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When All the bad and Sad parts of the show are over, Avril and Victorique will fight over Kujo

  • Or there will be Unresolved Sexual Tension, take your pick.
    • Nope, Avril has no idea where those two are and they have no reason to reveal their location.

There is a lot more to Victorique and Cordelia's story than we've been told thus far.

  • Okay. So this maid is accused of murder -- and effectively regicide, at that. She is punished for this crime by being sent into exile, when twenty years later the person who actually committed the murder is immediately sentenced to summary execution. Why wasn't Cordelia executed just as summarily?
  • Then, shortly after her daughter is born, Cordelia's 'crime' is discovered by the father. Why exactly the Viscount de Blois is supposed to care that his mistress supposedly killed some weirdo religious elder isn't really clear; we're supposed to believe that this is so horrible a scandal that Cordelia has to be sent away. Is anybody buying this? Other than Victorique, maybe?
    • Brian Roscoe mentions that Viscount de Blois isn't the most stable person, so that might have something to do with it.
  • Then, when she actually appears at the close of episode eight, there is mention of her sin being burned away. But if she didn't actually kill anyone, what is this supposed sin?
  • Episode 19 cleared up pretty much all of the mystery surrounding Cordelia. The exile from the village happened earlier and Cordelia is shown making a half-decent living for herself afterwards. The events with the Marquis that lead to Victorique's birth happened later and were completely unrelated to it. The Marquis just tossed her aside because she had outlived her usefulness and anything said to the contrary is probably just him coming up with an explanation for Victorique's secret heritage and bizarre treatment. One can only conclude that the universe must really hate Cordelia.
    • That still doesn't explain what Roscoe meant when he said that her sin was being burnt away. If she didn't kill anyone, what sin is he talking about?
    • Despite the circumstances she seems to feel huge guilt of "abandoning' Victorique, especially leaving her with the Marquis.

Victorique has a kind of Important Haircut

Think about it, she's confined to the top of a large tower until the third son of a general helps her to leave and she has Rapunzel Hair.

Grevil and Victorique will be forced to work together publicly.

With his eye for detail and her deduction skill, they'll have to work together to save Victorique's other information gopher, Kazuya. They might even have to save him from their father, and take down the de Blois family.

  • Jossed. As reluctant as he may be, Grevil keeps following his father's orders to the end.
    • if to the end you mean the end of Boris. he seems to help Victorique escape with one of the Brians

Kujo will manage pull of a Screw Destiny against the old man's prophecy that Kujo and Victorique will soon be permanently seperated

  • Nope, they do get separated, but only for four years instead of permanently.

The show's ending will be bittersweet at best, but most likely a downer.

  • It ranges on Bittersweet-to-happy: Cordelia and the Brians are dead, and Victorique and Kujo have been separated for four years, but ultimately everyone else is alive and happy, if wondering what happened to the short little blonde girl and the Japanese guy, who apparently get married in Japan once they reunite after four years. It's about as happy as a story that ends with a war can be.

Komoe-sensei from To aru Majitsu no Index is a descendant of Victorique and Kujo.

Or altneratively, Alice is.

The similarities:

  • Both Victorique and Alice are shut ins with little in the way of social skills.
  • However, this does nothing to prevent them from solving mysteries.
  • Both keep assistants to gather evidence for.
  • Both have a "thing" for their assistants.
  • Both are picky eaters.

Unlike many "X is a descendant of Y" theories, these three have the benefit of being connected by country. Alice seems to have gotten Victorique's personality and Kujo's looks.

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