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A stock Pre-Mortem One-Liner which usually comes in two flavours:

Type 1) From the killer to the victim. Often told from the villain to the Disposable Woman or anyone close to The Hero that they're about to kill. When it's The Hero saying this, it's usually to Mooks attempting to avenge their boss or to an enemy upon the issue of a Duel to the Death.

Type 2) From the victim to their friends or sometimes the killer themselves. The Tear Jerker variant which is usually found among the True Companions when one of them is dying in the arms of one of his comrades, usually along the lines of "Meet you on the other side".

This One-Liner is sometimes used in the context of a Mercy Kill but it's rarer.

Related to See You in Hell and We Will Meet Again.

Examples of Give My Regards in the Next World include:

Anime and Manga

  • In the 2003 anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist, King Bradley is trying to kill Mustang, and after stabbing him, tells him, "Give my regards to Major General Hughes". Since Hughes was Mustang's best friend, this is also "rubbing salt in the wound".
  • Vincent from Cowboy Bebop Knockin' on Heaven's Door quips to Spike that they'll meet in the next world before shoooting him and dropping him through a window Spike survives, though.
  • In an example which also has an element of See You in Hell, in Black Lagoon, as Revy shoots a Neo-Nazi mook in the face, she tells him, "Say hi to the Fuhrer for me."
  • Inverted in Gundam Wing, where it's the person who's about to die (Treize) who makes the comment "See you on the other side, Zechs."
  • In Berserk, right before Guts deals the killing blow to Bishop Mozgus he shouts, "When you meet your god, tell him to leave me (the FUCK) alone!"

Comic Books

 "When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin, tell them Carl Sagan sent you!"


  • Heroic example in Die Hard With a Vengeance, McClane says "Say hello to your brother" just before he kills Simon Gruber, referring to Hans Gruber who McClane killed in the first film.
  • Another heroic version from the Stargate film- "Give my regards to King Tut, asshole."
  • From the Lost in Space film, Doctor Smith comments, "Farewell my platinum plated pal. Give my regards to oblivion."
  • In Spawn, the title character says to Violator, just after decapitating him, "Give my regards to your boss. Tell him he's next."
  • Major Deakins to Captain Hale in Broken Arrow 1996, "Don't forget to say hi to Johnson for me when you see him", in regards to a previously killed mook.
  • From Mighty Joe Young, when the poacher was going to shoot the heroine "You'll join your mother in hell" line.


  • In Redwall, the main villain, Cluny the Scourge, is introduced sending one of his subordinates to do a suicidal job, then telling him as he lays dying on the road to "Tell the devil Cluny sent you!"

Live Action TV

 Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: Give your God my regards... [stabs Rafe with a stake] Tell Him... thanks for the exercise.

  • In the Dresden Files TV series, Harry says "say hi to my uncle" just before he kills the bad guy in one episode.
  • Tracker has Cole saying one of these to the brother of Rhee, the Vardian who killed his daughter, and who's really ticking Cole off. "Say hello to Rhee for me."
  • Power Rangers Jungle Fury:" Dai Shi tells the Rangers to 'say hi to Master Mao' just as he's about to finish them off. Master Mao is their original teacher.


  • The Protomen - Here Comes the Arm

 Dr. Light: "Joe, when you see Emily / Tell her to wait for me / 'Cause I still have work to do..."

Video Games

 Count Orsi: Wilhem, and ... what was your name again, lad?

Christof: Mark my name well, Orsi, for the devil will wish to know who delivered you unto his lightless realm. Tell the devil thou wert despatched from earth by Christof Romuald. Christof Romuald whose soul he shall never possess so long as there is hope beyond all hope in this world.

 Cagnazzo: Give my regards to Milon when you see him in hell.

 Captain Price: Give my regards to Zakhaev if you get there (hell) first.

 Sylvanas: Give my regards to Hell, you son of a bitch!

  • The Necromancer in Diablo II, after defeating Mephisto for the first time:

 "Good journey, Mephisto. Give my regards to the abyss."


Western Animation

 Tigertron: Give my regards to the pit, Predacon!

    • Episode "The Web"

 Tarantulas: Game over, vermin! Give my regards to the Inferno!

  • Parodied on Futurama, when Bender was being taken to be executed, a large robot in one of the cells told him "When you see the Robot Devil, tell him I'm a-coming". The Robot Devil turns out to be in the next cell.

 Bender: He says-

Robot Devil: I heard him.

Web Original

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