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Goblin Lord ga Katta Hi main image

Don't let the smiles fool you, this was the only "safe" image Obui made of our heroines, before the goblins got to them...

That night, the farm where Goblin Slayer lives was assaulted by a massive number of goblins, an offensive led by the Goblin Lord. Despite the overwhelming number of goblins, with the aid of the adventurers and Goblin Slayer's planning the Goblin Lord's army was easily defeated and driven back. However in this world, a roll of the dice can change everything...
Goblin Lord ga Katta Hi, or The Day the Goblin Lord Won is a 2018 doujinshi created by Obui that illustrates an alternate Bad Ending of Goblin Slayer's Raid on the Farm arc/Season 1 finale of the anime.

The doujinshi has gained a quite bit of popularity/infamy for being a Truer to the Text story that many believed could have happen in Goblin Slayer's narrative. The doujinshi also ramp up Goblin Slayer's more darker controversial elements Up to Eleven.

For tropes to the actual series see here.

Not to be confused with Goblin Lord the 3D H-game created by Kainhauld.

Goblin Lord ga Katta Hi has examples of:

  • Abusive Parent: The goblins still use Cow Girl and the other female captives as Human Shields when they go off to their next pillage at the end of the story despite all of them being heavily pregnant with their goblin children. Before that a goblin can be seen kicking a heavily pregnant Amazon in the stomach.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Somehow the goblin here are worse than their canon counterpart. So far in the canon, the goblin don't use their female captives as Human Shields while they are heavily pregnant, and its implied that the women that are used as human shields are the ones who can no longer produce more goblins. Here the Goblin Lord uses his captive as Pregnant Hostages.
  • Adaptational Wimp: Played with. In this version of the story, Goblin Slayer and Adventurer's Guild loses badly to the Goblin Lord, whereas in the canon they defeat him with relatively minimal losses. Although the opening narration makes it clear that this happened in this alternate story because all the adventurers were given the absolutely worst possible roll of the dice, meaning it was a case of some really, really bad luck.
  • Alternate Timeline: The divergence point being the end result of Goblin Slayer and Adventurer's Guild vs. the Goblin Lord and his army. Obviously, the former was the winner in the canon, while the winner is the latter for this doujinshi.
  • Ambiguously Brown: Amazon. Obui reveals on their twitter that Amazon's dark skin was a last minute change to match up with her design with the one from the anime. Their first sketch of the characters (see profile image) shows Amazon sporting lighter skin.
  • Antagonistic Offspring: The goblins that Cow Girl and the female adventurers are forced the give birth to. Cow Girl and Witch's "sons" are even shown treating their mothers like playthings.
  • Aphrodisiac: The Goblin Lord was able to create these using the potions that they took from the adventurers. It is potent enough that the female captives underwent Immodest Orgasm after it was administered.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Priestess and Amazon had their limbs amputated by the goblins.
  • Ass Shove: During the "goblin parade", a goblin is shown shoving a club up Female Knight's anus, much to her anguish and humiliation.
  • Babies Ever After: A very dark variation. At the end of story, Cow Girl and the other female captives are forced to be brood mothers and give birth to dozens of goblin children. All of them are still heavily pregnant when the Goblin Lord uses them as Human Shields for their next pillage.
  • Baby Factory: Like in the canon, the goblins force the women they capture to give birth to more goblins. By the end of story, Cow Girl and the other female captives become pregnant with goblin babies, and according to the Goblin Lord, each captives can give birth up to 6 goblins at once in just a matter of days.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: The entire premise is a What If story if the Goblin Lord won against Goblin Slayer during Raid on the Farm arc/Season 1 finale of the anime. The title literally translates to The Day the Goblin Lord Won.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Zigzagged. During their capture, many of the close-up shots of the female characters' face shows them to be covered in tears, drool, and snot. In the epilogue, their bodies are cover in bruises, have bite marks on their breasts, Witch and Cow Girl end up with enlarged milk ducts, and all of them have large distended bellies from pregnancy. Although most of them can still be considered attractive with their faces' having minimal injuries. Completely averted with Amazon, who suffered from An Arm and a Leg, and Priestess who get the worst treatment from the goblins by having her limbs removed, face burned, and her eyes possibly gouged out. The final shot of the story noticeable removes the bruises from the faces of all the girls expect Amazon and Priestess.
  • Big Bad: The Goblin Lord.
  • Bolivian Army Ending: Cow Girl, Priestess, and the other female adventurers are last seen being used as Human Sheilds as the Goblin Lord's army prepare their attack on Water Town, leaving their final fates ambiguous.
  • Break the Badass: Many of the female adventures captured by the goblins included the silver-ranked adventurers High Elf Archer, Witch and Female Knight, and the veteran adventurer Amazon, all of whom are some of the strongest and most capable women in the canon series. Here they are tormented by the goblins to a point of even begging them to stop, and are eventually driven insane. By the end of the story, they become mind broken Baby Factory that give birth to dozens of goblin with lustful Broken Smiles on their faces.
  • Break the Cutie: Cow Girl and Priestess, who are given even worse torture from the goblins than the veteran adventurers.
  • Breast Expansion: In the epilogue, many of the female characters went up a couple of cup sizes in just a few days, likely as a result of their pregnancy by the goblins, with Priestess and Female Knight having the most noticeable change in bust size.
  • Bring My Brown Pants: At the beginning of the story Priestess wets herself after she and Goblin Slayer become surrounded by goblins. Witch also ends up wetting herself due to a goblin using her smoking pipe as a makeshift catheter and inserts it in her urethra while it's raping her.
  • Broken Smile: Several times. Female Knight and High Elf Archer sport these when being violated by the large Hobgoblins. Cow Girl also gives one after being crudely lobotomized. In the epilogue, about half of the captive females give this after being reduced to Baby Factories for the goblins.
  • Child by Rape: Like in the canon, goblins in general, although in this doujinshi that includes ones the female heroes were forced to give birth to.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Female Knight is shown to have these, during a close up of her ahegao face when being violated by a Hobgoblin's Biggus Dickus.
  • Darker and Edgier: The story is pretty on point with actually canon, it just what goblins to do their captives is completely uncensored, and the misfortune is placed on the main cast instead of some Red Shirts.
  • Dead Guy on Display: The Goblin Lord places Goblin Slayer's decapitated head on a pike.
  • Death by Adaptation: Goblin Slayer, Heavy Swordsman, and Cow Girl's Uncle are killed off this story while most of the male cast are presumably killed off-screen.
  • Deer in the Headlights: In the omake, Sword Maiden freezes up when confront by the goblins, the same monsters that tortured her during her early adventuring days.
  • Demoted to Extra: Priestess and High Elf Archer are given the least focus out of all the girls despite being the main characters of the canon story. Cow Girl is given the most focus followed by Witch, Amazon, and Female Knight.
  • Downer Ending: The entire story is a What If bad ending to Goblin Slayer's Raid on the Farm arc/Season 1 of the anime. Going into details, the Goblin Lord's army defeats the Adventurer's Guild and many of the heroes are killed, like Heavy Swordsman and Goblin Slayer himself. Most of the female cast are captured by the goblins, are tortured and raped. They are then forced to be brood mothers for the goblin horde, giving birth to enough goblins to replenish the Goblin Lord's army, and are used as Human Shields as the Goblin Lord is free to pillage over villages, including Sword Maiden's hometown. The End.
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: The female cast after being forced to be goblin Baby Factories for several days.
  • Empty Shell: What the female cast ultimately becomes after being forced to be goblin Baby Factories, as indicated by their Dull Eyes of Unhappiness and Broken Smiles.
  • Enfant Terrible: The goblin children. Despite their young age, they still torture and rape Witch. Even the goblin children she and Cow Girl gave birth to still treat their mother like a plaything.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: After the epilogue, many of the female characters' hair have become long and more disheveled in order to give the readers' an idea of how much time has passed. Most notably, Cow Girl's hair goes back its Year One hairstyle.
  • Express Delivery: Like in the canon, the gestation period of a goblin child in unnaturally quick, with a woman being able to give birth to several goblins in under a week. In this story, all the female characters end heavily pregnant after several dozen days from impregnation. The Goblin Lord even states that several of their female captives were able to give birth to sextuplets.
  • Fan Disservice: Anyone familiar with the canon Goblin Slayer series and Obui's work should see this coming. The majority of Goblin Slayer's female cast are captured by the Goblin Lord and his army, are tortured, humiliated, raped, and forced to be breeding slaves, which is pretty disturbing and messed up unless you are into that kind of thing. Special mention goes to Priestess who gets her faced burned and her limbs sliced off, which is probably why she is given the least focus out of all the girls.
  • Giant Mook: Hobgoblins and Goblin Champion. Naturally, each have a large Biggus Dickus which ends up breaking Female Knight, High Elf Archer, and Amazon.
  • The Hero Dies: In this version, Goblin Slayer is killed by the Goblin Lord.
  • The Heroine: Unfortunately for Cow Girl she gets to be this in the doujinshi after Goblin Slayer's death
  • Human Mom, Nonhuman Dad: Cow Girl and several of the female adventurers (save for High Elf Archer) are forced to be the "human moms" to the dozens of goblins that they gave birth to.
  • Human Shields: Similar to the canon, the Goblin Lord decides to uses the captive women that they have been using as Baby Factories as this at the end of the story, despite all of them still being pregnant with goblin children. Special mention goes to Female Knight who ends up being tied to her own large shield.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Many of the female adventurers forget who they are as they give in to the goblin's torture. Cow Girl ends up being crudely lobotomized by a goblin, and as a result is unable to remember Goblin Slayer, the man she once loved, which ultimately breaks her.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: At least for a doujinshi, as the characters focused on includes Cow Girl, Priestess, High Elf Archer, Witch, Female Knight, and Amazon with Sword Maiden added on in the omake. Obui in their author's note admitted that they wanted make a Downer Ending that involved as many female characters as possible, especially the less focused on characters like Witch, Female Knight, and Amazon.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Like in the canon, Female Knight still wields her large, ornate shield. Although in this version, she is captured by a horde of goblins during her fight with the Goblin Champion, and without her protection, Heavy Warrior ends up being killed by the monster. To add insult to injury, the same Goblin Champion ends up taking possession of her shield. To further add to her humiliation, the naked and pregnant Female Knight ends up being tied down to the same shield that she once used to defend herself as the goblins set out on their next pillage.
  • Mars Needs Women: Like in the canon story, the goblins use women from other races to reproduce, and pregnancy sired by goblins will only result in another goblin, which this doujinshi demonstrates by actually showing Cow Girl give birth to a goblin child.
  • Mythology Gag: Obui manage to put in several nods to the canon series. Some examples include:
    • Priestess once again wets herself in fear at the beginning of the doujinshi, much like what happened in the canon story-line on two occasions.
    • In this story, the Goblin Lord was able to follow through with his threats from the canon, such as cutting off Goblin Slayer's head and parading it around, and cutting off Priestess's limbs and burning her face.
    • In the Epilogue, Cow Girl's hair grew back to it's Peek-a-Bangs style from Year One.
    • In the canon, Sword Maiden has stated that if she had to face the goblins again, she would freeze up and cry, which actually ends up happening in the Omake.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse: The goblins kill many of their female captives's Love Interests to get them including Goblin Slayer (Cow Girl, Priestess and High Elf Archer's love interest), Heavy Swordman (Female Knight's love interest), and possible Spearman off screen (Witch's love interest).
  • Off with His Head: Goblin Slayer, Heavy Swordsman, and Cow Girl's Uncle are all killed in this manner by the goblins.
  • O-Ring Orifice: Female Knight, High Elf Archer, and Amazon all seem to have them when being raped by Hobgoblins and Goblin Champion. This also apply it Cow Girl and Witch's milk gland.
  • Out with a Bang: Female Knight and Amazon believes that being raped by a Hobgoblin's and Goblin Champion's Biggus Dickus would kill them. They do survive, but as a mind broken Baby Factory for the goblins.
  • Parody: Of Goblin Slayer.
  • Precocious Crush: A very Squick example. The goblin children really take a liking to Witch and actually rape her via nipple penetration. In get worse in the epilogue when Witch's own goblin children engage in Parental Incest.
  • Parental Incest: In the epilogue, the pregnant mind broken Witch has this relationship with her goblin children. She and one of her goblin sons are even shown french kissing.
  • Pregnant Hostage: Invoked, as the Goblin Lord's army uses the female captives as their Human Shields despite all of being clearly pregnant with their goblin children.
  • Screaming Birth: Cow Girl at the end of the story as she is giving birth to a goblin. Although unlike most examples, Cow Girl was feeling pleasure from the experience, so there was an Calling Your Orgasms mixed in with her screams.
  • Shameful Strip: The goblin strip down the female character they capture down to their leg-wear and hats. Even those are eventually removed in the epilogue leaving the female captives without a single article of clothing except High Elf Archer's bows in her braids and Amazon's forehead tiara.
  • Tears of Fear: All of the female characters during their capture by the goblin lord's army.
  • Troperiffic: For an one-shot doujinshi that that is only 40 pages long, including the Sword Maiden omake and author notes with the main story being 30 pages long, still manages to squeeze a lot of tropes.
  • Truer to the Text: One of the doujinshi biggest stand outs is that many believed the doujinshi's story could have happened in Goblin Slayer's narrative, it helps that the actual canon story already borrows elements from hardcore hentai. Many reader agree that, for the most part, the story is a fairly accurate What If scenario.
  • The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter: Inverted. Most of the female cast ended becoming "Hot Moms" to their Ugly Goblin Sons at the end of the story.
  • Victory Is Boring: One of the goblin leaders declares he is getting bored of raping and torturing the female characters for some time, and orders an invasion towards the next village.
  • Villainous Incest: Several goblin children during the ending treat Witch like a plaything despite her being their mother.
  • What If: The premise of the doujinshi is what could have happened if the Goblin Lord and his army defeated Goblin Slayer and the Adventurer's Guild.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Noticeably, the fates of several of the characters that was involved in Raid on the Farm arc are left ambiguous, like Guild Girl, Spearman, Dwarf Shaman, and Lizard Priest. The goblin lord mentioned that his army killed most of the adventurers and were transporting more captured women to their cave. So ultimately its left up to the readers' imagination on who was killed, who was captured and who escaped.
  • Zerg Rush: How the goblins defeated many of the adventurers at beginning of the story.
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