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A Stock Phrase, usually uttered in an enervate or deadpan tone, tagged onto the end of a sentence to express that the situation described in the sentence is absurd, ridiculous, and/or ironic. Sort of like a verbal eyeroll. Much like "Whatever" and "So yeah", it's a conversation breaker, so it's typically found at the end of (or serving as) a punchline.

Notable for being the easiest way to lampshade anything, ever. "The Butler Did It? Go Figure."

Examples of Go Figure include:


  • Fahrenheit 9/11

 American Soldier: I make anywhere between two and three thousand a month. A Halliburton employee out here driving a bus can make between eight and ten thousand a month. Explain that one to me. For 40 hours a week. Driving the same two-and-half-mile route. Go figure.

 Jon Arbuckle: Boy, you learn a dance and then zango, 14 years later, they change it.

Garfield: Go figure.

 Max: Well go figure, I was just thinking to myself what ever happened to that Barry Cox?

  • Intergalactic Combat

 Comander (sic) X: They are apparently living organic metal structures... go figure!

  • Liberty Stands Still

 Joe: Many of the fathers of the Constitution had slaves, but they wrote a document about freedom. Go figure!

  • P.S. I Love You

 Holly Kennedy: They have pills for rudeness?

Daniel Connelly: I know...and they can't figure out the Middle East. Go figure.

  • The Boost

 Lenny: [on Linda's birthday] I got you a $40,000 car and a $2 mutt. Go figure.

 Yzma: [on Kuzco] Why, I practically raised him.

Kronk: Yeah, you'd think he would've turned out better.

Yzma: Yeah, go figure.

  • Thursday

 Alexis Meyers: What kind of job do you have?

Grey Malcolm: I'm in sales. [snip] What about you? [snip]

Alexis: I'm in... sales.

Grey: Oh, like me. Go figure.

 Sam: Bought a car. Turned out to be an alien robot. Go figure.

Live Action TV

  • Back To You episode "Something's Up There"

 Montana Diaz Herrera: It's pouring outside. I didn't know it was going to rain today.

Kelly Carr: You're the weather girl.

Montana: Yeah. Go figure.

 Jess: Yeah, women right, can't live with 'em, can't stop them from jumping in closets...go figure.

 Jackson Stewart: Finally, they're gone. Dad, the next time you host a PTA meeting, you should do it out in the hot tub, so I can see Lilly's mom in a... [turns around to see Lilly's mom] the kitchen. Hey, Mrs. T. [to his dad] Warn a guy!

Miley Stewart [to Lilly's mom]: And he doesn't have a girlfriend... go figure.

 Allison Dubois: A psychic with a bad memory. Go figure.

 Lois Lane: Go figure. I want the Red-Blue Blur, I get the exact opposite.

 Isaac: Someone holds the copyright to "Happy Birthday"?

Dan Rydell: The representatives of Patty and Mildred Hill.

Isaac: Took two people to write that song?

Dan: Go figure.

 Steven Hyde: So did you bring everything?

Leo: Yeah, I got everything... except the camera... and the film... yeah, I didn't bring anything.

Steven: Leo man, you work at a film center.

Leo: Yeah, go figure.

 Eddie Fairbanks: Yeah, birds flyin'. Go figure.

Video Games

 Scorpion: Somebody needs a thumping, 'cause I don't like being out of control!

Spider-Man: And yet, when you're in control, you dress up like a scorpion and act crazy. Go figure.

  • The Argonian Mach-Na in Oblivion says this when explaining how she behaves like an Imperial but sympathises more with Dark Elves.

Western Animation

 Salem: I said if I could find Sabrina I'd be happy as a clam. Next thing I know, I'm a giant bivalve. Go figure.


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