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"One of these days, we're going to get sued."
—Shinpachi Shimura

Under construction! Many thanks to Rumbel subs for pointing out plenty of the shout-outs.

  • Constant shout-outs to other Shounen Jump series like Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Bleach, especially in the episodes featuring the suffering editors of Gintaman.
    • Gintama Shippuden!
    • The other series are known in the Gintama universe as Beruto (the villains as Bakazuki) and One Park.
    • Episode 89 is full of references to and parodies of Bleach.
      • Toyako, the spirit of Gintoki's sword, looks a lot like a less cool Zangetsu.
      • The Shinsengumi's Victory Goddess looks a lot like a long-haired Orihime.
      • And to top off all the cameos, a lookalike of Ichigo himself--in shinigami form and Hollow mask--appears near the end. To introduce a ton of other gods.
      • Zenkai and Fuusenmaru sound familiar...
    • In episode 115, when she was eating the Hijikata Special, Kuriko says something along the lines of "I have found the One Piece of flavors!"
    • Nobody really knows what the goal of Gintama is, so Gintoki sets it to "become the Samurai King".
    • The end of Episode 203 has Gintoki somehow be able to use Final Getsuga Tensho. Particularly funny after a couple of episodes spoofing the idea of a time-skip showing characters as stronger, improved, etc. Gin's reaction at the end of the episode is something like; "No helping it, I'll just have to go with this" Cue transformation.
    • Episode 209 during the Ginpachi-sensei segment. "Kakashi-sensei from class N had his Sharingan stolen. Anyone know anything?"
    • There are also a few shout-outs to Yoshihiro Togashi's work. Prince Hata is a walking shout-out to Level E (he's even called "Prince Baka" all the time!) although he looks like Fat Buu, and there's an exchange where Gintoki has cornered a villain that is a hysterical parody of the flashback where Sensui and Itsuki meet (sorry, paraphrased):

 Gintoki: Do you have anything to say before you die?

Villain: If you'd let me live for one more day, I'd like to watch my favorite TV show.

Gintoki: That! Won't! WORK!!! (proceeds to kick bad guy's ass)

    • During the Shinsengumi Rebellion arc, Hijikata compares himself to Yamcha, while Gin tells him that he's Vegeta, not Yamcha.
    • There's an entire chapter dedicated to how no one likes "Namcha."
    • In an early episode of the anime Shinpachi dresses up like Sena from Eyeshield 21 when trying to "play" with Sadaharu.
  • Studio Ghibli's films are another popular reference that spawned the recurring characters Pedoro and Hedoro.
    • An episode title: Laputa's still good after seeing it so many times. The episode itself has a small part where Kondo, Okita, and Yamazaki discuss their favorite Ghibli films and their different aspects.
  • Kagura wears Bruce Lee's outfit from Game of Death.
  • In episode 25, Gintoki quotes Itachi. They're fighting over nabe.

  "You should hate me more, curse me, and detest me! Then you should take the power of that hatred and use it to survive this rotten world."

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