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  • A spreadsheet typo caused one of the players in Madden 06 to be mere inches in height! Gamers enjoyed Madden for the first time in years, but the bug was quickly fixed, killing off the amusement.
  • In NHL 09, if a goal ricochets into the net off a defender's stick, that defender will be shown celebrating with the other team in the goal cutscene. It's just too funny to eliminate.
    • It gets better. If you pokecheck the puck from the opponent's goalie into the net, he celebrates with your team. Goalies should celebrate goals more often in real life.
    • Another bug allowed players in the Online Team Play mode to glitch themselves to 99 Overall stats (rather than the 75-85 most had). Some actually preferred this because it sped the game up quite a bit.
  • The Commodore Amiga rugby game International Rugby Challenge featured a bug whereby if the player paused the game, the match timer continued to count down. In his review in Amiga Power magazine, Stuart Campbell - who awarded the game a score of 2%, for numerous other bugs - pointed out that it was possible to win any game by scoring an initial try, and then pausing for the remainder of the match.
  • Along similar lines, the infamously poor Commodore Amiga football game Kick Off 96 featured a bug whereby the player could line up for free kicks, penalties etc indefinitely, whilst the match timer continued to count down. The player could exploit the exact same match-winning bug as in International Rugby Challenge, by scoring a goal early in the game, getting a goal kick, and waiting for the clock to run out.
  • A glitch in Skate 2 allows you to fling yourself into the air under the right circumstances. If you drop your board to send it rolling along angled or uneven ground, then press a set of buttons with the right timing (in the case of the 360 version, it's X to jump, then the left trigger, Y and Right on the left analog stick all at the same time), your skater will grab his board in mid-jump, and his feet will snap onto it like magnets, causing him to hit the ground body-first and bounce high into the air. It doesn't work everywhere and it won't work online, but it makes for some hilarious bails once you get it right.
    • This video shows a combination of examples of this trope and just plain unlikely situations that all lead to hilarity.
  • In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, doing many tricks rapidly in succession would cause the player to pick up speed. This gave alternative methods to get to certain areas (it is possible for instance to launch off a concrete bank in School 2 to find an alternative route to the area containing the Carlsbad gap that is usually used as the exit from that spot in the game) and it's pretty much the only simple way to do the Love gap. It can also be used in the Marseilles level to do 1080s and 1260s, or a "360 the 900".
  • This video shows how in Major League Baseball 2K6 a Fenway Park outfielder can prevent a home run by jumping the height of the Green Monster In a Single Bound.
  • Any of the various bugs that exists in Football Manager that aren't outright cheats but still give the human player an advantage if they choose to use them. The most well known are the "Corner Bug", which are when given a specific set of instructions at corner kicks, they will result in more goals than usual. Over the years they have included firing the ball out to the edge of the penalty box for a long shot, moving all but your best player away from the near post then having the corner taken there, the same but the back post.
    • Another well known bug is setting a player to be sold to another team with international appearance clauses. Whilst you are manager of the international team. Every so often a version of the game will come out where the AI doesn't recognise this situation, and will happily include a "play 10 games and pay 50 million pounds" clause because they see that the player they are buying isn't likely to play internationally, but doesn't realise that the human player can easily bring them into the team and play them and get the money.
    • Then there are the overall Game Breaker tactics. The most well known was the Diablo tactic for Championship Manager 03/04. To this day the top tactics are compared to it.
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 had bug made famous by a YouTube video, where a ball landing in a water hazard could actually float on the surface and the game would count it as a playable lie. The end result would be Tiger Woods walking on water to hit the ball. EA Sports actually recreated the glitch in live action with Tiger Woods himself for a Tiger Woods 09 promo and jokingly claimed, "It's not a glitch. He's just that good."
  • NFL Street 2 had a exploit in one of the NFL Challenge mode challenges, in which you earned a certain number of development points for your player character. Said exploit involved doing the challenge over and over again without exiting from the challenge, meaning not only does the game not progress the days for the final tournament, but that also means you can have all the development points you want to turn your players into superstars.
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