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Time to throw the silk gloves away and unveil the steel fist, eh?

According to fiction, some Tomboys will have girlier sides that are either an embarrassment or a soft spot for them. Or put them together: it began as an embarrassment but became a soft spot. Can the Inverted Trope happen, or more exactly: can Girly Girls have hidden or explicit tomboy sides?

Of course they can.

This girl is feminine to the hilt, looks dainty and maybe a bit frail, but will surprise her peers via showing a more tomboyish disposition from time to time. Whether it's a distaste for pink, a willingness to get down and dirty (sports or otherwise), or a knack for troublesome power tools, she can be a Lady of War or a Girly Bruiser (among other things). She may be a grown-up tomboy who didn't throw away this side after her Girliness Upgrade (or if she did, she decided to re-embrace it). She may be a girly girl Raised by Dudes who picked up some quirks from the guys around her. She may have a more tomboyish friend (maybe a Tomboy with a Girly Streak) and picked up cues from her. She may, well, simply be a feminine girl who likes more boyish stuff. There are as many reasons as girls and women are in the world, after all.

Sister Trope to Real Men Wear Pink. Logically, Truth in Television.

Examples of Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak include:


  • Azumanga Daioh has none other than Sakaki. Her friends initially believe she's a delinquent, due to frequently showing up with her hands or face bandaged, creating the impression she often gets into fights. Plus, she's very tall and the best athlete at the school. So Chiyo and Kagura are surprised when they eventually learn Sakaki's the opposite of what they were expecting, and prefers cute things over being cool. In fact, some of the bandages on her face come from her trying to pet mean cats.
  • Bleach:
  • Captain Tsubasa: Machiko Machida is implied to be this in the original TV series. She's a dainty-looking Meganekko and Team Mom, but she gets pretty aggressive in the rare times she's crossed and tries to encourage her Girly Girl bestie Yoshiko to be straightforward with her feelings.
  • Cardcaptor SakuraSakura Kinomoto is a very feminine girl overall, but has short hair and loves both sports and video games. She can also sew and knit if needed, even if nowhere at the level of Tomoyo.
  • Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics portrays Snow White, of all people, as this. She is extremely girly-looking and learns to handle herself competently with housework when she lives with the Dwarves, but she also likes climbing up trees to get her beloved apples and explicitly says she'd rather do these things all day long than sew and knit.
  • Minako "Sailor Venus" Aino from Codename wa Sailor V and Sailor Moon. She's a very girly-looking girl who almost always wears dresses and skirts, has long blond hair tied with a red ribbon, considers herself a Goddess of Love and takes pride on it, is a bit boy-crazy (while also having Les Yay with her female friends), plays volleyball (a sport often associated with girly girls in JPN media) and wants to be a singer... but she's also very straightforward about her feelings and quite the Gamer Chick.
  • The titular Madlax has long hair, changes into pretty dresses on several occasions for seemingly no reason other than to look good and is a really good cook (though she is only seen cooking pasta). She is also by far the most badass character in the series, and, in spite of the above, mostly wears a tank-top.
  • Yoshino Shimazu from Mariasama ga Miteru is an Ill Girl with super feminine looks, but once she recovers from her illness she reveals more and more the aggressive, headstrong and tsundere-ish personality that loves thriller stories and kendo. She also is a good foil to Rei Hasekura, a Tomboy with a Girly Streak

Comic Books

Fan Fiction



Live-Action TV

  • Leverage: Sophie the Grifter is normally associated with conning people, usually with Honey Traps, or being Pretty in Mink on the con. As the series progressed, she became an increasingly competent physical combatant (especially against the hired gun in "The Reunion Job").

Video Games

  • In the Fire Emblem Gaiden remake, the Pegasus Knight Clair is rewritten as one. She has the looks, the speech patterns and the attitude of a Proper Lady, but is a natural at fighting (much to the surprise of her older brother's rather old fashioned friend) and is completely unafraid of speaking her mind.
  • Yukiko Amagi from Persona 4. She's a traditionally feminine and well-mannered Yamato Nadeshiko, but is also a Nightmare Fetishist and Lethal Chef.

Visual Novels

Western Animation

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