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Not knowing everything is all that makes it okay sometimes.
Delirium, The Sandman

He holds out his hands and he touches the chest

He breaks its seals, he disturbs its rest

Curious and slow he opens the lid

He stares over the edge, what he sees he can't grip

No diamonds but he sees his own face

A possessed wreck with an empty gaze

Thrilled by madness he's dying in pain

No dream, he's insane!
—"Diamonds of the Black Chest" by Running Wild
Thought For The Day: Be strong in your ignorance. Knowledge brings only suffering.
Poor Redvers... he was so frightened, his hair went completely white... he went quite mad, you know...
Redvers Fenn-Cooper, Doctor Who, "Ghost Light"
I am confident that if anyone actually penetrates our facades, even the most perceptive would still be fundamentally unprepared for the truth of House Dimir.
Szadek of the House Dimir, Magic: The Gathering

Bart: We come now to the final and most terrifying painting of the evening. To even gaze upon it is to go mad!

Homer: They're dogs... and they're playing POKER! AAAAHHAHAHAHAHA!!"
The Simpsons, "Treehouse Of Horror IV"
{{[[[Mage| The Awakening]] Paradox}}] then creates holes in the cosmos that hateful things of anti-existence crawl through. These hateful things then go rampant while the Sleepers are shutting down their mental processes because otherwise they have to deal with the idea that something just crawled through a hole in the cosmos.
—An member discussing the dangers of miscast spells
Robo. I think I'm insane now.
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