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  • Most of "A Tachikoma Runs Away" breaks this troper into pieces.
  • In the climax of the first season, when they sacrifice themselves to save Batou, using the very few weapons they have. His personal Tachikoma is the last to go, and it looks to Batou, says, "Goodbye, Mr. Batou..." and cries a single tear of organic oil. That was especially heartbreaking because of the symbolism of humanity that Batou literally installed by giving the Tachikomas organic oil to begin with. They get better, but the fact that robotic armaments being scrapped can cause real world tears... Wow.
  • The death of the Tachikomas. Goodbye Mr. Batou. * cries*
    • Batou's horror as he realizes exactly what they're doing.
    • What you have is certainly not weak.
    • The melodramatic oil tear dents the moment slightly for this troper, but oh God... I was still choking up. I thought it was even more effective than the 2nd Gig ending.
      • The oil tear is what killed this troper. Full-grown man crying like a little girl? Yeah. It happens.
  • This troper adopts a quivering expression identical to Batou's, only more so, at the end of 2nd Gig's "Trans_Parent." The VO who provided the little girl's voice earned her pay.
  • 2nd GiG later has two practically back to back, the first is: Motoko asking Kuze if he can fold cranes using his left hand -- with all the implication that has. Then, right after that hearing the Tachikoma sing this cheerful song about butterflies and living things while they send the satellite containing their collective consciousness plummeting into the path of a launched nuke.

 The earthworm, the cricket,

the water snake

everything, everything is alive

and are friends

We all are alive

We laugh because we're alive

We all are alive

We are happy because we're alive

    • "I don't believe it. Do you want to know something? I'd bet anything that all of you have ghosts."
    • This 32yo troper gets instant wet eyes and a rush of joy every time someone even mentions that scene (yeah, it just happened while I read this article): the mix of noble sacrifice and adorable cuteness, the cheerful song, the emotional attachment built throughout the seasons, it's all just... unbearably awesome :,D
    • From the moment I Do starts to the big boom, I could feel my throat tighten.
  • Most of the flashback portion of episode 11 of 2nd GIG (AFFECTION), but especially the one line toward the end:

  "I'm going to practice folding paper cranes so that I can make them for you someday, okay?"

    • It got me at "She is probably still looking for the first boy she ever loved" I was watching the sub, so I read the text and was instantly in tears before Motoko's VA even stopped speaking.
    • Cue the song Take a Little Hand, and this troper consequently bursting into tears.
  • "Motoko! MOTOKOOOO!"
  • The end of the episode "Excavation" is definitely a gut-wrencher.
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