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"Oh, good lord, we thank thee for what thou hast spread before us, no matter how little these poor morsels be."
—The Forester's Wife, The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship

A character who is possibly a Big Eater will most often come across a large amount of food at a buffet or maybe even a restaurant. What does he do? He will immediately dig into the food that lies in front of him. What follows after that is a montage showing the character stuffing himself with food.

This is a type of montage where a gluttonous character will engorge on a mass variety of food through a series of stills and vignettes.


Anime and Manga

  • There was an extended scene in the Bleach anime where Yoruichi was eating to recover from Ulqiorra and Yammy's attacks.


Comic Books

  • In Asterix and the Chieftan's Shield, Chief Vitastatistix has liver problems, so Getafix sends him to a health spa to lose weight. Since the trip takes several days, we get a Gluttony Montage of him stuffing himself at every inn on the way, while making justifying comments like "Everyone knows cheese is an aid to digestion". By the time they arrive, he's in such pain Obelix has to carry him.

Web Original

Western Animation

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