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Also called "The Razzies". And by "raspberry" we mean a big, loud, wet one, although the the trophy portrays, for simplicity's sake, a fruit.

When you've made a movie that's So Bad Its Horrible, this is exactly the sort of "award" you may be in for.

The Razzies have been handed out since 1981, traditionaly on the evening before The Oscar nominations are announced. Understandably, very few people ever show up in person to accept their Raspberry, a gold-painted plastic statue costing "about $4.89". A few have though, taking the suck-atude of their movie in stride (which makes you wonder). A few actors and films have won both Oscars and Razzies. A select few have been nominated for both awards for the same work. Only one, in 2010, has ever won the same award in equivalent categories in the same year (albeit for different films - Sandra Bullock actually did turn up to collect both though, the Worst Actress Razzie for All About Steve and the Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side).

Two others won simultaneous awards: composer Alan Menken (Oscar for Score and Song in Aladdin, Razzie for Worst Song in Newsies) and screenwriter Brian Helgeland (Oscar for L.A. Confidential, Razzie for The Postman - he decided to accept the Razzie, and they delivered it to him in his office). Among the people who showed up to collect awards are Halle Berry for Catwoman (bringing her Oscar to the ceremony!), Tom Green for Freddy Got Fingered, and Paul Verhoeven for Showgirls. Bill Cosby received his Razzie for Leonard Part Six on a talk show. The star of The Wild Wild West, Robert Conrad, picked up the awards for the ill-fated adaptation starring Will Smith as a protest.

Biggest Razzie winners are Jack And Jill (10 awards, i.e. all the categories), Battlefield Earth (9 total, 7 awards upon release, Worst Drama of the Razzie's First 25 Years in 2004, and Worst Movie of the 2000s in 2010), Showgirls (8 total, 7 awards upon release and Worst Movie of the 90s in 2000) and I Know Who Killed Me (8 awards in 2008 - though one is kind of a cheat: Lindsay Lohan tied with Lindsay Lohan for Worst Actress as she played two roles) for movies, Sylvester Stallone (10 awards, including Worst Actor of the 80s and Worst Actor of the Century) and Madonna (8 awards, including Worst Actress of the Century) for actors.

Remember, it's just a movie...


Films with Worst Picture wins include:


  1. It also holds the dubious honor of being the first film to "win" in every single category.
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