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  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Many of these as well, although the Yoshiwara arc in particular is rather tear-inducing. If you don't cry at Seita reuniting with his mother, then carrying her on his back because she's been crippled by the Yato bastard running the city you're made of stone.
  • Also, the half-episode There's Almost a 100% Chance You’ll Forget Your Umbrella and Hate Yourself For It, in which Kagura gets an umbrella from Gintoki, ruins it, fixes it, gives it away to a pair of homeless kids stuck out in the rain. She picks up another broken umbrella, and Gintoki and Shinpachi comment on how beautiful it is.
    • You know, Independence Day isn't that bad, is it?
  • In the second half of episode 189, Kagura keeps up her radio exercises for months because of a promise she made to a friend. She tries to do so even in the rain, but she can't get her radio to work, and breaks it in frustration. Just as she's about to start crying, Gintoki steps in to help her continue.
  • How Madao/Hasegawa-san gave up his chance at a job in order to mend a broken family in Chapter 274. Even though it ended up just being a story the mother wrote for the son.
  • Episode 213, the end of the Four Devas Arc. Jirocho retires as a Deva of Kabukicho, and returns home with Pirako.
  • And before that, also during the Four Devas Arc, after Otose has seemingly been fatally wounded and all of Kabukicho is flaring up for war, all the past characters who Gin and the others have helped gather together to protect the supposedly disbanded and broken Yorozuya and Otose's bar
  • Episode 59, where Otae gives Gintoki her favorite umbrella. The accompanying background music certainly helps.
  • For a gag series, Gintama has a lot of heartwarming moments. Anytime Gintoki sheds his lazy, apathetic loser persona to say some good ol' shonen lines to his friends/extras of the week.
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