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A cycle of stylish, psychosexually loaded Italian crime films which peaked sometime in the late '70s. The name means "yellow," and refers to the yellow covers of the pulp detective novels which were adapted into the first of the films. Gialli are generally plotted as "puzzle" mysteries (with either police or amateurs investigating), but with a heavy admixture of horror and thriller elements.

Major directors of gialli include Dario Argento, Mario Bava, and Lucio Fulci.

Many American movies have been influenced by gialli. These include Basic Instinct, Kill Bill, Vol. 2 (when it isn't being a Spaghetti Western), the Hostel movies, and pretty much anything by Brian De Palma. Slasher Movies from Friday the 13 th onward have appropriated bits and pieces of the giallo sensibility, as well.

And now you to can create your own, with the Do-It-Yourself Giallo Kit.

Common tropes include:

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