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The twenty-first Godzilla film and the sixth in the Heisei series. Toho decided Godzilla’s next foe would be a new creation, SpaceGodzilla. The film starts Godzilla’s development as an Anti-Hero and continues the plotline of his adopted son. Originally, MechaGodzilla was set to return and fight alongside Godzilla, but it was decided three were enough for the movie. So he was replaced by MOGUERA, a redesign of a Mecha from ‘’The Mysterians’’. While the film did well at the box office, the film was viewed somewhat more negatively. The plot was considered lumpy, LittleGodzilla resembled Minya for too many people’s liking, and there were odd editing choices. For instance, Godzilla was originally going to try to free his son from his crystal prison before going after SpaceGodzilla, but that scene was inexplicably cut. SpaceGodzilla himself was well-received, though, and the movie has some fun monster action.

While Miki Saegusa is mulling over whether to join Project T (A plan to control Godzilla telepathically), the Cosmos warn her of SpaceGodzilla’s plan to kill Godzilla and Take Over the World. His crystals have destroyed a NASA space station and an altercation between him and MOGUERA in the asteroid belt results in the damage of the mech. Meanwhile, Miki and the Project T team set up shop on Birth Island, where the sweet-natured LittleGodzilla and his stepfather are currently residing. After a brief rivalry with Akira Yuki, who holds a grudge against Godzilla for killing Gondo, the probe is implanted and Project T is going smoothly. But then SpaceGodzilla appears. In a one-sided battle, Godzilla is overwhelmed by his adversary and is helpless to stop his son from being imprisoned. Godzilla follows SpaceGodzilla to Fukuoka where he sets up base. Can Godzilla defeat his twin from space, and would the human heroes align with him to stop him…

This film contains examples of

  • Agony of de feet: One yakuza mook gets shot in the foot at one point.
  • Axe Crazy: Yuki may qualify. He thinks that a bullet shot into Godzilla's armpit is going to kill him. Then again, he's been alone on that island for quite a while...
    • The bullet is designed to inject a deadly poison into Godzilla.
      • A monster who has survived swimming in molten fucking lava!
  • Combining mecha: MOGUERA can split into two smaller vehicles, an aircraft and a drill tank respectively.
  • Curb Stomp Battle: Things weren't look well for MOGUERA if there were electronic malfunctions even before the battle begins.
  • Distressed damsel: Miki, when she's kidnapped by the yakuza.
  • Everyone has standards: Miki questions the morality of creating a device to mind control Godzilla. Another worker on the project counters her objections by stating it was still preferable to outright killing him.
  • Fun with Acronyms: MOGUERA (Mobile Operational Godzilla Expert Robot Aero-Type).
  • Gentle Giant: LittleGodzilla is nice to everyone. He even approached SpaceGodzilla with friendly curiousity.
  • Karmic Death: Spacegodzilla's death is similar to Biollante's. Godzilla shoots a supercharged atomic blast at the weakened Spacegodzilla, turning the evil monster into G-Cells.
    • Dr. Okubo's death counts as well. He's so busy trying to repair his machine he fails to notice SpaceGodzilla approaching.
  • Kick the Dog: SpaceGodzilla attacking and imprisoning LittleGodzilla.
  • Licked by the Dog: LittleGodzilla is attached to gruff and revenge-seeking Akira Yuki. Despite plotting to kill his Dad, Akira seems to return the affection.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Akira Yuki, whose driven to kill Godzilla and isn't the most sociable of people. However, he rescues one of the protagonists from a deadly spider and is part of the raid in freeing Miki.
  • Mind control: The entire goal of Project T was to use it to control Godzilla and steer him away from populated areas.
  • Mind Over Matter: While captured and in the middle of a gun fight, Miki lifts the table she's strapped to in order for the hero to shoot at the legs. Miki laters says this was her first time trying it.
  • New powers as the plot demands: Miki demonstrates nerver-before-seen telekinetic powers. She afterwards comments that she'd always had that ability but just never actually used it before.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: It's implied Mothra is the one that took Godzilla's cells into space, allowing SpaceGodzilla to be born. Though Biollante may also have been the source of his DNA as well.
  • Nice job fixing it, villain: Dr. Okubo's attempts at using Project T to control Godzilla apparently has the unfortunate side effect of drawing Spacegodzilla right to the Yakuza's hideout. He dies when the monster crushes the building.
  • Not using the Z-word: In the dub the gangsters are not referred to as Yakuza but simply as "the Japanese mafia".
  • Papa Wolf: Godzilla protecting his son from SpaceGodzilla's attacks and later trying to kill SpaceGodzilla to free LittleGodzilla.
  • Revenge before reason: Yuki is so obsessed with killing Godzilla he direct defies orders and diverts MOGUERA toward Big G. The rest of the mecha's crew have to resort to knocking him out in order to resume their mission of going after Space Godzilla.
  • Shoo Out the Clowns: The film becomes more dramatic after Spacegodzilla traps Little Godzilla. It's only after Spacegodzilla's death that the movie returns to a lighter mood.
  • Space Battle: SpaceGodzilla and MOGUERA in the Asteroid Belt. It would have been impressive, if not for the asteroids looking like floating sacks of potatoes.
  • Space Is Noisy: SpaceGodzilla roars in space. Well, what'd you expect for him to do other than fly in space?
  • Stock Footage: Reused the naval battle from Biollante, though they really didn't want to.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: This is where Miki's infamous defense of Godzilla becomes most pronounced.
  • The mole: Dr Okubo, it turns out he secretly works for the Yakuza all along.
  • This is a drill: MOGUERA sports several.
  • Yakuza: There is an entire subplot where Miki gets kidnapped by the Yakuza so they could control Godzilla, presumably so they could sell him as a weapon to the highest bidder.
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