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  • Alright now. I'm a guy, and I don't think Girl-On-Girl Is Hot. But more importantly, I cannot understand why anyone would. I know, this probably sounds silly, but I really don't get it! And worse, all of the "explanations" I've tried to find are clearly meant to be humorous and aren't serious. So, tropers, I ask you: what is so sexy about Girl-On-Girl?
    • It might sound humorous, but it really does boil down to "One woman is hot. Two women is twice as hot."
    • Five bucks says you got the answer "You just didn't see a good lesbian porno yet" at least a couple of times. But yeah, the man (presumably) above speaks the simplified truth. I think it also depends a lot on the individual's mindset. For example, if you were, hypothetically, one of those guys that think , "Oh, if there's no way I can possibly tap that under normal circumstances, then I'm not interested" or are someone that doesn't find non-standard sex appealing, then it would be obvious that you wouldn't find girl-on-girl hot. On the other hand, there are people can be aroused by and fetishize anything, even if they can't technically do it with them, from the mildly impossible (in this case, lesbian girls who wouldn't normally be interested in you) to the literally impossible (like cars). The "why" also differs from person to person. It could be the motions, the looks, it could even be as simple as merely the concept itself.
    • Guy doesn't want to be accidentally turned on by another guy, so he wants another woman in place to get turned on instead.
      • That's actually the reason why there are so many unattractive men in the porn industry; it helps the male viewers feel secure that it's the women that are turning them on.
    • Even so, Girl-On-Girl Is Hot works because many people don't get off on seeing another guy spelunking into hotties with his bigger penis.
    • I'm afraid asking "explain why this is erotic" is a nonstarter, since arousal is not an intellectual reaction but a visceral one, and thus an individual fetish or turn-on seems inexplicable to anyone who does not share it. You say "I cannot understand why anyone would" -- well, what explanation would suffice? In my experience, girl on girl is one of the most universal turn-ons, even among straight women (how this extends cross-culturally, however, is not known to me). So why should the burden of explanation be on those who do think Girl-On-Girl Is Hot when this is, basically, an uncontroversial claim? If you can watch some of the material produced by companies like Sapphic or Girlfriends and do not find it arousing, your tastes are as inexplicable to me as mine are to you.
  • I don't really find the actual act is hot, but I do think it's hot to see two hot women in varying states of undress.
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