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Gormiti is an Italian toyline, intended for children around 7-10 years old, but still managing to find some popularity even among older fans. It had a lot of success and is currently being exported all over the world, especially in Spain.

The story takes place in a fictional universe called The Island of Gorm, populated by peaceful creatures called Gormiti (sing. Gormite) and protected by the mysterious Wise Old One. But one day, the evil sorcerer Magor awakened from his century-long slumber in Mount Volcano and created a group of evil, murderous Gormiti of Lava and Magma, who stormed upon Gorm and razed it mercilessly. The Wise Old One, powerless to do anything to stop Magor and his minions Lavion and Magmion, was forced to run away... but not before creating a new artifact, the Eye of Life, with which to repopulate the Island of Gorm when the time would be right. The Lava and Magma Gormiti, in their greed, ended up plundering so much that what was left was not enough to sustain them, and were forced to go back to Mount Volcano and wait until the island had recovered enough... and that was when the Wise Old One returned, giving birth to new Gormiti thanks to the Eye of Life. New tribes arose - the Gormiti of Air, Forest, Earth and Sea - and joined forces to fight against Magmion and Lavion, eventually managing to defeat the Lava and Magma Gormiti and seal them. But a wrathful Magor, in revenge, cursed the Gormiti into fighting each other for power and supremacy, ending the peace on Gorm...

A cartoon series inspired by this toyline, Gormiti the Lords of Nature Return, was created by Studio Marathon and is currently airing in a few countries. Launched in 2009.

This toyline provides examples of:

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