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Fridge Brilliance:

  • It can take years to get some of the jokes. More if you don't read The Bible that often.
  • War is now a woman... oh, sort of like Helen of Troy. Yet another reason for men to kill each other.
    • "Now"? Remember that as Pepper goes up against War, War smirks and says "little boys with their little toys". Also, Eve was given the flaming sword - not Adam. War has always been a woman.
  • The only composers Heaven got were Liszt and Edward Elgar, who wrote Land of Hope and Glory, one of England's unoffical national anthems.
  • Good Omens: I cant remember if I got it the first time and forgot about it, or if it went totally over my head, but the second time I read it it was a true "whooooa" moment. We know Crowley is the serpent from the Garden of Eden - a demon who corrupts humankind by causing them to reject God's instructions and eat from the tree of Knowledge. But Aziraphale, the angel who gives them his flaming sword for warmth, is Prometheus - the Titan who gave the humans heavenly fire, against the orders of Zeus, and was punished for it. Both myths describe a supernatural being in favour of humans having independent intelligence, who were punished by a god jealously guarding it - but Satan is the bad guy, whereas Prometheus is a hero. Two sides of the same coin, as Crowley and Aziraphale are shown to be throughout the book - both rejected from their respective sides of the Balance Between Good and Evil as they both consider that whether humans act for good or bad, they deserve to have the choice. -Johnny E
    • It took me a few readings of Good Omens to get that Anathema's relief upon hearing Crowley address Aziraphale as "angel" was that she was wary of getting raped and assumed it was a term of endearment. --Karalora
      • ...Oh, you're right. Up until now, I had just assumed that was Anathema being slightly psychic and jumping to the right conclusion, but I like that version much better. - Sylvia Viridian
      • It's also driven home when she mentally refers to them as "the consenting bicycle repairmen".
    • It took me a few readings of Good Omens to realize that shortly after Aziraphale turns all the Secret Service men's guns into harmless water pistols at Warlock's birthday party, Crowley does pretty much the same thing but in reverse at Tadfield Manor, which reinforces the mirror image vibe these two give us. -- Queen of Dorkness
      • Not all the Secret Service men's guns. "After some time, a bang was heard and window pane behind them broke. 'Oh, dear. It seems I missed one.' Aziraphale said. 'What do we do now?'" --youngstormlord
      • Who, exactly, the Them are. They're the real other Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the benign versions of the Rider they took out. Red is War and Pepper is Friendly Scuffles, Chalky is Pollution and Brian is Getting Delightfully Muddy, Sable is Famine and Wensleydale is something along the lines of Forgets to Eat, and while Azrael is Death, Adam is Normal, happy life. It took me so long to get that![1] --Thinks Too Much
    • Another example of Azirapale and Crowley being two sides of the same coin: their vague reference to having "resources" actually referred to the same one person. --Agent Wu
  • In another (very punny) instance of "two sides of the same coin" while having dinner together: Aziraphale is eating deviled eggs. Crowley's eating angel food cake.
  • Aziraphale's name. "Zira" in Hebrew means "brightness of morning." Aziraphale was the guardian of the Eastern Gate of Eden. Also all of the motifs of fire and light worked into his character.
    • That's a nice coincidence, but Word of God on the subject is that they made up the name to sound angel-y.

Fridge Horror:

  • Deliberately invoked and thankfully later averted in reguards to Baby B.

 It would be nice to think that the Satanist Nuns had the surplus baby - Baby B - discreetly adopted. That he grew up to be a normal, happy, laughing child, active and exhuberant; and after that, grew further to become a normal, fairly contented adult.

You don't want to know what could have happened to Baby B.


  1. Or grow that Epileptic Trees, but come on, it fits too well!
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