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  • Cure Beauty's introduction.
  • Episode 2: Has Glitter Sunny manage to catch the Buffoon body slam attack and spun the monster around by holding its clown nose.
  • Episode 8: Looks like they're going back to the fast paced close combat fights from the earlier seasons (and Heartcatch). Cure Candy being the first to do it makes it all the more awesome.
  • Pretty much everyone gets one in episode 12. Cure Beauty faces off against an attack-resistant Akanbe, Candy gives all the Pretty Cures new Cure Decors out of sheer force of will, and the rest of the Cures smash open their unbreakable bubbles and proceed to defeat the new, super-powered Akanbe in seconds.
  • Episode 15: The scene where Cure Sunny slowly approaches Wolfrun with complete confidence, demanding that he return the necklace Miyuki made for her mom.
  • Episode 19: Up until that point, whenever Cure Peace performed her Peace Thunder attack, she freaked out. Now? She winces (but doesn't cry out), but she's much stronger than she was shown before.
  • Episode 23. Sunny hits Wolfurun with a boulder the size of a small mountain, Peace electrocutes a giant Akaoni into submission, March spams her March Shoot to take out Majorina's clones, and Beauty defeats Joker in a sword fight (finally wielding her ice sword from the opening). The fact that it's all done in a sudden Animation Bump really helps.
  • Cure Peace, our lovable little crybaby shows how far she's willing to go despite her fears, clinging desperately to Akaoni's leg to keep him from intercepting Happy's rescue of Candy.
  • And let us not forget them gaining there princess modes and blast Pierrot/Emperor Nogo body to oblivion (For now).
  • Episode 31: Candy awakens the power of the Royal Clock. One-upped in the following episode when it's used to power up the Rainbow Burst into the Royal Rainbow Burst.
    • Seeing cutesy, childlike Candy generating phoenix-fire in episode 31 is both startling and magnificent.
  • Episode 39: The Bad End Trio destroy the pumpkin carriage in order to stop Miyuki (As Cinderella) from getting to the ball. Does it work? NO. Miyuki goes into full Determinator mode, holding her glass slippers in hand and running full speed toward the castle while proclaiming that the story of Cinderella WILL NOT have a bad end.
  • Episode 40, where Cure Sunny goes Dragon Ball Z on Wolfrun's ass.
    • Its not just her. Every Cure is getting A Day in the Limelight where they get to kick SERIOUS ASS, debuting their new attacks in spectacular fashion: Sunny uses the Sunny Fire Burning attack to fire off a huge wave of flame that roasts Wolfrun's Hyper-Akanbe; Peace overcomes her self-doubts and fears and brings down the wrath of a whole thunderstorm's worth of lightning on Akaoni's head with Peace Thunder Hurricane; March responds to Majorina trying to hurt her little siblings by going totally berserk, taking absurd amounts of damage but refusing to go down, and using March Shooter Impact to launch a jumbo-sized Akanbe hundreds of feet into the air; Beauty overcomes her emotional turmoil and uses Beauty Blizzard Arrow to shatter Joker's Akanbe-shield as well as the pocket realm he'd trapped her in; and Happy takes out Wolfrun's desperate final attempt to beat her by using Happy Shower Shining to fire off what could only be described as an expy of Starlight Breaker.
  • Remember in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 when Cure Aqua had her awesome moment dueling on a horse with a sword? In Cure Beauty's limelight episode, she get an awesome sword fight against Joker (who ABSORBED the Mirror-Akanbe to gain weapons, instead of the monster absorbing him like the generals—that's right, even the villain got an Awesome Moment here)! The fight was awesome with Beauty's theme song even!
    • Not the mention the animation was nothing short of spectacular, a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the animation crew.
  • Episode 47: Ultra Forms debut.
  • The announcement for Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2 at the end of the Smile movie. Apparently, it did well enough that Toei did something like it for the upcoming Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z in the most recent Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider Wizard And Fourze Movie War Ultimatum film.
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