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At Thebes in Egypt a woman slept in the temple of Ammon as the consort of the god, and, like the human wife of Bel at Babylon, she was said to have no commerce with a man. In Egyptian texts she is often mentioned as "the divine consort," and usually she was no less a personage than the Queen of Egypt herself.
The Golden Bough by James Frazer, Chapter 12

This is when two god-like characters (be they actual gods or merely extremely powerful) become a couple.

Might be a Battle Couple. Very likely experiences Eternal Love. For the other type of "couple," see Super Couple. A subtrope of Divine Date, which may only involve one actual god.

Examples of God Couple include:


  • Tenchi Muyo!: Ryoohki Washu and Sasami/Tsunami are two of the Goddesses that made the universe. And Ryoko is Washu's daughter (there is no father). Tenchi is the avatar of the god that made the Goddesses. Apply Tenchi Solution and voila.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion gives us Shinji and Kaworu. (Well, Shinji only becomes a god after Kaworu dies, but Gendo's working ever so hard to make his son into a god this whole time.) Shinji/Rei could also qualify, maybe.

Comic Books


  • In the Ursula K. Le Guin short story "The Birthday of the World", the God of a particular country is a married brother-sister pair. Upon the death of either husband ("God Himself") or wife ("God Herself"), the remaining partner ceases to be God and two of their children marry and become God in their turn.
  • Orb/Gaia and Parry/Satan in Incarnations of Immortality. Also, arguably Fate's occasional affairs with Chronos or Mars.


  • Hancock deals with the aftermath, as the titular character recovers his memory and meets his ex.

Live-Action TV


  • From Greek Mythology:
    • Aphrodite and Ares are often portrayed as lovers. Of course, Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, so it became pretty funny when he would catch them in the act with an unbreakable iron net.
    • Zeus had flings with many a goddess, nymph, and mortal with divine descent. Most of whom were explicitly related to him.
      • Given the fairly small number of gods and the fact they're all descended from Zeus's grandfather Uranus, that's pretty much inevitable.
        • Not entirely true, as there are still deities descended from Gaia's siblings. Of course, they are all male save Zeus' great aunt Nyx; and even Zeus has enough common sense not to try his luck with her.
    • A rare gay example: Apollo and Hyacinthus. While generally referred to as simply a prince of Sparta, Hyacinthus is also believed to have been a minor nature deity of an early pagan religion that was replaced by the Greek religion.
    • Hades and Persephone.
    • Typhon and Echidna, as children of Gaia and Tartarus, are a monstrous take on this.
  • Egyptian Mythology had Isis and Osiris.
  • Norse Mythology: Odin and Frigga, Thor and Sif, Loki and Agriboda (this is God on Giant action technically)
  • Hindu Mythology has many examples, but probably among the most well-known are Shiva and Parvati.
  • Izanagi-no-Okami and his wife, Izanami-no-Okami, the creator deities of Japan according to Shintoism.

Tabletop Games

  • Given the nature of the game, this is practically inevitable in Exalted.
    • Actually, it's a major part of the roles of the Exalted in the First Age. Lunars were meant to be the consorts and companions of Solars, and Solar-Lunar marriages were the norm.
  • One of the more well-known pairings comes from the Forgotten Realms setting, Kelemvor, God of Death; and Mystra, Goddess of Magic, are a couple. An interesting example in that both deities were mortals who met and formed a relationship during the Time of Troubles, which carried over after they ascended. The relationship was public knowledge among the laity, going so far as to have joint ceremonies and rituals between their respective priesthoods. During the Trial of Cyric, though, the relationship was broken off after their competence and impartiality was brought into question: Kelemvor went out of his way to reward heroic souls who died and punish the cowardly and evil, leading to a break in the Balance Between Good and Evil; while Mystra began withholding magic from evil spellcasters, to much the same result.


Video Games

  • Vestoria and Aldius of Fantasia - Realm of Thanos. Too bad Aldius is killed.
  • The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Vivec/Almalexia. It didn't last long...on the godly scale of time, that is.
    • Sotha Sil/Almalexia coupled for longer, probably because it was more intermittent due to Sotha's reclusive Mad Scientist nature. Almalexia did a lot of coupling, but considered Nerevar to be her lover long after his death. And Nerevar/Almalexia were a political God Couple while they were still mortal.
  • In fanon, Yasaka Kanako and Moriya Suwako, literal goddesses at that. With Kochiya Sanae as their daughtergreat-great-great-...-granddaughter. Sanae really is Suwako's great-great-great-...-granddaughter, but has no known blood relation to Kanako.
  • The Backstory for the Disciples series includes Gallean and Soloniel. Gallean planted the forests and populated them with elves, while Soloniel literally cried oceans and bore merfolk. Then they had to go and antagonize Wotan, known for his temper, who rips Gallean's heart out and throws it into the sun. Soloniel jumps after it but the sun burns her, turning her into Mortis, the goddess of death. Mortis revives Gallean, at which point he tells her it's over, since she's now fleshless.
  • Muramasa the Demon Blade gives the Tiny Guy, Huge Girl couple of Fuujin and Raijin. Raijin is a visibly muscular woman (seriously, she'd put any and all female bodybuilders to shame) about 3.5 times larger than the player with little in terms of clothing, a large chest, and monstrous thighs (think "tree trunk-sized") that'd make Chun-Li look like a twig. She's still very beautiful, especially when her "dere" side finally comes to the surface. Fuujin, by contrast, is a very mellow, very adorable little imp, usually calming down the thunder goddess in her less rational moments. He also states (in the original Japanese version) that he loves her fat ass.
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy: It's implied that once upon a time, Cosmos and Chaos, despite representing inherently opposite forces of nature, were lovers and peacefully ruled over the world together. And then came Garland, Chaos' own past self, who convinced Chaos to wage war against his significant other. Chaos himself does not remember this until he regains his memories near endgame. Considering that he just killed Cosmos moments earlier, Chaos is mortified. And to twist the knife further, if you obtain all of the Cosmos and Chaos reports, you find out that Cosmos is more or less Garland/Chaos' adoptive mother. Ew. Or not since they have no blood relations and gods are ageless anyways. They may as well be adoptive siblings or have no familial ties at all.
    • Freud would have a field day with the family dynamics in Dissidia. Consider: Chaos is the "son" of Cid Lufaine, his master and ultimate foe in the story. Chaos' past/future self is Garland. Cid Lufaine's wife was said look exactly like Cosmos, who is technically the adopted daughter of Cid, the love interest of Chaos and the Warrior of Light, and was created to be a mother surrogate for Chaos. Let's not forget that Cosmos bears striking resemblance, not only to Cid's wife, but also to the Princess Sarah, who was the love interest of both Garland, Chaos' future/past self, and the Warrior of Light. The Warrior of Light, for his part, is also Cid Lufaine's "son", being a perfect copy of him in all but memories. Meaning that Chaos' enemy is both his father and the man who looks just like his father, who fights his past/future self in a battle for/against the woman who resembles his mother/sister/future/past girfriend. And let's not forget that Cid's wife's memories were passed down from generation to generation, meaning that somewhere in World A exists a woman who is, at least in her mind, Cid's wife, alongside Cid's daughter/wife clone and the woman who bears more than passing resemblance to said daughter/wife clone. All this without throwing in the resemblance between Lightning and the White Mage from FF 1!
  • Super Paper Mario has Queen Jaydes, ruler of the lower part of the afterlife, The Underwhere, married to King Grambi, ruler of the upper part of the afterlife, The Overthere. They even have a child, Luvbi, though she isn't exactly their biological daughter.
  • Septerra Core. Marduk and Kyra, according to the myths.
  • Asura and Durga, from Asura's Wrath, which is tragically cut short in episode 2.

Western Animation

  • Gargoyles featured literal God Couple Oberon and Titania. It's implied they split at some point, but clearly reconciled by the time Oberon appears near the end of Season 2.
  • All-Star Superman featured Bar-El and Lilo who both have the same powers as Supes when they arrived on Earth.
  • RWBY has Ozpin and Salem in ancient times in Remnant. After finding each other Salem manages to convince Ozpin that they should rule together as the new gods of Remnant and with their magic they do for a time.
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