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Main Characters of Gladstone's School for World Conquerors

Kid Nefarious

File:KN 8975.gif

A spirited and spunky young villain. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Nefarious who were infamous supervillains in their time. Acts as the groups de facto leader.

  • Berserk Button: Don't mess with Mummy Girl or he will mess with you.
  • Casting a Shadow: He and his parents have dark matter based powers which tend to manifest as shadowy, black ravens.
  • Domino Mask / Expressive Mask
  • Super Mode: Or 'Ultimate Form Of Darkness' which has him covered in dark energy and wielding a sword that he spawns. He is significantly stronger and faster like this.

Martian Jones

File:MJ 9923.gif

Being a science villain 'Marty' is the groups Gadgeteer Genius and is best friends with Kid Nefarious. At the end of issue #6 he accidentally destroys Shakurankai, The Red Storm Breaker.

Mummy Girl

File:MG 7390.gif

A mummy girl who specializes in the mystical arts. She incites the plot to get revenge against Shakurankai by introducing Kid Nefarious to comic books. In the beginning of the series she has an unrequited crush on Kid Nefarious until issue #4 when it becomes... requited.

Ghost Girl

File:GG 4882.gif

Mummy Girl's best friend. She is apparently Asian and has powers that involve summoning or channeling spiritual energy.

The Skull Brothers

File:SB 8198.gif

Two sons of the very dangerous Skull family. They are very mysterious. They've known about the superhero/villain armistice since they were young and carry the secrets of their family. The brothers are on a mission to free their mother from Tartarus prison and restore honor to their family name.

  • Badasses: They carry tons of weapons and gadgets, have cool costumes, and drive motorcycles.
  • Barrier Warrior: Have a force field as a part of their many Hidden Weapons.
  • Cool Bike: Kids of no more than 16 years with motorcycles.
  • Creepy Children: When we see them without their masks for the first time... their eyes are just as bugged out as they were with the masks on.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The first time the reader sees the Skull Brothers they are talking about how truly ignorant their bully attackers are and are defending their mother's honor.
  • Family Honor: The Skull Brothers love their mother and will do anything for her. Badmouthing the Skull family in their presence would be unwise.
  • Hidden Weapons: As displayed in ther Extended Disarming sequence the brothers apparently carry grenades, kunai knives, garrote, sai, and guns on their person at any given time. They also have a number of gadgets in their suits which grant them special abilities such as smoke shooting from the fingers and a fire-breathing apparatus.
  • Innocence Lost: Because their father was killed by a superhero and they have known about the hero/villain armistice from a young age they've had to grow up faster than most students at Gladstone's.
  • Siblings in Crime / The Family That Slays Together: They are in fact brothers from the Skull family.
  • Verbal Tic: Skull Brother 2 (the younger one) doesn't talk much, but when he does it's usually a simple "Yup."
  • Weapon of Choice: Brother 1 favors his Sickles and Brother 2 favors his trusty rifle. Fitting because they are both a little psycho and 2 is stoic.