still alive in the 24th century. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Donald Salzer becomes a historical researcher for the Watchers. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Birth of the immortal Alfred Cahill in London, England. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Birth of Morgan Morgan. He would grow up to become a NYPD police officer and a close friend of Eliza Maza. (Gargoyles)
  • Buddy Holly, Ben-Hur, space monkey, Mafia, hula hoops, Castro, Edsel is a no-go. ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
  • A treaty is signed between the Midnight Mayor of London and the Neon Court. (The Neon Court)
  • Curtis Blackburn commits various secret atrocities on behalf of the US government and becomes known in Seattle's underground circles. (Killer 7)
  • The Utonium boy is saved from an evil time-travelling monkey by a trio of little girls. This sparks his interest in science and drive to one day create the perfect little girl. (The Powerpuff Girls)

mid to late 1950s

  • Latest possible date for the birth of Donovan Baine. He would grow up to become a Buddhist monk and a Vampire Hunter. (Darkstalkers[17])
  • Estimated birth of Darun Mister in India. He would become the most prominent wrestler of his country. (Street Fighter EX[18])
  • The launch of Sputnik, and resulting popular interest in space and science fiction, causes a decline in interest in cowboy-themed television programming and toys which results in the cancellation of Woody's Round-up and the termination of the related line of toys. (Toy Story 2)
  • J.R. Dobbs, a struggling mid-American salesman, claims to have undergone a bizarre religious epiphany. (The Church of the Subgenius)

1960 C.E. - 1965 C.E.


  • January 19 - America and Japan sign the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation. (Killer 7 and Real Life)
  • January - Apollo Air flight DF-0301 crashes in the Atlantic Ocean. Its lone survivor discovers a lighthouse with a bathysphere leading to Rapture, and battles his way through the war-torn city to confront Andrew Ryan. (Bioshock)
  • March 29- Birth of Harry Monmouth/ Dingo to single mother Mariah Monmouth. He would grow up to become a member of the Pack. (Gargoyles)
  • April 25- Birth of Sodom in the United States. He would grow up to become a self-styled Samurai and gang leader. (Final Fight, Street Fighter Alpha)
  • November 3 - Birth of Edmond Honda in Japan. He would grow up to become a master sumo wrestler. (Street Fighter II)
  • December 12 - After stealing $40,000 from her boss and fleeing, secretary Marion Crane stops at Bates Motel, where she's stabbed to death by hotel owner Norman Bates. (Psycho)
  • December 23 - Birth of Guile in the United States. He would grow up to become an officer of the United States Air Force. (Street Fighter II)
  • Albert Wesker born. (Resident Evil)
  • The Justice League of America forms. (DC Comics)
  • Ralph Dibny becomes the Elongated Man. (DC Comics)
  • Peter Maza, a Hopi, leaves Arizona to seek a better life in New York City. He would become a police officer. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of Preston Vogel. He would grow up to become the executive assistant of Halcyon Renard. Puck would also use him as a template for his persona of Owen Burnett. (Gargoyles)
  • A Nigerian nursing student fails her exams, is rejected by her lover, and throws herself into the Thames to commit suicide. She becomes the new host for the spirit of Mother Thames and ruler of the Rivers Of London, quickly forgetting her old identity. (Rivers of London)
  • Zombie outbreak at Byelgoransk prison/zombie research facility. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Death of Mariko. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • U2, Syngman Rhee, Payola and Kennedy, Chubby Checker, Psycho, Belgians in the Congo ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
  • John Steed and Dr. David Keel are assigned to NATO counterintelligence operations in Britain. (The Avengers)


  • January 12 - Birth of Mike in the United States. He would grow up to become a professional boxer. (Street Fighter)
  • March 1 - The Men in Black are formed. (Men in Black)
  • April 17 - The Bay of Pigs invasion. CIA operative Alex Mason is captured while helping his comrades escape after a failed assassination mission. Castro hands him over to his new Soviet allies as a goodwill gesture. (Call of Duty Black Ops)
  • May 5 - Capt. Carl Bell of the United States Space Agency becomes the first man in space, a claim disputed by China and the USSR. Bell orbits the Earth in twelve minutes, seven seconds, but dies when his capsule, Defiance 7, makes a crash landing. (Fallout)
  • June 19 - Birth of Charlie/Nash in the United States. He would grow up to become a special forces officer. (Street Fighter Alpha)
  • October 13 - Fox Mulder born. (The X-Files)
  • Reed Richards, Susan and Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm become the Fantastic Four. (Marvel Comics)
  • Katar and Shayera Hol make their debut as Hawkman and Hawkwoman. (DC Comics)
  • Ray Palmer becomes the Atom. (DC Comics)
  • At St. Alexandra Island, Atomic Robo stops a rogue Soviet scientist from detonating a 200-megaton superbomb. (Atomic Robo)
  • Hemingway, Eichmann, Stranger in A Strange Land, Dylan, Berlin, Bay of Pigs Invasion ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
  • Somebody touches a button. Things happen. A scientist becomes a beast. (The Beast of Yucca Flats)


  • May 22- Birth of Birdie in England. He would grow up to become a barroom brawler, a professional wrestler and a criminal.(Street Fighter Alpha)
  • August 2 - Birth of Adon in Thailand. He would grow up to become a master of the Muay Thai fighting style. (Street Fighter Alpha)
  • In Copenhagen, a high-ranking Soviet intelligence officer defects to the West with his wife and daughter. He informs the CIA that the Soviets are positioning missiles in Cuba. André Devereaux, a French agent, is assigned to further investigate the matter. His mission leads him first to New York City, then to Cuba. While events lead up to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Devereaux' personal life takes several turns for the worse. (Topaz)
  • October - Cuban Missile Crisis
    • October 23 - World War Three destroys human civilization. (Chrononauts)
    • A group of mutants recruited by the US goverment and lead by Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xaviar stop a plot by Sebastian Shaw and his evil Hellfire Club from starting a nuclear war and taking over the Earth (X Men First Class)
    • Following the Crisis, Fidel Castro has a secret high-level meeting with President John F Kennedy, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, and former presidential candidate Richard Nixon. They are interrupted by a zombie attack on the Pentagon. (Call of Duty Black Ops)
    • The seaQuest arrives in this era and accidentally makes the Cuban Missile Crisis degenerate into a nuclear war.[19] (SeaQuest 2032)
    • Filmmaker Lawrence Woolsey uses the hype and fear surrounding the events in Cuba to promote a special showing his latest horror movie in Key West, Florida.(Matinee)
  • Patrick Bateman is born. (American Psycho)
  • King Kong battles against Godzilla. Kong was later seen swimming off back to his home island. Godzilla's fate is unknown. (King Kong Vs. Godzilla)
  • Niels Bohr attempts to build a phased polaron cannon; so far as most of the world knows, he dies before it's completed. In actuality he succeeds, and somehow the cannon ends up in the hands of O2STK. (The Middleman)
  • William Birkin born (Resident Evil)
  • George Trevor begins construction of the Spencer Mansion (Resident Evil 1)
  • Bruce Banner becomes the Incredible Hulk. (Marvel Comics)
  • Henry Pym becomes Ant-Man. (Marvel Comics)
  • The Fantastic Four encounter Namor the Sub-Mariner; later, they battle Doctor Doom for the first time. (Marvel Comics)
  • Peter Parker becomes the Amazing Spider-Man. (Marvel Comics)
  • Donald Blake discovers he is really the Mighty Thor. (Marvel Comics)
  • The second Flash, Barry Allen, discovers the existence of Earth-2 and teams up with his Golden Age counterpart. (DC Comics)
  • Dan Dreiberg makes his debut as Nite Owl. (Watchmen)
  • The Race's colonization fleet arrives over Earth and is immediately attacked with nuclear weapons by an unknown human nation. The survivors are horrified at the state of their new home, having expected a pacified medieval world instead of a planet in the grips of a Cold War. (Worldwar)
  • Birth of Margot Yale and Brendan Quarters. Margot would grow up to become an Assistant District Attorney. (Gargoyles)
  • Ian Bancroft is assigned as the Watcher of Darius. He would serve in this position until the 1990s. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • The Delta Tau Chi fraternity of Faber College is placed on "double secret probation" by Dean Vernon Wermer. (Animal House)
  • SAS operative John Mason imprisoned indefinitely. (The Rock)
  • Zombie outbreak in Nevada. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Lawrence of Arabia, British Beatlemania, Ole Miss, John Glenn, Liston beats Patterson ("We Didn't Start the Fire")


  • July 30 - Birth of Rufus in the United States. He would grow up to become a fat fighter. (Street Fighter IV)
  • August 12 - Birth of Guy, a Japanese-American boy. He would grow up to become the 39th master of the Bushin style of Ninjutsu.(Final Fight, Street Fighter Alpha)
  • September 21 - Carrie White born (Carrie)
  • September 28 - Birth of Vinnie Grigori in New York City. In his adult life, Vinnie would suffer various unnoticed misfortunes because of the gargoyles. (Gargoyles)
  • October 6 - Former Soviet captain Viktor Reznov leads an uprising at the Vorkuta gulag. American captive Alex Mason escapes. (Call of Duty Black Ops)
  • October 31 - Six-year-old Michael Myers murders his older sister; he is committed to a sanitarium. (Halloween)
  • November 7 - Birth of Joe in the United States. He would grow to become a kickboxer. (Street Fighter)
  • November 10 - After passing a psych screening, Alex Mason returns to active CIA duty under the command of Special Agent Jason Hudson. He receives an executive order from President Kennedy to assassinate Soviet General Nikita Dragovich, the very same man who sent him to Vorkuta two years earlier. (Call of Duty Black Ops)
  • November 17 - Alex Mason, alongside fellow Agents Frank Woods and Joseph Bowman, track Dragovich to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where they sabotage the launch of the Soyuz II rocket and make an attempt on the Major General's life. They escape after rescuing their captured comrade Grigori Weaver, with Dragovich presumed dead in the explosion of his limousine. (Call of Duty Black Ops)
  • Pope Paul, Malcolm X, British Politician Sex ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
  • November 22:
    • JFK blown away, what else do I have to say? ("We Didn't Start the Fire")
    • John F Kennedy is assassinated. Government investigations identify Lee Harvey Oswald as the murderer, though some are skeptical. (Real Life)
    • John F Kennedy is assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, a member of the Templar Order, in order to retrieve the Piece of Eden in the president's possession. Secret Service agent, William Greer, the limo driver, is also a member of Templar Order and helps facilitate the assassin. (Assassin's Creed II)
    • John F Kennedy is assassinated by the Comedian. (Watchmen)
    • John F. Kennedy is targeted by five separate assassins. One of them succeeds. (Illuminatus)
    • John F. Kennedy is assassinated by the Cigarette Smoking Man. (X Files)
    • John F. Kennedy is assassinated by a mongoose. With a sniper rifle. (Robot Chicken)
    • John F. Kennedy is assassinated by the author of the Doctor Who Expanded Universe novel Who Killed Kennedy, in order to preserve the timeline following the Master's murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. (Doctor Who: Who Killed Kennedy)
    • John F. Kennedy is shot by the CIA, Mafia, Castro, LBJ, Teamsters, Freemasons, and possibly aliens, among several other parties. All forty-three shooters are then gunned down by Jack Ruby. (The Onion)
    • John F. Kennedy is assassinated by himself. (Red Dwarf)
    • The Ninth Doctor is present at the Kennedy Assassination. (Doctor Who)
    • John F. Kennedy is assassinated by a Soviet-programmed Manchurian Agent. Lee Harvey Oswald takes the fall. (Call of Duty Black Ops)
    • John F. Kennedy shoots himself in the back of the head with a small revolver. (MAD Magazine)
  • Tony Stark becomes Iron Man. (Marvel Comics)
  • Doctor Strange first appears. (Marvel Comics)
  • The Avengers form. Not long afterwards, they retrieve Captain America, frozen in ice since World War II. (Marvel Comics)
  • The original Doom Patrol forms. (DC Comics)
  • Charles Xavier forms the original X-Men. (Marvel Comics)
  • Schoolteachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright disappear along with a mysterious Doctor after investigating their student Susan. (Doctor Who)
  • The Seventh Doctor and Ace prevent time-traveling Daleks from exploiting the Hand of Omega. (Doctor Who)
  • The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond discover the Daleks have messed with the timeline using an unknown artifact of immense power [20], leaving the entire Earth in ruins. (Doctor Who: The Adventure Games)
  • The birds of Bodega Bay are become increasingly agressive and soon every human being around comes under attack. (The Birds)
  • Immortal actor Wilson Geary kills fellow immortal actor Marco Becker. Amanda, who happens to be visiting, becomes good friends with Marco's mortal wife, Lucy. (Highlander the Raven)
  • Estimated birth of the immortal Stefan Collier. (Highlander the Raven]])
  • Gerald Marchand, president of the Rogue Isles, is assassinated by an unknown assailant[21]. Arachnos, led by Lord Recluse, begins its rule of the Isles. (City of Villains)
  • John Mason escapes Alcatraz. (The Rock)


  • The events of Marius occur. (The Psychotechnic League)
  • February 9 - The Beatles perform for the first time on American television on The Ed Sullivan Show. (Real Life)
  • February 23 - Dana Scully born. (The X-Files)
  • March 13 - Kitty Genovese murdered. The knife used is acquired by the Foundation (SCP Foundation)
  • After March 13 - Disgusted by the Genovese murder, Walter Kovacs becomes Rorschach. (Watchmen)
  • May 19 - Birth of Hugo Andore in Germany. Hugo would grow up to become a gand member and a professional wrestler. (Final Fight, Street Fighter III)
  • July 13 - Andrea Yates dies, completely changing Sarah Jane Smith's outlook on life. [22] (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • July 21 - Birth of Ryu in Japan. He would grow up to become a martial artist. (Street Fighter II)
  • August 24 - Naked Snake infiltrates Tselinoyarsk to rescue the scientist Nikolai Sokolov. (Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater)
  • August 30 - Naked Snake infiltrates Tselinoyarsk again to destroy the Shagohad and retrieve the Philosopher's Legacy. (Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater)
  • The Teen Titans first form. (DC Comics)
  • Matt Murdock becomes Daredevil. (Marvel Comics)
  • Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, agents of UNCLE, battle the forces of THRUSH. (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)
  • Marnie Edgar, a kleptomaniac, is blackmailed by her employer Sidney Strutt into marrying. He introduces her first to marital rape, then to psychotherapy. (Marnie)
  • The Wilmarth Foundation begins its battle against the cthonians. (The Burrowers Beneath)
  • Odetta Holmes/Detta Walker (later merged into Susannah Dean) taken from New York by Roland Deschain. (The Dark Tower)
  • Birth of Jason Canmore to Charles Canmore and an unnamed mother. He would grow up to become a Hunter. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of Matt Bluestone. He would grow up to become first an FBI agent and then a NYPD officer. (Gargoyles)
  • The Flintstones and Rubbles, traveling through time via a time machine at the Bedrock World's Fair, visit the New York World's Fair. After some culture shock and a run-in with a police officer, the families return home to the Stone Age. (The Flintstones)
  • The Beatles have a press conference and appear on television on UTV. An opera on UTV is interrupted by Paul McCartney's grandfather, John McCartney. George Harrison is accidentally interviewed for a fashion trend show, but is rejected. John McCartney and Ringo Starr are both arrested (for separate reasons), and Ringo is barely retrieved in time for the official concert. (A Hard Days Night)
  • The original Warner Bros. animation studio, "Termite Terrace," is permanently shut down, with the entire staff and nearly all of the Looney Tunes stars laid off. The Warner siblings, temporarily released from their tower, are licensed out to other studios over the next several years, while Daffy and Speedy (and the Road Runner and Coyote) are kept on for a series of shorts produced by a new animation unit through the end of the decade. (Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, date taken from Real Life)
  • Special agent [name redacted] of M9 resigns from intelligence work, and is detained in the Village. (The Prisoner)
  • A storm strands a ship, it's skipper, it's first mate and five passengers on a island following a tour of a marina (Gilligan's Island)


  • February 14 - Birth of Ken Masters in the United States. He is born into a wealthy family but grows up to become a martial artist. (Street Fighter II)
  • April 18 - Birth of Cody Travers in the United States. He would grow up to become a martial artist, a vigilante hero and eventually a combat addict.(Final Fight, Street Fighter Alpha)
  • October 31- Birth of Dee Jay in Jamaica. He would grow up to become a kickboxer and professional musician, and eventually combined his interests into a dance-based fighting style. (Street Fighter II)
  • Birth of Abel, presumably in France. He would grow up to become a fighter. [23](Street Fighter IV)
  • In Scotland, the Torchwood Institute makes contact with the Four-Five-Six, who trade a vaccine for a new strain of flu for one dozen prepubescent children. (Torchwood)
  • Reed Richards and Susan Storm of the Fantastic Four marry. (Marvel Comics)
  • First Conference of Rio re-establishes the U.N. after the devastation of World War III (The Psychotechnic League)
  • The Race-German War. The Greater German Reich invades Poland, whose security is guaranteed by the aliens. Most of Poland is destroyed by German nuclear missiles, and in retaliation Germany is turned into a radioactive wasteland. The Germans agree to a harsh peace, while the remaining human nations begin cooperating more closely to maintain the balance of power. (Worldwar)
  • Connor MacLeod changes his legal identity to "Russell Nash". He would continue using that name until the 1980s. (Highlander)
  • An entire unit of American soldiers is slaughtered in Vietnam. Manny, one of the soldiers, revives as an Immortal. He would go on to become the youngest member in Jacob Kell's group. (Highlander Endgame, character profiles)
  • Estimated birth of Captain Sawada in Japan. He would grow up to become a soldier of the Allied Nations (AN). (Street Fighter)
  • Jean-Pierre Polnareff is born. (Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure)
  • Birth of Peri Bohr, a future Slayer in Keller, Nebraska. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Birth of Sarah Connor. (Terminator)

Early to mid 1960s'

  • Late 1964-early 1965: Ringo Starr accepts a ring that, unknown to him, is required to be sacrificed by an Eastern cult. Attempts to retrieve the ring do not go smoothly. [24] (Help)
  • Estimated birth of Rena Genryusai, eldest daughter of a practitioner of the Bushin style of Ninjutsu, in Japan. She would grow up to become the fiancée and presumably the wife of Guy. (Final Fight 2)
  • Estimated birth of Carlos Miyamoto in South America. He would grow up to become a skilled swordsman. (Final Fight 2)
  • Estimated birth of Dean. He would grow up to become a street fighter, seemingly retiring by the late 1980s. (Final Fight 3)
  • Estimated birth of El Fuerte in Mexico. He would grow up to become a luchador and a mighty chef. (Street Fighter IV[25])
  • Estimated birth of Hakan in Turkey. He would grow up to become the owner of the world's leading edible oil manufacturer. He would also become a towering figure in yagli gures tournaments (oil wrestling, grease wrestling) (Street Fighter IV[26])
  • Estimated birth of Allen Snider in the United States. He would grow up to become the greatest living martial artist in the United States until defeated by Ken Masters. The loss would inspire him to travel the world and gain more experience. (Street Fighter EX[27])

1966 C.E. - 1969 C.E.


  • February 12 - Birth of Blanka/Jimmy. He would grow up as a feral child in the jungles of Brazil. As an adult Blanka would become a Wild Man. (Street Fighter II)
  • June 1 - Jerrica Benton is born to Emmitt and Jacqui Benton.
  • June 6 - The Levellers, a group of super-powered people, make their public debut. (No Hero)
  • June 19- Birth of Robyn Canmore/ "Robyn Correy" to Charles Canmore and an unnamed mother. She would grow up to become a Hunter. (Gargoyles)
  • October 31 - After a genetically engineered virus wipes out a quarter of humanity's population, the supernatural races, mostly untouched by the virus and now approximately equaling humanity in total population, reveal their existence. (The Hollows)
  • November 17 - Al Bundy scores four touchdowns in a single game. He was playing with Polk High Panthers against the team of Andrew Johnson High. This year, the Panthers and Bundy became their Most Valuable Player (MVP). He had scored the most touchdowns in one season for the team. He would earn himself a scholarship for college, but a broken leg would end his sports career prematurely. (Married... with Children)
  • Michael Armstrong, an esteemed American rocket scientist, defects to East Germany. Sarah Sherman, his assistant and fiancée, reluctantly follows him. Armstrong is actually a double agent but the Stasi is determined to keep him within the East German borders. (Torn Curtain)
  • Birth of Janine "Fox" Renard to Halcyon and Anastasia Renard. Since "Anastasia" was actually Titania, queen of the fairies, Janine is actually a halfling. She would grow up to become the leader of the Pack and wife of David Xanatos. (Gargoyles)
  • Five children are kidnapped from Earth, but rescued by the Flash race. (Choushinsei Flashman)
  • Spencer Mansion completed (Resident Evil 1)
  • First appearance of the Black Panther. (Marvel Comics)
  • Fantastic Four first save Earth from Galactus. (Marvel Comics)
  • The First Doctor and companions prevent the supercomputer WOTAN from conquering the world. (Doctor Who)
  • Andy Dufrense escapes from Shawshank through a tunnel he dug over the last two decades. (The Shawshank Redemption)
  • Joseph Dawson, a football hero, graduates high school. He loses contact with his girlfriend, etsy "Bette" Fields, and goes off to fight in the Vietnam War. (Highlander the Series[28])
  • Birth of [29] Nick Wolfe. He would grow up to become a police detective, an employee of an international security consulting firm, and a lover of Amanda. (Highlander the Raven)
  • In west Texas, a vacationing family encounters a bizarre cult (Manos: The Hands of Fate)
  • In southern California, three American musicians and a British singer form a pop music group and have various adventures(The Monkees)


  • January 27/April 24/July 27 - Birth of Vega in Spain. His family reportedly had noble blood. He would grow up to become a fighting narcissist, a bullfighter, a Serial Killer, a ninja, and a mercenary psycho. (Street Fighter II)
  • May 6 - Birth of Dan Hibiki in Hong Kong to martial artist Go Hibiki. Dan would be inspired to become a martial artist himself and seek revenge after his father was killed by Sagat. Due to receiving only incomplete training, Dan would end up improvising in combat with erratic results. (Street Fighter Alpha)
  • May 19 - Birth of the catwoman Felicia in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Darkstalkers)
  • July 3 - Birth of Rose in Genoa, Italy. Her soul supposedly consists of the good side of M. Bison's soul, a side which he discarded. She would grow up to develop Psychic Powers, including clairvoyance. (Street Fighter Alpha)
  • July 18 - Birth of Crimson Viper/Maya in the United States. She would grow up to become an espionage agent. (Street Fighter IV)
  • November - Progenitor virus administered to Lisa and Jessica Trevor. Jessica is immune, but Lisa succumbs and mutates. Jessica and George Trevor killed by Ozwell Spencer. (Resident Evil 1)
  • Late 1967 - The Beatles drive randomly through the English countryside looking for adventure. (Magical Mystery Tour and Real Life)
  • Doctor Evil escapes capture and enters cryogenic stasis; Austin Powers is frozen to await his return. (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery)
  • Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl. (DC Comics)
  • Various misfortunes occur to physics professor Larry Gopnik. (A Serious Man)
  • Chris Taylor arrives to Vietnam after abandoning college for combat duty. (Platoon)
  • The Aeon, a timeship from the 29th century, time-travels to this era and crashlands in the High Sierras, California. The remains are discovered by camper Henry Starling, who reverse engineers the technology and makes a fortune. (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • Joseph Dawson joins the United States Marine Corps. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Mark Meltzer begins investigating the disappearance of young girls from Atlantic beaches, along with sightings of lights in the water. Months later his daughter is kidnapped, and Meltzer becomes obsessive with tracking her down. (Bioshock: There's Something in the Sea)
  • Scrooge McDuck dies at the age of 100, after a life of adventure. (The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck)
  • Probable year Admiral Fred asks The Beatles to help save Pepperland. [30] (Yellow Submarine)
  • Hiro Kasai hires Harman Smith to investigate voting irregularities in the Asian Security Treaty. In the end, the treaty is ratified, Japan is admitted as a member, and the chairman of the council commits suicide in front of Harman. (Killer 7)
  • Barnabas Collins reunites with his American cousins in Collinsport, Maine, becoming a permanent aboveground resident of the Collinwood mansion. (Dark Shadows)


  • January 21 - The Warner siblings, temporarily released from their tower for fumigation, appear on The Ed Sullivan Show. (Animaniacs)
  • February 24/December 17- Birth of Poison in Los Angeles. They would grow up to become an ambiguously-gendered gang member, street fighter and fighting manager. (Final Fight, Street Fighter III)
  • February 26 - After undertaking covert operations in Vietnam and Russia, agent Alex Mason helps thwart a Soviet chemical attack on the United States. (Call of Duty Black Ops)
  • March 1 - Birth of Chun-Li in the People's Republic of China. She would grow up to become an Interpol Special Agent. (Street Fighter II)
  • June - Titus Crow and Henri-Laurent de Marigny join the Wilmarth Foundation. (The Burrowers Beneath)
  • June - Rival businessmen and brothers Blutarch and Redmond Mann's seventy-eight year long land-grab resumes in earnest. Each of the men have used a life-extender machine built for them by Radigan Conagher, (and commissoned by an unknown relative of Helen The Administrator) and employed a second-generation crack team of assassins in order to gain sole ownership over the contested territory. Helen the Administrator officiates the conflict, driving wedges between the teams when necessary; (as in the notable conflict between Reliable Excavation and Demolition's Tavish DeGroot and Builder's League United's Jane Doe) while weapons dealer Saxton Hale (of the infamous "Poopy Joe" senate hearings) provides each side with the latest artillery. One of these assassins, Dell Conagher, discovers his grandfather's maps to Australium caches among blue-prints for a life-extender machine, and uses the former for bioaugmentation. Later, some members of the RED team discover that The Adminstrator, and her personal assistant, Miss Pauling, have been gathering intel on them for blackmailing purposes. (Team Fortress 2)
  • June 21- In Vietnam, immortal Andrew "Andy" Cord and mortal Joe "Boyscout" Dawson are thrown into a river by a landmine. Cord revives and saves Dawson's life. (Highlander the Series)
  • June 25 - Joe Dawson wakes up within a field hospital without his legs. He is recruited as a Watcher by Ian Bancroft. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • August 20 - In Prague, Amanda plans a robbery and meets Charlie Johnson, an American spy investigating Soviet reactions to Prague Spring. Charlie discovers Amanda is immortal, and keeps her secret to the grave. (Highlander the Raven)
  • August 28 - Birth of Maki Genryusai in Japan. She would grow up to become the leader of a biker gang and a ninja. She would later strive to become the 40th master of the Bushin style. (Final Fight 2, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark Of The Millennium, Street Fighter Alpha)
  • September 4 - Birth of Balrog in the United States. He would grow up to become a professional boxer and a mercenary. (Street Fighter II)
  • October 5 - Birth of Alexa Bond. She would grow up to become a lover of Methos (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • October 22 - Birth of Necro/Ilia in the Soviet Union. He would eventually become a human test subject for Gill's organization, resulting in his physical mutation. (Street Fighter III[31])
  • Subject Delta, a prototype Big Daddy, awakens and rampages through the decaying ruins of Rapture, now ruled by Sofia Lamb's collectivist "Family," in search of his bonded Little Sister, Eleanor. (Bioshock 2)
  • Umbrella Corporation founded by Ozwell Spencer, James Marcus, and Edward Ashford. Ashford infected with Progenitor virus and dies; his son, Alexander, becomes head of the Ashford family. Marcus is appointed director of Umbrella Corporation Management Training Facility. (Resident Evil 0)
  • Captain Nathaniel Adam is apparently disintegrated in an experiment involving an alien metal and a nuclear explosion. (DC Comics)
  • Mariah Monmouth is murdered by John "Falstaff" Oldcastle. He covers up the murder and tells her son, Harry, that Mariah run out on them. Oldcastle would raise Harry as a surrogate son. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of Elisa Maza in New York City to Peter and Diane Maza. She would grow up to become a police detective. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of Fred Sykes/Fang. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of twins Hyena and Jackal. They would grow up to become members of the Pack, and also operate together as a team. (Gargoyles)
  • Kree Captain Mar-Vell becomes a superhero on Earth. (Marvel Comics)
  • The Truman Show first goes on the air. (The Truman Show)
  • On the same day, three major events take place: a major assassination, an Asian coup d'etat and the launch of an orbital nuclear weapons platform. Meanwhile, an alien faction wants to prevent the self-destruction of humanity by use of nuclear weapons. They send in Gary Seven, a human agent raised in space; Isis, a shape-shifting cat; and Roberta Lincoln, his assistant. The trio would continue working together to 1996 (Star Trek: The Original Series, novels: Assignment: Eternity, The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1 and Volume 2)
  • Birth of the immortal Daniele "Danny" Cimoli in London, England.(Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Estimated birth of Gunloc/Lucky Colt in Miami Florida. He would grow up to become a professional wrestler, with the reputation of being a loose cannon. He would reportedly go on to become the cyborg Blade and be revealed as the brother of Guile. (Slam Masters, Street Fighter: The Movie[32])
  • Aperture Science is a vital participant in Senate hearings on missing US astronauts. (Portal 2)
  • A US Special Forces team in eastern Laos discovers locals battling zombies, kills all involved with an air strike. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Mentic constructed and escapes into the sewer system. (Soon I Will Be Invincible)


  • January 1 - Birth of Juri Han/Spider in South Korea. She would become a skilled Taekwondo practitioner by her 15th year. At that point, Juri was abducted by the Shadaloo/Shadowlaw organization. She would be recruited into their ranks, emerging as a deadly combatant. (Street Fighter IV[33])
  • January 20 - Gloria Bunker and Michael Stivic meet for the first time. (All in The Family)[34]
  • January - The Beatles do recordings and rehearsals for an intended concert, album, and tour. Finagle's Law ensues. (Let It Be, Real Life)
  • February 15 - Birth of Lucia Morgan. She would grow up to become Head of the Metro City Special Crimes Unit (S.C.U.). (Final Fight 3)
  • February - Umbrella Corporation's Antarctic Research Facility constructed. (Resident Evil Code Veronica)
  • April 8 - The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams and River Song travel to Florida with an ex-FBI to search for a mysterious girl [35] that keeps phoning President Richard Nixon. (Doctor Who)
  • April 14 - The Wilmarth Foundation launches an attack on Shudde-M'ell; it goes badly. (The Burrowers Beneath)
  • April 23 - Birth of Fei Long in Hong Kong. He would grow up to become a master of Hitenryu Kung Fu and a movie star. (Street Fighter II)
  • May 13 - Jack Carter born (Eureka)
  • May 17 - Birth of "Raibow" Mika Nanakawa in Japan. She would grow up to become a professional wrestler. (Street Fighter Alpha)
  • Between July 9 and July 16 - The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 from the 23rd century accidentally time travels to this period. The ship is identified as a UFO and persued by the United States Air Force. The crew has a close encounter with Captain John Christopher, pilot of an F-104 Starfighter. [36] (Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek Chronology)
  • July 16:
    • Launch of Apollo 11. (Real Life)
    • The Virgo II lunar lander Valiant 11 reaches the moon, and American astronauts Richard Wade, Mark Garris, and Michael Hagen become the first men to walk on an extraterrestrial surface. (Fallout)
  • Before July 20: The Tenth Doctor and Martha (and later on, a police detective who knows Sally Sparrow named Billy Shipton) land here thanks to the Weeping Angels. [37] The Doctor explains to Shipton, as well as the elderly Katherine Wainwright (née Kathy Nightingale) about how to contact Sally Sparrow. (Doctor Who)
  • July 20:
    • Apollo 11 lands in Mare Tranquilitatis. (Real Life)
    • The Eleventh Doctor, Amy, Rory, River Song and Canton Delaware declare a revolution on the Silence. (Doctor Who)
  • July 21, 02:56 GMT: John Glenn sets foot on the lunar surface. Neil Armstrong plants an American flag on the moon. (Real Life). The Lunarians are not amused, and the Lunar War begins. (Touhou)
  • August 3/4 through August 11: SG-1 arrives from the future, takes a bus trip across country, and figures out how to activate the Stargate to get back to their own time. (Stargate SG-1)
  • August 15 to 18:
    • The Woodstock Festival takes place. (Real Life)
    • Spike attends the Festival, where he bites some poor flowerchild and spends the next few hours staring at his own hand. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • October 4 - Titus Crow and Henri-Laurent de Marigny disappear. (The Burrowers Beneath, The Transition of Titus Crow)
  • Guy Goddard, the Middleman, puts himself in cryogenic suspension until his arch-enemy the Candle returns. (The Middleman)
  • U.S. Army captain Benjamin Willard is given the assignment to journey up Nung River into the remote Cambodian jungle to find Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, a member of the US Army Special Forces feared to have gone rogue. (Apocalypse Now)
  • Birth of the immortal Keith Boyer in Sacramento, California.(Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Birth of the immortal Claudia Jardine in Seacouver, Washington.(Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Alan Parrish and Sarah Whittle play a game of Jumanji. (Jumanji)
  • Teresa "Tracy" Bond is shot on the day of her and James Bond's wedding. (On Her Majesty's Secret Service; date given in For Your Eyes Only)
  • Travis Bell becomes first victim of the Killer 7. (Killer 7)
  • Adolf Hitler's preserved brain is destroyed. (They Saved Hitlers Brain)

Mid to late 1960s

  • Estimated birth of Ojou-san, daughter of Gouken. (Street Fighter,Gamest Magazine #13 (October 1987): manga Hadouken:Prelude to the Struggle[38])
  • Estimated birth of Jessica Haggard to wrestler Mike Haggard and his unnamed wife. She would become the main love interest of Cody Travers.(Final Fight, Slam Masters[39])
  • Estimated birth of Julia/Jane, older sister of Eliza. She would become the wife of Guile and sister-in-law to Ken Masters.(Street Fighter II)
  • Estimated birth of Kolin (Colleen), the secretary and presumed love interest of Gill. (Street Fighter III[40])
  • Estimated birth of Cracker Jack in the United States, presumably in Las Vegas. He would grow up to become a bouncer and a bodyguard. (Street Fighter EX[41])
  • Estimated birth of Kairi Mizukami in Japan. He would train in the traditional fighting style of his family, but would lose his memory in combat with his own father. (Street Fighter EX[42])
  • By 1969, America has been reorganized into thirteen commonwealths. Democracy takes a backseat to anti-communist hysteria and the military-industrial complex. Technology favors room-sized, reel-to-reel supercomputers and atomic power over miniaturized electronics. (Fallout)

1970 C.E. - 1979 C.E.

Early 1970s


  • January - [43] (Doctor Who)
  • May: Birth of Cameron Mitchell. The fact that this occurs nine months after SG-1's time-travel incursion is a total coincidence. (Stargate SG-1)
  • April: Death of recently activated Slayer Beryl McKenzie. A new Slayer is activated in northern Poland. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • December: Current Slayer dies in the Polish riots. Nikki Wood becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Delta Green is disbanded again. (Cthulhu Mythos, Delta Green)
  • Skull Man/Tatsuo Kagura starts a series of mass murders and catastrophes all over Japan. The Heroic Sociopath is on a path of vengeance. (Skull Man)
  • Syndrome unleashes a giant robot on Metroville[44]. Mr Incredible, his family, and Frozone come out of hiding to destroy the robot. (The Incredibles)
  • Birth of Khan Noonien Singh, one of many genetically-engineered superhuman, as a result of the Chrysalis Project. Khan would grow up to become an absolute ruler. (Star Trek: The Original Series, novel: The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1)
  • Birth of Derek Maza/Talon to Peter and Diane Maza.(Gargoyles)
  • Birth of Anthony "Tony" Dracon to one of the most prominent criminal families in New York City. He would grow up to become head of his own branch within a wider organized crime syndicate. (Gargoyles)
  • Jotaro Kujo is born to Sadao Kujo and his English-American wife, Holly. Noriaki Kakyoin is born in the same year. (Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure)
  • A recently widowed mother, Shirley Partridge and her five children form a pop group (The Partridge Family)
  • Las Vegas reporter Carl Kolchak investigates the "Night Stalker" case.


  • April 3 - An asteroid lands in Japan, bearing the alien race that calls itself the Natives. They begin working with humanity to develop the armored combat system later dubbed the Masked Rider System. (Kamen Rider Kabuto)
  • Alexander Ashford uses his DNA and that of his ancestor, Veronica, to create two children, Alexia and Alfred. (Resident Evil Code Veronica)
  • Doctor Strange, the Incredible Hulk, Namor the Sub-Mariner and the Silver Surfer first join forces as The Defenders. (Marvel Comics)
  • The Avengers become involved in an interstellar war between the Kree and Skrulls. (Marvel Comics)
  • Godzilla battles Hedorah. (Godzilla vs. Hedorah)
  • Harry Callahan confronts serial killer Scorpio. (Dirty Harry)
  • The international terrorist organization Shocker begins kidnapping people and turning them into half-animal cyborg super-soldiers. College student Takeshi Hongo (codenamed "Hopper") escapes before he can be brainwashed and begins fighting Shocker as the superhero Kamen Rider. Shocker turns freelance photographer Hayato Ichimonji into a second "Hopper" in order to fight Hongo, but he likewise rebels and becomes Kamen Rider 2. (Kamen Rider)
  • In Madrid, Otavio Consone kills Rafael for daring to be romantically involved with Anna Hidalgo, a dancer on whom he (Otavio) had his eye. He promises Anna that this is only the first stage of his revenge. (Highlander the Series)
  • Birth of Amy Brennan-Thomas to Laura Ayers-Brennan and her unnamed husband. Amy is actually the result of a brief affair between Laura and Joe Dawson, both Watchers. Amy would grow up to become a Watcher herself. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Al Bundy and Peggy Wanker get married. (Married... with Children)
  • Estimated birth of Yancy Fry, Jr. to Yancy Fry and Mrs. Gleisner-Fry. (Futurama)
  • Atomic Robo and Carl Sagan go to Peru to do battle with a squamous monster Robo is getting tired of. (Atomic Robo)
  • Facing bankruptcy, Aperture Science offers the homeless sixty dollars to perform scientific experiments with Propulsion Gel and the Aperture Science Portable Quantum Tunneling Device, with a sixty dollar bonus if they agree to be taken apart and have "science stuff" implanted inside. (Portal 2)
  • Nicholas Ballard discovers a mysterious crystal skull in Belize. It briefly transports him to another planet, a fact that he can never convince anyone of. (Stargate SG-1)
  • A driver and a mechanic in a 1955 Chevy are challenged to a race across America by a man in a GTO. (Two Lane Blacktop)
  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld attempts to hold the world hostage with his Kill Sat. (Diamonds Are Forever)
  • David Mann is tailgated by a homicidal trucker. (Duel)


  • January 14 - Astronauts Colonel George Taylor, Lieutenant John Landon Lieutenant Thomas, and Lieutenant Maryann Stewart are launched into the first interstellar exploration flight. They would remain in hibernation to the year 3955/3978.(Planet of the Apes)
  • April 12 - Birth of Luisa Hidalgo to single mother Anna Hidalgo. She would grow up to become a dancer. Like her mother, Luisa would be pursued by Otavio Consone. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • May 19 - Richard Collier, a college theater student, celebrates the debut of his first play on stage. A mysterious old woman approaches him and places a pocket watch in his hand. She is Elise McKenna, an aging actress. She dies that same night. Her death inspires an article in Theatre Monthly.(Somewhere in Time)
  • June 17 - Five men are arrested for breaking into the offices of the Democratic National Committee, based in the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. (Historical) The break-in is inadvertently revealed by Betsy and Arlene, two teenage girls living in the building who are out past their curfew, (Dick) and by Forrest Gump, who calls a report of lights in the offices opposite his room disturbing him (Forrest Gump). It is later revealed that the five men have connections to senior figures in the Nixon adminstration. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are assigned by the Washington Post to cover the break-in, and consequently begin an investigation into corruption at the highest levels. (Historical, All the Presidents Men).
  • July 12 - Birth of Juli (July, Julia), either in Germany or in Mexico. She supposedly had some connection to Thunder Hawk. She would grow up to become brainwashed by M. Bison and serve as a member of his Dolls. (Street Fighter Alpha)
  • October 5 - Birth of Lynn Horton in Geneva, Switzerland. Her parents are James Horton and his wife Emily Dawson. Joe Dawson is her maternal uncle. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • November 26 - Birth of Jon Canmore/ "John Castaway" to Charles Canmore and an unnamed mother. He would grow up to become the founder of the Quarrymen.(Gargoyles)
  • November 27- Estimated birth of Kelly Bundy to Al and Peggy Bundy. (Married... with Children[45])
  • November - A spaceship transporting astronauts John Christopher Brent and Donovan "Skipper" Maddox is launched. Their mission is to locate George Taylor and its crew. They would have to follow them to the 40th century. (Beneath the Planet of the Apes)
  • Billy Coen born. (Resident Evil)
  • Luke Cage, Hero for Hire gains superpowers, becomes a hero for hire. (Marvel Comics)
  • Johnny Blaze becomes the original Ghost Rider. (Marvel Comics)
  • Godzilla battles Gigan. (Godzilla vs. Gigan)
  • A Serial Killer rapes and strangles several women in London. Among the victims is Brenda Margaret Blaney, estranged wife of Richard Ian "Dick" Blaney. Dick comes under suspicion for her murder and ,through a series of circumstantial evidence, becomes the main suspect. He is innocent but will have a hard time to convince anyone of that. (Frenzy)
  • Twins Solid Snake and Liquid Snake born. (Metal Gear series)
  • Supposed Allied puppet Premier Romanov leads the USSR and the World Socialist Alliance in an invasion of America, beginning World War III. (Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2)
  • Following the defeat of the Soviets, the Russian psychic Yuri uses his Psychic Dominator to take over the world, prompting teams to travel back to the war's beginning to stop him. (Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge)
  • The Alliance of Shades' MIB work is disbanded, their duties moved to guarding an interdimensional vault. (Doctor Who Expanded Universe [animated serials], The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • A US Army commando unit carries out a secret mission to rob the Bank of Hanoi, then is arrested when all records of their mission are destroyed. The unit members escape imprisonment. (The A-Team)
  • The Los Angeles Underground is founded. (The A-Team)
  • A day later, the A-Team vanishes into the Los Angeles Underground. (The A-Team)
  • A day later, the Los Angeles Underground is disbanded. (The A-Team)
  • Nikki Wood falls pregnant by her boyfriend, Li. Li dies soon after, and Nikki's pregnancy remains a secret between her and her Watcher. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • London is terrorized by a serial killer who strangles his victims with a necktie (Frenzy)
  • Maggie Evans, under the name Victoria Winters, begins working for the Collins family. Barnabas Collins is dug up around this time. (Dark Shadows)
  • Follower of Count Dracula brings him to the seventies. (Dracula AD 1972)
  • The Ice Cream Bunny gives a hand to crash landed Santa Claus. (Santa and The Ice Cream Bunny)


  • June 10- Birth of Juni (June) in Germany. She would grow up to become brainwashed by M. Bison and serve as a member of his Dolls. (Street Fighter Alpha)
  • November 27 - Samantha Mulder disappears; her brother Fox eventually becomes convinced she was abducted by aliens. (The X-Files)
  • Chris Redfield born. (Resident Evil)
  • Apes Cornelius and Zira arrive from the far future.[46] (Escape from the Planet of the Apes)
  • Steve Austin rebuilt as a cyborg and becomes an operative for the OSI. (The Six Million Dollar Man)
  • The Green Goblin causes the death of Gwen Stacy, leading to a battle with Spider-Man that ends in the Goblin's death.[47] (Marvel Comics)
  • Godzilla battles Megalon. (Godzilla vs. Megalon)
  • The Ladies' Department moves to the same floor as the men's department at Grace Brothers. (Are You Being Served)
  • Benjamin Linus joins the DHARMA Initiative on the Island. (Lost)
  • Fathers Lankester Merrin and Damien Karras die under mysterious circumstances, allegedly while conducting an exorcism at the MacNeil residence in Georgetown. (The Exorcist)
  • Muhammed Ali faces an 80ft-tall mechanical Joe Frazier. The entire Earth is destroyed. (Futurama)
  • Biochemistry student Shiro Kazami loses his family after witnessing an attack by the terrorist group Destroy. Mortally wounded, he asks the Kamen Riders to make him a cyborg so he can avenge his family's murder, and becomes Kamen Rider V3. (Kamen Rider V 3)
  • Birth of the immortal Enrique Grimaldi in Callao, Peru. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Estimated birth of Sally/Sari in India. She would become the wife of Dhalsim. (Street Fighter Alpha[48])
  • CIA agent Cobra Bubbles saves the world from an alien incident at Roswell. (Lilo And Stich)
  • Nikki Wood completes her Cruciamentum despite being pregnant. She gives birth to her son, Robin, later that year. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Harman Smith loses a chess game to Kun Lan, giving Kun control of all cities on America's west coast. Harman sends Dan Smith to work with Curtis Blackburn and establish him as the pre-eminent crime boss in Seattle. Christopher Mills becomes Blackburn's informant. (Killer 7)
  • James Bond destroys a drug trafficking business in the island of San Monique. (Live and Let Die)


  • January 6 - Birth of Cammy White/Killer Bee, probably in the United Kingdom. She is supposedly a genetically-engineered clone of M. Bison. She would grow up to become a member of the Delta Red, a British paramilitary government organization. (Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha)
  • January 22 - Estimated birth of Budrick Franklin "Bud" Bundy to Al and Peggy Bundy. (Married... with Children[49])
  • August 3 - Mamoru Chiba born (Sailor Moon)
  • August 9 - Richard Nixon resigns as President of the United States, becoming the first person to do. (Historical) 'Deep Throat' gives him a parting message he'd rather not have. (Dick)
  • August 14 - New York Mets win a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Philip J. Fry is born at the same time. (Futurama)
  • September 15 - Birth of Karin Kanzuki to Daikenjuro and Nadeshiko Kanzuki. She would grow up into a martial arts fighter, and develop a personal rivalry with Sakura Kasugano. (Sakura Ganbaru! manga, Street Fighter Alpha[50])
  • December - Mentally sick man harasses a sorority. (Black Christmas)
  • Jill Valentine and Ada Wong born. (Resident Evil)
  • King Seesar is awakened in order to aid Godzilla against Mechagodzilla. (Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla)
  • Wolverine makes his debut, and first battles the Incredible Hulk. (Marvel Comics)
  • The time-skipping Islanders land here [51] (Lost)
  • Helen Beta Narbon born. (Narbonic)
  • Deranged family in Texas slaughters and makes meat out of travelling teens. (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
  • Pacifist architect in New York becomes a vigilante. (Death Wish)
  • Destron scientist Joji Yuki adopts the identity of Riderman in order to get revenge against Marshall Armor, who destroyed his right arm with acid. At first he opposes the Kamen Riders, but soon sees the error of his ways and joins their fight for justice. Yuki is apparently killed when he difuses a Destron missile, but survives and washes ashore on a Tahitian island with amnesia (Kamen Rider V 3, Kamen Rider Spirits)
  • Scientist Kentaro Jin and his sone Keisuke are mortally injured in an attack by the evil organization Government of Darkness (G.O.D.). A dying Kentaro transforms his son into a cyborg to save his life, and Keisuke dedicates himself to fighting G.O.D. as Kamen Rider X. (Kamen Rider X)
  • The evil organization Geddon attacks a small Amazon Rainforest village in search of the Gigi Armlet, an O-part from the Incan civilization. Amazon (Daisuke Yamamoto), the only survivor of the village, takes the Armlet and battles Geddon as Kamen Rider Amazon. (Kamen Rider Amazon)
  • Birth of the immortal Andrew Donnelly in Aberdeen, Scotland. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Birth of the immortal Luke Sarsfield in Los Angeles, California. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Birth of the immortal Richard "Richie" Ryan/ "Richard Redstone" in Seacouver, Washinton. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • An elderly Otto Skorzeny meets Atomic Robo in Madrid and attempts to goad him into killing him. Robo declines and leaves Skorzeny to die of cancer one year later. (Atomic Robo)
  • Aperture Science founder and CEO, Cave Johnson, is exposed to mercury while secretly developing a dangerous mercury-injected rubber sheeting from which he plans to manufacture seven deadly shower curtains to be given as gifts to each member of the House Naval Appropriations committee. (Portal)
  • Ezekiel Rage is recruited by the US government. (The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest comic)
  • James Bond duels with Francisco Scaramanga. (The Man with the Golden Gun)
  • Tom Newcliffe invites a bunch of people into his manor, believing that one of them is a werewolf. (The Beast Must Die)


  • March 3 - Kage, an immortal, massacres 23 civilians in Cambodia. James Horton, his Watcher, witnesses the event. It was one of his earliest assignments. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • July 4 - Huge great white shark eats people near Amity island. (Jaws)
  • August 20 - Atomic Robo joins the "unmanned" Viking Mission to Mars as a top-secret troubleshooter. Due to a prank by Stephen Hawking, he spends the next 335 days en route without any entertainment. (Atomic Robo)
  • September 23 - Howard Beale, evening news anchor at the network Union Broadcasting System, after being given two weeks notice that he is being laid off, announces in his broadcast he will kill himself on live TV. (Network)
  • October 29- Sestuna Meioh born (Sailor Moon)
  • A ninja in a secret Californian Ninja Academy makes a grab for power, is banished. (Power Rangers Ninja Storm)
  • David Xanatos receives a 10th-century coin worth $20,000, which forms the start of his fortune. (Gargoyles)
  • Charles Xavier forms an all-new, all-different team of X-Men to rescue the originals. (Marvel Comics)
  • Jaime Sommers rebuilt as a cyborg and becomes an operative for the OSI. (The Bionic Woman)
  • Fallout from biological warfare between China and the Soviet Union kills billions, and turns most of the survivors into light-sensitive psychopaths. (The Omega Man)
  • Godzilla battles Mechagodzilla a second time. (Terror of Mechagodzilla)
  • Peter Jacob delivers his artifact to Edward Roivas. (Eternal Darkness)
  • The town of 'Salem's Lot, Maine, is infested with vampires. (Salem's Lot)
  • After the relatively quick reestablishment of things after World War III the Psychotechnic Institute established. Expeditions to Mars and Venus, followed by colonization. (The Psychotechnic League)
  • Woman accidentally brings a Zuni fetish doll to life and must fight for her life (Trilogy of Terror)
  • A young man named Shigeru Jou joins the terror group Black Satan, asking to be turned into a super-cyborg. However, Shigeru escapes before he can be brainwashed, having joined in order to gain the strength to avenge the murder of his mentor. He teams up with Yuriko Misaki, a young woman likewise modified by Black Satan, and they fight the organization as Kamen Rider Stronger and Electro-Wave Human Tackle. (Kamen Rider Stronger)
  • The evil secret society Black Cross Army threatens the world, causing the United Nations to found the Earth Guard League (EAGLE). When the Black Cross Army attacks Japan's EAGLE divisions, five young survivors are given special battlesuits and designated the Secret Taskforce Goranger, Earth's best line of defense against Black Cross. (Himitsu Sentai Goranger)
  • Birth of Beth Maza to Peter and Diane Maza. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of Maggie Reed. (Gargoyles)
  • In Cambodia, Duncan MacLeod tries to persuade Kage to take a nun and some schoolchildren to safety from the Khmer Rouge. Kage refuses, as this would mean leaving behind a haul of heroin. Kage would later be traumatised by this experience, and re-examine his morals. (Highlander the Series)
  • Zombie outbreak in Al-Marq, put down by Israeli Special Forces. Tensions mount between Egypt and Israel. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Curtis Blackburn kills Dan Smith on a basketball court. Dan is revived by Garcian Smith. (Killer 7)

Early to mid 1970s

  • Estimated birth of Eliza, younger sister of Julia. She would become the wife of Ken Masters and sister-in-law to Guile. (Street Fighter II[52] )
  • Estimated births of the girls Enero of Spain (January), Février of France (February), März of Germany (March), Aprile of Italy (April), Satsuki of Japan (May), Santamu of Vietnam (August), Jianyu of China (September), Xianyu of China (October), Noembelu of Mexico (November, Little Eagle), and Decapre of Russia (December). They would all grow up to become brainwashed by M. Bison and serve as members of his Dolls. (Street Fighter Alpha)
  • Estimated birth of Candy, the main love interest of Rufus. (Street Fighter IV[53])
  • Estimated birth of Doctrine Dark/Holger in Germany. He would grow up to become a soldier and later an Ax Crazy killer. (Street Fighter EX[54])
  • Estimated birth of Skullomania/Saburo Nishikoyama in Japan. He would grow up to become a Salaryman and later a vigilante crime-fighter. (Street Fighter EX[55])
  • Estimated birth of Sharon in Europe. She would grow up to become a nun and an espionage agent. (Street Fighter EX[56])
  • Estimated birth of Shadowgeist in an unspecified Dystopia. He would grow up to become a vengeance seeker. (Street Fighter EX[57])
  • Estimated birth of Vulcano Rosso (Red Vulcano) in Italy. He would grow up to become a seeker of vengeance. (Street Fighter EX[58])
  • Estimated birth of Ace. He would grow up to become the top espionage agent of his country. (Street Fighter EX[59])


  • January 1 - Rocky Balboa faces off against Apollo Creed. Creed demands a rematch afterwards. (Rocky and Rocky II)
  • August 6 - The spaceship transporting astronauts Bill Allen, Jeff Hudson and Judy Franklin encounters a time vortex. It travels forward to the year 3479. (Return to the Planet of the Apes)
  • Manfred von Karma makes his courtroom debut as a prosecutor. (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
  • Brian Braddock becomes Captain Britain. (Marvel Comics)
  • Blanche Tyler, a Phony Psychic, is hired to locate the heir to a considerable fortune. She is unwittingly searching for Arthur Adamson, a master criminal, to her peril. (Family Plot).
  • Wisconsin teenager Eric Forman gets his first car, an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. (That 70s Show)
  • In Spain, a man named Miguel kills a woman during a masquerade party and is locked up in an asylum. (Bloody Moon)
  • Precinct 13 in Los Angeles becomes under siege by criminal gangs. (Assault on Precinct 13)
  • Strange substance on an island near the British Columbia grows various creatures into unusual sizes. (The Food of the Gods)
  • Birth of the immortal Derek Worth in Seacouver, Washington. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Both of Cave Johnson’s kidneys fail. Brain damaged, dying, and incapable of being convinced that time is not now flowing backwards, Johnson lays out a three-tier R&D program. The three projects include the Heimlich Counter-Maneuver, the Take-A-Wish Foundation, and "some kind of rip in the fabric of space." (Portal)
  • A group of creatures known as "The Muppets" star in a variety show which is seen around the world via syndication (The Muppet Show and Real Life)


  • February 26 - Tharg travels to Earth from Betelgeuse and begins efforts to increase Earth's dangerously low levels of Thrill power (Two Thousand AD)
  • March 15 - Birth of Sakura Kasugano in Japan. She would grow up into a martial arts prodigy with the ability to learn advanced moves in minimum time. She entered the fighting circuit while still in high school. (Street Fighter Alpha)
  • July 1 - Birth of Marina Lemartin in Montecour, France. She would become a significant love interest to Richie Ryan. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • July 7 - The Levellers rename themselves as the "Front Line." (No Hero)
  • August - Albert Wesker and William Birkin hired by Umbrella Corporation. (Resident Evil 0)
  • Leon Kennedy born. (Resident Evil)
  • Jefferson Pierce becomes Black Lightning. (DC Comics)
  • Dr. Richard Harpo Thorndyke is assigned as the new administrator of The Psycho-Neurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous.(High Anxiety)
  • The Incident [60] (Lost)
  • Shawn Spencer born. (Psych)
  • Anti-vigilante riots lead to the Keene Act, which outlaws costumed vigilantes (except those working for the government). (Watchmen)
  • Robert Neville struggles to survive as the last human in Los Angeles. (The Omega Man)
  • Vacationers are attacked by a clan of cannibals. (The Hills Have Eyes)
  • David Banner becomes the Incredible Hulk. (The Incredible Hulk [TV series])
  • Aliens visit Devils Tower in Wyoming. (Close Encounters of the Third Kind)
  • Jake Chambers dies on Earth and wakes up in Mid-World. He dies again in Mid-World, but is subsequently saved by a temporal paradox. (The Dark Tower)
  • Dave Davenport born. (Narbonic)
  • Spike kills the vampire slayer Nikki Wood in a New York City subway car. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Girls are killed in a ballet school. (Suspiria)
  • Birth of the immortal Michelle Webster in Seacouver, Washington. She was the youngest known immortal in the 1990s. (Highlander the Series, Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)
  • Emmett and Jacqui Benton form Starlight Records and the Starlight Foundation, Aja Leigh and Shana Elmsford become the first two "Starlight Girls" and move in with the Bentons and their two daughters, Jerrica and Kimber (Jem)
  • The Warner siblings, temporarily released from their tower for fumigation, compete in (and win) a New York disco dancing contest. (Animaniacs)
  • In an effort to take down the international criminal empire known simply as "Crime", Interpol founds the International Science Special Investigation Squad (ISSIS), turning four special individuals into cyborg warriors named for playing card suits; they are later joined by a fifth member, Big One. (JAKQ Dengekitai)
  • James Bond teams up with Soviet agent Triple X to investigate a theft of nuclear missile submarines.(The Spy Who Loved Me)
  • Fisherman catches a female orca which dies and miscarriages on his boat. Its mate swears revenge. (Orca the Killer Whale)


  • January 27- Birth of Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Moon)
  • March 6- Birth of Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Moon)
  • April 16 - On Coney Island in New York City, the Warriors gang is created. (The Warriors)
  • April 17 - Birth of Rei Hino. (Sailor Moon)
  • May - The Starlord arrives on Earth ahead of the advancing Galactic Federation and begins secretkly delivering a crash course in survival and combat skills to Earth's children (Starlord)
  • June 6- Birth of Effie. She would become Necro's rescuer and eventually his lover. (Street Fighter III)
  • June 19 -- Garfield the Cat born in the kitchen of Mamma Leoni's Italian restaraunt. He was subsequently donated to a pet shop and bought by Jon Arbuckle. (Garfield: His 9 Lives)
  • June 30 - Usagi Tsukino born to Kenji and Ikuko Tsukino. (Sailor Moon)
  • July 29 - Arklay Mountain Facility closed. (Resident Evil)
  • July 31 - Albert Wesker and William Birkin transferred to the Spencer estate. (Resident Evil)
  • Before August - Jeremiah Surd demands $250 million, or he will release nerve gas all over Chicago. He is captured and his plan averted in an FBI raid led by Roger "Race" Bannon. During the attack, Surd is hit by a stray bullet and paralysed. (The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest)
  • August 7 - Lyman and his dog Odie move into Jon's house. (Garfield)
  • August - Jeremiah Surd is officially declared dead, despite still being alive. [61] (The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest)
  • September 10 - Birth of Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon)
  • September 19 - James Marcus develops the T-virus by combining the Progenitor virus with leech DNA. (Resident Evil 0)
  • October 22 - Birth of Minako Aino (Sailor Moon)
  • October 30 - CIA Special Activities Division and MI 6 embark on Operation Charybdis; Ryan Jackson leads a team consisting of himself, a young SAS operative named Jonathan *****, and several others to hunt down rogue agents Alex Mason, Jason Hudson, and Grigori Weaver in South Africa, where they were believed to be searching for an unknown lead at Mason's behest. (Call of Duty Black Ops)
  • October 31 - Michael Myers returns to menace Haddonfield, Illinois. (Halloween)
  • October - Thanks to Starlord's efforts, the Gaalctic Federation decides not to invade Earth. Starlord departs to continue his mission elsewhere, leaving his human cadets in the hands of Tharg. (Starlord)
  • December 5 - Birth of Makoto Kino. (Sailor Moon)
  • Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein become Firestorm. (DC Comics)
  • Killer tomatoes attack America. (Attack of the Killer Tomatoes)
  • Andy Travis is hired as programming director of Cincinnati radio station WKRP, whose format he immediately changes from "Beautiful Music" to Rock-and-Roll. (WKRP In Cincinatti)
  • Amity island is terrorized by another killer shark. (Jaws 2)
  • Duncan MacLeod and his lover, Desiree, win big at Casino Montecour in France, but get robbed. Desiree leaves Duncan after he fails to defend her. [62] (Highlander the Series)
  • Emily Ryan dies of a cerebral haemorrhage. Her son, Richie, is sent to an orphanage for a year, and spends the rest of his childhood in a series of foster homes. (Highlander the Series)
  • An attempt by a secret US government intelligence to harness the powers of a psychic goes awry. (The Fury)
  • Birth of India Cohen. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Killer 7 kills Kess Bloodysunday in Spain. (Killer 7)
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is reformed by Billy Shears (The original Sargent's grandson) and rescues their hometown of Heartland from the clutches of Mr. Mustard and FVB. (Sargeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band)
  • Formation of Federation of InterState Truckers takes place. (F.I.S.T.)
  • Experimental piranha are accidentally released from abandoned facility. (Piranha)


  • January 1 - Birth of Naru Osaka (Sailor Moon)
  • January 31- Pop singer and Starlight Foudation co-founder Jacqui Benton dies in a plane crash (Jem)
  • January - Jeremiah Surd is transferred to Belle Isle Home for the Insane, having been officially declared dead. (The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest)
  • May 28 - The town of Chamberlain, Maine, is destroyed by psychotic psychic Carrie White (Carrie)
  • September 4 - Henri-Laurent de Marigny reappears with no memory of the last ten years. (The Transition of Titus Crow)
  • September 19 - Birth of Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
  • December 23 - Peter Petrelli born. (Heroes)
  • Claire Redfield born. (Resident Evil)
  • Phoenix becomes Dark Phoenix, sacrifices herself to save the universe. (Marvel Comics)
  • The Fourth Doctor and Romana prevent Scaroth from rescuing his past self and thus erasing the existence of life on Earth. (Doctor Who)
  • Two brothers and an ice cream vendor confront the Tall Man. (Phantasm)
  • A time-traveling H.G. Wells arrives in San Francisco in pursuit of Jack the Ripper. (Time After Time)
  • The detective known as L is born. (Death Note)
  • A medical doctor is sent to investigate a dispute between Native Americans and a papermill in Maine. His for come to halt when he and his associates are chased by a giant, mutated and very pissed off bear. (Prophecy)
  • Haunted house in Amityville menaces a family. (The Amityville Horror)
  • Hang-glider Hiroshi Tsukaba is mortally wounded saving a group of scientists from Neo-Shocker. In order to save his life, he is turned into a cyborg, and battles Neo-Shocker as the new Kamen Rider, later gaining the sobriquet "Skyrider" when he meets with his predecessors. (Kamen Rider Skyrider)
  • Five agents sent around the world for special training are assembled in Japan and given battlesuits to become Battle Fever J, a combat team formed to oppose the secret society Egos. (Battle Fever J)
  • Joseph "Joe" Dawson is assigned as Duncan MacLeod's newest Watcher. Duncan would not notice his presence until the 1990s. (Highlander the Series)
  • Birth of Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulleta. She would grow up to have the insticts of a Serial Killer, and use them to start a profitable career as a Bounty Hunter of monsters. (Darkstalkers[63])
  • Birth of Hokuto Mizukami in Japan. She is a younger sister to Kairi and an older sister to Nanase. She would be trained in the martial arts tradition of her family. (Street Fighter EX[64])
  • Murders are committed at Camp Crystal Lake. The lone survivor is killed two months later. (Friday the 13 th and Friday the 13th Part II)
  • In New York City, Cyrus, leader of the Gramercy Riffs gang, holds a midnight rally in the Bronx's Van Cortlandt Park intended to unite all the gangs in the city. During the rally, Cyrus is murdered by Luther, leader of a gang called The Rouges. Another gang from Coney Island called The Warriors are framed for the crime. (The Warriors)
  • Zombie outbreak in Sperry, Alabama. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Super squadron declare their retirement and Baron Ether announces his retirment after arrest in the senate building. (Soon I Will Be Invincible)
  • James Bond investigates a theft of a space shuttle and ends up stopping a plan to exterminate human population. (Moonraker)
  • Rufus Excalibur ffolkes enacts a anti-terrorist plan of his making on an oil platform. (North Sea Hijack)

Mid to late 1970s

  • Members of a New York City support group for the bereaved purchase a plot of land in rural Pennsylvania and establish a 19th century village therein. (The Village)
  • Estimated birth of Alex in New York City. He would mostly be raised by his mentor and surrogate father Tom. Tom, being a military instructor and martial artist, would train Alex to be a fighter. (Street Fighter III[65])
  • Estimated birth of Remy in France. He would learn Savate and later go on a campaign against all fighters, uncertain if this isn't his own take on the path of the warrior. (Street Fighter III[66])
  • Estimated birth of Pullum Purna in Saudi Arabia. She would grow up to become a Belly Dancer, fighter, and ruler of her own kingdom. (Street Fighter EX[67])
  • Estimated birth of Blair Dame in Europe. She would grow up to become a fighter. (Street Fighter EX[68])
  • Estimated birth of Hayate in Japan. His father is a legendary swordsman who managed to defeat Orochi. Hayate would follow in his footsteps.(Street Fighter EX[69])


  • Drs. Thomas Light and Albert Wily create artificial intelligence. Wily frames Light for the murder of his girlfriend Emily Stanton, forcing him into hiding, whereafter Wily uses said robots to take control of the world. (The Protomen)


  1. Further investigation links his murder and that of cartoon mogul R.K. Maroon to a development scheme to buy the Toontown property, demolish it and replace it with a highway
  2. He is actually a son of time-traveller Philip J. Fry
  3. Her birthday is given within the series. The year can be estimated because of mentions that Al and Peggy are of the same age.
  4. Sarah Jane is a Taurus and was three months old when her parents died on August 18
  5. Sarah Jane's parents sacrifice themselves when they realise what's going on, returning the timeline to normal.
  6. hydrogen bomb
  7. Or would have in an alternate timeline, if not for the intervention of Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown. The confluence of time-travel and time-traveller related events on this date leads Brown to speculate that November 12 1955 is inherently a date of cosmic significance, possibly even the temporal junction point for the entire space-time continuum. That, or an amazing coincidence.
  8. Estimated to be in his forties at his first appearance in 1993. Believed to be among the older fighters in the game.
  9. His profile states that Gill is obligated to step down at his 46th year, when reaching the maximum age for an active leader. He is presumed to be still under 46 years old in 1997-1998.
  10. His profile states Urien was an eligible candidate for the position since before Gill took it, making them sound close in age.
  11. that turns out to come from aliens.
  12. After a brief skirmish with the military, the robot sacrifices itself to save Rockwell from a mislaunched nuclear missile.
  13. AKA Emir Parkreiner
  14. The date was depicted on Tessa's gravestone.
  15. At the start of the movie, one of the board of management is going over the quarter 3 profits, and other dialogue indicates that the fiscal year is the same as a the astronomical year. This suggests a date of October.
  16. Madeline has been dead for a while, murdered by her husband. The woman Scottie is following is actually named Judy Barton and the suicide is staged.
  17. The youngest possible age of taking bhikkhu vows and becoming a full monk is 20 years old. Donovan supposedly spend "ten years" seeking peace as a monk, making him 30. He then started a Walking the Earth period which supposedly took him on numerous journeys. All before making his debut in 1995.
  18. Counterpart to Zangief. Presumably close in age to his rival.
  19. They travel back a few days earlier to avert the disaster and fix history.
  20. a natural phenomenon called "the Eye of Time"
  21. a villain working with the Menders of Ouroboros, time traveling from the early 21st century
  22. The Trickster makes a deal to exchange her life for Sarah Jane's but she later reverses this timeline to save the world from destruction.
  23. There are indications that Abel is either a product of genetic engineering or used as a template for such products. Abel could be younger than his supposed age.
  24. This film includes recording sessions for the Help! album, and so this must have happened between when Beatles for Sale was released and when the Help! album was released.
  25. Supposed childhood friend of Thunder Hawk, though acting younger.
  26. Said to be an old friend of Edmund Honda. Presumably close in age to him.
  27. Already a famous fighter by the time Ken Masters debuted, but not an Old Master type.
  28. Joe says that they were both 18 years old at graduation. His birth year is 1948.
  29. the immortal
  30. This happened sometime between 1967 and mid-1968; the character designs look like the Beatles in the Magical Mystery Tour era.
  31. A contradictory background makes him 18 years old at the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991). This would place his birth in 1973.
  32. Gunloc is stated to be 25 years old during the first Slam Masters game, released in 1993. The other details are given in the Street Fighter game.
  33. Repeatedly said to be 25 years old in the present (1994)
  34. Mike says he wants to picket the inauguration of Richard Nixon
  35. a younger version of River
  36. A radio news broadcast mentions preparations for a manned Moon shot from Cape Kennedy "next Wednesday", transporting three astronauts to Luna.
  37. The Doctor records his message to Sally in 2007, given to him by Sally a year later, which eventually appears in her DVD collection, thanks to the efforts of Shipton.
  38. An apparently teenaged character. Probably conceived as a love interest to Ryu. Later forgotten about.
  39. Jessica and Cody are supposed to be "childhood friends" and thus close in age. Jessica was supposedly still college-aged in the Final Fight sequels.
  40. Kolin bares a resemblance to Crimson Viper. Presumably close in age to her counterpart.
  41. He resembles Balrog in many ways. Presumed to be close in age to his counterpart.
  42. Already a trained fighter by the time Hokuto was an infant. Probably in his early teens at least.
  43. A young River Song regenerates in New York.
  44. intending to set himself up as a hero by "defeating" it. The robot rebels against, and defeats its master
  45. Her birthday is given within the series. The year can be estimated because of mentions of Kelly being 18 in 1990.
  46. They are eventually killed, but not before Zira gives birth to their son, Caesar.
  47. He gets better.
  48. Supposed to be 16/17-years-old in a game which seems to take place c. 1990. Already married and apparently pregnant in events of said game.
  49. His birthday is given within the series. The year can be estimated because of mentions of Bud being 18 in 1992.
  50. The upperclassman to Sakura's freshman. Year of birth has been alternatively estimated to 1973.
  51. after Locke turns the wheel at the Orchid and stops all the time-skips. Hurley, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Faraday join the DHARMA Initiative.
  52. The Street Fighter animated film has her as barely an adult when meeting Ken.
  53. Latest possible time for the birth of the biker chick.
  54. Guile is supposed to be his trainer and presumably mentor. Holger was a combat veteran by his first appearance in 1996.
  55. He is more or less inspired by the Skull Man (1970) and the original Kamen Rider (1971-1973).
  56. Modern nurs are typically required to be full adults. Making them at least 18 years old. Taking full vows requires a test period of up to two years.
  57. He is closer to Skull Man than Skullomania.
  58. Supposed to be a former espionage agent.
  59. Might be older than he seems.
  60. a hydrogen bomb is set off thanks to the surviving Oceanic 815 passengers. A flash-sideways world, where the Losties can reunite once they pass away, is created, and the Losties land in 2007.
  61. Surd's death certificate is dated five months before his transfer to Belle Isle.
  62. It would take him twenty years to figure that the assailant was Carlo Capodimonte, the casino manager. Once he figured it out, it was payback time.
  63. Year of birth given. She is otherwise estimated to be about 10 to 14 years old as depicted. Which would place the "present" of the games in the early 1990s.
  64. Said to be 17 years old at her first appearance. Which took place in 1996.
  65. Believed to be in his twenties in 1997/1998.
  66. Believed to be in his twenties in 1997/1998.
  67. Said to be a debutante, thus at least 17 years old.
  68. Said to be a debutante, thus at least 17 years old.
  69. Seems to be another teenager.
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