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  • Nightmare Fuel: The "4 Minutes Before Death" scene where the Justice Minister dies of a heart attack was probably supposed to be funny in its cartoonishness. If you've ever actually seen someone have a heart attack, it's... not.
    • Even if you haven't seen someone have a heart attack, it's not funny.
    • To elaborate, a list of all the deaths in the game up to that point: rendered unconscious by the shock of a point-blank shotgun wound, then, still unconscious, killed by a subsequent two-story fall; Instant Death Bullet; Instant Death Bullet sniping; Instant Death Bullet shot from an otherwise rather amusing Rube Goldberg machine; crushed by a giant plastic chicken; died instantly in a car crash[1].; rendered unconscious in an electric chair explosion, then succumbed to injuries shortly afterward in the moratorium; man spasms around in horrible pain, screaming, reaching for the medicine that would save his life and launching it across the room in his spasmodic state, even knocking his water pitcher that would at least buy him some time off the table, spends his last few moments in utter hopelessness, and just keels over, betrayed by his own body.
    • Also remember, even though Sissel alters fate repeatedly throughout the course of this game, the victims remember everything about it in full detail, even if it takes them a while to do so. This is why Sissel is so desperate about saving the final victim immediately, so that they don't have to experience this pain.
    • If you're ever caught by Other Sissel/Yomiel: He freezes time, looks straight at you, the player, and basically says that you can't stop him, before he causes a gameover.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Sissel says several times he's not upset that he's dead. Then there's Missile, who turns it Up to Eleven...
    • Almost nobody in the game regrets their own death after they die -- it seems to be a property of the realm of the dead (or maybe just the fact that, well, they still exist, so much of the fear is gone. But Sissel explicitly notes that he's not worried even when he's told that he'll disappear at dawn). Those people who express regret always express it over their inability to protect others, not themselves.
    • Kamila. An assassin bursts into her apartment? Dad's in jail for the murder of her mother? Mother is dead and she thinks it's all her fault? Crushed to death by a gigantic stone monument and then brought back to life? Kidnapped, shoved into a suitcase, and dragged back to the house where her mother was shot to death in front of her? Trapped in a sinking submarine with death imminent? No biggie, who needs counselling? Hey, Lynne, how does spaghetti sound for dinner?
  • Complete Monster: The two hitmen. In the original, bleak timeline, they flat out murder two innocent girls and a puppy.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Anything involving the Temsik Meteorite...and Sissel's true death.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Missile appearing out of nowhere and revealing he has powers like Sissel, even funnier by the fact that they're somewhat more powerful than his. Or just everything Missile does.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: All of the music in this game is epic. Of course, what else is to be expected from the original composer for the Ace Attorney series?
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Yomiel. After his Heel Face Turn he is given a tragic backstory and is portrayed as fully sympathetic, the last image of the game being a Tear Jerker image of him. He expresses regret for taking Lynne hostage and he loves his cat, sure, but lest we forget some of the sympathetic things he did: he murders a 5 year old girl's mother in front of her and makes her think she did it, he possesses a 10 year old girl and tries to make her kill her own father, he actually succeeds in cold-bloodedly killing her in her own apartment as we see in the alternate timeline. And this is just what he does to Kamila! What's more, he shows no remorse until he's been stabbed in the back. Yet he's one of the most popular characters.
    • He says himself that the loneliness corrupted him and that he had more or less lost his marbles, he's sympathetic because his pain caused him to do those things after Lynne reaches out to him he snaps back and works to fix what he did.
    • Contributing to this perception may be the fact that he has the appearance of the protagonist, who we've spent the entire game with and become sympathetic to. So even knowing he's not the same person, he still looks like the character you've been playing and connecting to for 15+ chapters now.
    • Also, even if you don't buy into the redemption, it's hard not to wince a bit in sympathy when watching him get crunched by the Mino statue after he manipulates himself to throw Lynne out of the way. Ouch.
    • Yomiel still being redeemed, despite everyting is part of what makes the ending so amazing, IMO. Keep in mind that without his help the happy ending would have been impossible, and he did not expect to survive an encounter with Mino in the first place.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Like half the fanfiction about the series so far is about Yomiel.
    • Why wouldn't he be popular? After all, it's his picture on the box.
    • And most of the art is of either the main characters or... Jeego and Tengo, the oneshot villains from the beginning who show up for about five minutes each.
    • Missile. He has his own Wikipedia page!, and was one of Destructoid's Best New Characters of 2011.
  • Fridge Brilliance: At one point, Cabanela says that he recognized that the supposed doctor doing the autopsy on the corpse was a phony because he wasn't doing his job right. How did Cabanela know he wasn't doing his job right? Think about what we learn about Yomiel's body later, and it's obvious that it's because he didn't remark at all on the fact that Yomiel's body had no injuries at all, something Cabanela would know to be the case from prior experience.
    • Sissel saves many lives over the course of the evening. Nine of them, in fact: Lynne, Missile, the Justice Minister, Detective Rindge, Detective Jowd, Inspector Cabanela, the Park Hippie, the Pigeon Man and Yomiel. Of course, everybody knows how many lives cats are said to have...
    • The name of the park (and the meteor that "killed" Yomiel and started all of this Ghost Trick business) is Temsik -- Kismet backwards, an Urdu word for fate. In other words, "reversed fate", what Sissel does best.
    • Sissel has amnesia, it happens to nearly everyone when they die. But did anyone else "lose" their literacy? Or believe that guns kill by sound instead of bullets? The only other character like that was Missile. Missile and Sissel are intellectual equals throughout the game. It's just that they act like opposites-like a dog and cat.
    • The reason Missile is far more powerful than Sissel or his previous-timeline self, and has reach on par with Yomiel? He died right above the main Temsik meteor. Yomiel was directly hit, but with a small fragment. Sissel, though, was a foot or two from said fragment, and Missile-Prime/Ray was barely in range at all.
  • Memetic Mutation: WELCOME!
    • It seems to have become a custom in the fandom to make jokes about how Lynne keeps dying.
  • Moe Moe: Kamila; Amelie; arguably Lynne.
  • Shocking Swerve: Ray is Missile from an Alternate Timeline. Entirely unforeshadowed, done seemingly for the sake of a twist.
  • Squick: The toilet pipe system that is used by some prisoners to communicate with each other is a brilliant idea. Then again, they must also use and flush their toilets after more... mundane acts, and the bell of the receiver prisoner presumably jingles then too...
  • Spiritual Successor: To the Ace Attorney series. No pun intended.
  • That One Puzzle: Chapter 4. The lights going on and off.
    • Chapter 9 tops it with the escape sequence. Stairs, anyone?
    • Chapter 10 wins the record for forcing the most restarts, including at least one where you have to erase a checkpoint.
    • Chapter 14's umbrella has stumped many people.
  • Unfortunate Implications: All of the bad guys are blue-skinned foreigners. Erm...
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The animations are incredibly good, especially for a DS game.
    • The underlying animation is incredibly good, which is to say the character models and movements are fantastic. However, their translation into a few pixels on a DS screen doesn't do the animation anywhere near the amount of justice it deserves.
      • In other words, it looks great in motion, but makes for awful magazine screenshots. A very common thing with DS games.
    • Hey, let's not forget the Temsik meteorite, when we finally see it fall in the final chapter. Spectacular.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Yomiel. He was innocent of the original spying accusation, had his heart pierced by a meteor, lost his fiancée, was unable to die, and spent ten years with a cat as his only friend. The "Destroyer of Worlds" part comes from being made a deal that would finally end his loneliness, catch was he had to eliminate everyone who knew about the meteor.
    • But wait, It Gets Worse! In trying to accomplish this, he accidentally shot his cat, and the other party wanted everyone who knew about the meteor eliminated. As in, they were going to eliminate this undying man the only way they could.
  • The Woobie: It's impossible not to feel for Kamila considering all she goes through.
    • Same goes for Yomiel, too, for that matter, after his Heel Face Turn.


  1. Those last two may be better off reversed
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