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  • Seeing Giovanni Casa dressed as a baby seems funny at first, but it becomes apparent that the prostitutes he hired were a bit scared of him, and then he started chasing them. What exactly was he planning to do to them?.
  • And there's Casa's death. Jesus Christ. To start off, Toni Cipriani lures him out of his deli shop and goes to the Sawmills, where he murders Casa with a ax and dismembers him. What's left of Casa isn't a pleasant sight to look at.
  • Ma Cipriani ordering a hit on her own son. It was called off when Toni got made, but the fact still stands. Just imagine if that's your own mother calling a group of hitmen on you.
  • The mission "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade" is one of the most unsettling mission in the game. Vincenzo lures Toni to the freight ship to a ambush where a dozen of Vincenzo's men wielding chainsaws attempt to kill him.
  • Donald Love. At first, he seems like your average run-to-the-mill mission giver, who's a corrupt businessman running for mayor. And then we see a half-eaten torso on his dining table, confirming his cannibalism habits that were ever so rumored to be back in GTA III. Later in the game, Love instructs you to bring the corpses of his former mentor Avery Carrington and reporter Ned Burner (whom he had both killed) for some "company". What makes this even more eerie is that beside Love's cannibalistic tendencies being there, it's also hinted that he has.. other interests with the corpses. Try to guess what.
  • But his greatest atrocity? Ordering the destruction of Fort Staunton. Sure it was the Forelli's territory, but there were thousands of innocent civilians that still live in that residential area, and they are all dead because of Love's masterminding of the chaos, all just to gain profit from rebuilding the area. To put it simply, the man is a certified evil bastard.
  • Ned Burner was no saint either. Posing as a priest, he orders Toni to commit several atrocities which involves killing countless citizens with a firetruck, killing famous celebrities because they didn't give him a exclusive interview.
  • Massimo Torini's past consists of him beating countless men to death with his bare hands when he was younger.
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