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  • The fate of Detective Jowd's wife and Kamila's mother. Kamila, a little girl, built her mother a machine that would reveal a cake, light the candles, and launch party poppers. Instead, she sees her invention kill her mother instead.

 Sissel: .....This is all so unbelievably tragic...

  • Yomiel's backstory and motivation.

 Detective Jowd: But... what would you get out of the deal?

Yomiel: A new life.

Detective Jowd: "Life"...?

Yomiel: I asked them for two conditions. Number one being that they help me with my revenge plot. And the second was a "rebirth" for me.

Detective Jowd: "Rebirth"...? A new beginning, eh?

Yomiel: I didn't care if it was a "fake" life, an "artificial" life... I just wanted a physical receptacle for my soul, a name, an identity - an everyday life. I wanted to grow old in a society that would accept me. And finally, I wanted to die, surrounded by a loving family. That's the kind of "life" I asked them for.

Detective Jowd: A completely man-made life...

Yomiel: That's right. I knew I couldn't hope for anything more than that...

    • Yomiel's only friend for ten long, lonely years? He accidentally shot him.
    • This troper was moved when Yomiel mentions how Lynne's sympathy for him in the sinking sub made him stop his motive for revenge.

  Yomiel: She understood. She shed tears for me...That's when my revenge was over. She saved me from the darkness.

  • The truth behind Ray. And on a more happier note, the ending after you avert fate for the final time.

 Sissel: So you waited and waited, these ten long years; all for the sake of your two ladies, Lynne and Kamila, eh?

Missile: Of course! Because that's what doggies do!

  • When Sissel gives up on his own illusion of being Yomiel and reverts back to his soul's basic flame-form. This one single moment just screams "We know nothing about that poor guy and he knows nothing either. Everything was wrong, we knew nothing, all the time. We were and are at zero, despite all our efforts. And it's almost Dawn."
    • While we're on the topic, this exchange is one of the most memorable, to me:

 Lynne: S-Sissel! Look at you! What happened?

Sissel: I can't hold on to that image of myself any longer.

  • Lynne's goodbye to Sissel near the end, sincerely thanking him for everything he'd done even though they never found out who he was. Yet. There's just some sort of finality you can see in the animation when she pulls the switch to launch the torpedo with Sissel and Missile in it out of the sub.
    • Even worse, they never do see Sissel again, in that timeline. Yes, he resets everything and saves them all, but if he hadn't, Lynne, Kamila, and Yomiel would have been trapped on a one-way trip to the bottom of the ocean, where they would either die from the pressure or die of hunger and thirst. Or, in the case of Yomiel, go insane from loneliness. Gah!
  • Somebody, please look at me... Somebody, please reach out a hand to me...
    • There's just something so utterly heartbreaking about a little creature just begging for someone to notice him, especially when no one can hear or understand him. There's this huge drama unfolding in front of him, with threats and death and fear, and he doesn't understand it at all. He just knows that he's literally crying aloud to them, begging, but no one is taking notice, let alone reaching out to him. It's utter loneliness and despair. I'm pretty stoic when it comes to heart-wrenching scenes, and yet every time I read those two lines, I want to cry.
    • This troper just stopped at the point in the game and frowned, holding back tears. Sissel, a stray kitten, starving for attention. And stray kittens don't last for long... This troper was glad that, in either timelines Yomiel possesses Sissel after his death, or that the Temsik shard hit Sissel instead. This troper shivers at the thought of an alternate reality where little kitten Sissel dies because no one took him in.
    • Sissel's despair about being unable to help Yomiel.

 Sissel: Those ten years were happy for me. But they weren't happy for the man. And there was nothing I could do for him.

  • Maybe it was just for this troper, but I thought Dandy was a pretty cool guy until he ran over Missile. I was bawling and throwing my DS on the floor. Needless to say, Dandy is no longer my second favorite character.
  • Missile being killed by the assassin, who he just wanted to say "welcome" to. I was very grateful that we got to reverse that one.
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